Tangents + This is Weird.

(Hoodie, leggings, socks, shoes)

I am over it.  Over the winter and ready for warm morning runs.  Okay, I feel better now for letting that out.

7 miles @ 8:18 average with about 10 x 30-second accelerations thrown in there to get the legs moving.  While the race I am doing on Friday is a trail race with a lot of climbing, I really want to push the downhills and flats because they are very runnable trails (as long as there isn’t a ton of snow/ice/mud).  I really have no idea what I’m ready for (something I miss about having a coach—> they give you an idea of what to shoot for), I am really wanting my average pace to be in the 7:XXs.

I realized a few minutes after getting home that I was walking around barefoot and painfree.  I hadn’t done this since last September and I never thought this would happen again with how much pain I used to experience in my foot.

IMG 4515

I got out the mat to do some stretching and Beretta thought it was for her…

IMG 4540

The hot tub felt extra nice yesterday and I think it is time to just jump into a bunch of tangents.

IMG 4535

*Packing my stuff for the race at Antelope Island is a bit different this year vs 2019…

This year:

IMG 4485

2019… 25ks and 50 milers are quite different.

IMG 9206

*I have officially made someone cry tears of joy over something that I have made.

IMG 4502

I showed her the Classic Mud Pie that I had made to eat with her and the tears came ha.  It was amazing.

IMG 4505

*I’ve had the second treatment of laser hair removal on my underarms and bikini line.  It stings just a bit but so worth it to not be shaving as much (I’m going to Mint Facial Bar in Lehi, we are working together and they will give you a discount if you mention my name).

IMG 4377

*When the only bandaids you have at your house are Paw Patrol ones…

IMG 4374

*This is weird.  Never in my life have I had bruises like this on my calves and the only thing I can think of is maybe this happened from my speed workout?  Maybe my shoe just kept hitting my calf and caused huge bruises?!  I am so confused… has this happened to anyone else?

IMG 4497

*I am already looking forward to the soup at the end of the race on Friday…

Screen Shot 2022 03 07 at 10 26 12 AM

*Maybe the reason Skye thinks she is 16 is because she is always around my 16-year-old niece.

IMG 4475


Ever had laser hair removal?  Tell me about your experience!

Are you good about stretching?  How often do you do it?

Dog owners… where does your pup spend the most amount of time?

What brand of running socks do you wear the most often?  What running gear are you the most picky about?

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Laser hair removal is something I want to do this year! I’m sick of shaving the pits and waxing the bikini line (way less irritation for me than shaving in that area). Need to do some research on a good place for it in Philly so I can start though.

My dog needs to be near me but most of the time I’d say she’s on the couch since I work at the kitchen table. You’d think after being remote for 2 years and living in my house for 15 months I would’ve bought a desk by now but I haven’t ha.


Maureen, I really hope you get it this year… it is amazing! I love that your pup wants to be by you so much and I fully support the couch office over a desk:). I hope your Tuesday is off to a fabulous start!


I am not good at stretching… I wish I were better! But if I drive somewhere to run, then I usually get right back in my car after and don’t stretch. And then I don’t stretch when I get home either. I need a reminder when I get home, I should lay out my mat and foam roller before I leave to run haha.


That is SUCH a good idea. I am totally going to try that to get myself to do it more often! Thanks Mariah, we’ve got this:). Have a great day!


So glad to hear that you are experiencing more pain-free moments! Brooke’s reaction to the mud pie is just too pure and sweet. When I am not home, my dog Molly spends nearly all of her time on the arm of our couch looking out the front windows, but when I’m home she likes to sit right in my lap or lay on my legs if they are stretched out (that’s her favorite). She’s only 7 pounds, so I let her lounge on me all she wants. I would love to try laser hair removal, maybe one day! Happy Tuesday Janae!


Thank you so much, Emily! Molly sounds amazing and she just loves you so so much. I had a little poodle like that and I would love another small dog again! Thanks Emily, you too!


I get bruises on my calves like that from biking. I don’t know if the same thing would happen on a stationary bike, but every time I ride outdoors I get them. I have started to pay more attention to why it is happening, but so far I have no idea!

I definitely need to stretch more!


It absolutely could be from my Peloton! Thank you for sharing this, I didn’t even think of this. Thanks for sharing and keep me updated if you find out why it is happening! Have a great day, Alicia.


My dog, Petey, is an English Shepherd. He’s all about guarding me and keeping an eye on me, but he’s not super clingy or affectionate. Even though he has a bed in practically every room, he took over the spare bedroom years ago, to the point that we just call it Petey’s room. Every night, he’ll follow me to my bedroom, wait until I get settled in bed so he knows I’m in for the night, then pad off to his room. He’s the best boy.

Can’t wait to get some good sock recommendations. I mistakenly thought cushy socks were the way to go for blister prevention, ease on joints, etc., but I’m increasingly thinking they sap all my energy and make my steps feel flat. Looking to make a switch to something else.


I love that you call the bedroom Petey’s room… that made me smile so big and I love how protective he is of you. My favorite running socks are definitely the thinner ones… I LOVE–> https://amzn.to/3hNdZrt and https://shopstyle.it/l/bERW8
Let me know if you try them and what you think. Have a great day, Tracy and tell Petey hi from all of us:)


That is so weird with those bruises! But I am also wondering if maybe they’re from your Peloton? Or, maybe a combination of the bike and speed? I’ve gotten some bruising lower on the insides of my legs from running, but not where yours are.
That pie looks amazing! And tears of joy, aaawww
Ok, the “menu” at the end of your race sounds so good! Soup and rolls sound perfect after a hard run.
Our dog use to have to be right next to me at all times, but now that he’s pretty old (15+), he spends a lot of his time in one of his 2 cushy beds. Poor old guy.
Day 2 of a conference for me, via Zoom, which means a lot of sitting. But, if it goes like it did yesterday, I think I’ll be able to get in a strength and core workout during breaks. Thank goodness (again) for the Peloton app!!
Have a great day Janae ?


