(Tank, shorts, socks)

It was another morning where I was very grateful for my Peloton because we woke up to a lot of new snow on the ground, and I had zero interest in freezing.

I hit a new 30-minute class PR which I was very thrilled about, along with a 15-minute class PR (I took two classes for a total of 45 minutes).  I felt good yesterday (and just very happy to have warm feet) and ready to hit some new PRs.

I finished up my workout with an upper-body class on the Peloton app, and Skye cheered me on throughout the class.

PS Andrew got the kids wearable blankets, and they love them, especially on days like yesterday.

IMG 4071

Driving in the snow is one of my least favorite things.  This is my first winter with my Yukon, and I can’t believe how well it drives in the snow.  I drive like a snail, but I feel so safe in it and haven’t slid yet!

IMG 4083

Update—> He figured it out already and is back to opening every door that I do not want him to open.

IMG 4074

We eat so much spaghetti each year…

IMG 4092


Friday Favorites time…

*My newest hair tradition. I heard about the Olaplex bun (first HERE) in a few places and decided to try it and loved how shiny and soft my hair has been afterward!

IMG 3616

I’ve typically been washing my hair every three days, but now I wait another day and do the Olaplex bun before I wash it.

Use a spray bottle to dampen your hair, apply Olaplex No. 6 (or 3… I love both so much), add Olaplex intensive bond-building hair treatment and comb through your hair with this brush to smooth it through all of your hair and into a bun (my below picture).  Leave it in the bun all day and wash your hair that night or the next morning, and boom… soft/silky hair.  Even Andrew noticed the next day when I washed it out and did my hair that it looked different, so I’m calling it a success (because he doesn’t often notice changes).

IMG 3613

*The Power of Fun.  It is easy to get lost in responsibilities, expectations, and adulthood.  This book was the perfect reset that I needed.  I want to give this book to every adult I know.

IMG 3699

*Spring vans that will be worn daily.  They are so comfortable and go with anything I’m wearing.  Also, the only no-show socks that I will wear (because the other types I have tried have driven me crazy)—> these and these.

IMG 3857

Before I purchase jelly beans this year (yes, I’m a bit early:), I need to know which are the absolute best.

IMG 4088

Have anything you are looking forward to this weekend?

What are you currently reading?  Do you read more than one book at a time?

-I love having both a fiction and non-fiction book going at the same time.

What meal do you (or your family) eat more than anything else?

-We go through a lot of pasta over here.

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Starburst jelly beans all the way!

And I’ve definitely got to try that Olaplex bun! What a great idea!


Let me know what you think of it, I’m obsessed with it! Hope you have a great and off to get some Starburst jelly beans. Happy Friday, Samantha!


Starburst jelly beans are the best and I will die on that hill! Currently I’m reading The Girls with No Names by Serena Burdick and really enjoy it.

This weekend I’m looking forward to not working lol. It’s been a long week and somehow it’s only Friday despite feeling like I’ve lived 358973 days this past work week. Have a great Friday Janae!


I hope that you get all of the Starburst jelly beans asap… they really are so good. I will have to check that book out, thank you so much! I hope your weekend feels extra long, you deserve all of the rest and relaxation after this week. You are amazing, Maureen!


That little stinker Beck! Ha ha, the joys of toddler parenting.
We love the starburst jelly beans over here! It’s so funny though… We do not eat hardly any candy now that the boys are older. My husband will get a chocolate craving every so often, but we just don’t have it around.
Awesome job on your rides!! So fun to hit 2 new PR’s in one day.
I am loving historical fiction these days. But I too, occasionally, will have a fiction and non fiction book going at the same time.
No big plans this weekend, which is good because I need to get the entire house cleaned.
Have a really great Friday!!


He is sure keeping me on my toes haha! Teach me your ways in regards to candy haha… I don’t know if I will ever grow out of it! Thank you so much and I would love to find a good historical fiction, you have inspired me. Good luck cleaning all weekend! Thanks Wendy, you too!


I’m reading The Code Breaker, but I just got a new mystery that I really want to start! Might copy the having a fiction and nonfiction going at once.

You can go wrong with spaghetti! Burrito bowls are my easy go-to.


You will have to let me know what you think of your new mystery! I love a good mystery. Burrito bowls are pure heaven, thank you for reminding me, I will have to make one asap. Have a great day, Mariah!


