I commit to…..

(tank, shorts, shoes)

It was a great day to join the girls in our favorite canyon for a long run.  They were planning on 18 so I added on three before and one after, so it worked out perfectly.  I was planning on trying to get in a more Boston-type course (downhill followed by rollers) but decided I wanted to join my friends for their run because it included both uphill and downhill, just in a different order than Boston.

For the first 12 miles of the run, we went up the canyon at a pretty conversational pace, and then when we got to the top, we turned around and pushed the pace!

8:08 average for the first 12 miles, 6:26 average for the last 10 miles (mostly downhill but a few rollers and about 2 miles of flat), and 1384 ft of climbing throughout the run. 7:22 average pace for the day!

IMG 5164

I started my morning with a bagel and water.  I took gels at miles 6, 12 & 18, which felt perfect.  I brought a little water bottle that I stuck in my shorts to drink from with each gel.  The more practice we can get with how to fuel during these races, the better.  Long runs make the perfect dress rehearsals!

There is still so much snow in some parts of the canyon.

IMG 5167

Now to somehow make sure Boston has the same weather that I experienced on Saturday.

IMG 5170

We had Andrew’s family staying with us for part of the weekend, which was a blast.  These pizzas are the easiest (they take just a few minutes to prepare!) to make for bigger groups of people, and they taste so good.

IMG 5188

On Sunday we spent the day with my mom, celebrating her 70th birthday!

IMG 5217

IMG 5218

We brought the best chocolate cake and if you ever need to make a chocolate cake, try this one.

IMG 5243

We also brought my mom some of the amazon joggers that I’m obsessed with and look how stylish she looks with her joggers, Brooks sweatshirt and Hokas!

IMG 5238


Random tangent of the day, but being in marathon training again brings out all of my thoughts, and I have committed to something very important for this short marathon training cycle.

I commit to slacking off on housework, cooking, and laundry.

Training for races takes a lot out of us, and marathon training zaps me.  I have found that I do my best when marathon training to remember that there isn’t going to be balance, and that is okay.  I can’t keep up with everything when the running increases, so it is time to slack off (even more;) in house things.  A messy house will just be part of my life the next few weeks, and that is okay.  Laundry will be done (the kids have gotten good at helping now, luckily) but probably never put away, and the most simple meals will be eaten without a worry in the world for anything fancy.  The house won’t be tidy, but I’m not going to kill myself off trying to keep it clean.  Oh, and saying no to the ‘extras’ will also happen more often.  PS Andrew is also committing to this because he is starting back up with school again on top of work, so we are both slacking off on the house stuff.

We can’t do it all, so don’t expect yourself to be able to do it all.   Cut back where you can cut back!

I laid down on the ground dramatically to show Andrew how tired I was and both were on top of me within 60 seconds.

IMG 9844


What do you think… are you a fan of finding balance, or does that not work for you?

Do you notice a difference in your running when you change elevations?

-I feel the elevation difference at Boston, and I love it!

What was the best part of your weekend?

When do you typically take your fuel for those who have done marathons?

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I definitely had a few laughs from today’s post. Beck’s face and then reading your commitment to not cleaning. Ha.
Maybe start a Patreon page for marathon training cycles to pay for housekeeper? Wait, or a home chef?! I think this is me dreaming for myself now.


Hahah Beck has started making the most animated facial expressions haha. Ummm that is a good idea and now I need a home chef… can you even imagine how great that would be!? Have a happy Monday, Molly!


Your mom is the cutest!! Happy 70th to her!


I agree! Thank you so much Cheryl and I hope you have the best day!


Great job on 22 miles!! I did a 5k Friday night, which was fun! But then I felt horrible for my 8 mile long run on Saturday morning. I was thinking about how you said some suffering is good though- feeling bad for a long run is good prep for my half when I will be tired!

Beck’s face with the legos is hilarious! Also those joggers look amazing, I think I need a pair.


Thanks so much Mariah! And way to go on your 5k! Absolutely, that suffering that you didn’t quit during just made you so much stronger! I think you need a pair too, they are the best. Have a beautiful day!


Good weekend! I did my long run Saturday – only 9 miles – and did it on the treadmill because it was cold and windy outside Saturday morning here (and icy!). Best thing though was that my IT band felt GREAT!! Going to continue doing extra stretching, foam rolling and resting!

Next thing – I have never run at a different elevation which makes me nervous if I plan to do St. George! I’m really hoping I will be OK! I live in MN so that means NO elevation…like anywhere.

