I think he forgot…

My run yesterday did not look like this anymore…

(Shorts,top… PS I only ran on the sand for the picture, my calves would not allow anything more than that… we ran on the path)

It was back to 18 degrees, the dark and a very frozen face.

My Monday started with ten solo miles @ an 8:13 pace.  Last week, I kept my runs short, so I was happy to get in a double-digit run to start the week at home + 10 minutes of chest and back on the Peloton app.

IMG 2868

(Leggings, long sleeve, shoes)

Back to mom mode:

IMG 2874 1

Skye was glued to me the entire day.  She had the hardest time with us being gone.  Brooke and Knox are used to being away from us with their other parents, and Beck is pretty chill, but Skye was not used to us being apart!

IMG 2887

Skye requested her favorite blueberry muffins from this cookbook the day we came home, so that happened.

IMG 2893

For dinner, we had what Skye calls ‘Dream Pizza.’  Aka my sister’s pizza!  I just added a highlight bubble on my IG with better steps on how to make it than I have previously posted… it is so easy and the best pizza ever.  It turns out only costing $3-4 a pizza!

IMG 2903


Just a few tangents for you today…

I think Andrew and Skye forgot that his parents raised SIX CHILDREN because…

Skye insisted on making detailed instructions for them to know how she wanted her warm milk in her sippy cup before she got ready for bed.

IMG 2545

Andrew typed out a detailed single-spaced novel with every detail possible for the few days we were gone.

IMG 2543

We left my in-laws with easy meals from Costco, some of our favorites like the flautas, tortellini, salad kits, rotisserie chicken, taco kit, orange chicken, etc.  This way they weren’t cooking on top of everything else they were doing!

IMG 2582

They took the kids out for in-n-out shakes one night which made them very happy.

IMG 9362

Skye has recently converted to wanting to sleep with a sleeping mask every night now too.

IMG 2602

Just dreaming about the churros that brought me so much joy in Mexico.

IMG 2834

The cutest ribbon I have ever seen.

IMG 2891


Do you ever run on the sand?  Teach me how!

Any favorite quick meals from Costco that you love?

Who else needs a sleeping mask (or anything in particular) to sleep?!

Tell me what your run is today and what the temperature will be!

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that’s a big fat NOOOO on the running in the sand. Last time I ran in the sand, my knee swelled up really bad. I couldn’t bend it and I was basically dragging my right leg when I walked. Every time after that, even walking on sand made it swell up. I love the beach but I avoid it now. I don’t know if that’s a coincidence or my knee really really hates sand.
I don’t go to Costco; there isn’t one close by. I hear good things about it from everyone though.
I did six miles on the treadmill because it’s dark at 5 a.m. We have no sidewalks or street lights and narrow windy roads so it’s not safe to run here in the dark. It was cold out, though.
I’m glad you enjoyed your vacation and got to go somewhere warm. Happy Tuesday!!


NEVER ever run on sand again! That is terrible! Seriously just a few strides on the sand had my lower body feeling very off so I think there is a correlation. SO smart to get on the treadmill with those conditions. They need to build a running path for your area! Thanks Lee and I hope your tax season this year goes as smoothly as possible!


Running in the sand: Big no. ewww. I don’t want sand in my shoes. Can’t do it. And I just can’t do the barefoot running either.

Milk preparation: Both my kids (who are now age 15 and 20) LOVED what we called “Hot Milk” every night until they were probably almost 9-10 years old. They both say that I am the only one that knew how to do it just right, so I understand the concern and detailed instructions from Skye. lol.


I can’t do the barefoot running either, I think my plantar would pop! I smiled so big reading about the ‘hot milk’… nobody makes it better than the littles mom:). Have a great day, Melissa!


Hahah love that Andrew and Skye left directions, they are very prepared.

3 mile run today, it’ll be 40 when I go after work! Excited for a bit of warmer weather, after some very cold runs this weekend. I’m starting training this week for a half in May.


The best part is we were always available by phone for any questions hahah… but the directions helped them feel at ease before we left. ENJOY those warm (ish) miles today. Funny how our perception of weather changes so much! SO excited for your half in MAY!


Janae, I just had to comment here that you look ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. I have been following you FOREVER and you are always gorgeous but lately you just seem even more stunning if that is possible. Love your beautiful family. SO happy you and Andrew were able to get away for some R&R alone. You are both such devoted and incredible parents and you deserve some down time as well.

Have a great week!


Well, you are just the nicest! Thank you so much, Donna! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAST WEEK! I hope you had the perfect day and that you are still celebrating a bit. Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Mexico sounds amazing! I love Skye and Andrew’s instructions lol.

I ran 50 km once where the first 7 miles were on sand.

Not sure what my run will be yet

Have a super day Janae!


SEVEN MILES ON SAND?! My legs would have fallen off. You are so strong, Kristine!


Mexico right now sounds like a dream! I’m so glad you guys got to get away. I need those churros NOW. :)
I kind of forgot about this but I used to do a Thursday run back in San Diego with my group and one of the guys and I would sometimes do all 6 on the sand! It was HARD! I felt like it was good for my feet. I have no tips on any good way to run in the sand haha.
I have 8 today and it’s in the high 30s real feel. It feels colder though, the humidity is high so maybe that’s why. I was wishing it was summer when I walked my dog just now, my fingers are cold and it’s overcast. If I hadn’t logged so many treadmill miles recently I would say it’s a good treadmill and movie day.