Happy Friday! We recently got a Peloton, and I keep a running list of rides I want to try next. Have you ever written about which instructors you like or which rides are your favorite? I love reading people’s opinions about that! Have a great weekend!


I am so so excited about your Peloton wahoo! You will have to keep me updated on everything and what you think. I LOVE Kendall, Robin and Cody the very most. I tend to just choose one of the newer classes each of them put out and sometimes I choose based on music. I LOVE HIIT and Hills classes, pop rides and if I really want to hurt… I take a tabata class. I will write a more detailed post and get everyone’s opinions, that is a great idea. Happy riding and let’s be friends on there, please!


I’ll only eat Starburst jelly beans and that’s only if they are in the break room.

I just started The Hate U Give. I guess I am way behind the times on reading that plus I just learned that it was turned into a movie!
Best book so far this year: It Ends With Us.

Now looking into your hair product recommendations!


I hope there are plenty of Starburst jelly beans in the break room this year. Let me know if you try the Olaplex bun, it’s amazing. Have a beautiful day, Molly!


Ummmmmm do they make adult-sized wearable blankets?

Starburst Jelly Beans are best overall, I also enjoy Swedish Fish jelly beans (of course) which are only available this time of year. Sour Patch and Sweet Tart are good to have around for variety. Maybe we need to do a jelly bean bracket, NCAA basketball style. I could set up the voting.


They sure dooooo… I need to send you one haha. I was waiting for your response because I trust your candy opinions with my life. Put the brackets together, I cannot wait.


Starburst Tropical jellybeans all the way. But I can’t find them this year ??


I’ll search for them too and if I find them, I’m sending you some!


Sweettart jelly beans are my favorite! And yes I have already eaten a bag! Jelly beans are my kryptonite


I have never tried those ones… off to the store to get them! Thanks for sharing and I hope you get as many as you would like asap! Have a great Friday, Amy!


Happy Friday, Janae! Starburst jelly beans are the BEST, hands down! Next best are Jelly Belly beans. Which ones are your faves?
We were supposed to see a comedian tonight for our 5 year anniversary together, however Mother Nature may have other plans. Getting a big snowstorm right now and it’s about an hour’s drive for the show, so….we’ll see how things go. Traveling to see family for a quick overnight visit this weekend :o)
I really wish I had (made?) more time to read. I have a few, both fiction and non-fiction, that are started and remain unfinished. Sigh…one day maybe a book cover to cover lol!
We are a mostly vegan household, so lots of veggies, beans, rice and whole wheat pasta. Burrito bowls, chili (in the winter), and pasta are always in the rotation. Have an awesome day, Janae!!


I think Starburst are my favorite too but I am very excited to try others that people have mentioned (I need some Jelly Bellys in my life asap). I am so bummed about the weather in your area, I really hope you are able to still go!! Enjoy your time with your family this weekend, that is just the best. I hope that over the next little while, you are able to get some time to read for you! I just need to come over to dinner at your house, sounds delicious! Happy Friday, Janine!


You need the Door Monkey! When my son was little and loved opening every single door and drawer, I purchased a couple of these. Magic! No screws, tape, door damage, etc. Adults and older kids can still open and close the door, but the little ones can’t. ? You aren’t able to close the door all the way with the latch on. It leaves about a one to two-inch gap when in use. It didn’t bother us much. Definitely better than having your pantry torn apart! I found it on Amazon. ?

Enjoy the snow, and have a great weekend!!


AMANDA. You saved me! Just purchased it… thank you for the solution!!!! Thank you friend, happy weekend to you!


Janae, couple of questions! Are chickens worth it? I really want to get two, but then heard you can get mice from the feed. Some people say if you just want them for eggs, it’s not worth it. What are your thoughts? Also, favorite places to eat in St George? Headed there next weekend for our anniversary! ?


If we didn’t love the eggs so much, we probably wouldn’t have them! But my kids do love them for the ‘pet’ side of it all too. That’s tough! They are definitely worth it for us because I love their eggs so much and I haven’t noticed an increase in mice! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and I think you are going to the best possible place to celebrate. This post has my favorites, I hope it helps and please let me know what you end up doing!


Thanks Jenny!


Beck is determined to open those doors! I forget what it is like to have to toddler proof the house!

