Tangents & Totally Normal.

(Jacket ((JANAE gets you 15% off)), shorts, shoes)

13 miles @ 8:32 average for the day and one of those miles was with Brooke!  The other miles were with Emilee and Jo so it was a very social morning with three different running partners.

I’m going to channel her running stride during the final stretch at Boston!

IMG 5253

It was a pretty lowkey day so we will just skip straight ahead to tangents…

IMG 5272

*My friends and I have very different perspectives on temperatures and what to wear.

IMG 5163

*My sis-in-law had this awesome water bottle and she said it really helps her to get in so much more water than normal.

IMG 5173 1

*I ate breakfast while I debated what shoes to wear for my long run.  I bought a pair of the Hoka Carbon X 2 to try out to see if I should race in them… but then I freaked out because I didn’t want to try anything new this close to Boston.  I am paranoid about my plantar flaring up again, crawling to my hot tub each morning was not a fun way to live.  My mind is currently set on the Novablast 2 for speed and the race!

IMG 5162

*Skye made me hot chocolate… She watched me without blinking as I tried it and it was rough;)

IMG 5084

*We went on a fun date the other day—> We parked at Cubby’s and went out and ran 4 miles and then went straight in for food when we finished.

IMG 4912

(tank, shirt, bra)

*The meal we ate afterwards that I could live off of—> Wild Rice and Kale + Buffalo Fries.

IMG 4946

*Every single fruit roll-up in our house looks like this because Skye goes through them all and refuses to eat the strawberry ones.

IMG 4265

*SHE IS A TEENAGER… straightening her own hair!

IMG 5195

*Totally normal to have all of the Boston stats as your phone wallpaper;). A friend of mine sent me a very detailed chart of what he thinks I should be able to hit for each mile… I’m going to have each segment of Boston memorized by the time I get there.

IMG 9900


What foods do you think that people only pretend to like?

-Kale in any other form than my above Cubby’s order;) and mussels.

Do you drink enough water each day or do you have a hard time getting in enough water each day?

What is your phone wallpaper currently?

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So cool of your friend to send you that! Would you be willing share it in a future post?! Thinking of a similar goal time!


I will ask him! Ahhhh talk to me about your goals and race plan?!?!


I swear by my water bottle that I recently got at Costco. It’s the brand ThermoFlask and I love it. 40oz and insulated so I can put some ice in the morning and not have to refill the ice until later in the day. Plus it has a straw which automatically means I will use it more.

Love some buffalo fries which reminds me that I still have to make the buffalo chicken fries you posted the other week! Just keep forgetting to pull the chicken out to defrost.


I have seen those at Costco, I will have to try one! Straws are the only way I will drink water. Let me know when you try the fries. Have a beautiful day, Maureen!


Brooke’s running form!!!! Amazing! Can she coach us all on on lengthening our stride?

It depends on the day- in the office, I don’t drink enough. But at home I usually do!


I need her to make a tutorial for us all, it’s just so beautiful to watch. Hope your Tuesday is off to a great start!


I generally get more than enough to drink. I’m pretty sure there’s a path worn in the carpet from my office to the bathroom. Oh well……..I gotta stay hydrated and don’t want to get behind.

My current wallpaper is a picture of Bono from the Songs of Experience tour. It was an awesome show!

I don’t like kale. It’s too veiny for me to chew. A client gave me a kale chip once and I started gagging because I couldn’t chew it. It was quite embarrassing.

I think your smart to wait and try your new shoes after Boston. It’s not that far away and you don’t want to mess with what has been working for you this close to such an exciting race.


Bahaha a path worn in… that is awesome! Your body is so grateful that you do drink plenty of water. Oh I bet that was an amazing concert! I’m jealous. Haha I still haven’t tried a kale chip but I’m positive I would be gagging too. Thank you Lee, I’m so glad I didn’t try anything new! Hope your Tuesday is off to a great start!


Ok, first off you are crushing this training! Love seeing your miles and paces. I secretly love training for a marathon way more than actually racing it. I’ve been running hills with friends who are running Boston and I love it. Call me crazy? Ha!
I also that have that water bottle and love it. It gives me little goals and reminders to drink my water continuously. Do you ever make a Kale Salad–with all fresh veggies, and a lemon vinaigrette? Oh, it’s one of my faves. Also making kale chips! :)
Have a great day!!


