What is my goal for Boston?

(Top, leggings, shoes, socks)

Two bonuses from my Monday morning—> Brooke was home after a weekend away (she had the best time skiing with her dad) and I finished a 10 mile run before anyone woke up with zero pain (I was nervous the race would flare up my plantar but it definitely did not).

10 miles @ 8:53 average followed by 20 minutes of upper-body strength!   I would love to hit 60 miles either this week or next week in my short buildup to Boston.  I’m going to pay close attention to how my body is feeling and back off if it feels like it is too much!  I’d rather show up to the starting line a bit undertrained than overtrained/injured.

IMG 4958

I am in full Boston mode right now because I am so excited.  I am wearing anything I can with Boston on it (I had the above leggings printed on at the expo in 2019), I am listening to podcasts about Boston and I’m watching things like this before bed:

Skye is following my lead and wearing her race memorabilia often too;)

IMG 4960

Skye and I made a cake for Andrew.

IMG 4962

Still two different eye colors… it’s hard to capture in a picture but I love it so much.

IMG 4963

We were all excited to finally get to hang out with him!

IMG 4971

He decided on going for burgers instead of acai bowls.

IMG 5005

Followed by Costco which meant I could stock up on my favorite cereal.

IMG 5007

Of course, Harry Potter viewing also occurred.  34 years old!

IMG 5014

I am excited because my CIM time in 2019 for Boston was accepted for placement in corals so I’ll have some speedsters to chase after.  I was going back and forth on what I wanted to do for Boston—> run easy and soak it all in or push myself?  I’ve landed on pushing myself.  While running a sub 3 at Boston is something I have wanted to do since I first qualified for Boston, I don’t think I’ll be to that fitness in time… I wish I had another few weeks to train!  I do have the goal for a new course PR and under 3:10 makes my heart beat fast which makes me feel like that is the right goal for me.  I love having a goal because that is what I need to help me to roll out of bed in the morning.

I ran a 3:12:39 for my first Boston experience and a 3:28:10 for my second time.  So excited for a third chance!

IMG 9289

450IMG 2443 1


Tell me your goal for your next race?!

Ever showed up to a start line underprepared or overprepared?

Costco people—> tell me your top favorite item from Costco that you can’t live without?

What are you doing for your workout today?

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Happy birthday Andrew!!!

I’m running Boston this year too. My first Boston was also my slowest marathon. I ran in 2017, when it was 80 degrees at the start. It was rough! This year, my initial goal still felt huge: a 2-minute PR at 3:30 (as a 40-year-old mom of two!). But during training my paces have been faster, and now my coach thinks I can run closer to 3:23. It definitely makes me nervous, but in a good way.

I am ALWAYS team well-rested & underprepared!


Margie, I am SO so excited for you! I’m with your coach on this and cannot wait to hear what you do! You are doing amazing and I hope to see you there. PS how did you even finish a marathon with 80 degree temps?! I would have died at the 10k mark. Have a beautiful day and happy training (ps what are your long runs each week until the race if you have a second?)


When I saw the starting temp for Boston that year, my goal changed from *qualify for Boston AT Boston* to *stay out of the ice bath and/or ambulance.* Proud to say I achieved my goal, but it was not a good day. Hopefully we will have IDEAL weather this year. I’m thinking 50 degrees, cloudy, with a nice tailwind, right?

This is actually a cutback week for me (my coach does cutback weeks every four weeks no matter what, and I LOVE it). So this week I’ll run 12, then 20, then 22, then back to 12, and then it’s go time! Hope to see you on Patriot’s Day!


My favorite Costco items are their peanut butter pretzel nuggets (my husband and I go through the huge tubs of those constantly) and also the Aidell’s chicken and pineapple teriyaki meatballs (those are frequent staples in my meal prep rotation). No specific race goals for me. I tend to run much slow than average due to my heart condition, so I tend to focus on just feeling good and enjoying my runs. I do love when I see that my average pace per mile improves over time, so that’s a goal I’m constantly striving towards- lowering my average pace per mile. Happy Tuesday Janae!


