Not a chance + always a good idea.

(leggings, coat, shoes)

Things turned very icy here, so there wasn’t a chance we were going to attempt speed outside.

The w/u and c/d were slow outside…

And a short workout happened inside.  I had grand plans for a longer workout, but the dryness and heat were so intense at the indoor track that we stopped after 5 x 400m w/200m recoveries and called it a day.

IMG 4030

Afterward, my friend Jo said this about the run…

Screen Shot 2022 02 23 at 12 03 51 PM

And then Maddie sent this image from when she was running there, and the dry air caused a crazy nose bleed for her!  The BYU athletes that train here have even more of my respect now; I don’t know how they do workouts here!

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I finished up with 10 minutes glutes and legs workout on the Peloton app once I got home.  I think this is what I love the most about strength through the Peloton app.  In just ten minutes, I can make my legs/glutes burn like crazy with one set of weights as I am next to Beck eating his breakfast.  The convenience makes it so doable.

IMG 4039

How long do we think my solution to Beck opening doors will last?

IMG 4042

A pencil was given at gymnastics which was a very big deal.

IMG 4045

Beck all of the sudden decided that he was going to walk all over the place.  It was so weird to see him doing this instead of crawling.

IMG 4056

We had an activity for the group of girls that are Brooke’s age in our area—> Bracelet making and this dip with apples.

IMG 4059

I might be alone in this opinion, but I don’t like toffee (an ingredient in the above dip).

IMG 4054

She had a great afternoon.

IMG 4060

An ice cream date with the heater on when it is 20 degrees outside is always a good idea.

IMG 4062

To end things on a tangent that I can’t stop thinking about…

This meal from a few nights ago was at dinner with some of my girlfriends.  If you live near Cubby’s, please get the wild rice and kale salad, the buffalo fries, and a peanut butter/chocolate whoopie pie.  It is my new favorite meal and I’ll keep eating it on repeat until I get sick of it and then I’m forced to find a new favorite meal.

IMG 4029


Have any indoor tracks in your area?

Is it ever too cold for ice cream in your opinion?

What candy could you happily live without?

-Toffee and black licorice

Any topics/questions you’d love for me to cover in a post?

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Hi, Janae! I’ve been a loyal ASICS Gel Kayano and Brooks Adrenaline runner for years. I recently tried the HOKA Cliftons for my every day/when I’m not running shoes and fell in love with the comfort like you did. Because of this, I decided to give the HOKA Arahis a try for running (I pronate so need stability when I run). Only concern is going from a 12-13mm heel drop to 5mm heel drop. I’ve read where the higher heel drop is harder on your knees (I have had knee issues in the past) and hips but better for flat feet and tight calves (also me lol). Would love your thoughts on transitioning between shoes with a large heel drop difference, if a mix would be good, and just heel drop advice and info in general! Thank you!


April! This makes me so happy to read, the Cliftons make my feet so happy. YAY for the Arahis too! This is definitely something I need to do some research on because I have never really had to pay attention to it until recently with my plantar (before this I really loved varying my shoes/drop to help strengthen all of the muscles in my feet and lower legs but now I have to be more picky). I am going to read up on this and put together a post. Thank you so much for the idea, this will be fun to read about. Let me know what you think of the Arahis. I still haven’t tried running in them yet (just cross-training and around town). Hope your day is a beautiful one!


If it’s below zero then maybe it’s too cold for ice cream. But just maybe. I’ve definitely had a bowl of ice cream in winter while cuddled up under a blanket haha. You can always warm up while eating it.

I’m with you on not liking toffee! Something about it just isn’t my favorite. Other people can have toffee and I’ll eat all the reese’s ;)


Hahah I don’t think I have ever experienced below zero temperatures yet so I can’t say if I agree with you or not;) A big blanket and a bowl of ice cream sounds perfect:). I’m with you, I’ll take the reese’s too. Hope your day is off to a great start!


Ha ha… I got up for my run this morning and saw that it’s 36° here, that’s cold for us!!
We don’t have an indoor track in our area, but I think it would be fun. Although dry enough air to cause a nosebleed?? Maybe not so fun. But way to get your speed work done!
Yay!! Beck is walking all over the place! And I love the weight being a doorstop, ha ha.
Yep! One of the many reasons I am loving the Peloton app too! You can get in some really good workouts in not a lot of time.
Have a really great Thursday!


