Sentence Per Picture!

(Top, shorts, shoes)

A run in the sunshine happened yesterday with Emilee ( <–it is the best to be neighbors).

My weekly mileage is increasing!

IMG 5017

This means the number of cereal bowls next to my bed is increasing…

IMG 5016

And so are the slices of Dave’s Killer Bread…

IMG 5045

Beck is climbing up everything in our house.

IMG 5043

We listened to ‘Down by the Bay’ thirteen times in a row yesterday.

IMG 5046 1

She has been very concerned about getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day.

IMG 5056

My charms arrived for Cross Country… At each practice, they get to choose a charm to add to their necklaces, and it is a fantastic motivator for them.

IMG 5058

Searching for hotels for Boston!

IMG 5059

Ended the day strong with messes everywhere, tantrums from all of us and frozen lasagna.

IMG 5062

Did you see this… I have felt WRECKED since the time change a few days ago (bc Beck and Skye disagree with changing our clocks).

Screen Shot 2022 03 15 at 4 16 17 PM

I am using Mariah’s idea to put the foam roller out before the run and not put it away afterward until I have used it!

IMG 4812

Time for a 3 mile, 2 mile, 1 mile workout, and hopefully my body is up to this idea after last week’s race (PS I am a Novablast 2 addict these days… I don’t think I would have ever tried them until Asics sent a pair and now I am hooked and I loved wearing them for my race).

IMG 4810


Give me your sentence of the day!

What has been a big motivator for your running lately?

Favorite toast topper!?

Running gear that surprised you because you ended up loving it even though you didn’t think you would?

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This has literally nothing to do with any of your post but I also love the jalapeno Cheetos that Andrew’s eating lol. So good!


They are Andrew and Knox’s favorite! Hope you get some soon, have the best day. Thanks Maureen!


Do you no longer have a partnership with Brooks?


No, I don’t. It ended last year right around the time I could no longer wear their shoes because of my plantar pain! It was an amazing 9 years together but now my feet require me to be really picky about what I run in bc of my injury! Have a beautiful day, Ronnie!


I’m catching up on reading. Congrats on your race! You did awesome-per usual.
So excited to see how Boston training goes. Are you working with a coach?
Any plans besides the marathon while in Boston?


Hey Molly! Thank you so much! One of my teammates does a lot of coaching and he gave me some ideas of what to do the next few weeks but nothing formal! Andrew and I are trying to come up with stuff… any tips for us?


Sentence of the day: Patience is not infinite, but I’m trying.
Sunshine totally motivates me for running. Since I don’t have a specific event/date, my training plan involves avoiding inclement weather, LOL!
Favorite toast topper: avocado! I’m going to be lazy and use the guacamole that I opened 2 days ago before it goes brown.
I didn’t think I would like running with music because I have to be able to hear what’s around me, but Aftershokz are awesome!!


Haha keep avoiding any and all of the annoying weather and enjoy the sunshine whenever you can. Avocado on top of a piece of toast is just heavenly. Aftershokz really are a game changer, what a brilliant idea to allow the runner to hear their surroundings and the music all at once. Happy Wednesday, Corey!


I have no sub job today so I have to do work around the house…sometimes I am not sure I want to do either, haha.

My big motivator for running these days is to get faster in shorter distances. Every race I am doing this year, except for one, is a 5k (duathlon and triathlons). In the past, I have had no desire to try to get faster because I always got injured and would rather run farther vs faster. However, I really want to have strong 5k times for my triathlons. I am trying to be smart about it and not get injured so we will see how it goes! It might require taking an extra rest day and I haven’t wrapped my head around that yet;-).

I didn’t think I would love my AirPods. I also got the Garmin Forerunner (935) about a month ago. At first I did not like it, now I am a little obsessed. Change is hard!

Is anyone going to Boston with you?

Have a fabulous Wednesday Janae!


Good luck today on getting things done around the house! I love what you are working on this year (and you are motivating me to try the same… the 5k is so challenging). So happy you are staying injury free and getting faster and faster. I cannot wait to see what you accomplish this year. Change really is so hard but I am happy you love your Garmin! Yes, I forgot to mention that… it’s just me and Andrew! I feel so so lucky. Thanks Becky, you too!


Good morning Janae!
I am so excited to cheer you on at Boston, it falls on my birthday this year so I’ll cheer you on with cake :-)
Sentence of the day: You are what you manifest.

