A seperate endurance.

(Top, leggings, shoes).

I got the chance to run a tiny bit later in the morning yesterday, so I took it!  Eight miles @ 8:20 pace yesterday and a speed workout on the schedule today.

Why wear one Elsa dress when you could wear two at the same time?

IMG 2930

Brooke had pajama day at school, which she was excited about… There is just something so freeing about comfy clothes!

IMG 2924

We hung out at home making messes.

IMG 2957

We also played sled dogs for quite some time.

IMG 2972

Brooke had parent-teacher conferences!

IMG 2967

I had leftover pizza with a salad for lunch and dinner.

IMG 2974

Have you ever tried this?  Please do not walk by this at Costco without buying it.  I love to store it in the fridge too.

IMG 2894

Every now and then I just need a good thriller and so I just started this.

IMG 2468

I’ve decided that the treadmill truly requires a different type of endurance.

I’m currently at the point in my training where I can run tenish miles outside pretty regularly, but when I got on the treadmill last week, I pushed stop at 3.34 miles.  I just couldn’t hang.  I have run a marathon on the treadmill in the past and many 20 milers, but that treadmill endurance is long gone.  I’m convinced you need to build up a specific endurance (in addition to normal endurance) to run long distances on the treadmill.  It is so easy to push the stop button on the treadmill (harder to stop outside because you are usually a few miles away), and you have to build up the endurance of not hitting that big red button and plopping on your couch mid-run.

The fun part of running (I’m saying this sarcastically) —> It doesn’t matter how many times you have done something in the past or how hard you have worked on your endurance/speed, if you don’t keep up with it… it is GONE so fast.

Screen Shot 2022 02 08 at 1 18 38 PM

Flashback to high treadmill endurance days and our little setup together.

IMG 0371


Where is your treadmill endurance right now?

This question is for my friend… She has narrow feet and high arches, what road running shoes should she try out?  

Favorite event to watch in the Winter Olympics?

How much do you love leftovers?

-It brings me so much joy knowing I have leftovers waiting for me.

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I love leftovers but my family is hit or miss which is annoying, packing lunches would be easier! I just did 13 miles on the treadmill on Sat. I had some little twinges I thought might be an injury brewing. So I started off saying if I made it to 3 mi ok I would head outside. Well I was sweaty by then and the thought of heading out in 20 degree temps already sweaty did not sound like a good idea. I do like that I can force myself to slow down. Yesterday was icy out and I was so mad because 7 mi on the treadmill wasn’t my original plan!! I did go outside and couldn’t walk up my iced over driveway….


Packing lunches would be so much easier if they all enjoyed leftovers. THIRTEEN on the treadmill last weekend, you are amazing. Glad that those twinges didn’t turn into an injury! I hope all of that ice melts soon, spring needs to come sooner! Hope you have a beautiful day, Carrie!


I’m an outdoor run or no run kind of person. I’ll run through harsh winter to avoid the treadmill. I’m pretty sure my coach would appreciate me coming in on the workout days, but I just can’t!

I only cook dinners that are large enough to have leftovers!


You are amazing to get out there in all of the different conditions! I fully agree with your statement on what dinners you cook… leftovers are a must. Have a beautiful day, Molly!


My treadmill endurance is 3 miles right now, but I’ve never been good with the treadmill! I think the most I’ve ever ran on the treadmill is 6 miles. I only run on there if absolutely necessary haha.

I love leftovers! It’s just so easy, I love not having to cook every single meal.


I think our treadmill endurance is the same right now! I hope you have some good leftovers soon… they are the best. Happy Wednesday, Mariah!


That S’mores mix is SO GOOD!! Bought it on a whim and I was so happy with the impulse buy. Next time I will need to try storing it in the fridge though.

I love leftovers since it means I don’t have to cook every night. Let’s just pretend that it’s because I plan it that way and not because I don’t know how to properly cook for one person ;)


I hope you get another bag of them to put in the fridge soon, I’m considering adding them to my breakfast today. HAHAH you aren’t alone with that… we will both just keep telling ourselves we are great planners:). Have a fabulous day, Maureen!


I like leftovers, especially when they are that pizza. I’ll be over in a few for my slices.

I have high arches and narrow feet and have had good luck with the Brooks Adrenalines, Hyperion Tempo, and Ravenas. Not sure if that helps your friend or not but may be worth checking those out.


The front door is unlocked for you:). THANK YOU for helping her… I don’t have either of those things so I had no idea what to recommend. Have a great day, Victoria!


Thanks, Victoria! I will definitely check these out! I’ve tried 7 or 8 pairs and nothing is a perfect fit yet.