Okay, that is really cold for you guys! You are going to have to share tricks that you used with your boys haha! Seriously, they make it so easy to get strength in. Thanks friend, you too!


Oh I cannot STAND black licorice! My mom absolutely loves it and it baffles me. I do love me some toffee though. I will never turn town ice cream any time of year, but hot chocolate just sounds so much more appealing on cold days.
Hooray for your little walking man! I’m still so glad that he’s doing better with his ears! My little boy is just entering the “ear infection” zone in terms of his age, and I’m feeling a little paranoid about it trying to keep his ears covered when we’re out in the wind; my husband rolls his eyes at me all the time!
I would love for you to do another article about your strength training! I am just getting into it myself but feel a little lost. I know that you use the peloton app, but that’s not in our budget right now, so I would love to hear any starting out tips from you or anyone in the comments section.


My mom loves black licorice too (and so does my MIL)! It must be a generational thing. I hope you get some toffee asap. I definitely had hot chocolate yesterday too haha. Courtney, I feel for you and understand why you are paranoid, it is so hard and I hope he is able to avoid them! ABSOLUTELY. I will get working on that, thank you so so much for the idea and yay for strength training! Hope your day is a great one.


OMG. my heavy weights (15-30 pounds) are all under my couch and my son (2.5 yrs) will drag them out from under the couch and attempt to hand me them. He only weighs 30 pounds. Boys are different for sure. From the beginning he’s been bigger and much more physical in his play. I feel like I get injured once a day from his playing. Love you’re enjoying strength training now! We’re having “false spring” here in the south right now


Your little guy is so so strong! Hahah my neighbor and I were just talking about how exhausted we are keeping our little boys safe because they just have no regard for avoiding danger. They really are so different and I hope that your injuries today are minor;). ENJOY every second of your false spring and happy Thursday, Veronica.


black licorice. Blec….shudder, yuk. love toffee though!
Beck is gonna be moving that soon, he will figure out how to roll it.


I just cannot understand how people enjoy black licorice and I hope you get some toffee asap! Hahah I am guessing he will figure it out by EOD. Hope your day is off to a great start, thanks Nancy!


I remember running on indoor tracks when I was in college and they were always the WORST!! I felt awful and don’t miss those days at all haha!

BTW- just wanted to share a race update since you’ve been so nice to ask my training before- the race went so well and I hit my goal perfectly! Really happy with it and even more excited for my next race in April :) Thanks for all your support during my training..having people rooting for you helps so much in those tough times of the race!


GRETCHEN! I am so grateful you shared with me about how your race went, I have been wondering! YOU NAILED IT. I am so happy for you and seriously, keep me updated with the training (and race in April). Hearing about your racing motivates me for mine too so thank you. Have the best day!


Ohh I need to make that apple dip, looks so good! I like toffee, but agree with you I could go without licorice. I also don’t like sour candy.

I don’t know of any indoor tracks near me, but I’ve honestly never looked. I always run at outdoor tracks- but our winters aren’t nearly as bad as yours, so we don’t have to cancel often for too much snow or ice.


HOW DO YOU NOT LOVE SOUR CANDY?! I will take any that you receive;). Love a good outdoor track and can’t wait to get on one of them soon. I hope your day is off to a great start, Mariah!


Oh my word, that is some nose bleed!

You have inspired me to look at some of the Echelon strength training classes! What I am doing currently is not going to work. I am ramping up my biking and running. I don’t have 45 minutes to lift anymore–well actually I probably do, but that would take away time from the family or waking up before 4 a.m. Currently that is not a sacrifice I want to make.

It is never too cold for ice cream! We went out for ice cream the other night and it was -20.

I loved the other day when you posted about things you don’t do in you life/aren’t good at–like organizing you kitchen drawers and not feeling bad about it. I am sure it is for my own validation, but lately I have been feeling like I don’t have anything together in my life. While I know it isn’t true, it feels like others are conquering the world and I can’t even get clothes folded before they go in the drawers, haha. Also, wisdom that comes with getting older (not calling you old!) But just as I posted above, I know I could get up earlier to lift weights or do it in the evenings. I know that family time and sleep is more important. Not saying that one day I won’t have a goal I want to hit (work or workout related) and that will require me to get up earlier, but in this season of life, it isn’t a priority and that is ok too. Sorry for the long ramble!

