What was holding me back…

(tank, shorts)

I went into this Tabata ride thinking it would be one of the 20 seconds hard/10 seconds recovery type rides (which kills me off) but no, it included many intervals of TWO MINUTES hard/one-minute recoveries.  I didn’t hit a PR in the class but I was close and it worked me.  I never thought I would be completing such crazy hard workouts in my laundry room a few mornings each week but here we are!

35.12 miles of running and 2 days on the peloton last week.

Followed by some lower body Peloton classes that left me on my mat staring at the ceiling for ten minutes before I could stand up… I’m going to be sore for a while.

IMG 2389

Brooke had another indoor soccer game and they had to put her as goalie for the second half because she wasn’t allowed to score anymore.  She is really loving indoor soccer.

IMG 2395

And then we went to the BYU gymnastics gym with my sister and her kids.

IMG 2402

Beck just kicked back in the foam pit.

Screen Shot 2022 01 29 at 5 49 24 PM

Brooke got in some sprints at the track too.

IMG 2397

Andrew worked all weekend so we missed him and Knox but made sure to get in some fun things together on Sunday too.

IMG 2452


IMG 2464

My sister’s famous bbq chicken pizza.  It’s hard to eat normal pizza after this one.

IMG 2487

And homemade oreos.

IMG 2490

My niece has her license now so she took me for a drive!

IMG 2483

And then we hung out and talked for a while.

IMG 2495

I think I figured out something that has been holding me back a bit in my thinking about training for bigger races…

I know what it takes to get back to the paces I was training at in 2019 and I know that in this stage of life, it’s trickier to be able to train like I was that year (with Andrew’s schedule and the kids currently).

My solution = I’m letting go a bit of my Type A running tendencies.  It doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing thing.  I am going into it knowing I will do what I can but that I can be flexible.  It might mean that I will Peloton on days it’s not possible to get outside or that I miss a long run here and there or I can’t make it to every speed workout with my team or that I take an extra day off if that’s what my family needs… and that’s okay!  I’ll do my best and enjoy the ride!

Now to figure out WHICH marathon I want to do this year:)

IMG 9465 JPGIMG 5289


Can anyone help Rachel out with this?

Screen Shot 2022 01 27 at 4 40 19 PM

Are you good at being flexible with schedules/training/life?

If you are signed up for a marathon, which one is it?

Did you get your license at 16?  

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Currently training for the Flying Pig Marathon, May 1st in Cincinnati!


AHHHH I have heard the best things about that marathon… you have to keep me updated with it all! PS have I ever mentioned Andrew lived in Cincinnati for two years? I hope your day is a great one!


I have osteonecrosis in 3 joints and for many years I could not run, in fact my knees were so bad that I couldn’t run for even a few seconds after my kids. I went to at least 5 docs before a Pilates instructor suggested her sports med doc. His goal was to get me active and to run. I ran a marathon in the spring, did an intensive technical trail race in the fall and basically haven’t looked back. In my case he didn’t suggest PT because he did things very specific, I had progressive exercises and strength and a very gradual start to running. It was literally 30 seconds and then walk for 5 min at first. Things aren’t perfect, I have to really work hard. Increasing glute, quad and hamstring strength is very important. Also, look into fluid running. I just listened to a podcast about athletes who trained for marathons just by fluid running ( pool running but a specific program). If your not seeing a sports medicine doc, I would encourage trying to see one. Their goal is to get you active while the goal or other docs is to get you functional in your daily life.


Carrie. Thank you SO much for helping out Rachel. I am SO happy you found that sports med doctor to help you and you are just incredible.


Oh my goodness, letting go of my type A exercise tendencies has been a huge lesson that’s come with my son being born! Before, I HAD to run six days per week otherwise I thought I was lazy and would feel SO bad about myself! Then my son was born and during the six week recovery period, I thought “Wait a minute, I’m still healthy, I’m still strong, I didn’t immediately become a couch potato…huh!” I still like to try to exercise 5-6 days per week, but a lot of times, it just doesn’t happen, and that’s okay! I am very thankful for the mindset switch, it feels much more balanced and healthier.