Good morning, Janae! My current treadmill endurance is about 3 or so miles. I’m not a big fan of distance running on it, so think the most I have done is 6 miles. I do agree that it takes different discipline than running outside. The couch and snacks are just soooooooo close!!
I love the Olympics, but they really aren’t the same now. Maybe one day we will get back to pre-covid Olympics. There is definitely a tie between skiing and skating events as favorites of the winter games :o) What are yours and Andrew’s faves?
I love leftovers!! It makes things easier for lunches and busy weeks. Also, some things just taste better as leftovers (looking at you chili and pretty much anything with marinara)!!
Happy Hump Day, Janae!!


Our treadmill endurance is the same right now! Just sooooo close… pushing that red button is just too easy. I agree, I can’t wait to go back to pre-covid Olympics too. We love the skiing the most. Chili and soups taste better and better with each day. Thanks friend, you too!


Good Morning! I used to hate the treadmill…but now I’m doing the peloton tread runs and it makes time go by SO much faster. There is so much variety out there. I think since you have the bike you can just use the app on your phone or ipad. It is a game changer! I actually enjoy my tread runs now (didn’t think I’d ever say that)!


I don’t know why I didn’t even think of doing one on my phone in Cabo. THANK YOU for the reminder, I have to try that. Hope your day is a beautiful one, Cindy! Love following you on Peloton!


Have you tried any of the Peloton tread classes? They have been game changers for me on the tread.


I haven’t !! I actually forgot about t. em. :I have to try one asap… that is so good to hear. I hope your day is a beautiful one!


I agree with Cindy… The Peloton app makes running on the treadmill so much better! Right now I’m good up to about 5 miles on the tread. But you are so right that it’s a whole other type of endurance! I think I will be on the treadmill for today’s intervals (using the Peloton app). Our temps have suddenly jumped , highs at 90° for the next couple of days! I’m not ready for summer running yet!
I love having leftovers in the fridge. They make it so easy for everyone, especially my husband, to grab lunch. I made skillet chicken fajitas last night, and we usually have leftovers with these, but we ate them all last night. My poor hubby was so sad when he opes the fridge this morning… Ha
I did walk by that s’mores snack mix at Costco the other day. But… I got a great snack/trail mix called Coastal Berry that is soooo good!
Have a great Wednesday!


I seriously must take a treadmill class from Peloton asap. Thanks for sharing, Wendy. GO GO GO on your interval run today and how is it already so hot there!? I’m kind of jealous! My mouth watered reading about your fajitas, yum! I will have to try that trail mix, yum. Thanks friend, you too!


Leftovers are GREAT–especially since I do about 96.593% of the cooking. I love being able to whip out the other half of my recipe for dinner 3-ish nights after I make something, and I think often that meal prepping my lunches is like letting myself FOREVER live in a state of “leftovers” for one meal of the day. Right now my lunch meal prep “leftovers” is cilantro lime chicken that I have every day either in salads or on top of brown rice with baby spinach cut into it. And we are making an Italian style spaghetti squash casserole for dinner tonight that I will easily whip out again on Monday evening for dinner.

As for your friend with narrow feet and high arches needing running shoes–I’m going to tap into my days of working in the running store. There are two separate things here–narrow feet and then arches. The “arches” question is easy: There is NO running shoe in the world that is made for arches. Literlaly, if you lift off the flimsy fabric insert that comes in any and every pair of running shoes, what you will see beneath is a flat plastic plate. If your friend goes into a running store and grabs two vastly different pairs of running shoes–say a Saucony and an Asics–and puts them side by side and lifts the thin fabric insert, it’s the exact same thing. She will get FAR better arch support from having custom insoles made (most running stores have the technology to do this on the spot for about $80-90 a pair, and the Road Runner Sports website sells do-at-home custom arch support insoles that should run around $45-50 unless prices have gone up in the last 3-ish years since I stopped working there).

As for narrow feet: Asics, Mizuno, Nike have from my experience been the most dependable shoe brands for shoes that are cut a bit more narrow (Mizuno especially…). Over the last few years, New Balance has started to trend towards the more narrow. Some of the Brooks styles (as you most likely remember)–especially the Levitate, Ricochet, and Launch–have been cut a bit more narrow over the last few years as well than other styles like the Ghost and Glycerin.

Probably WAY too much of an answer and a bit too technical-nerdy, but even though I’m not really running these days and even though I no longer work at the running store, I still REALLY LOVE to nerd out to this!!!

I will have to add that book to my list. Right now I am finally getting around to reading WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING, and while I have a series of books on deck for after, I might need a bit of a palette cleanser with a VASTLY different kind of book–and a thriller sounds really nice right about now!

Hope your day is SO GOOD! :)


I bet Tom loves your cooking! I need your cilantro lime chicken in my life asap. THANK YOU for the help for my friend, she is going to read through the comments in a bit. I really appreciate your help, you know SO much about running shoes! Thank you thank you.
Oh I loved that book so much, enjoy!

Thank you Stephanie, you too!


I hope that with the collection of suggestions in all these ocmments your friend find the advice that makes the most sense to her and gives her the starting point that she feels confident in. :) That’s the absolute most important thing!

