Silentish Saturday!

Another winter wonderland run…

(shoes, leggings, jacket, hat)

Started my day out with 10 minutes of meditating…

IMG 4098

And 5 minutes (that felt like 50;) of core after my run.

IMG 4108

Just growing up too fast.

IMG 4111

IMG 4125

#1 fan of Crocs.

IMG 4121

IMG 4129

IMG 4119

IMG 4132

I’m telling you, the Cubby’s buffalo fries are all I can think about.

IMG 4061

Brooke had a movie night with some friends.

IMG 4137

Now to decide whether to hit up the bike or brave the single-digit temperatures…

IMG 4136


Tell me three things you have going on today?!

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Gym with my fiancé
Making jam with my Dad! It’s my 1st time making jam with him! He does so many preserves in the summer where he lives in Maine. So I decided that since he’s in Florida during our strawberry season I should take advantage!
I should probably buy groceries in there somewhere ?


I hope the gym was great and enjoy your time with your dad. I love that you guys are doing this together and I bet your jam is going to be amazing. Hahaha groceries can wait;). Have a beautiful weekend, Kristen!


1. Treadmill walk. I had to take a 6 week workout break after a surgery. I have been loving Peloton the last couple of years. I had the app before the bike but my surgeon told me to ease into it and listen to my body. But that’s so hard for me bc part of running/training/hard workouts is working through discomfort and I’m not great at distinguishing which uncomfortable feelings are ones I should listen or ignore. But, I’m erring on the side of caution today and watching This Is Us or Tinder Swindler at a reasonable walking pace :)

2. Crumbl. One just opened nearby- is that the cookie store you write about sometimes?? People are already really excited and I heard there was a long line so I think I’m taking the kiddos.

3. Not sure! I’ve been reading more lately on Libby and just started a new book so hopefully that for a while but that depends on whether the 4 year old is cool with that. She’s in charge more than I care to admit these days haha!

I’ve also been reading so much lately about Ukraine. Sometimes when things like that are happening I feel so strange just living life without a care in the world by comparison. Not that it would help anything for me to focus on every detail all day, but I’ll just think throughout the day that someone just like me with kids is stuck there and it’s horrible and must be so scary for her and I just feel bad. Does that ever happen to you? I wish there was something I could do right this minute to help, like lift a family right out and move them in here.

Ok, now that I’ve brought down the post! Ha, anyway, it was on my mind. I hope everyone has a great Saturday:)


I think you are being really smart about your comeback. SO much better to error on the side of caution and be safe but I totally understand how frustrating it is to not know along the way. We need someone to just tell us exactly what to do ha. Tinder Swindler was soooooo crazy. Yes, Crumbl! You have to try it.
I have had an upset stomach this week about everything going on in the world. I don’t know what to do or how this could happen. I honestly do not know how to handle any of it. I cannot imagine what these people are experiencing. Thanks for talking Jenny, I appreciate you.


I’m waiting out the morning until it reaches double digits for my run. It’s currently 8 degrees!
I may go try on Hokas for an alternating shoe. They just are so different that anything else I have ever worn!
And then hitting up the library.

Enjoy your weekend!


Both Skye and Beck are looking so grown up these days!
Oh my goodness, doing a core workout does sometimes feel like it lasts way longer than what it actually is. Yesterday I did a 20 minute core workout with Callie (really like her), and about halfway through I thought what am I doing?? Ha ha
I’m about to head out for a 5 mile run, then off to my favorite yoga class. The rest of the weekend I will finish cleaning the house, then do some menu planning and grocery shopping. We get crazy over here on the weekends, ha! I did go out with some girlfriends last night, which I haven’t done in forever! We went to this place called Let It Brie, and it was so good. You basically order different charcuterie boards. Such a fun little treat!
Have a great Saturday (with either your freezing run or sweaty ride) and a relaxing Sunday.


How did you like the meditation? I have yet to get into it, but I know I could benefit!

1. I did a 45 minute endurance ride and 8 mile treadmill run. I did not want to run in -11 degrees ;-)
2. We have to go grocery shopping–taking all 3 kids because the husband is working.
3. My son really wants to show me his Madden 2021 (?) game. I strongly dislike video/iPad games, but he is so passionate/excited about the game and football in general, it’s hard to say ‘no’

Enjoy your Saturday Janae!!!


Looks like such a great day! I am missing summer so much. Always happens this time of year that I am OVER winter and ready for spring. Hopefully both UT and CO will see some 60/70 degree days soon.

I probably missed something but is there a reason you aren’t using your treadmill? My PT said it can be jarring on injuries so I am trying not to use it too much but it has been so cold here (highs in the single digits) so I have been on my stationary bike or walking hills on the treadmill =(

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Those fries look soooo good. Run with friends, coffee, homework, and game night! Happy Saturday!


oddly enough, it’s warm here, and i won’t need my little hotties


Hi Janae! My husband and I want to get a pet and he found this cat at the shelter he really liked but sadly it got adopted already! So we will look at other pets. I think today is the day he will do taxes, fingers crossed!
My friend got me some cool cookbooks so I’ll make something tasty.
Have a great weekend!


I get claustrophobic seeing Andrew on the Peloton in the laundry room! But how do you do laundry? Move the bike over so you can get to the machines? Regardless, I am sure that is better than the garage in winter!


Hahaha somehow it actually works really well… we were both worried we would try it once and move it back. Luckily, we don’t have to move it to do laundry. Sommmmmmmmeeeeeday I want a nice workout room though:). I hope your day is a great one, Kathy!


That fries looks so delicious. Run while doing your homework, drinking coffee, and having fun!


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