I seriously hadn’t even thought about my Peloton but that is so so true. It is just too weird. Right?! I think all (non-hot) races should have this menu at the end of the race! He is 15 now!? I love that he has two cushy beds. Good luck with all of the Zoom conferences and good call on taking breaks with some strength. Thank you Wendy, you too!


I’m sure your 25k will be fun but it is unfortunate that it doesn’t appear to involve swedish fish.


Bahaha well, this is an easy fix, I’ll just add those to my bag. Happy Tuesday, Victoria!


I get those same bruises from unclipping my shoes on the Peloton! It took me forever to realize that was the cause. :)


NO WAY! I didn’t even think about that. Thanks for the help, Robyn! Hope your day is a great one!


For how much you’re riding your Peloton, I bet your calves are scraping the bike. I just took LesMills Sprint training over the weekend, and my calf rubbed the bike so much that it chaffed! I have to think really hard about aiming my heels straight back (they tend to want to come in toward the bike so that my foot is more angled), and then it hits the bike less. I used my running trick and put deodorant on the chaffed spot, and it didn’t get any worse in the second day of training.


NO WAY! That is nuts and I could totally see me doing that, thank you so much and I will forever be grateful for that deodorant trick you shared with me. Hope your day is a great one, Audrey!


Oh my word, that pie looks delicious! I am going to have to make that ASAP.

I am laughing (in the nicest way) about your bruises. I have had that, but it is normally just above my ankles because I do kick myself on longer runs when my legs get fatigued.

I used to be way better at stretching because I was injured all the time due to over-training/under recovering/under fueling. For the past year, I have only tended to stretch when I have a little nagging pain. Yesterday I started implementing “yoga Monday” and I am going to try to stretch every evening. My body does fine with running, but when I start to increase spin/biking I need to start stretching or my IT band and calves act up.

Random tangent, but I lost my voice last night so I will be spending a very quiet day by myself. I love to talk so this will be a challenging day–at least I don’t teach phy ed today!!!

Have a fabulous Tuesday Janae!


Let me know what you think of the pie. Hahah good to know I’m not alone withe the crazy bruises… the things we do for exercise. I am so happy you are out of that injury cycle, you are incredible and I want to join in on yoga Monday! That would be quite a test for me too, I hope your voice is back asap! Have a great day, Becky!


Your calf bruises could be caused by heel whip when you were doing your speed work. Have you ever had any cuts, scrapes or bruising there before? Have you been wearing the Hokas that have larger medial heel flare than your Brooks?

You could have Andrew video you from behind when you run and watch it back in slow motion to check.


That is such a good idea! I will have Andrew film me. Thank you for the links, I’ll check them out. I did wear a brand new pair of shoes for my last speed work out! This was the first time I had ever noticed those on my legs! So crazy. I hope your day is off to a wonderful start, John!


Hah, thank you for making me feel better about my long term memory today! I bet you have a much better short term memory than this 56 year old though!

I remember discussing this with you before. Luckily I still have your replies archived in my GMall so I found it with a quick search. Check out the dirt marks on your socks and my comments from your 10/22/20 post!


My dogs spend most of their time either in my office on a fuzzy dog bed or on a chair. Or upstairs on a human bed. My daughter’s room faces south and in the winter, her room is the warmest in the house. Right now my old dog is curled up on the fuzzy bed by my desk and I think I heard my Vizsla sigh at the top of the stairs. He likes to hang out there too as he can look outside and also keep tabs on his people.


I loved reading about your dogs, keeping tabs on everyone and staying cozy in your daughter’s room. They sound perfect. Have a wonderful day, Jackie!


Hi Janae! I love those Huma gels! I tried them when you talked about them before and they are so tasty.
Congrats on the foot what an awesome feeling to realize how far you’ve come!!
And from yesterday’s question no I didn’t get to go to Spitz but sure wish I had looking at that picture of the salad fries you posted the other day!


Aren’t they just the best?! Thanks Amy, I was so happy about it. Next time you are here, I am taking you there. Hope your day is off to a beautiful start!


I’m so happy for you that your foot is pain-free! I’m in the middle of a plantar issue right now … ugh! I’m excited to hear more about what you think cured your foot pain this time around.


Our little cattle dog stays curled up right in front of the fire any time we’re not on a walk/bike/run and I can’t blame him one bit. I love the results from laser hair removal (I did legs, bikini and underarm) but I had to cut the underarm sessions short because that one hurt so much. But even with 2 sessions I only shave maybe once a month. Wish I had done it sooner!


I had laser hair removal on my underarms about 12 years ago. After 12 years I do have a few hairs that grow back but I use an epilator on them and remain hair free. One of the best things I ever did for myself. Excited for you!


So excited for you about no pain while walking!!!!


Your band aid picture reminded me that I wanted to ask how your feet do walking around in the vans sneakers all day with your plantar fasciitis? Are they cusiohney enough? Thanks Janae!


socks..I’m not that fussy, love Feetures…but Stance as well…..maybe fussy about shoes, but I’m always open to trying new things
stretching, rarely, but everyone else is doing something after a run, maybe…..I do yoga once in a while, so that’s as close to stretching as I do…more strength training…


a few weeks ago I had unexplained bruises all over my legs, turned out it was a drug interaction! I was on a new med and had taken ibuprofen for a backache, and apparently it didn’t react well with the rx. weird!


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