As for the chicken: there is a brand called KEvin’s that is pre-cooked and I think can be found in Costco. But the recipe I follow is also ridiculously easy: essentially, blend together: 1/2 c chicken broth, 1/4 c olive oil, 2 tsp cumin, 1 tsp paprika, 4 cloves garlic, 1 seeded jalapeno, 1/2 tsp salt, and 1 tsp black pepper until its all emulsified and smooth. Pour over ~2 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts in a crock pot and cook on low until done. Once done, shred the chicken breasts and pour in some of the juice from the crock pot basin. Add in about 1/4 chopped cilantro leaves (or enough to taste–I like LOTS of cilantro), put in a container in the fridge, and you have cilantro lime chicken for many meals (or for the same meal for many people)! Super easy (just how I like it)!!


Wow, Stephanie! So much good information. I will go in and get some custom inserts made. My friend said the inserts she had made ruined her feet. Do you have any advice for not having that happen? Probably just a reputable store? Thanks again, such great info!


EEK–Channing–I hope you get the help you need!!! As for your friend whose feet were ruined with custom inserts–I have no idea. Part of it could have been the person who made her inserts not being careful in heating & molding them, or maybe the fabrication of the inserts didn’t really work for some things working under the skin (like if she had any bone spurs or plantar fasciitis or other problems)? I don’t know. BUT, I would be SUPER careful and do a lot of research on the running stores in your area, the way they work with inserts, and any reviews you find on yelp or other such websites that discuss individual people on staff at the store you ultimately choose? I don’t know. You might also want to see what stores near you that make inserts have guarantees, warranty/return policies, etc. and be really careful in using any return timeframe to test out how effective they are?

That’s what I’d do, but there’s got to be a better way. I tend to look for what’s the most simple, pragmatic thing…and sometimes it means, as a consumer/customer, that I am missing something!

Anyhow–I hope you get the relief you need and the right support for your arches!!


About the high arches, I got the shoe I was generally most comfortable with and bought these pads that go on the arch. You just pull the pad out of the shoe and then attach the little arch pad – it has an adhesive. It’s helpful to have someone help so you can stand and then can mark exactly where it should go. Then just slide the whole thing back into the shoe. A PT recommended it for me when I was having pain and it felt great. They sell them at running stores- worth a shot if she already has one that’s comfortable except for the arch.


I have never heard of pads like that for arches, so good to know. THANK YOU! She is going to read through the comments today. Really appreciate your help and I’m so happy your PT could help you out with this. Have a great day, Jenny!


Get the peloton tread-time flies!!


My treadmill endurance is high but I still find treadmill running so hard. I’ve been doing plenty of double digits on there lately but I’d much rather do it outside (if it wasn’t negative temps with ice everywhere).

I love leftovers!! I prefer my food the next day vs freshly made, I know that is super weird :-)


Wow, Stephanie! So much good information. I will go in and get some custom inserts made. My friend said the inserts she had made ruined her feet. Do you have any advice for not having that happen? Probably just a reputable store? Thanks again, such great info!


Love the sled dogs;-) Creative way to get in some movement!

My treadmill endurance is 10 miles. Once I get past 5 miles, the time seems to go faster;-) I also have tons of ‘mind games’ and speed increases mapped out to make the time go faster–and a good tv show!

I think all of our meals are leftovers! I try to stay a day ahead for making meals. My husband brings leftovers/whatever is I have made in the fridge for his shifts at work. He has been known to take the entire dish to work and we are left with nothing for supper, haha.

Have a great Wednesday Janae!


narrow, some/most come in AA widths, but Asics sometimes, Mizuno….Brooks has their Levitates that come in a narrow more streamlined version as well (stealth fit)..with high arches though, how high? there’s a small difference between normal and high, is she running on the outside of her feet (under pronating?) the brooks adrenaline would be good choice, asics nimbus lite is a great option too……
women’s skiing or snow boarding…and yes, speed skating


I second everyone who is advocating for the Peleton app treadmill options. I used to not be able to handle more than a couple of miles at best. But the treadmill classes are fantastic just like the rest and the time flies by. I never thought I would say that before. Give one a try!


Friend with high arches and narrow feet.

I do Brooks Ghost or Levitate with amazing custom orthotics.


My treadmill endurance right now is 0. I haven’t even been on one for years. If I am at the gym I do other cardio machines.

My favorite winter Olympic sport is curling! I love watching it and I also love playing it!


Former (minor) running store employee here: orthotics are going to do way more for your friend’s arches than anything that comes in a shoe. I particularly like Superfeet and Powerstep (NEVER Dr. Scholls). There are many varieties of each of those brands, and a running store employee can hook her up with something good!

As for narrow shoes, I recommend she try Nikes or Mizunos. If she’s really narrow and neither of those work, there’s always size narrow in most popular running shoes!

But for real on the orthotics. EVERYONE can benefit from orthotics.

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