Suffering is Good.

(Bra, tank, shorts, shoes, socks)

That was a long and challenging workout.  I could have gone back to bed for 12 hours after this one.

I’m eating gels alllllll of the time to get my body used to them.  I made a huge fueling mistake at Boston in 2015 (my first gel was at mile 15), and I will NOT let that happen again.

IMG 5069

15.11 miles for the day!

2 mile w/u, 3 miles hard (6:52 ((huge uphill)), 6:29 ((downhill)), 6:35 ((slight uphill)), .5 miles easy, 2 miles hard (6:50, 6:52 ((both miles uphill)), .5 easy and 1 mile hard (5:56 ((big downhill)), cool-down.  A 6:36 average for the 6 miles of work.  I still felt some of my race from last week in my legs, but it was also just a challenging course that was perfect for Boston training.

IMG 5072

On Tuesday night, I was watching a McMillan Webinar about Boston, and it was talking about all of the things that you should be doing 12 weeks out from Boston.  I was happy because my Antelope Race Training so far this year had me do many of these things, and when he got to number 6, it stuck with me:

“Suffering is good (he isn’t talking about injury pain).  When you suffer mentally, when you get tired and fatigued, that’s not a bad thing.  It’s desirable to get tired during marathon training.  It does stimulate the mind and the body to adapt and grow stronger to be able to avoid that suffering in the future.  When you have those bad workouts, because usually with a bad workout you are suffering more than you wish you were, even if that happens you can know you got a really big stimulus to the body.  You just had a big dose of suffering, and as a result, you will build up mental toughness, and your body will adapt.  Don’t try to avoid those.  If you can keep pushing when you are suffering, that’s a great way you can achieve peak performance in a marathon!”

I suffered a lot during the above workout, but I’ll be better able to handle the suffering that is bound to happen during that last 10k at Boston in 32 days!

IMG 5067

My parents took us out for acai bowls to celebrate Andrew’s birthday! The layer of coconut almond butter that they put on is my favorite part.

IMG 5085

Skye asked me if her headband made her look like a runner.

IMG 5087

Beck has perfected his evil eye and he held this look for 30 seconds.

IMG 5089

Pasta and my new favorite cheesy garlic bread swirls for dinner!

IMG 5091

PS I forgot to mention that it will just be me and Andrew going to Boston! He is going to try to see me twice (he says he might even try for three spots this time) again along the course.

Screen Shot 2022 03 16 at 12 34 30 PM

Cannot wait to see this sign!

IMG 9315


Favorite type of gel/fuel that you use for your runs?

Ever made a fueling mistake during a race, tell me about it!

Current favorite carbohydrate?

Do you ever do downhill training?

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I am so bummed to miss cheering you on Marathon Monday (MarMon is what my college students call it). I will be traveling for “April Break” (it is a week off in April for the public schools) and heading to the beach for some sun and surf. Next year, you should plan on doing Boston again and then I will plan on cheering for you in Wellesley…I will even make my students make you signs (for extra credit, haha)!! There is a delicious yogurt shop called Truly Yogurt in downtown Wellesley and I feel it would be just your kind of place:)
So excited for you to do this!


Nadya, thank you so much! I am so happy you guys are going to head to the beach and enjoy some time relaxing. I would love to come back in 2023… if I do, you have to meet me at Truly Yogurt too. I’ll take you up on those extra credit signs too?. Have a beautiful day!


I regret to inform you that the Citgo sign has been largely obscured until you are basically directly under it by a new (exercise related tech company, ironically) building that went up directly in front of it. womp womp


What?!? This is so so sad! I had no idea! Thank you for letting me know so I don’t go crazy searching for it next month! Have a great day!


Love the Boston status check list! Such a good idea.
One of my favorite things that we did in Boston was a tour of Fenway Park. You get another good view of the Citgo sign!

I have been liking Maurten gels recently. I need to experiment next with their drinks.


Ummm I think Andrew would love that tour, we went to a game last time and I’ll have to look into the tour for this trip! I have friends that love Maurten gels so so much. Let me know how your search for drinks go!


Where do you go for açaí bowls? Just flew into Provo for the weekend and that looks SO good!! I need one in my life pronto. (PS just got back from looping around the temple and MTC and kind of wondered if I’d see you there running repeats…those hills are no joke!!!)


Stop it! This makes me so so happy! It is called Bowl Superfood and I think that is a must today! Oh I am just so happy about this all. Let me know what you do while you are here. Hahaha right about those hills? Enjoy your time!


I think I am always under-fueled, but I am getting better. I am getting better at fueling during the race, but pre-race I could use a few more carbs I think. The worst was for a marathon in 2017. I did not account for the humidity. My legs started to feel like lead at mile 8! By mile 20 it was awful. I had went to the bathroom before the race around 6:30 a.m. and did not pee again until 7 p.m. that night. It was awful. I could barely walk for 2 days afterwards. I was so dehydrated and under-fueled.

I have never met a carb I don’t like;-) I am still trying to figure out my go-to carb fuel before and during races.

That will be such a fun trip for you and Andrew! He is a super spectator!

Happy Thursday Janae!


Your legs started feeling like lead at mile 8 and you still finished!? Becky, you are so strong! I hope none of us every experience a similar situation… that sounds like it was miserable. Please keep me updated on what you find for fuel, it is so interesting to see what works for everyone! Thank you and you too!


Huma gels are my all time favorite, pretty much all I use! I love the raspberry & lemonade ones the best. they are also good if you freeze them for hot runs……they are not frozen but still chilled by the time you need one.

