Silentish Saturday!

(Shorts, tank, shoes)


Foam rolled outside with the kids after my run.

IMG 5551

She wanted to make cupcakes.

IMG 5548

Andrew knows the key to my heart and brought home rolls from Kneaders and my favorite turkey for sandwiches after mountain biking.

IMG 5552

Finally stocked up on fresh produce.

IMG 5555

Felt like summer with the bubbles and sidewalk chalk.

IMG 5560

You know it has been a good day when you have peanut butter in your hair.

IMG 5564

He needs three baths a day…

IMG 5567

Doing this every day!

IMG 5568

Time for TWENTY MILES and I’m going to try out some new gels.

IMG 5545

Today’s course will hopefully look a bit like Bostonish:

IMG 5094


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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1. 20 miles- me too!
2. couch sitting +
3. watching Marvel movies with my son

P.S. Salted watermelon GU is my FAVORITE!
P.P.S. My coach wants me to do an ice bath after my run today. I’m skeptical :D


Margie, way to go on your 20 miles! I think I will be sitting all day too. Ummmm did you do the ice bath? You are inspiring me to do that and I really liked the Salted watermelon Gu! I can see why you do too. Happy weekend and recovering!


Ummm… I’m not sure about the salted watermelon??? You’ll definitely going to have to report back on that one.
Yay for feeling summer like! Love days like that.
Today will be a quick run/walk, then pilates, then the pool!! I’m definitely going to saok in the next 2 days of warm sunshine before it cools down and we get rain this next week. But we need it.
Oh, thanks for asking about our dog. He for sure had a seizure, but is doing better. So we’ll just watch him for a bit, then go from there. Being a pet parent at the late stages of their lives is tough sometimes.
Hope your long run is good! Have a great weekend!


Surprisingly I really liked it… I didn’t think I would like it as much as I did! I hope your hip flexor was happy on your run/walk and the pilates. Enjoy your pool! I am so glad he is doing a bit better now and we are worried a lot about Beretta too, not sure how we will ever handle losing her. Sending hugs to you all. Thanks Wendy, you too!


20 miles for me too & then hot tub. Luckily it was a perfect 50 degrees today. ( My favorite running temp.) I’m getting nervous about what Boston’s weather will be on race day.
After that two soccer games for my daughter. I tried the Maurten caffeine gel today. I didn’t like the flavor but did give me a good pick me up.
Hope your run went well!


LORI! Way to go on your 20 miles! I will absolutely be getting in my hot tub today too. My run was also 50, it felt amazing. Uhhhhh me too but we are strong and we can adapt to whatever it throws at us! My friends were also using Maurten caffeine and they loved it. I need to try it. Have the best time at the games, thanks Lori!


Hi Janae! I got to get some studying done today. I was supposed to study yesterday too but instead I procrastinated by deep cleaning the oven haha. Who knows maybe I’ll weed the garden today.
20 miles way to go!!!
Happy weekend!


Way to go on the studying today and getting in the deep cleaning yesterday. You are on fire! Thanks Amy, happy weekend to you too!


Decorating for Easter,some clothes shopping and going to home improvements store.


You just motivated me to decorate for Easter! Enjoy the shopping and have a beautiful weekend!


Good luck on your 20 miler!!

NYC bagels for breakfast, Museum of Ice Cream, exploring Brooklyn, then pizza for dinner, and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway tonight! Love New York and trying to fit a lot in!!


Oh we are so jealous of you! Enjoy the show, I have to take Andrew to that someday!


Fluid run for me ( pool run). I can not suggest Fluid running enough to anyone. It’s amazing. I am going to continue it even when I can run again. MRI Wed but my new sports med doc isn’t very concerned which gives me hope!
My family joined me for some fun in the pool after the run, then sushi, and family movie night.

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