(Jacket, leggings, shoes, gloves)

If it weren’t for two friends coming over to my house to run, I think the snow/temperatures would have scared me off yesterday morning.  I am so glad that they did come over and get me out the door because it ended up being so gorgeous out and a blast.

While it is so gorgeous out, it better all melt by the time we race in 16 days:)

8 miles @ 8:35 average.

IMG 3950

Trail shoes were very much needed to keep from slipping and sliding.

IMG 4006

Knox and Brooke didn’t have school again yesterday so they were out in the snow within 5 minutes of waking up.

IMG 4014

Beck kept calling at them to come inside because it was too cold out there.

IMG 4008

I don’t remember the last time I had all four of them at the grocery store together but I remembered yesterday why I don’t do it often…

IMG 4022
Everything  for the remainder of the post will start with—> Does anybody else…

Have 5-10 toys in each floor vent?

IMG 3824

Have a 4-year old that is positive she is actually 16?

Refuse to say goodbye to their favorite socks?

Still read Christmas books daily… Skye wants to year-round.

IMG 3875

Feel nervous for me?

IMG 3879

Laugh when they read what other people think about running (what is wrong with us haha)?

IMG 3862

Feel like they are always being climbed on?

IMG 3880


I would LOVE to hear one random thing about you that I don’t know!!

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Is that quote from the book “the people you meet on vacation “ cover is orange. I think I remember reading that exact quote and laughing aloud!

I could be very wrong though haha

Jen z


Hahaha yes it is!!! I added the link to the picture but I forgot to put the source, so so funny. I hope you have the best day, Jennifer!


You’re really going to get my to read People We Meet on Vacation a third time with all these mentions!

Really hoping the snow melts for you! But also hoping that it doesn’t just melt and then freeze or turn to pure mud. Le sigh, winter.


Hahah isn’t it just the best?! Valid point… I forgot about the mud ha. It’s going to be an interesting morning, that is for sure. Hope your day is off to a great start, Molly!


Random fact: today is my last full day of non-weight bearing recovery from double foot surgery two weeks ago. Hopefully tomorrow I will be cleared to start walking in a boot


MINDY! You did it… I bet you are so happy to be able to walk in your boot tomorrow. Please keep me updated!


Random Fact: I live on the Canadian prairies and the temperature today with windchill is -31 degrees fahrenheit. The snow is up to the top of my picket fence. Spring cannot come soon enough!!!


HOW DO YOU DO IT?! Daphne, I really hope that spring comes earlier than ever for you (and that you have a really great treadmill)!


We will be married 27 years on February 27. Believe you me, that is quite the accomplishment.

Here’s how you can know when you’ve crossed the threshold into forever marriage: when you can honestly say I don’t know why I love you. I just do.

When you are in the conditional phase of marriage and say I love you because of this or that, beware that this or that can change in a heartbeat and so goes your marriage.

So, Janae, here’s what you didn’t know about me. I’m an armchair marriage counselor and philosopher.

Lol – I crack myself up this morning!

Have a great day!


TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS! Congratulations Belle, that is incredible (and I love that your anniversary is the 27th too)! Hahaha you are the best and quite the marriage counselor (I’ll email you if we ever need help;). Thanks friend and I hope you guys have something big planned to celebrate!


I didn’t realize your race is coming up so quickly! February went by so fast!

Haha, it is like vacation going grocery shopping without kids!

One thing you might not know about me is that I met my husband through match.com. He wasn’t even one of my matches. I had a week left and I knew I didn’t want to pay anymore. I took off all the filters except zip codes and e-mailed the one’s I thought would have the most in common with/were the most attractive. Looking back, it seems absurd, but somehow it worked!

Enjoy the snow. We got 20 inches and I have yet to go outside in it, but I had no problem sending the kids out;-)

Have a fabulous Wednesday Janae!


Seriously, this month has gone by too fast. I DIDN’T KNOW THIS ABOUT YOU. Oh my goodness, I love knowing this so much. It was meant to be! 20 inches is insane! I would be inside all day too… thanks Becky, you too!


Hi! I made the fried rice recipe you linked yesterday and it was a HIT! Love all the recipes you post- THANK YOU!!


This makes me so happy! I think I’m going to have to have some of the leftovers for lunch now. Have a great day, Anna!


One random thing…mundane, but still random: I eat the toppings off my pizza first, then the crust. This is the only way to truly enjoy pizza IMO – you can’t just bite into it like some kind of animal. :p


Hahaha this made me smile so big and I think I might be on your team for this. Whenever we order pizza I only order cheese because I just love the simplicity of each bite of a cheese pizza. Maybe now I can try to order something with toppings and eat those first (like you) and still get my simple cheese pizza ha. Thanks for sharing (and I might even have to eat the crust second too). Have a great day, Amanda!


OH MY GOSH—the FAVORITE SOCKS WITH HOLES IN THE ENTIRE TOE AREA!!!!!! THIS is my youngest daughter, Sydney! She even got several new pairs of fuzzy socks for Christmas, and nope, she won’t wear them. She continues to wear her stars and moon TOELESS fuzzy socks, and this is even more of an issue b/c then I can see her (beware, this is gross!) gnarly long toenails!!! That girl has always had a phobia of having her nails clipped, and at the age of 12 and a 1/2, I just can’t hold her down to clip her nails at this age! I’m so worried someone at school will see them and report me to CPA for child abuse ;). Oh man!


Hahah I feel like Skye is following in Sydney’s footsteps… She hates having her nails clipped too. Maybe someday they will realize how nice a new pair of socks feels??


Hi Janae! Had to laugh at your “Does anybody else?” list – those socks! LOL!!
Random fact for today: buying new, professionally fitted ski boots brings me pure joy!! That was this morning’s adventure and I can’t wait to try them. Now I’m hoping the big-ish storm predicted for Friday happens :o) Truth be told, I get the same feeling from new running shoes – I just don’t typically end up buying them in the winter. Have an awesome rest of the day, Janae!


I almost actually love the snow…ice not so much, but my YakTrax seem to make me at least feel quicker.
and it’s impossible to overheat…I;ve never had to wear traction aids all the time until this winter, I’ve gotten used to them, and with the ice, my Peregrines don’t give me enough traction….and with my history with falling on my head, I’ve learned to be careful…..that’s something I kind of keep to myself, fracturing my skull, and knocking myself during a run seems to freak people out a bit…I don’t think I’ve even told my parents about being knocked out on a solo run on a trail no one else would be dumb enough to use….


I literally read that page from “People we meet on vacation” yesterday :D loving it so far!


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