How have I forgotten about those pretzels, my kids will be so grateful you reminded me of them. I haven’t tried those meatballs but we will now, thank you so much! I am so sorry about your heart condition but I love your focus so much. Keep rocking lowering those average pace per mile. Thanks Emily, you too!


I’ve showed up to start lines both over and underprepared. I’d much rather be underprepared because over usually means injured for me :(

Goal for my half in May is to be the right amount of prepared haha. My training is going well although I should incorporate more strength training and stretching. But feeling so much better than I was for my half last October!


Yes yes yes, underprepared is the way to go if you have to choose between the too but perfectly prepared is the best and what will happen for your half in May! So happy about how you are feeling, you are absolutely amazing. Have a great day, Mariah!


YAS! I love a good goal for a race. You’ll crush it. Also, my eyes are two different colors too. My parents used to always say it was my birthmark–now whether that’s true or not. HA! Have a great day.


Now I am going to copy your parents and call it her birthmark, I just love it so so much and hearing that yours are also two different colors makes me so happy. Have a beautiful day, Avery!


Think of all the delicious pasta you can eat while in Boston!!! :) Love the North End (“Little Italy” neighborhood)
Best of luck!


The best meal we ate last time was the pasta in that neighborhood… I think I might plan all of our meals there this time ha. Thanks Allison and have a great day!


Happy Birthday to Andrew! Looks like a perfect day for all of you.
I’ve gotten to the starting line both undertrained and overtrained… Undertrained is much better. However, I ran a marathon very undertrained once, and that didn’t go well at all! It’s definitely a fine line…ha. I’m excited for you!!
My right hip flexor is a little tight, so I didn’t run yesterday. I did yoga and a little core instead. So today’s run will be to see how I’m feeling, with some strength work too. I don’t have any races on the calendar, so right now I am all about consistency, building strength and running happy.
Have a great day Janae ?


Thank you so much Wendy! Haha very undertrained is definitely another story, I feel for you on that one! Nooo to your right hip flexor but way to go on listening to your body and taking care of it now! Thanks Wendy and I hope today’s run was a happy one!


Happy training for Boston!

I did a 32 km trail race this weekend on the north shore. It was my longest run in a year and went way better than I thought. Early season training haha.

Today’s run will be easy because my body is still feeling it.

Have a great day Janae


32km trail race this weekend… way to go and that is LONG! So happy it went so well. Happy easy running and I haven’t seen those shirts, I’ll have to check them out. Thanks friend!


Oh and the flannel shirt from Costco


Love your Boston tights ? such a fun day at that expo! Hoping I’ll get to spectate this year – the absolute best day in Boston!


Oh my goodness! I still wear the bra too! I was trying to find your email yesterday to see if you were still in Boston (even though I know you changed jobs)! Meeting you was the absolute best!


I’m in Maine now, but we love any excuse to go to Boston ? our friend ran Boston last fall and it was so fun to be back. Sending you all the best training runs! And praying for good weather because… Boston hehe


I am so excited to hear about your short training for Boston!

Happy belated birthday to Andrew!

My next race is a short course duathlon. I have never done a duathlon before. I am still trying to decide if I want to bump up to the long course–which based on my training, I should. If I do the short, my goal is to finish under an hour. If I do the long, it’s to finish and hopefully at 2 hours. Neither of those times is a huge stretch, but I have no idea what to expect in a duathlon.

We love their organic frozen blueberries, egg whites, rotisserie chicken legs (in the deli type case for only $4.99–great for a quick meal and the shelf stable almond milk. Our go to dessert for any get together, if we don’t have time to make something ourselves, is the tuxedo mousse cake–honestly I should save my time on baking something and just bring that everywhere we go;-). We have a lot of ‘cant’ live without’s’ from Costco!

