Have you used this to compare? + fresh hair + I relate.

Just three runs left to do before the race.

7 miles @ 8:26 average.

(Leggings ((I had to add another picture of these leggings because they are the softest leggings I have ever worn.  They also have a cell phone pocket in the back with a zipper)) and shoes)

IMG 6469

The weather was miserable but it will help me feel extra grateful on Monday to not be running on ice.

IMG 6467

I relate so much to this meme.

Screen Shot 2022 04 13 at 1 09 47 PM

Skye could care less about what the weather is outside, she will live the way she wants to live.

IMG 6475

I had my hair cut and colored to get ready for Boston (because fresh hair will help me run faster;).

IMG 6472

How the kids felt about soccer games being cancelled right before they started.

IMG 6482

Luckily, they still all went to play at the field and practice.

IMG 0455

Veggie/steak/rice bowl for lunch and thick french toast with eggs and bacon for dinner.

Does anyone else like to play around with marathon time conversions?  I just put in my old St. George time (based on the fact that my time trials have been similar to what I ran before that marathon), and it says that Boston is about 3 minutes slower.  I would guess it is more like 6-8 minutes slower compared to St. George… Does anyone have thoughts on this?

IMG 6464

Has anyone tried the lululemon running shoes?  I just want to take them out for a quick spin!

Screen Shot 2022 04 13 at 2 59 02 PM

Amy had a great question in yesterday’s post about our cycles and how we perform!  Does anyone have information about this? 

Screen Shot 2022 04 13 at 12 28 07 PM

Ever used a marathon time conversion tool?  Has it been pretty accurate for you?

Would you rather have four seasons or perfect weather year round?

Tell me something that you are looking forward to today?

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I’m so excited for you as you get closer to running Boston! I used to live there and I would highly recommend getting TWO lobster tails (it’s a cream filled pastry) from Modern Pastry in the North End…one to eat right that minute and one to have from the fridge the next day. It’s two completely different experiences and just SOOO good.

Fit Cookie Nutrition has a lot of good info about running and your cycle. I think she talks about running and the pill in a recent podcast, but I could be mistaken.


I recently started following Fit Cookie Nutrition and have learned so much. I will have to check out her podcast next! And these lobster tails you are talking about… I need one right now. I will be getting these. THANK YOU and hope your day is off to a great start!


Ooh! I actually know the answer to Amy’s question!
If you’re on hormonal birth control, you do not experience the same hormonal fluctuations that your body otherwise would, your hormone levels on hormonal birth control remain pretty static right up to your “placebo pill” week during which they dip. Because of this, most people on hormonal birth control don’t really see a performance variance based on their cycle. I hope that helps!


THANK YOU COURTNEY! That makes total sense and I am seriously so excited about the balanced beyars that you told me about, I can’t wait to keep learning from them. I hope your morning is off to a great start.


Thanks for the info! I have to say, it’s nice to not feel your hormones going crazy during a ‘normal’ cycle, but I miss the excuse to give into food cravings… ;)


I’m in northern Illinois. We have had travel nurses all winter at my hospital, mostly from Texas and Florida. We have been warning them that it’s not spring until the end of May. “Do not be fooled by one nice day! It will snow in April. Do not put your coat away. Also, we need to take you coat shopping.”
PS love the hair cut!!


Hahaha I love that you explain this to the travel nurses. We all just get our hopes up when the temperature hits 60 and then we get disappointed the next week ha. Thank you and I hope you guys get spring sooner than the end of May this year!


Love having seasons! Makes you appreciate the different types of weather more. And beauty in those seasons!


SO so true! Hope your Thursday is off to a great start, Mary!


What I was looking forward to today happened. I went for a walk with my running buddy ( who also isn’t currently running) today and it feels like a big step forward in this injury progress! Glad my PT okayed some fitness walking, I just have to monitor how I feel. Going to ask if I can throw in some racewalking miles next week!! Pool running isn’t that bad but getting outside and doing something similar to running was awesome.


CARRIE. This made me smile so so big. You get to go out and WALK in the fresh air. I am so happy you were able to go with your friend too, just the best. Can’t wait for you to get in some racewalking miles next week. Have a great Thursday!


Great question- I personally would rather have perfect weather year round. i’m guessing most people would rather have four seasons- I’ll be curious to see what other people say!
Good luck on Monday!!! I’m so excited for you. I always arrange my schedule so I have the day off on Marathon Monday, so I’ll be watching you guys on TV- I can’t wait.


I go back and forth so I think I would prefer a home in each place… four seasons and perfect weather haha. Oh I am so happy you will have a long weekend and be able to watch. Hope your morning is off to a great start!


I always check pace predictors and conversion tools, and then dispute the numbers they give me. haha. I think they can give a good estimate, but there are too many variables- weather, fitness is never 100% equal from one race to another, sleep, life stuff, etc. I do think all the energy and crowd support at Boston can give a big boost- so 3min slower than St. G might be legit!


That is all so so true and I find myself arguing with the numbers too ha. I’m hoping the crowds and sea level really do give me that extra boost! Hope your day is a beautiful one, thanks Ida!


Love the fresh hair!! And I’ll be thinking of you and Boston :)


Thank you so much, Betsy! Hope your day is a great one!


I love the seasons but I live in MN and it has been snowing here again today too! ARGH!! I’m ready for warmer weather! I do not like running outside on those cold days so my treadmill has been my BFF. Speaking of which – I just finished running the Boston Marathon route on my iFit yesterday! Thought of you and how exciting that finish line will be on Monday.