How in the world did you run SIX miles on the sand?! You are so so strong and I can see how it got every muscle in your feet working! Seriously, I think we are all at that point when we are just so ready for it to be summer. It feels like this winter has gone on way too long…
I hope that your 8 miles feel warmer (and that the humidity disappears for your run:)
Thanks Mollie!


I can run a little in the sand, but I must be barefoot! And it’s easier to run on the sand close to the water, the more compacted sand.
I love that you left all the meals for your in-laws, super smart and very nice.
I haven’t decided what my workout will be yet today… Some sort of run, followed by strength and core.
Have a good day Janae ?


That is a great point about the sand being a bit easier near the water to run on! I hope your workout is a fabulous one. Happy Tuesday Wendy!


I did 12 miles on the sand once, and I still chalk it up to one of the most memorable runs done to date. Gosh my legs were smoked in the best possible way!


HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU DO THAT?! You have always been so strong, Erica. I bet it was memorable!


I have run on sand, but not very far, and seriously just into the water at the start of a triathlon, and out after the tri swim…
am just running between my winter olympic watching time…..I am hooked on everything, but women’s freestyle and snowboarding had me screaming, as well as last night’s hockey…..the most wonderful time of the year…ever


I need to watch more of the winter Olympics right now, thank you for reminding me! I can’t wait! Have a great day, Warren!


That trip to Cabo sounded magical! My son had a hard time while we were in Maui too. He asked to sit on my lap the other night when we watched a movie (he is in 1st grade). Makes coming back to the cold weather easier! I didn’t realize Andrew had that many siblings.

I did 45 minutes of lifting and 7 mile run in 8 degrees. It is the first time in 2 weeks that it has been above zero before noon! The ‘warmth’ felt so good!

Have a great Tuesday Janae!


I hope you guys had the absolute best time in Maui… we want to go there so bad. When we do, I’m going to you for recommendations. I love that he wanted to sit in your lap, he missed you so much! Yes, I think we have about 50 nieces and nephews between the two of us haha. Way to get in an awesome workout and you are my inspiration for working out in the cold! Thanks Becky, you too!


One year on spring break, I went for a 6 mile run on the sand. It felt great… until I stopped! Almost immediately I was in excruciating pain and couldn’t walk for the rest of the trip. I ended up in a boot for 6 weeks. Glad you were smarter than me!

Also, I have a question. You may have gone over it before but how do you feel comfortable running solo in the early morning hours? I really want to start running in the morning before my kids wake, but I can’t get past the fear of it. I do have a taser, and my husband bought me one of those ring knife self defense things you posted about a long time ago (though I kind of get scared I’m gonna fall and Stan myself haha!) anyway… any tips??


Hey Christine! Oh my goodness, that is crazy about what the sand running did to you (but I can see why… I only lasted a few strides)! That is a great question. I honestly think that your gut feeling is the best way to go about this stuff… if you are feeling fear, it’s probably there for a reason. I have a road right by me that always has cars and is super well lit and I never feel fear there… but there have been times that I have (at our old house especially) and that is when I hit up the treadmill or go a different time. It’s pretty rare that I am running alone in the dark (maybe once a month) but I really feel like your intuition is the best guide for these situations. I don’t know if that helped but now that I think about it a bit more… would you feel comfortable running with other people? Go to your running store and ask if there are any groups near you! Running with people is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Sorry to ramble, keep me updated with what you do. Hope your day is a fabulous one!


Hi Janae!
I can get behind Skye and Andrew – I have left small-ish novels of instructions behind just for pet sitters. Can’t imagine what it would be with human littles LOL!
Not a lot of opportunity to run on sand, but don’t love it, though wet is preferred to dry. I find that running on dry sand requires me to really shorten my stride and keep my feet under me. No idea if that’s the correct technique, but it works for me.
We don’t have a Costco anywhere near us, but it’s great that you were able to simplify things so much with meals while you were away.
Besides my heating pad to warm up the bed before I get in it, I am find the sleep options on Headspace make a BIG difference for me especially with getting back to sleep after waking in the middle of the night.
Today is a strength day, so kettlebells after work. Though we are having a warming trend with several days in the mid-30s, so better for running. That’s t-shirt weather relative to recent temps we have had!! Have an awesome day, Janae!!


I love that! You, Andrew and Skye are so prepared. So true about wet sand being a bit better to run on. I will have to try that in the middle of the night when I wake up sometimes (and decide to worry for an hour or two). YAY for strength day! Seriously… our perceptions have changed so much by this time of year! Thanks Janine, you too!


Hi Christine- I hope you don’t mind me jumping in here…I think this is such a huge topic for women and I’ve worked with women to help them feel safe when they’re in the outdoors alone. You know your area best. Do you feel safe walking alone during the day? Is the area you want to run in well lit at night? If both answers are ‘yes’ then you’re probably OK to head out by yourself when it’s dark. If having a device makes you feel safe, bring it (and all necessary permits), but also carry your phone and bring/wear an ID. Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t use headphones, or if you absolutely need music, wear just one and keep the volume low. If your schedule allows, start by heading out close to dawn so more of your run is lit than not. You can start earlier as you get more comfortable; and the more you do it, the more comfortable you will get.
You can also reach out to your local police department. They will have a better idea of the where the problem areas are in your town/city or if wildlife encounters are an issue. They might even be able to recommend somewhere nearby where they patrol frequently or where other early morning runners go. Ask them if they would trust their own daughter/wife/mother/sister’s safety if they were running in your area in the early hours.
Still not convinced? Do you have a dog that can run with you? Or a running buddy? Both can help ease your mind.

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