Thank you Avery, it’s kind of fun to have such a short training cycle. Hahah I can see why you love the training more than the racing, it is a blast. Way to get in those hills with your friends, that reminds me to go run some hills today ha. I will have to attempt a kale salad at home one day… I’m just nervous it won’t be as good as my Cubby’s one ha. Thanks friend, you too!


Sushi! I know you love it, along with probably millions of other people, but I detest it so therefore everyone else is pretending to love it in my mind. ;)
I drink plenty of water. Now that we have a water/ice dispenser in our fridge at home, I get enough on the weekends too. Used to be I would drink a ton at work, but slack at home.
Current wallpaper is a locker room group pic of the Cleveland Cavaliers after their recent OT win against Denver. Love this team!


I don’t think you are alone with that and my sister completely agrees with you… sushi really is such a strange food. It really does make a difference to have a water and ice dispenser in the fridge, I drink way more that way too ha. I didn’t know you loved that team, I will cheer for them now. Have a great Tuesday, Amanda!


Mussels and oysters are like chewing on and swallowing snot. There is no way anyone actually enjoys that.


Yep. It doesn’t make sense why people pay for it! Have a great day, Katie!


I don’t like kale either. It’s bitter…BUT I love chick-fil-A’s kale salad. It’s so good! I wish they offered it as a big salad, but I think you can only order it as a side. I found a copy cat recipe and make it all the time. The key is massaging the kale for a long time and adding a lot of vinegar and maple syrup. It’s that delicious salty sweet combo.


Oh you are so right about their kale salad, I forgot it even existed… off to grab one today! Maybe I will try your recipe one day! Hope your day is a beautiful one HEAB:).


Good morning Janae! I have a feeling that Boston is going to be AMAZING for you!! Good call holding off on different shoes until afterward. I don’t blame you one bit for wanting to channel Brooke’s running form – what a stride!
I truly don’t know how people can enjoy oysters or very rare/raw meat or fish. Just no.
Water…oh the struggle. I actually like water too, but for whatever reason I go through phases of getting plenty and then not nearly enough. I really need to work on that. Weird maybe, but I do find I drink more if there is a straw, so I’m on the hunt now for a better insulated cup with a straw. Thanks for the hydration reminder :o)
Current phone wallpaper is an amazing waterfall near my hometown – it is reportedly one of the highest in the east.
Have a wonderful Tuesday, Janae!


Thank you Janine and her stride just inspires me! Seriously, who truly loves oysters?! The super rare meat gets me too… I just can’t! I don’t think you are alone with that, I cannot even remember the last time I drank water without a straw ha. I bet that waterfall is gorgeous! Thanks Janine, you too!


Haha, Skye’s hot chocolate looks delicious;-).
I am with you, I am wearing shorts and tank running and everyone else I see running is in pants and long sleeves. I hate being overheated when I run.

I think people pretend to like bacon.

I drink a lot of water a day. Probably around a gallon–however, in the past year, I have learned the importance of adding electrolytes and salt to my water! My screen saver is a picture of a palm tree I took in Maui.

Have a fabulous Tuesday Janae!


It was quite thick haha. Being too hot on the run feels so so terrible, I would rather be cold on the run (but not in the rest of life). Hahaha I’ll ask Andrew if his bacon love is all pretend! A gallon, that is awesome and good point on the electrolytes and salt. I am so happy you guys went to Maui, that sounds dreamy. Thank you Becky, you too!


I need a giant cup with a straw (at home) and love Tervis tumblers.

Could you share the source of your yellow sweater?! So bright and springy:)


Tumblers are the best… I need to check out Tervis! YES, I love it so much…

They usually have discount codes available too… I used this one: FAVORITE1

Have the best day, Nadya!


Lacinito or dinosaur kale is the way to go for salads. They need a good message and rest.
I don’t get how people LOVE donuts. Most are so mediocre. I always think they should taste better than they do. There are rare exceptions to this declaration.
My phone lock screen is of Tadej Pogacar in all the jerseys that he won from last years Tour de France.


I have never even heard of lacinito… time to google ha. Molly, I will forgive you for your opinion on donuts but I need you to come to Utah and I’ll take you for my favorites to see if I can change your mind;) Ummm that is an awesome wallpaper! Happy Tuesday!