Truthfully – and this is sad – what I am looking forward to the most already today is crawling back in bed tonight. Haha. And reading. Oh well. It will be a good day – just have to get through work and soccer practice for my daughter tonight!

Have a great day, Janae!


MORE SNOW… boo. I hope that this is the last snow for you guys and I am so glad you have a treadmill. So cool that you finished the Boston Marathon route on your treadmill, I love that and thank you so much for thinking of me. Good luck with work and going to the practice and I hope the day feels like it went by in a flash for you. Thanks Kristen, you too!


I like having season,s but they need to be a little more accurate on when they start/end. We are getting snow here in MN too. And I am over it!

I have used the marathon conversion time before. It was very accurate for my 1st marathon, but not for my 2nd and 3rd. However, I was pregnant when I ran my 2nd marathon and the 3rd had red flag conditions due to heat….so it took me much longer than anticipated.

Today at school, we have a Seder meal so the entire school eats together in the cafeteria. Each teacher has a table with 8 students and my 6th grader is at my table (her last year at private school). Also we have 4 days off!

Random question–do you log your food leading up to a marathon to make sure you are getting enough carbs or do you wing it?

Have a fabulous Thursday Janae!


I bet you are so done with the snow! I hope this is truly the end of it! I still cannot believe you ran a marathon while pregnant, you are superwoman! And a marathon in the heat… sounds terrible. I cannot wait for you to have the perfect day at Grandma’s this year! What a fun day at school and enjoy those four days off. That is a great question… I do not log it but I have been going through fit cookie’s instagram and she is convincing me that I should! Do you ? Thanks friend, you too!


I currently do not track. However, I just recently started appropriately fueling during my long runs (due to fit cookie) and saw a huge improvement on how I feel on runs and how quick I recover. So I feel it would be very beneficial to track because looking at her account and a book I have from Nancy Clark (from way back in the day!) they both suggest the same carb amounts and I know I don’t eat that many 2-3 days prior or the morning of the race. Luckily I still have 4 long runs (not counting cut back weeks) to experiment with eating more the day before and the morning of a long run.


As much as I complain about it, I’d rather have four seasons. In Wisconsin yesterday, it was 70 in the early afternoon and by midnight, we had snow flurries – ugg. But there is something to be said for the beauty of the seasons. :)

I’d be interested in hearing what people think of the Lululemon running shoes. I wanted to buy a pair last week and I was on the fence.

Also, love the haircut!


Good morning, Janae! One of the things I love best about living in the northeast is that we have 4 seasons (plus a couple of extras if you count mud season and road construction season!!).
Looking forward to a free evening at home (evenings have been busy lately) and a zoom date with my sister in AZ!
Happy Friday Eve, Janae!
P.S. Love your hair :o)


I’m interested in feedback on the lulu shoes and the experience of trying them on…..how do you compare them to any other shoe?……..I know they’ll sell well, but shopping for shoes is all about choices and comparing….
the weather? I live in the great white north where always say ‘it’s not that bad’ no matter how bad it gets (that line should be on our license plates) …..


Oh Skye… She is hilarious!!
Your hair looks great! And of course it will make you run faster… I always like to do the same before a big race.
We’re in Colorado!!! We’re doing an official campus tour at Colorado State with our son today. We’re all so excited.
When are you flying to Boston?
Have a great day Janae ?


Love the fresh hair. You really suit it shorter and lighter. Good luck in Boston, so excited for you!


I have used the pill for years, and even though it keeps hormones regulated, I still find that the same effort feels more difficult the week before my period. It can’t be all in my head since it happens basically every month. I use the super low dose estrogen so maybe that’s why??? All I know is I hit the same paces that week, but it feels like my body works harder to achieve it.

I would prefer just having summer & fall all year! 6 months of summer, 6 of fall. that sounds amazing!


Just popped in to say that i tried the Lulu Blissfeel running shoes. Marathon training and rotating between 3 pairs at the moment depending on the workout. I’m a big Lulu fan and was really hoping these shoes could fit in my rotation somewhere. At $198 Cdn they’re up there but I don’t mind paying for good shoes because I put so many miles on them. I DID NOT LIKE THESE SHOES. There is NO support and NO stability. Zero cushion. It felt like I was running barefoot and I had knee pain minutes into my warm up (usually a sign my shoes are worn and need replacing). If they weren’t so expensive I would have kept them for general wear because they are super cute (I got the Flare colour and they were gorgeous) but in the end I am super happy they have a 30 try out and I returned them.

Janae, with your past planter issues I would be very careful about trying these out. They are as far on the other end of the spectrum from Hokas as you can get.


This is so good to know. THANK YOU for sharing. I will definitely stay far away from these! Have a beautiful day, Mary!


Gorgeous hair my friend!
Creeper alert but I just entered my brother in law into the boston marathon app to track him and I entered you too!! I can’t wait to track you both!! Ahhhhh!!!!
FOUR SEASONS 100000%!! I love every single season at the beginning and there is nothing like that excited anticipation feeling when you get the first few weeks of each season. And by the end of each one I’m done with it and ready for the next – summer included!!


I got that exact pair of the lululemon sneakers and LOVE them! I did go up a half size per their rec and they’re *slightly* roomy but an 8 would be too small. Not going to run in them, but love for everyday ?

Can’t wait to hear all about Boston! Safe travels and ENJOY the best marathon!!!

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