Kids teach us SO much! SO happy about your mindset switch and keep enjoying every second with your son! Have a beautiful day, thanks for sharing Courtney!


“but here we are.” Ha. I love when your humor comes through in words. You must be so funny in person.
How excited are you that Brooke is doing soccer knowing that so many professional runners started as soccer players?
And last bit of randomness of my comment-I love seeing you doing strength. What a good example! I just signed up for Mary Johnson’s strength program. I’m hoping it keeps me consistent.


You are very nice! I tell Andrew every day that I am funny;). YES YES YES… I keep thinking that about her loving soccer too. YOU HAVE to let me know how Mary’s strength program goes, she is amazing. You’ve got this. Have a fabulous day, Molly!


Rachel! I don’t have personal experience with arthritis in the knee BUT … I teach yoga and one of my students has been dealing with inflammation in his knee for years. He’s in his early 30s and has seen every specialist under the sun and nobody could figure out what was causing it and it was severely limiting the type of activities his body could sustain (and he’s a triathlete and wanted more than anything to get back to normal training). His most recent PT (he saw quite a few the last couple years) had him work on building strength throughout all leg muscles so he could sustain more impact and that seems to be helping him! Previous PTs were having him focus on just hips/glutes (which is usually the standard) but all his leg muscles were really weak and needed attention. I would say 1.) Focus on overall body/leg strength 2.) Be mindful of pain levels. When you’re building up strength, a little pain is OK as long as it subsides by the next day. 3.) If you feel like you’re not making progress with your PT, shop around and try someone new!!

I hope things start to improve for you!! Good luck!!

PS re: Marathons this year:
1.) HOPING for Boston in April as long as my hamstring continues to improve
2.) Chicago in October!! Can’t wait to run my favorite hometown race :)


Philly marathon!! It’s the weekend before Thanksgiving so the weather is perfection. Plus I can give you be your tour guide with all the best spots for pre and post race eats and will meet you at the finish with donuts or apple fritters ;)

I used to think if I can’t do all of my workout then it’s not worth doing and that is a load of crap! This morning I slept in because I didn’t sleep the best last night and decided that I have about 30 minutes before I have to walk my dog (we have a group we meet at the park in the morning to play) so I did each of my lower body circuits twice instead of three times. Something is always better than nothing.


Congrats to your niece!! I got my drivers license at 16, my parents wanted me to start driving so I could drive my sister and I to school and cross country/soccer practice. Plus I was excited to not have to take the bus haha!

I’m so glad Brooke is loving indoor soccer so much! What a fun winter activity.


Looks like you had such a fun “girls” weekend, with Beck of course ?
I think it’s so good to be flexible and have that mindset. It can be tough for sure, but good for us mentally. I just listened to Ali’s episode with Emilia Benton (soooo good), and they talk about that.
I am running a half marathon this coming Sunday, but I’m really not mentally ready to race. So I am just going to enjoy being out there. I don’t have any races on my calendar this year, but that’s ok. I have been wanting to just take things week by week…
I definitely got my license when I was 16, everyone did then. My oldest got his license just after he was 16, but my younger son, who is 17, hasn’t even really wanted to get his. It’s strange, but there are lots of kids like him these days (at least here in our area).
Today is a no run day for me, I usually do that the day after a long run, but I think I’m going to do a full body Peloton strength class. I am really loving their instructors!
Have a great Monday!


Like Arthi and Carrie said above, most times knee arthritis can be helped by strengthening the quads, glutes, hamstring, and hips – and learning how to activate your glutes. I am 56 and suffered many years with limited mileage due to knee pain. I was finally able to work my way up to a half marathon after some PT and studying my running gait and how the entire kinetic chain operates from toe to head. I’ve posted some stuff about kinetic chain on here before, you can pull up some of Dr Emily Splichal’s lectures on YouTube and check out the videos on her YouTube channel (EBFA Fitness).
For the time being maybe just run twice a week what mileage you can and just cross train for your other workouts.