Oooo I need to check out that book.What a coincidence…as I was sitting with the kids to put them on the bus this morning (and there was some arguing and fighting going on), I realized I needed to be more fun in life because sitting in a car with kids fight is anything but fun;-)

I am looking forward to a weekend with the kids (husband is working). It is finally going to be above zero so we can get out and play in the snow. My oldest also turns 12 next week and is in party planning mode for having her friends over next weekend.

We go through a ton of pasta (kids love it) and oatmeal.

Have a fabulous Friday Janae!


hahah I don’t remember having to do quite as much toddler proofing with the girls haha. You have to let me know what you think of the book if you read it! Have the best time with your kids this weened and TWELVE ahhh that is so so exciting. Thanks Becky, you too!


I’ve heard so many people talk about Olaplex so I feel like I need to give it a try! I want soft and silky hair too :)

I usually can only read one book at a time but like to rotate between fiction and non..right now I’m reading Maria Sharapova’s memoir since I’m a huge tennis fan. So far it’s really good!

Tomorrow I’m joining a women’s trail running group run for the first time and I’m so excited! I finally bought a pair of trail running shoes so I’m even more excited to get out on the trails more this year. I’ve always loved them but have worn my regular shoes so now I want to sign up for a race or something to christen them :)

Have a great weekend Janae!!


You will have to let me know if you try the Olaplex! I will have to get that book, I love memoirs and I love tennis so thank you for the recommendation! I am thrilled for you that you are joining the trail running group, you are going to have a blast and enjoy the new shoes. I think a trail race is a fabulous idea, keep me updated. Thanks Gretchen, you too!


The only jelly beans I eat are jelly belly!! Right now I’m reading Misery by Stephen King…I’m only 10% in and curious to see if I can handle it…lol

So do the vans slip ons not irritate your plantar fasciitis?? I can’t wear them anymore :( I’ll have no plantar/arch issues forever then wear those for like 30 mins and boom – pain. It’s so sad because they are so cute!!!


Hey Anna! NOOOO I am so sorry you can’t wear them anymore. My plantar has gotten to a point now that I can wear any shoes I want (I haven’t tried complete flats/hard bottoms) without pain but when I run I still have to be careful with what I wear if I want to be pain free. I am so sorry that your feet are letting you right now and I hope that changes soon! You’ll have to let me know what you think when you finish Misery and I hope you get all of the jelly belly this year!


I’m reading “Dead Wake” by Erik Larson, it’s about the sinking of the Lusitania during WWI. If you at all like history, I highly recommend his books.

I was surprised to read you are timid about driving in the snow, considering you live in UT :). My advice to you would be to go out and purposefully play around with driving in snow – in a parking lot that hasn’t been plowed is perfect. Practice skidding/fishtailing and bringing yourself out of it. That’s the only way to get comfortable and then you know what those scenarios feel like. You’ll get a better feel for how your car reacts and then you’ll be driving around cool, calm, and collected after the next snowstorm. That’s how I learned as a teenager and it served me well!


Amanda, I’m currently reading, ‘The Splendid and the Vile’ by Erik Larson! It hits a bit close to home after this week, but all super interesting.

Janae, if you haven’t read, ‘Why We Sleep’, I highly recommend!


You know, I haven’t yet invested in Olaplex products for part of my normal routine, but I *have* started getting Olaplex bond strengthening treatments at the salon when I go for haircuts every few months. I have a hard time keeping track of PRODUCTS and whether or not I have used them right, and if I used them at all in my morning shower and hair washing. But I will keep this Olaplex bun idea in mind–that might be a good thing actually for me on the weekends…

I love that bright cobalt blue tank top you’re wearing in your Peloton picture. I’ve slowly been renewing and refreshing my workout tops that I feel comfortable wearing to teach my RPM and Sprint classes and get nervous about ordering products when I don’t know how the sizing works for my body (the lulu locations by me don’t have that top in stock…sad face…). BUT I might have to try that one. It also looks like it might be short enough on a normal-heighted person to POSSIBLY work for my torso. The real kicker for me will be if I am allowed to return in-store if I order it with my fit pro discount should the top not work for me? We’ll see.