Have a fabulous Tuesday Janae!


I’m hoping to crack 3:30 at Boston. My training was going really well, but then I ran a 10 mile race in lighter shoes and it aggravated my knee- gah. Now I’m just trying to stay healthy and have a fun day at Boston. I def feel undertrained! I don’t know if I’ll ever do Boston again so I want to soak the course in. With all the uncontrollables of a destination race it’s nice to not have any pressure. I’m sure you’ll go sub 3:10!
Pilates class today for me!


Hi Janae! We love getting fruit at Costco! Our favorites are the candy grapes and these very specific organic blueberries that come with a green label. The golden kiwis are nice too.
Love seeing your training and watching you push yourself. You’re inspiring!


So excited for you girl! I’ll be running behind you but I’ll be cheering for you.


I laughed at the idea of you just taking it easy and soaking it in at Boston – I just really couldn’t imagine you taking that route. But I do hope that you can enjoy yourself while pushing yourself. Good luck!

My goal for my next few races are to just to finish, I haven’t had the mental capacity to do more than that lately. My workout today is a circuit training class followed by a spin class.


I’m running Boston too! It will be my fourth marathon. I’m really proud because I was able to qualify even though I always seem to have nagging overuse injuries. My 46 year old body needs some adjustments in training and nutrition I believe to reach the goals I have in mind. My goal this time is to beat my previous marathon PR. Eventually I want to break 3:30 but I will need to be pain free & perhaps have the wind blowing in the right direction. Lol
Good luck! Im sure you’ll do amazing!


Happy Birthday to Andrew!
I’ve definitely come underprepared to all my races lol For my marathon, I followed a beginner Hanson training plan and the longest run it included was 16 miles 4 different times. When I would get tired after mile 16, I’d tell myself, this is the furthest I’ve ever ran and I’ve already hit a PR. I wasn’t speedy by any means, but had planned on one and done… but I felt great during my run. I ended up being 10 weeks pregnant on race day, which wasn’t planned when I signed up, so I took it easy and walked through the water stops. I ended with a time of 4:19 and now I wonder if I can push myself, If I could break 4 hrs. I also haven’t broken 2 hrs in the half since my first race, so I’d love to break 2 hrs again. Unsure of what race to do. I’ve done 9 half marathons in 6 states, so I’m tempted to do a new state or do one closer to home.


My favorite thing at Costco here is the fresh flowers. So pretty and affordable. It’s my treat to myself!


Work out today was Barre early this morning with my “Moms on the run” group and then I am going to do 3 miles when I am done with my work day – hoping my IT band will hold up.

I am running a 15k the first weekend of April and my plan is to try to run a 10:30/mile the whole time. That is ambitious for me (NOT FOR YOU!!) but really, I just want to run the whole time.

Fav thing on costco – that cinnamon bread that comes in 3 loaves – yum!! And also the same cereal as you!

Hope you have had a great day! <3


My goal is to finish in some capacity. I am injured, runners knee. At week 10 it’s horrible timing. Went to PT and they want to get me there but it might not be pain free. I am doing fluid running ( form of pool running) and all the strength. Was pain free on Mon and then ran 4 mi and was back to almost the start.. So send some happy knee thoughts my way!! I used to race walk, now thinking that is an option. But I really want to run it and I really wanted to test my limits. Gonna pool run 16 mi on Sat!! That’s gonna be hard!! It’s so insane how much pool running works the quads. They will be strong after this!!


You’ve got this! Excited for Boston for you!


Current costco faves – there is a sauce called “B*tchin” sauce and while it isnt an appropriate word for the kiddos to see it is SO GOOD and dairy free and can go on pretty much anything savory. I also love their ramen they have in the refriderated area, teriyaki pineapple meatballs, potstickers, parmesan garlic truffle seasoning. SO many things there Im obsessed with.

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