Friday Favorites & I’m not sure.

(Shorts, tank, bra)

Peloton day!  An hour total (45 min class + 15 min class bc kids were still all asleep) and some dead legs by the end.

Not sure why one chunk of hair decided to come out for the picture.

I’m also not sure why my kids think it is better to put dirty laundry on the ground next to the basket instead of IN the basket.

One last thing I’m not sure about… how Skye got this train so stuck in her hair that the only way to get it out was by cutting her hair.

IMG 3045

I prefer taking my Peloton classes in the dark because it feels like I am in a spin class this way.  Also, when Robin wears yellow… you know it will hurt.  And it did.

IMG 3051

Hat day at school.

IMG 3059

My friend Jessie (the one I went to NYC with last October) was in town and came over to hang out with her kids.  Skye and Beck love having friends over.

IMG 3061

Skye insisted on Spiderman for her Valentine’s day party at school.

IMG 3066 1

The family requested more pizza (my IG highlight bubble has all the details)….


If anyone has a warm getaway coming up or lives somewhere with perfect weather, here are my favorite things that I bought for our vacation!

IMG 2835

-Swim coverups/dresses—> here, here, here, here, and here!

Hat that I will be using all summer long!

Jean shorts (they run big, so go down 2 or 3 sizes)!

Sandals and Smith sunglasses.

-My favorite travel purse.

-I LOVED this summersault swimsuit (my favorite amount of coverage),

*The other day, I realized how deeply in love I am with my favorite bra.  Mine were all in the laundry, so I attempted to wear a different bra, and I couldn’t even think straight until I had my favorite one on again.  The comfort and shape is fabulous, and I was just not designed to ever wear an underwire again.

IMG 3035

*This is what the Sam’s club pizza dough comes in…  20 crusts for $21!  They are so good.   Just freeze whatever you aren’t using and enjoy the fact that they come in the perfect circle and all you have to do is let them rise for 2 hours.  You get them from the food court and pay for them in the regular line.  PS does anyone know if Costco does the same thing?

IMG 2971


What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Have a favorite bra that you want to tell everyone you meet like me haha?

If you have a Peloton—>  Where do you keep it?

Give me a podcast recommendation for my next run (please:)!

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I guess I’m looking forward to fun foods this weekend!
We are doing Christmas and birthday celebrations during a family Super Bowl party this weekend.
I’m making this dip for the party. So delish and so simple.
Also making speculoos cookies for Valentine’s Day.
PS happy early birthday!!


I didn’t even know it was the super bowl this weekend (oops)! That dip looks AMAZING. Enjoy all of the celebrating and food. Thanks Molly, you are just THE BEST.


Thank you for sharing your favorite pieces you got for vacation. I’m always on the lookout for a good cover-up, living close to the beach. Plus, I need some new stuff before we go to Hawaiia next month.
I will definitely check if Costco has pizza crusts too. It sounds so easy!
Looks like all your kids are having such a fun week at school. Love it!
I’m tagging along with my husband to San Diego this weekend! He’s working a water polo tournament at UCSD, but not a ton of games, so we get to have a little getaway. I’m so excited! And, that area around the campus is one of my favorite places to run!
Have a great Friday Janae ?


Can Andrew and I join you guys on the Hawaii trip!? You guys are going to have the best time ever! Seriously these dress-up days make them so so happy. Have the best time with your husband in San Diego. That run sounds dreamy. ENJOY! Thanks Wendy!


What happens is you put the train on your head and then you flip the switch to turn the train on and let it run on your head. Source: my two year old did this to me


Hahaah that is a very solid source so that is what must have happened with Skye too. I tried SO hard to avoid the scissors but it was the only way out ha. Hope your day is a wonderful one, Sarah!


I’d love to know if Costco does that! What an amazing deal.

Does that bra provide coverage if you are cold? I’m a teacher and feel a need to wear padded bras (that I hate) because of this issue. Thank you!


Seriously, I hope Costco does it too! For me personally, I’ve never needed any more padding/thickness in this bra for those types of situations!! Nordstrom has the best exchange policy ever so maybe just try it out? Thank you for being a teacher and doing so much for your students. Have a great weekend, Sara!


