30 minutes of pain and 1410 minutes of comfort + updates.

(shoes, shorts, top)

The mental game I used to get me through the workout—> I thought about how many minutes I had to feel comfortable and pain-free the rest of the day.  The uncomfortable speed minutes were such a small fraction of the overall day, which made me realize I do it.  I could handle 30 minutes of discomfort when I had 1410 minutes of pure comfort for the day.  It worked.

Also, chasing these speed demons always makes it so much easier mentally to do speed workouts.

5 MTC miles (mostly down, part flat) —>  5:35, 5:28, 5:29, 5:32 & 5:35.  11.56 miles @ 7:26 average.

The mile and recovery form a big circle, and the recovery is about .7 miles long with uphill, which always makes me question if the interval or recovery is harder?

I am shocked by how much I love these shoes.  They give me the perfect bounce, energize my body and help produce the ideal forward lean.  I just decided that I’m going to wear the Novablast 2 for my race next week because they help me to run fast, and the trails I will be on aren’t super technical.  Road shoes will be great on them.

PS within seconds of getting home, Beretta ran inside over to me and landed her muddy paw on the top of one, so they are not this pretty anymore;)

IMG 4289

Side note, I am interested in trying a carbon-plate shoe again for road races later this year… has anyone tried the Bondi X?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

Screen Shot 2022 03 02 at 2 27 06 PM

A ten-minute lower body workout was all that I could handle afterward… I also had to modify throughout the workout because my legs were dead.

Skye joined me!

IMG 4296

My race is in 8 days!  I will be done with lower body strength from here on out leading up to the race, and I’ll do easy miles and a short little fartlek workout on Monday.

It’s been three years since I last ran around on this island!

IMG 9414

Beck has formed a little boy gang at Skye’s gymnastics.

IMG 4299

Skye was given the sharing box a few days ago, and she has wanted to take it everywhere we go ever since.

IMG 4294

Brooke and I have decided that I need to get a job at this acai bowl place to finance us wanting to eat there every single day of our lives.  We cannot get enough.

IMG 4280

We got to see Knox after five days apart (which felt much longer than five days feels typically)!

IMG 4324

Skye requested dream pizza for dinner, and we finished up the night with Free Willy together.

IMG 4326


What are you making for dinner tonight?

Recent mental trick you have used with your running?

Ever tried a carbon-plated shoe?  Thoughts?

Do you see a lot of runners out where you live?

-This is the time of year where I swear I start seeing 3x as many as I usually do… time for run happy weather!

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Not really into running right now (hasn’t been fun or bringing me joy so why force it!) and have focused on strength training. I always remind myself it’s on X reps which is maybe 2 minutes max when it’s a move I hate. If I’ve run a marathon I can do 2 minutes of a move I don’t love.

Hm I haven’t decided dinner tonight. Either chicken stir fry with leftover chicken in my fridge or I’ll make this dish called beef pilaf which is basically just ground beef and rice with some veggies on the side. Although to be honest I kind of just want to go out and get a big plate of nachos lol.


Good for you Maureen to do what brings you JOY. I think that is so awesome you are focusing on strength training and that is a perfect mental trick. Both of those sound amazing and I’m with you… I’m in the mood these days to just eat out every meal. Have a great day and I think you should go for the nachos haha!


Your comment made me feel so much better! I’m feeling the same way about running and I felt a little alone but I’m glad to see I’m not the only one going through this right now.


8 days!! You are going to do amazing and have so much fun running that race!
I love that Skye (or maybe all of you) call it dream pizza. It really is the perfect name.
You are so fast during your speed work! Great job! It does feel easier when running with people, especially people who push you!
I see lots of people out running or walking year round out here. The benefits of living in a place without real winter… Ha ha. I have noticed lately, that I have been seeing people running at all times of the day too. And it makes me think, how can they run at noon, or in the afternoon?? I am definitely a morning person when it comes to working out.
I am also curious about carbon plates shoes. It will be fun to read any comments about them later.
Have a really good day Janae ?


Seriously the last few months have just flown by. Haha now it has rubbed off on all of us! I always wonder that about other people too, even just the shower situation?! Does that mean you shower twice? Thanks friend, you too!


Run to the Finish did a great review of the Cliftons and Bondi, including the CliftonX and the BondiX. https://www.runtothefinish.com/hoka-one-one-clifton-2-review/ I’ve been experiencing some ankle/knee pain on my right side and trying to decide if I should try Hokas again. I tried them a few years ago and developed some hamstring issues so I am undecided…


I will have to read that post asap, thank you for sharing. Oh that is such a bummer about your ankle and knee pain… you will have to keep me updated with what you find to work! Good luck!