I love those vans! There’s a pair I am eyeing that’s lace up sneakers, but I might have to keep an eye out for those and see if they’re comfortable on my feet. I need a pair of casual kicks that will be good for the spring and that look a bit more fresh than my current favorite white canvas kicks–it’s on my wish list for purchasing in March or April. Maybe I will find something similar around me? We’ll see…

I fully approve of testing the jelly beans to TOTALLY MAKE SURE you’re giving your kiddos the absolute best on the market. :)

You asked about our weekends. Tomorrow I am driving way out into the ‘burbs east of Atlanta to visit the gym where my friend teaches and go through a gauntlet morning of 3 workouts with her (one of which is the weekly Body Pump she teaches). She has 3 kiddos–including a sweet baby girl who was born last summer–and sometimes the best chance we have of seeing each other is if it’s a workout that she already would be doing (especially because she teaches AND because it’s been vetted by her over many months as working for her baby’s feeding schedule). I know that when my friends are moms of little babies, it’s a time for me to make getting together as easy as possible for them, since otherwise they would have not have much friend time, just like I know that if I was going through something REALLY BIG they would find ways to be there for me and remind me that I am a human being in the middle of it all. Plus, Anna is just a great workout buddy. Other than that–I will teach my spin class on Sunday morning, and if it doesn’t rain I will take a couple of walks out on the trails. Nothing huge, but the calmness of everything beyond a gauntlet workout morning will give me space and time to curl up with a book. Right now I am reading WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING (I’m probably the last person to read that book…). I have a memoir, a few other novels, and a nonfiction book chronicling the stories of the five women that Jack the Ripper murdered all on deck. :)

Hope you guys have a great day out there! :)


Nerds hands down!


when I cook, it’s usually stir frying chicken and lots of veggies…and because my daughter once said she hates mushrooms, no matter what I cook, there’s lots and lots of mushrooms…
I’m digging through something called When we lost our heads which is turning out to be pretty good, and running until you’re 100 by Jeff Galloway..anything to get me away from the news


We do a ton of sandwiches: grilled cheese, ham and cheese panini, fried egg, steak, and chicken philly are the most often.
Looking forward to this weekend: Brunch with a college friend.

Chris and I were just talking this morning how 1.5 was a hard age for my brain to pay attention to the prevention of things/messes/etc. You are doing amazing my dear. It is ok, if what sounds fun is a nap. ;).


While I’m not the world’s biggest jelly bean fan, I do follow an IG account and she does lots of reviews on jelly beans. (tarajoy90)

Just finished Anxious People by Fredrik backman and it’s wonderful. Highly recommend. I don’t want to tell too much about it b/c it’s better to just go in fresh.

Meals: Sausage & pasta, Sausage & potatoes, salmon with coconut curry or sweet chili sauce. All these on repeat. x100.


Jelly belly jelly beans are the best but expensive. Starburst #2. Some great books I have on the go or have finished recently are: Scott Jurek’s “North”, Charlotte McConaghy’s “Once there were wolves”, Suzanne Redfearn’s, “In an Instant”, and Michael J Fox’s newest book is excellent.

Dinners are pretty lame – need your bloggers ideas :) – omelettes and salads a lot!!

Have an incredible weekend running, hanging with your peeps and being free of commitments.


For classic jelly bean flavor, I always go with Brach’s. Starburst are good too, but to me they aren’t “traditional,” tasting.


Thanks for the book Rec!! What are your too 3 favorite books of all time?! I need some new recs. Thank you!!!


I’m reading Bravey right now by Alexi Pappas and it’s so beautiful I don’t want it to end. Plenty of tears with this book, some of sadness and some just from the beautiful writing. Love the Olaplex tip and I’m no help with jelly beans, those are the one candy I don’t like. Jelly bellies are a yes though!


SWEET TART JELLYS FOR SURE!! We’ve already eaten a bag and a half and can’t stop……


I’m looking forward to seeing my partner this weekend, we sorta do long distance (we’re like 1.5 hours apart). This is what I look forward to most weekends.
I just finished Dial A for Aunties and it was freaking hilarious! I do sometimes read more than one book at a time but not lately as I’ve been mostly doing audiobooks these days.
I eat a ton of over easy eggs on hashbrowns with hot sauce. I don’t even eat breakfast. This is a lazy dinner that hits that fast food craving. Also I get the premade hashbrown patties in the freezer section and toast them up in the toaster over.


Do you find the Vans run big?


Hey Cathy! They run true to size for me! I wear a 9 in pretty much all non-running shoes! Hope your weekend is a great one!


You need to try the Trader joe jelly beans. They sell them in a small box year round, but during Easter season they sell the, in a larger bag!


swedish fish jelly beans! negative reviews of new ones i tried this year– no to funfetti (sadly) and watermelon sour patch.

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