I haven’t made too many fueling mistakes while running, but there were some meals I ate that didn’t agree with me while running, ha! The worst was one day I had a PB sandwich at lunch and went running 4 hours later……….more than enough time to digest………..but I was just burping PB the whole run and I couldn’t eat it for weeks after! Even now I don’t eat it unless I have already done my run for the day!

Favorite carb is always bread…………soft bread, nothing hard and crunchy.

Excited to hear about your Boston! Happy st patty’s day!


Hey Loribeth! That idea is brilliant, I will absolutely be trying that for this summer. Ohhhhhh the wrong meal experience, I can see why it was hard to eat pb for a while after that haha. Thank you friend and happy St. Patrick’s Day to you too, I hope you have fun plans!


I’ve had lots of fueling issues during race! I have a really weak stomach so anytime I’ve tried eating anything too close to the race I end up throwing up. One time I did a trail race and tried a chia seed gel and it did NOT sit well with me…and of course it was on a single track trail so there was really no where to pull off. It was so awful!! Luckily now UCAN seems to work really well for me and honey stingers is usually ok. But I’ve also stopped doing long races because it can be so miserable!

SO excited to see how you do in Boston!! Can’t wait to watch the race and cheer everyone on virtually. Let’s hope the weather will be decent for once haha!


OH GRETCHEN, that trail race experience sounds awful! I am so glad that UCAN and honey stingers do the trick for you but that is really hard to have to work around a weak stomach… yet you still continue to do so well! YES to good weather, I am praying for that ha. Hope your Thursday is a great one!


Hi Janae! Unfortunately I’ve had to stop eating gluten for a few months now. But I will still live vicariously through you. I’ve been loving these Indian pancakes made from rice and lentils they are called dosas!
Have a great day!


I didn’t know this.. I am so sorry you have had to stop eating gluten. But those dosas sound great! Keep me updated with how you are doing and have a wonderful day!


3 things:
When I first read the title my brain read it as “Surfing” is Good.

Yes Skye, you do look like a runner.

Beck – dude, you are making my knees ache just looking at you in that position. Mine don’t bend that far anymore.


Haha I had to go back and check to make sure I didn’t write surfing! I’ll have to tell Skye what you said and I agree, I have no idea how he sits like that. Hope your day is off to a great start and you have a good ride coming up soon!


I didn’t even consider I may be able to see my husband more than once on the course! How does he do it? I’ve never been to Boston so I’m not at all familiar with getting around and I’ll have two kids with me but usually when I am not running I love to go to different spots but I’ve never been to a race that is more of a straight shot than weaving around a city.

The mental toughness is def hard. When I’m training and doing long runs I have to leave the house and if I can I just run away from home until I hit my distance and call for my husband to pick me up :). I also hate having to think while I’m running. A few miles in and I seem to lose any ability to do math so if I don’t have a course I’m doing that I know like the back of my hand I inevitably end up too short and have to run more when I get home or I finish a couple of miles away and walk in. I thought it may be like pregnancy brain when the blood is diverted from my head but I know other people can still figure stuff out so I must just get extra dumb when I’m running haha!

I love how Skye wants to “look” like a runner! I don’t often have it anymore, but if I start feeling a little guilty for prioritizing a workout I remember how they are watching. Have a great weekend! :)


I will have to have him write about how he was able to see me 2 times and his plans for 3 times… I do know it involved a lot of running on his end too haha. It might be a bit harder with kids but depending on how fast your husband is, you could see him towards the beginning and end?! Thank you for bringing up the math aspect… I lose all ability to do simple math problems sometimes when I am running and especially running hard. You are not alone with that! YES, they are watching and we want them to have passions and hobbies when they are parents too! You are doing a great job. Thanks Jenny, you too!


I’m old, so all my training is going downhill!
Nutrition has always been a challenge…and there’s so much advise out there..because I coach a lot of female runners, I’ve really been digging into that end of things…while we were always told women we’re just considered small men, the horror stories I heard of women, especially in longer distance, and dealing with nutrition and hydration… one time we were told drink when thirsty, then we were told to drink every 15 minutes before we needed it (I have horror stories) and now, drink when thirsty…my fave nutrition is chicken broth on the Ironman course, the best thing ever!…..two books, older faster stronger by Margaret Webb, and am digging through Roar by Stacy T Sims right now…eye opening…
funniest story was Lance Armstrong taking chocolate Gels from the start to the finish at NYC…..I’m torn about gels, I’ve seen what others take, how much (I sell them) and if I took the same amount, I’d barf….everybody’s different, but for a half marathon, nothin’ , nil, may grab something at a hydration somewhere along the way, for a full, I start gels after about 2 hours…….I like the Hammer brand, but Clifs are good too, and plain old vanilla…some for some reason love salted watermelon….not for me….my biggest mistake, Gatorade at my first Ironman, just while on the bike, about 20K from the end of the bike, took water…and yeah, tossed my cookies….and felt better! maybe not a mistake, but, practice, advise never works….


You killed that workout! Don’t let your tired training mind convince you otherwise. I’m so impressed by you!! You’ll fly at Boston!


You are seriously the best! THANK YOU! We need to plan a get together!


Fueling is tricky for sure! All the hill training going on now!! See you In Boston!! I just got my bib #!! Can’t wait… Indy 2019 was my BQ… bout time to finally get to toe the line in Boston! Let’s do this thing ??‍♀️??

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