I’m in the thick of marathon training (my 4th!) – headed out to do an 18-miler this morning – and starting to question everything but I often think of so many things you’ve talked about – like, yes, my elbows feel amazing right now!! So thank you!

As I’m training I’m considering carbon plates too – Alphafly or Vaporfly – and while I’m hearing amazing stuff I’m not sure I want to pay that much… Curious what others have to say. Seems like those who like them swear by them…


SO excited for your 4th marathon coming up. I hope your 18 miles went amazing and that your elbows just felt amazing haha. I am always kind of shocked over how much people are willing to pay for a bunch of different carbon shoes and I’m guessing that means they work:). Sometimes I wonder if the placebo effect is just really really strong too?! You’ll have to let me know if you try them. Have the best day and happy recovering after your long run, Carly.


The race you are going to run looks beautiful!!!

I use mental tricks to push harder on the treadmill all the time…they are hard to explain because they are random, but most of them have to do with pushing harder until an “even” time or “even” number. It makes me sustain the pace just a little bit longer than I would prefer-) At least you modified your leg workout. I did one set of squats yesterday and threw in the towel, haha. After a short, harder run and a fusion Echelon class, my legs were done and I thought I was going to do more harm than good!

I maybe see a runner 1-2x/week. I never see any runners when I am out running but that might be because of time of day I run. I know a lot of people in my area run, but we live in a very rural area so I think they go on farming roads?

Have a fabulous Thursday Janae!


Thanks Becky, it really is so ridiculously beautiful. The treadmill is the best place to learn new mental tricks for our running and it makes us so so strong. Sometimes we just cannot do both the run and the strength haha… you aren’t alone. Wish I could come join you for a run in your area! Thanks Becky, you too!


We are leaving tomorrow from Illinois and driving down to Little Rock for the half marathon. That means dinner tonight is every single leftover that will not survive the week we are gone. This includes cauliflower, green beans, grapes, and spinach. Exciting dinner…haha.

Full disclosure, I have only tried one carbon-plated shoe so far and that’s the Saucony Endorphin Pros. The first time I put them on, I planned a short 3-mile easy run to break them in, but I could not stay slow…they wanted to make me fly. I used them for races from the 5k to the marathon and absolutely love them.

For hard runs, I do exactly as you do. The pain is temporary, I only have X miles to go, only X more minutes. Sometimes I tell myself that this is the moment that will push my body towards my goal. I did a 5-mile tempo this morning and really had to dig into my mantras to get through.

Enjoy your taper. Good luck to you on your race next weekend.


GOOD LUCK AT YOUR HALF MARATHON! I am so excited for you and safe travels. Please give me details about the race after and your leftover meal sounds perfect. That is awesome to read about the Saucony Endorphin Pros, my friends all love them too. Way to get in a tempo today and thank goodness for strong mantras. Thank you Michele, so excited for you!


Hey Janae!
Tonight we’re having cheeseburger pita pizzas for dinner! https://fountainavenuekitchen.com/cheeseburger-pita-pizzas/
They’re easy, yummy, and my picky children like them :)

When I was racing, I did wear the Nike carbon plated shoe—I forget what that model is even called. lol The shoes were bright orange. They felt kinda weird, but not in a bad way. They were so light, and I do think that they made me speedier. I only wore them for 5ks though. I felt like my feet are just too “touchy” to wear them for longer races. Now there are SO many options! I know a lot of people love the Saucony carbon plated shoes. The Endorphin??

Keep us posted if you find any new and exciting Easter candies out there :). And, enjoy your day!!!!


Ummm my family would love those! I will have to try them asap. YES, all of my friends wear the Saucony Endorphin, I might have to try them (I just go so nervous about my plantar coming back). I need to get back to my experimenting with Easter candy, it is very important! Have a beautiful day teaching.


Hi Janae! I’ve never tried a carbon plated shoe! I wonder if they are as good on the trails as they are on the road, you’ll have to let us know!
Today’s dinner is leftovers and we will probably make something with the defrosted bison in the fridge!
Happy Thursday!


Hey Amy! That would be interesting to know how carbon plated shoes would do on the trails! Enjoy the leftovers and bison tonight. Thank you, you too!