Have a fabulous Thursday Janae!


I am just so excited about you ramping up your biking and running wahoo. I totally understand what you are saying about not willing to sacrifice any more of your time for lifting. That’s what I love about these classes, they are so short and effective. I totally know what you mean, it’s just good to know what we aren’t alone in being terrible at some things. We are all in this together! And it is beautiful to see our different seasons of life and what priorities we have and how things shift. You are doing amazing, Becky!


Good morning, Janae!
There is an indoor track where I work, but it’s rarely available for anyone except students. Where I used to live, there was one at the Y, but it was tiny. You had to run 11 laps for a mile – made me dizzy LOL!
I’m really not a big ice cream person. However, there are some foods that I consider very seasonal and that is one of them – only in the summer :o)
Like you, I don’t like toffee. Very unlike you, I don’t like gummy anything LOL. I love black licorice too, but am not supposed to eat it. People with hypertension should avoid licorice or licorice root as it acts as a vasoconstrictor – the opposite effect you want. It is sometimes added as an herb or sweetener, so it can find it’s way into teas and other things that people might not think about. Geek moment of the day LOL!!
Happy Friday Eve, Janae!


11 laps for a mile just sounds crazy! I feel like I would be dizzy and injured ha. I think most people would agree with you that it is a seasonal treat! Send me all of the gummy items you ever receive. I had no idea about that connection with licorice and hypertension. I will be careful with this with Andrew! Thanks Janine and happy Friday Eve to you!


I had a mission companion who would always say you should eat ice cream when its cold and soup when it is hot. Not sure why…but I’m ok with it. Also I loved that wild rice and kale salad from Cubby’s and I actually DID eat too much and got sick of it. Haha! I think I could get it again, but definitely not very often. It is good though! You should try their ultimate grilled cheese – it’s pretty good too!

I’ve been working for almost a month now with a physical therapist on my snapping hip issue, and I can finally run on the treadmill with little to no pain. I’m so happy. :) Hope your day is great!


Your mission companion is 100% correct:) Haha I think you need to go back and try it again, the avocado they put in is always so creamy. I have been wondering about the ultimate grilled cheese, I will try it next (tempted to go today). I am SO happy you have done the work with the PT and now you have the reward of happy treadmill miles. Go Tess! Thanks friend, you too!


Hi Janae! The indoor track here is also so hot and dry!!! I don’t know why that is. I think in our case it’s on the second floor and heat rises up? I actually think it’s more difficult than treadmill running even though I’m much slower on the treadmill than outside. Also our indoor track is like 11 laps to a mile and I feel like it is definitely harder on the knees.
Have a great day!


Oh I bet that it is even harder because your track is on the second floor and ELEVEN laps for a mile… yeah, I agree that must be way harder than the treadmill. Thanks friend, I hope your day is a great one too!


I have access to a couple of indoor tracks and treadmills, but even this morning, despite snow and ice, hill repeats outside is way better….


Question: I’m now obsessed with the peloton app and use it during my workday for an outdoor walk. I love the break while at work and love the motivation I get with the peloton app outdoor exercise classes. I would like to do yoga and try out strength classes but….,and he is my question, do you use the app on your phone and if so, what is the best way to prop up your phone to view the classes? I guess my phone is too small or something and falls over or I feel like I’m straining to see it to get the most out of the classes. Just thought I’d ask….❤️


an idea… to get off of sugar……I’ve made numerous attempts, but nothin’….am not sure if I’m addicted to coffee and tea, or to the sugar in it….I’ve tried substitutes, but that route doesn’t work……I’ve used hot water and lemon…..too much of an effort..


We are in Utah this week skiing, and oh my is it cold for the Californians! My fingers are still trying to thaw out after Wednesday. However, the snow was fabulous & we are already trying to figure out a trip back for more skiing.

I hate black licorice, and dark chocolate has to have enough sweet for me to enjoy it. I don’t like bitter dark chocolate. When I run a lot (not happening at the moment), I crave fruity sugar (sour patch kids, skittles, starburst & the like).

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