I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


Can’t wait to see what race you end up picking! Would love if you came to North Carolina for a race…you could do one at the beach for some flat or in the mountains for some views! So many fun options :) I think I’m done with full marathons just because I don’t have that much dedication (I guess I’m a bit TOO flexible with my training..whoops!) but absolutely love halfs and under, so I’m sticking with those :)

Wishing Rachel the best and hope she gets some answers! My mom has had arthritis since she was in her 20s and I know how tough that can be, so I’m sending her good vibes <3


I am still running with arthritis in my knees at age 60. I have had two torn menisci, which has probably complicated things. What I can tell you is to keep running! I use compression sleeves on both knees-not a good look at my age, let me tell you. The joy of running overrides the discomfort of the knee issues. My ortho doctor also told me to keep my weight down to decrease the stress on the joints. Hang in there!


YOU. ARE. AMAZING. Thank you Maureen for helping Rachel and cheering her on!


You know my mom was not flexible when it came to training and family, so I am either super flexible because I am wired that way, or in a pendulum response to how I was raised.

Keep yourself, goals, desires on the priority list of this new season and all will be well.


This is soooooo true and exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you Erica, you have helped me in so many ways over the years!


I’m going to sign up for my first marathon ever – the Marine Corps Marathon in DC in October. My brother is a Captain in the Marine Corps and is going to do it with me (his first too!). I’ve said for 10 years now, if I ever do a full marathon (half’s are my favorite), I’ll do the Marine Corps Marathon with him. AHH! I’m excited and nervous!


Semper Fi and I thank your brother for his service. My father and brother are both Marines (once a Marine, always a Marine). My father fought in the Korean War and my brother served as an avionics/electronics tech and plane captain in Yuma in the early 90’s.

I hope your Marine Corps marathon aspirations pan out and congrats for signing up! Good luck!


license actually at 18…..I’ve always had to be flexible with my schedule, and really creative , kids, life, shift work, and now the weather……marathon, I’m running two half marathons in May, 2 weeks apart, and am thinking Victoria full marathon in the fall, but have my eyes on a couple of triathlons, and am starting to think, half marathons are okay, I do want to hit a few PRs at that distance….but just watched a great vide, the human race, that featured among others Katherine Switzer running NYC at 77, so, maybe I’m not too old?


Oh my word, 2 minutes of work would be tough! I have an Echelon bike and I have done classes with 90 seconds of work and that was enough–I kept telling myself “the longer the work, the longer the break” haha.

I am horrible at being flexible with schedules, which in some cases I think is a great thing–kids need routine/structure, however, I need to be more chill when things don’t go according to plan. I do have a hard time of being flexible with my workout schedule which is why I get up early and get it done–very little chance of the kids or husband messing it up;-) My husbands work schedule is set schedule (he knows his shifts for the next year), but it includes days/nights/weekend, etc. So while it is a set schedule it can be hard to work around with kids/activities and weekend plans and keeping the kids quiet when he is trying to sleep during the day;-). I also like to plan my weekends where as the husband makes no plans, it drives me insane!

Have a great Monday Janae!


I took my driver’s test on the morning of my 16th birthday and passed and then drove myself solo to school! It was very exciting! No current marathons on my docket, however considering Philly. But I am doing a the Breakneck Trail Half in May in NY and it’s a toughie (lots of elevation) so I basically need to train like it’s a marathon.


Just looked up that half and that is looks HARD (and so amazing)! You’ll have to let me know how it all goes and your training! Have a great day, Caitlyn!