During my daily summer daydream this morning I was just thinking about how I need a new bathing suit. That one IS the perfect coverage!! So cute!!
I have a pepper bra I was instagram influenced to buy because I’m small on top, and I love it. It actually fits. Would definitely recommend for someone like me! :)
So it’s warmed up the past couple of days and today it will be in the 60s! But sunday, for my HUGE long workout, it’s supposed to snow. I can’t. Lol.


Mollie, I am with you… Summer truly cannot come fast enough! I was very impressed by the swimsuit, I hope if you get it that you love it too. Just looked up the pepper bra and that thing looks amazing! Thanks for sharing. 60s to snow basically overnight?! WHAT? GOOD LUCK on Sunday and please let me know how it goes. You are so strong.


Hi Janae! I pretty much only wear sports bras now unless I have to get dressed up. I like the Juno for running and then Costco has some good sports bras for everyday stuff.
We are going on a road trip for a week!!


Oh the Juno is just so great and I need to try out the Costco sports bras! ENJOY YOUR ROAD TRIP! That sounds perfect. Thanks Amy!


Let us know if you find out if Costco does the same thing with pizza crust!! Sounds amazing but I don’t have a Sam’s club membership.


Your travel favorites are killing me. I want to add them all to cart!


I think you need to and then you and Chris need to go for a trip together (and Hope can come stay with us:)! Have the best day, Erica.


We turned a spare guest room into a workout room during lockdown in 2020 (wow, that seems so long ago and like yesterday at the same time!) and have managed to fit the peloton bike and tread in there! I love having a little home gym set up.

Favorite bra is from True and Co – the True Body Triangle Convertible Strap Bra! It’s the softest bra in the world, no wires, and no clasps! It goes on like a sports bra but it’s a real bra – my perfect solution to wanting to live in sports bra instead of real ones! I have it in three different colors!

Happy Friday!


Your home gym sounds perfect! Ummm just looked up that bra and it looks absolutely perfect. Okay, I have to try it. Thanks Rachel and happy Friday to you too!


My sister did that with a “Wizzer” toy in the 1980s, which was a motorized spinning top that she tried to spin on the top of her head.
And my Peloton is in our messy garage in the cooler months in Scottsdale, and comes inside for the summer. I have a swamp cooler to use when the temp gets up there and I can ride as long as the garage temp is under 95…. But it’s bad for the bike to sit in a really hot garage. So it comes in to my home office which is tiny, but it’s the only solution.


Thank goodness we don’t have a Wizzer toy here because I’m sure the same thing would happen to our kids. I think you figured out the best solution for your bike! Andrew and I were talking about making a trip to Scottsdale, I’ll have to ask you for any tips! Hope your day is a great one!


Oh, I have so many great podcasts to recommend! Car Talk is my favorite because it makes me laugh out loud every time. I also love The Run Duo, NPR’s Life Kit and Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me,, Run Pod, Bible Project, several from Quick and Dirty Tips, and Join Us in France.


I just got sucked into a bra from IG ad from Evelyn Bobbie, and shockingly I love it! it’s nowhere near as cute as the one you have, but extremely supportive and comfortable. I’ve worn wire bras for years and I agree, I can’t go back now!

And I may need to buy an extra freezer now just for those pizza doughs, hah!


This weekend I get to head to Nashville for an early bday trip! February bdays are the best, right?! ;)
I don’t get really picky about day to day bras, but I ONLY wear the Sarah bra by Senita for running. Like I threw away all of my other ones. It’s the best.

I wish I was somewhere warm…’ll be sunny, but only in the 50s. I am a much happier person when it’s over 75 degrees!


I recently listened to the Armchair Expert episode with Rachel Ray, highly recommend! Also, did you watch New Girl? I just found out they have a podcast where they go through the episodes!


Skye getting the train stuck in her hair reminds me of Lauren Akins (Thomas Rhett’s wife)! The other day she let her kids comb her hair and they tried to curl it – it was all knotted up in there. Go see her post on Instagram :)


OMG! Cabo looked amazing! I need all your ideas–we are headed there for 5 days in March and we’ve never been. Also, stalking the clothes you took and your running views have got me so excited!

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