I recently purchased a long sleeve top from oiselle. They have three different types, in many different colors, that have a slit in the spot where your watch goes (there is a slit on both sleeves). So you can see your watch without having to put it on top of your shirt. I needed this because I don’t wear a heart rate strap anymore. The shirt is called the fly out and sells for around $72.

We are having a pork dinner from Beehive meals!


I just looked up those tops and those are perfect… what a brilliant idea to have the watch hole. Thanks for sharing, I am going to add it to my cart. And thank you for the reminder of Beehive meals, I need to sign up again, those are so yummy! Have a great day, Megan!


Give Brooke my acai bowl recipe – she can start practicing! https://mcmomentsandmemories.blogspot.com/2017/03/friday-foodie-acai-bowl.html There are so many ways to change these up with different toppings. Sometimes I’ll use a more tangy juice and skip the acai, just using frozen pineapple, mango and strawberries. A drizzle of almond butter is good, too.

We’re having leftover sweet and sour chicken tonight.

There are lots of runners here (walkers and cyclists, too!)


Yours look amazing, I will have to get her going on that! Thanks for the help. Sweet and sour chicken sounds amazing right now. Enjoy seeing everyone out, it makes me so happy and have a great day!


Looks like such an awesome day! I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since your 50 miler, time flies.

I keep seeing more and more runners out in our neighborhood now that it’s not below freezing temps and it’s so great. It’s the sweet spot before summer when it’s too hot to run outside past 8am =) we are enjoying 70 degree weather today but looking at snow this weekend.

I think I am making your summer veggie skillet lasagna tonight.

Have a wonderful day!


HEY BETH! Right?! We really are in that sweet spot and I love it… but 70 degrees?! Can I come stay at your house haha. You just inspired me to make that asap, I love that skillet. Thanks friend, you too!


Apparently Costco sells frozen açaí bowls that are legit and delicious, I know your family is a Costco fan so look for them on your next trip (daddioskitchen tipped me off to them)


I will have to try them… and then you just add your own toppings? Thanks for sharing Melissa. I can’t wait to try them!


It comes with toppings but you could also DIY. Check out the post on Daddioskitchen yesterday


Awesome, thank you so much!


tonight we have chicken & rice on the menu. Keeping it simple because I have a 5k saturday and a half on sunday! The weather here turned beautiful on Tuesday, and we will have high 70s every day until Mon, so the race will be absolutely gorgeous. I plan to sit at my running group booth at the expo and soak in the sun!!

There are more runners out now, and more showing up at my weekly run group so it’s a blast!

Have a good day!


Hey Loribeth! Ummm that sounds delicious and you have a very busy weekend! WOW. I love that you do back to back races like that, so cool. Enjoy all of that sunshine too, it is healing. Enjoy the extra runners, it is the best. Thanks friend, you too!


Hi Janae! Awesome job with the speed work – hope you thoroughly enjoyed your other 1410 minutes! Already looking forward to your race recap :o)
There is a place near my office that has really amazing acai bowls. I wish they weren’t so pricey – I don’t get them often because otherwise, I would have to get a second job to support my habit!
Lucked out with dinner tonight – got an invitation out with friends :o)
I think I try all the mental tricks ever created! I haven’t tried yours though of comparing minutes of discomfort vs. minutes of comfort. I am adding that to the toolbox!
Winter in the northeast limits the number of runners I see, but they are out there! Although even a single day of spring-like weather brings them out in droves (especially around the campus where I work). We also see a big increase after the clocks change and we get that extra hour of daylight. So here’s to more outdoor running! Have an awesome day, Janae!


Thank you Janine and seriously, we need cheaper acai bowls available haha. Enjoy dinner with your friends tonight, that sounds perfect. I hope that this trick helps you too. SO excited for that extra hour of daylight, you just got me excited for that. Thank you Janine, you too!


I haven’t tried the bondi x but I love the hoka carbon x 2! Fav shoe!


I’m still not sure about carbon fiber, do I need a $300 shoe?…heard some good things about Hoka’s Carbon X, but not convinced they’d make me any quicker…looks like my next shoe is going to be a speed goat
way to many runners here have become scared of winter, the numbers will change once it warms up…weekends are busy, durin the week, not so much


I’m curious what MTC means. I’ve been sitting here thinking about it for a couple of minutes, and I’ve got nothing!


I probably should have explained that haha. MTC is a location here that my group goes to a lot for the specific mile (it’s marked by old coach too). The MTC is a missionary training center so it has nothing to do with running and everything to do with the place! Have a fabulous weekend, Katie!

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