And Saturday afternoon, after my “long run” I did not do a thing and ended up lying down with my 3 and 4 year old for a nap. Yes, my house is still a disaster this morning. Balance is non existent :)


Kristen, way to go on your nine miles and I would have hit the treadmill too… ice is so scary! SO happy about your IT band, that is the best feeling! Keep up the good work! Don’t worry about St. George, it isn’t as high as where I live, St. George isn’t too high up. Just try to get in some up and down on the treadmill if you can! NAPS ALWAYS WIN. Way to go and hope you have a beautiful day with your littles!


Happy 70th birthday to your mom! I love her outfit!

I am horrible at finding balance. I have gotten better over the years, but I am still trying not to get bothered by the “little stuff” (like shoes not lined up, the floor not being swept every day, etc). On the flip side, I think I need to remind myself that I have 3 kids, my husband works weird hours, we like to have fun and it’s ok that our house looks “lived in” Also I have to get better at having my kids pitch in…it doesn’t always have to be done “my way.” I am sure there are some control issues coming in, haha. Although I do find comfort and some sense of control by getting one load of laundry done every day and meal prepping when I can find time. Also, I have no shame in finding short-cuts like healthier premade meals, pre-cut vegi’s and store bought hard boiled eggs–many of those things don’t take a long time to do and save money if you do them yourself, but it is one less thing I need to do in the kitchen and I know we are getting some good nutrition.

The kids were finally able to take out their roller blades! It was fun to get out in the evening.

Happy Monday Janae!


Thank you Becky, she looked so stylish! ABSOLUTELY… we have to remind ourselves of that. Andrew always tells me that we don’t live in a museum, people live here! I think that is why we love running though, it is one thing we can control when all of the other stuff is so hard to control ha. Good call on finding some shortcuts at the store, I love that. So happy you guys were able to get out… spring is here wahoo! Thanks Becky for sharing, we are all in this together!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR MOM!! That cake looks amazing too.

I am totally with you on the lack of balance during certain intense projects or phases in life. I listened once to a podcast that talked about the importance of “tilting” in life rather balance. Certain times we will tilt more towards one area than others and that is okay because sometimes we have to do that to get a job done or see something through to the end. For me, this usually occurs when I am researching or writing a new academic book project. I just finished my second book (I started it in 2016 and it came out in October 2021) and suddenly a couple weeks ago in late February 2022, I had a new idea for my third project. Suddenly, I have abandoned my grading, meal planning at home, and any other task that involves heavy brain work and am just digging into articles and archives that interest me. This generally happens to me for 2 to 4 intense weeks where i find I am even dreaming of ideas and writing full sentences in in my head during sleep. Once I get the main skeleton outline of the project on notecards (so I don’t forget or lose track of ideas) then I ease off and can get back to using my brain for other things and back fill in those spaces in the outline at a more leisurely pace. A long winded response to say: I totally agree! Laundry can wait! You have a marathon to run!


Thank you so much, Nadya! OH MY GOODNESS… tilting, that is exactly what I needed to read. Thank you for sharing that with me. You just finished your second book… congratulations! You are incredible and I am so excited about your third project. You inspire me and I am cheering for you! You move mountains!


Balance is something I am always working on during my “long” work week. I work 12 hour shifts so I don’t get much housework done on those days. It bothers me if my house isn’t always super tidy but I’m learning to let it go, and not stress over it when it’s not. On my days off I try to take one day to rest and relax, do things for me and the other day for housework, but I do feel better and I am in a better mood when my house is clean and organized lol.

Your mom looks so cute in that outfit and I love those
Joggers. Do you have a pair too? Wondering about the approx length of them


TWELVE-HOUR SHIFTS. I honestly do not know how you guys do that! Yes, we just have to let it go at times but when we can get to it, it really does feel so good to have a clean house. I do have a pair of them and I wear a size small… I’m 5’8″ and they hit about an inch above my ankle… super cute fit! Hope your day is a wonderful one!


I love your thoughts on balance! I find I can only do 2-3 things in life well at one time. If running is one of those things, something else has to give.

You got this sister?


Yes yes yes… and luckily my kids won’t mind a messy house for the next month:). Thanks Toby, have a beautiful day!


Happy Bday HRG Mom!

I was wondering if one of your cute nieces would like to fold your laundry for you for a little spending money? Win-Win.


That is brilliant… Definitely a win-win! Thanks for that idea, texting them now:). Have a beautiful day, Jackie!


And you are so smart for letting some things go at this time knowing that it is temporary. You are inspiring!!


You are the nicest. Thank you so much!