What has been a big motivator for your running lately? I have been traveling the past few weeks and even though I was in cities I have been to many times, I love exploring on my runs. Vegas and Chicago pre 5am is such a blast for different reasons.

Favorite toast topper!? Hmm, I haven’t had toast in such a long time (now I must have some!) but I would say salted butter. Bring on the salt!!

Running gear that surprised you because you ended up loving it even though you didn’t think you would? 100% it is my handheld water bottle. I used to be such a purist for so many years but my oh my I can’t live without that darn thing. I think it might be the second thing I pack when I travel (right behind my shoes!)

I am not loving the Daylight Savings discussion…I am on the struggle bus with it, I can’t imagine parents sending kids off to school in the dark for so long if it passes.

Have the best day Janae!


Hey Amanda! Oh I will absolutely think of you during the marathon and that you are cheering me on with cake! I love it! Oh I would love to explore Chicago on the run (before everyone else is out). So happy you were able to do that! I am right there with you, those handheld water bottles are just so so nice. That is a tough part of it for sure… who knows if it will pass. Thanks friend, you too!


Favorite toast topper is mashed avocado with garlic salt, everything but the bagel seasoning and red pepper flakes. Spread that on the Dave’s Killer Bread, top with shredded or chopped boiled egg, tomatoes and lots of siracha. It is the best ever!


I am actually drooling reading your comment. I will be making this. Thank you in advance. Have a great day, Tiffany!


I use garlic powder not garlic salt! Sorry for that typo!


Hey girl, your toast toppings look so good! I was wondering: do you follow any specific eating plan? Or do you just eat when hungry? I’m looking to add more running in to my days and want to fuel properly. Thanks!


Hey Jen! I hope you have some amazing toast soon. I don’t have an eating plan and over the years I’ve learned to really just eat when I am hungry. I’m grateful for my period to help me know I am fueling my body enough with all of the training and I use that as a good guide that I am getting enough calories (I’m not on birth control which helps me to really trust my period as a good benchmark). Does that make sense? I try to make sure I am getting plenty of carbs, proteins and fats each day but other than that, I just eat whenever I need to! Have a great day!


Hi Janae! The foam roller idea is so smart! I do something similar where I leave my gratitude diary on my pillow so I remember to write in it before bed.
I’m still not over daylight savings time. It’s been super rough! Though I do appreciate the extra sunshine now.
Have a great day!


That is the best idea and I am going to copy you! Thank you Amy. Hopefully, we all adjust soon… it’s killing me! Thanks friend, you too!


The time change is THE WORST! I still can’t get it together.

So exciting about Boston and that your mileage is going up, my biggest running motivation is seeing my weekly milage increase. My favorite is when my total is between 50-60 miles per week.

I just need more motivation to do all the PT, stretching, strength training I should be doing ;)


You are not alone, my alarm clock is killing me this week! When will we adapt?! I LOVE seeing the mileage go up… you are right, it is so motivating and that is my happiest place too. TOO MANY THINGS TO DO! I hope your day has been great so far. Thanks Beth!


Can we talk about the jalapeno cheetos? :-D Are they good?

I hate that the time change has made it so dark in the morning. It’s really bothering me this year.

I made my kids cinnamon and sugar toast for breakfast this morning :-)


Hahaha I have yet to try them because I don’t like damaging my taste buds (I’m kidding;) but Andrew and Knox LOVE them. I’m much more of a salt and vinegar chip person which Andrew teases me over;). I’m with you, I was really enjoying all of the light on my morning runs. Oh I bet your kids were so happy, now I need some of that. Have a great day, Torrie!


“feeling really good right now, not sure why?’
running with others, leading a group….motivation. I have to be there, so yep, and it’s fun!
I like my flip belt, in winter..once the shorts and summer comes out, I start looking for stuff with pockets to carry key fobs and a phone……


Hope you got a hotel room everyone is scrounging now! Have a good speed workout and let us know how it goes!


I hope leaving out your mat and foam roller helped!!

Your toast with PB and apples looks so good! I love PB and bananas and honey, or avocado and everything bagel seasoning on my toast.


Hi! Wondering if there are any foam rolling videos out there you like? I kind of hate doing it on my own but will follow along if I can see someone else doing it!

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