I think raw kale is just… ick. Cooked kale is delicious, but I can’t believe the people that eat raw kale salads… I don’t care how much you “massage” it, it’s bitter and not good! It’s healthy, but it is not appetizing!
I generally drink a lot of water, and it’s especially important for me now because… I’m pregnant! :) 14 weeks along and I finally don’t feel horrid so getting in all my water has been much easier after the first few weeks that were brutal and I didn’t want to eat or drink anything! I wish I understood how you ran through all your pregnancies… I’m terrified of falling and I also have super low energy so the thought of running makes me want to curl into a ball and cry. I have been walking and doing yoga, though!


RHIANNON I AM FREAKING OUT! AHHHHHH congratulations! I am just so so thrilled for you!! I can’t even tell you how happy I am about this. So happy you are feeling better, you just brought back some bad memories of the food/water struggle ha. Way to get in the walking and yoga! So so happy for you!


I never drink enough water…when I wake up, maybe later in the day and before bed…unless coffee counts as water…I need to cut out caffeine, just can’t seem to quit
people pretend to like liver and onions..or any food someone says it’s good for you, kale in a smoothie or a green juice is okay, but it’s gotta be real big full juicy kale, not the dry garbage a lot of grocery stores sell
my wall paper?…um, Canadian hurdler Sage Watson…even though she lives in Arizona now, she’s still kind of an inspiration….her run at Tokyo’s 4 X 400 relay was amazing…..


She didn’t blink while watching you try the hot chocolate, HILARIOUS. I literally chuckled out loud. So good, thank you.

I’m so jealous of you going to Boston! You are going to be great. My husband (works from home) and was on a call with a coworker who is also running Boston. After he hung up he was like, oh I should have had you talk to her, and I made him call her back so I could chat running with a complete stranger for a second. Haha!

Also, I just had my hip dry needled yesterday for the first time!! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but I hear the hip isn’t as bad as other places.

Have a great day. :)


I legit LOVE kale!!!!! (I know I’m in the minority here.) I eat it all the time & love a big fresh salad for lunch. …but I HATE spinach and iceberg lettuce. The Run Fast Eat Slow cookbooks have awesome kale salads & a great Thai salad that has no lettuce (or kale) in it (yay!). And I love to throw a little raw kale into my hot chicken & rice soup in the winter. The broth cooks it a tiny bit, and it adds a salty flavor.

I used to force myself to make spinach salads for the nutrients in their dark leafies, but am much happier with kale in my life (& in my salads). But I do agree that kale chips are terrible and doughnuts are awesome.


Hi Janae! Love the idea to park somewhere and run and then eat! I will have to copy you!
I used to make hot chocolate like that too when I was a kid! Somehow it tasted much better back then ;). Skye is hilarious!
Have a great day!


I love that water bottle!! Where did your sis-in-law find it?
We are home from Hawaii! Didn’t get home home until 2am! The shuttle for where we parked our car never showed up! Thankfully, another shuttle driver from a different company offered to take us plus 6 more who were also waiting, to the parking garage. That’s rough after flying 5 hours and arriving at midnight! But Thankfully we’re home and had a fantastic time.
I did not run once while in Hawaii. A part of me is sad that I didn’t, but my hip flexor is very happy. It’s a very slow start this morning, but I will definitely get in a few miles to shake the travel off and see how the hip flexor is.
That look on Skye’s face waiting for you to drink the hot chocolate… priceless!
Have a wonderful rest of you Tuesday!


I love mussels. But I don’t even pretend to like Kale. I try to drink a lot of water and when I’m working I’ll have a water bottle with liquid IV. Flying can dehydrate for sure. My phone photo is my 4 year old grandson holding a baby chick.
I’m a Hoka whore. But you’re smart not to mix it up before a race. I can’t believe Brook is growing up so fast. She’s such a cutie.


Hi – long time reader / lurker here but first time commenting. what is your goal pace for your marathon? I’m struggling to figure out how fast to run different kinds of training runs. I feel like I’m frequently in that weird zone of just running but not easy enough on the easy days and maybe not hard enough on the hard days. Anyways, I love following your training . You’ve inspired me to sign up with running coach to train for a fall marathon. And to set BIG goals!!!


Do you mind sharing your goals for Boston?! Or are you keeping them close to heart? Fine either way :)
I have that same big water bottle but in teal/purple and I’m normally so good at drinking it daily. But I’m now 6 weeks pregnant!! Aaaand water drinking has fallen off quite dramatically. Plus healthy eating. Right when we really need it right? lol

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