Friday Favorites!

(Shirt, shorts, shoes)

We leave to Boston today!

Yesterday I did my last little bit of speed before the race.  Emilee joined me, and we warmed up for 3 miles and then did 3 x 2 minutes @ half-marathon pace with 2 minutes easy & 3 x 1 minute @ 10k pace with 1 minute easy.  I still don’t feel fresh, but I’m sure that will come over the next few days.

IMG 6491

My day was crazy, but luckily I could run in and grab a donut and a banana somewhere for some carb loading between errands.

IMG 6496

We celebrated Easter with the kids!

And had multiple sports practices.

Off to the airport!

IMG 6547


Just a few favorite things to share this week:

*Anna Lembke on the Armchair Expert—>  She is the author of Dopamine Nation, and I loved her book.  This episode is a great listen whether or not you have read her book yet!

*This seasoning makes the world a better place.

IMG 6299

*My new favorite earrings.  I love simplicity.

IMG 6260

*Courtney told me about this Instagram account, and I spent an hour last night going through so many of their posts.  I regret not knowing about these four different phases better within my cycle but onward and upward.  Now I will be able to help my kids to understand better.  I want to lean into whatever phase I am in and take advantage of the different tools (like red raspberry leaf tea during menstruation) that will help me in each phase.  This account is amazing.

IMG 6477


I have an important question from Emily!  I don’t usually do much of a warm-up besides a few strides for a marathon, but we would love tips from people that do! Screen Shot 2022 04 14 at 5 01 07 PM

Have a favorite Instagram account that you love to follow lately?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Boston runners… when are you headed there?!

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Safe travels!!

I’ll have to listen to that Armchair Expert episode, I missed it! I listened to the Brian Cox (physicist) one the other day and think I might need to listen again to fully understand. Haven’t taken physics since high school haha.

I have a long weekend this weekend, which I am so excited about. I was working and traveling last weekend, so ready for some time at home and rest.


That episode was. Wow. No words. Probably because I can’t fully wrap my brain around all that they were saying. But what I DID understand was fascinating. lol.


Have the best time!!! I’ll be rooting for you from afar! We leave for cocoa beach after the bunny comes Sunday.


Bon voyage!! You are going to have so much fun at the marathon this year:)


If I were her I would use the walk from athletes village to the start as a jog warm up. There really isn’t a lot of space for that. I jogged slowlllly from the bus last time and did a couple drills at the start. The first miles are kind of my warm up in a marathon. ??‍♀️
Have so much fun!!!! Good luck Monday!


Enjoy your time in Boston!!!

We have an Easter egg hunt tomorrow morning and going to my parents on Easter. It is snowing, windy and cold so I am not sure how long we will hang outside.

Have a fabulous Friday Janae!


Good luck Janae. You are going to do GREAT!!! Enjoy Boston while you are there as well.


Wahoo!! Cheering for you at Boston!!! I am so excited for you ?


GOOD LUCK! Can’t wait to hear all about your Boston adventure!!!!


Can’t wait to hear about Boston! I won’t qualify for another 10 years ? but I love reading your recaps! We are doing all things Easter this weekend…dyeing Easter eggs, hunting eggs, and celebrating! Good luck from Alabama!!


Good luck in Boston Janae! Enjoy the run!!
Lucky vibes from Denver!


Happy Friday and safe travels Janae!


carbo loading a donut?…..awesome, I can’t wait to hear the report..I cannot imagine waiting for that start, I loved NYC, good an early


I just listened to that episode of Armchair yesterday while running errands and LOVED it. Maybe I will actually read the book this summer since I won’t be reading textbooks every day. ha!
Good luck at Boston! Enjoy the race, the atmosphere and a trip with no kids ;) I’m only slightly spiraling that I wasn’t asked to watch the kids this time. Perhaps the cut up donuts were too much to get them to come again. I understand.
Also, go get some ice cream from FOMU. You won’t regret it.


Oh my gosh BALANCED BEYARS!!!! One of my close friends is Julie, one of the three sisters! I worked with her years ago at the Newbury St lululemon in Boston. Small world ? their content is awesome and so are they. 2 more days til Boston!!

Also, loved that episode of armchair expert!


Have a nice journey!

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