Hi Janae, you motivated me so much that I signed up for my first Half in early July and I can’t wait to begin training (I’m currently still sick with the flu) I have never followed a training plan before and that’s a challenge but I am PUMPED! (And if I’m not motivated one day, I’ll just read some of your posts and my love for running will be back :) ) Thank you, Janae, for motivating me to strive for a big goal, I need it this year!


AHHHH MONIKA!! Congratulations, I am so excited about your half! You will have to keep me updated with it all. Seriously, having these big goals are just the best and I can’t wait to see you reach your dreams. I hope you are feeling better asap. I am so sorry you have the flu. Have a happy Monday, Monika!


Hi Janae! This is something me and my husband have been working on- talking to each other weekly about what MUST get done that week and being ok with calling some things nice to haves and not doing them, even if they are things my mother or mother in law would definitely do. It helps us to communicate what we want and make sure nothing slips by us. Also it helps us be aware what the other person is doing because doing invisible chores is the worst. We are by no means perfect and we just started this for about a month but it helps so much!
Have an awesome day!


Oh, I love that you are doing this with your husband, get the musts done and let go of the rest! That is such a great reminder of being okay letting go of the things that maybe other people might not be okay (I have never seen my mom’s house messy EVER). You and your husband are doing an amazing job, thank you for sharing. Happy Monday, Amy!


Happy Monday!

Best part of weekend was finding snow on our trail run and then watching a movie and chilling as a family l

Have a great day! 22 miles is far!


Thank you so much, Kristine! So glad you guys had a great weekend, sounds perfect!


That’s a commitment I can get behind! Balance is key in life. Les is great at helping me say no when he knows I need to but I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.

We’re less than a 1,000′ about sea level, so I definitely notice when we’re in higher elevations.

We had a pretty relaxing weekend. I’m loving doing my long runs on Friday, then kicking back for the weekend.

I take fuel based on time instead of distance. Every 30-45 minutes, depending on what I’m taking.


Happy birthday to your Mom! 70 looks great on her.

I hate carrying things during a marathon. I will usually scope out where the gels will be on the course and try to mimic that during my long runs. Sometimes, if they are too far into the race (like Chicago doesn’t until mile 17), then I will carry a gel with me and fuel at about half that distance (i.e. for Chicago, I would do 8.5).

This weekend I ran a super hilly 15k and won! My husband also won for the men. It wasn’t a huge race, but still, I’ll take it. They even have alcohol on the course. This year was mudslides, mojitos, margaritas, fireball shots, and whiskey shots. I waited until mile 8 and did a fireball..haha. Just a fun little race. Here is a recap if you are interested. https://masterroadrunner.com/the-goat/#more-595

Your Boston training seems to be going real well. Yes, balance is tough. I don’t think I could possible do it all without the support of my other half. I only have the one kiddo so it may be a bit easier for me. Although, he is not doing laundry yet. Looking forward to seeing how you do. Happy training :)


Completely agree with you that balance isn’t really a thing when it comes to training- either you can be all in and give everything else up (like cleaning!) or you can do more of that but not commit to training. For a while I was all in, but after having a few failures and just not being happy with giving other stuff up I changed into more of “balanced” runner I guess…I run and train for races but cut the distance down a lot and also don’t dedicate all of my spare time to it! It makes me happier to do lots of other things but I think everyone should do what makes THEM happy and what feels good :)

Best part of my weekend was catching up with some friends and celebrating my husband’s first day of work!! We also drove around and checked out some houses we’re interested in buying..so many fun changes going on lately for us and I can’t wait!


balance? want to see something at yoga, I’m the guy falling over while trying out a tree pose,….life balance, it’s hard as a runner etc. it comes down to what’s important (family) and me and what I like to do…(I have a spouse that thinks what we do is crazy)..so yeah, lots of work trying to find balance
elevation..I love running on the BC west coast, that’s why I love Vancouver so much, Victoria, Seattle even more
best part of the weekend…yesterday, splashing in slush with a friend on a 5K run….my GORTEX shoes worked great, my socks, not so much
gels after about an hour…I try not to, but always have my watch set to beep every 15 minutes, and when it goes off, hydration, or a gel, or both….but I try not to over do it, or else I’m stopping at portapotties or a random tree


Yes! I fully support your approach with letting some things go to make space for what is meaningful. And that can change over time. Way to support your goals and dreams!


HRG Mom looks so cute in the joggers!! Happy 70th to her!

And I totally support your commitments! During tax season we eat a lot of bagged salads and pizza for dinner and turn a blind eye to the accumulating dust. I know I’ll get back to fun new cooking projects and regular cleaning after the deadline. And I may eat a lot more M&M’s to keep focused and that’s OK too. I usually can’t look at an M&M for about a month after April 15th, hah!

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