Silentish Saturday!

Just me and a podcast for my Friday morning run.

A bit of rain.

IMG 6553

We ate breakfast burritos while looking at optical illusions.

IMG 6554

A lot of snuggling.

IMG 6561

Cubby’s rice and kale salad on the drive to the airport.

IMG 6563

IMG 6570

The best bagels that we brought from The Bagel Den.

IMG 6580

Short layover in Charlotte… had to hit marathon pace to keep up with Andrew to our next gate.

IMG 6584

Loved getting videos of the kids and I watched Severance during both flights.

IMG 6581

Made it to our hotel at 11:15 pm and grabbed some pizza really quick before bed.

IMG 6586


Tell me three things you are up to today!

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Taxes, taxes, and………………..taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can’t wait for Monday; it will finally be over. I’m sad I won’t be able to pay close attention to the marathon. I’ll be cheering you on as I tell clients what checks to write.


Gym, grocery shopping and sewing! My son and his girlfriend are going to bake chocolate chip cookies. Have a great weekend and a great race on Monday!


Have a great weekend, Janae! Boston is lucky to have you!

We’re having an Easter Eggstravaganza at church with a side of pony rides, “bolleyball” as my little calls it, and a cookout. Wish me luck!


10 miler (just finished–fastest overall pace in a few months! Hit a 7:37 and it’s been a minute!)
Lunch with my fam
Hair cut and color

I am so excited to watch what magic you make on Monday! Enjoy these next few days! xoxo


Enjoy your time in Boston! I hope you get to sleep in a bit after a long day of travel and a late night!

7 miles, done
Easter egg hunt in town with the 2 younger kids
Dye Easter eggs–love that my kids are older and it isn’t quite as messy and if it is, they can clean it up;-)

Have a great Saturday Janae!


9 mile run with a friend, breakfast after, and we stretched and used her hypervolt! So proud of incorporating recovery in haha.

Now time for errands and homework. Have fun in Boston!


exciting….I’ve tried races sharing a hotel room with the family, okay only once…they all now know that doesn’t work, races at home, they’ll cheer, away from home, I’m on my own (they all snore!)…
good luck!


Have a great time, Janae! I’ll be rooting for you. Hoping to be back to Boston next year, myself. It’s such a fun race!


The concept of Silentish Saturday, where you encourage readers to experience a day of peaceful reflection, resonates deeply. It serves as a gentle reminder to pause, disconnect from the chaos of the outside world, and reconnect with our inner selves.
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