I’ve been trying to decide on my yearly marathon too! ? Twin Cities is high on the list. Also considering Philly. I also found Mount Desert Island in Bar Harbor which looks challenging but beautiful, but I worry about it happening since it was cancelled last year bc of COVID. Can’t wait to hear what you pick!


Hi Rachel! One thing I haven’t seen mentioned in the comments is that arthritis is caused by inflammation, so in addition to PT, anti inflammatory lifestyle changes could help. If applicable to you they are generally healthy things that help you anyways- eating lots of fruits and vegetables, sleeping enough, reducing stress. I made some lifestyle changes when trying to recover faster from ACL surgery and it was one of the best choices I made for my life.
Good luck and hope you recover soon!


So sorry to your reader with arthritis. I have it in my big toe (yes, just one toe, I’m weird). The doc told me to just be mindful of the pain, but that I could keep running. It always hurts and it’s just become part of my normal running pain. I hope she gets a good answer soon. I don’t know if this works, but I would look into joint meds and maybe CBD products?

I am running Kenosha WI marathon in May which is really just to get my butt training. The big goal marathon is Philly in November to hopefully qualify for Berlin and/or Tokyo.

I love your attitude. We cannot always do what we used to do and accepting our limitations is great. Just live in the now and do the best you can. Love all the strength training you are doing. That is my big focus for the year to stay healthy.


I’m 58 and have had osteoarthritis in my right knee for 14 yrs. Being a runner, my mentality was just deal with the pain, ice, Advil, etc. However recently it became so painful I went in, had a CT scan and results were pretty bad. My dr is suggesting PT and also suggested a new therapy called PRP which uses your own plasma to help with healing. I’ve also struggled with weight which definitely has affected my knee health. All this to say, I encourage you to do some preventive measures now. Don’t tough it out like me!


Being flexible with training has been such a game changer for me! I used to get SOOOO antsy/stressed when it would look like a run wouldn’t happen. I’d go to great lengths to squeeze something in or forgo something to run. Mostly it was because running was a strong habit and I didn’t know how to function without it. I often have “practiced” unexpected rest days or short days which helped tremendously. It made my life so much smoother. This past fall, weeks before London Marathon, I had a stress fracture. Taking that time off coupled with extreme increase in work (nurse here, you know how it is) makes me realize any run any day for any length is a bonus and to not sweat it. I can always cross train at home or squeeze some movement in at work (a virtual meeting is great for this sometimes!). Races and times aren’t my goals (never have been really), I just want to run and enjoy training for long distances, especially on the trails. Last year I did a bunch of mountain biking and did that ever enhance my running!

I still think I need a Peloton.

Have a super week!


I didn’t get my license until I was 25! My sister totaled 2 cars before she graduated HS, she was 4 years older than me so I think that scared me plus my parents were not being pushy, they’d probably paid enough in insurance at that point and didn’t mind! Luckily lots of people from my area went to my same college, so it was pretty easy to find rides home. But I don’t recommend waiting, it just worked out that way for me and ended up with me way more anxious about it than I would have been at 16 probably.


Hi Rachel!
I’ve struggled with knee issues my whole life and the game changer for me was eliminating gluten and dairy. I went from swelling and limping around for days after a 2-3 mile run to running 10ks during my lunch break a few times a week. Working toward eliminating excess inflammation with a cleaned up diet made all the difference! I pray you find what works for you soon!


Strength for knee arthritis is #1!! I’ve had arthritis in them since my teens thanks to crappy genetics and I still get flare ups when I slack on strength, more specifically lateral strength – around the worlds, curtsy lunges, lateral lunges. My ortho and running coach also say to decrease number of days running/week when getting a bit achier or the weather even changes, so I usually drop to three runs a week then or even just two.

While I have pretty bad degeneration, I’m trying to stave off plasma treatment or injections for at least five more years and I was told strength training is the way to keep it up, so work that core/pelvic floor and hips, glutes, and ankles so the whole lower chain can be strong to support the knees!


Well done on this webpage!

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