Tuesday Tangents!

(shorts, shirt, socks)

I didn’t feel like sweating, but I did it anyway.

The kids weren’t awake after the first 30-minute class, and I finally got into my groove so I took another right after!

Screenshot 2022 01 24 at 8 02 04 AM

Along with a bit of upper body strength later on in the morning.

IMG 2075

I didn’t really document much from the rest of the day so I’ll just start with the tangents now:

*Nothing like sneaking into my room with my trader joe’s frozen Mac and cheese and leaving Andrew to deal with all of the kids at bedtime;).   We have an unwritten rule for the days that he isn’t at work that I get the kids up and going for school in the mornings, and he puts them to bed.  It works wonderfully because I have more patience in the morning, and he has more patience at night.  Such a beautiful food picture ha:

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*492 out of 46,855 people?!  Andrew is insane on the bike.

IMG 1828

*The kids experienced their first cronut, and Skye just ate the powdered sugar on top and then was done with hers?!

IMG 1859

*Do people call your running crazy?  Not as much anymore, but I got this often during ultra training.


*We think Beck is teasing us.  He has walked a few times weeks ago, but now he refuses to do it on his own even though everyone is trying to get him to do it.  He just prefers crawling a 5-minute mile pace around the house.

IMG 1555

*I started getting laser hair removal from The Mint Facial Bar.  I love this place, and it has been so quick and basically pain-free (it just feels like a tiny zap).  I am very excited about this, and after just one session (three total), I have noticed a huge difference.  Mention my name (Janae or Hungry Runner Girl), and they will do a BOGO for laser hair removal for you!

IMG 1806

*When you are too hungry to even take the time to disconnect your yogurt from the rest.

IMG 1892

*I took a screenshot of one of Molly Seidel’s workouts from last week.  Look at the difference in her intervals vs. her warm-up and cool-down paces.  Save your speed for the workout portion and take your w/u, c/d, and recoveries easy.

lIMG 1998

*I sent this to my sister because this is exactly what it looks like when my nieces and their friends are over at her house.

Screenshot 2022 01 21 at 11 44 42 AM

*Beck has a bunch of teeth allllllll coming in at once.

IMG 2016

*My new favorite running account to follow… Jeffrey breaks out into dance during his runs, and I think we all need to follow his lead.

@jeffreybinney #trailrunning #dirtydancing #dirtydancingchallenge #ultrarunning #hiking #bodypositivity #plussizeathlete ♬ Wipe Out – The Surfaris


Share a tangent with me!

Ever had laser hair removal?  Tell me your experience?

Do you have more patience in the morning or the evening?

You walk into a pastry shop—> What is your goto order?  Ever had a cronut?

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Ha you and Andrew are a lot like my husband and me; I feel like supermom in the morning but by the evening, I feel like my husband has to come rescue me from the kids, and that’s his time to shine as a dad! So I feel very lucky in that regard. I’m really glad to hear that I’m not the only one who hides from their kid sometimes, none of my friends have kids so I have a hard time gaging my parenting sometimes…thanks for being my only mom friend!

Also, you’re slowly convincing me to get a peloton. My husband might not be thrilled. ;)


Courtney, I am really thinking you need the peloton too… I can’t believe how much I love it!
RESCUE–> that is the exact word that resonates with me with nighttime parenting! I am always here if you need to talk to someone about parenting, it’s the best but so so hard! Hope your day is a beautiful one and that you had your supermom morning like I did;)


I definitely have more patience in the morning. I like to go to bed early and my husband is a night owl. We are homeschooling right now (hopefully the kids are back in next week) so by the time bedtime comes around I am done for the day haha.

I never had laser hair removal but I worked at a hair salon for years and we did it there. Heard lots of great things about it

I received a discount code from Lulu…wondering if you have any favourites that you love (everyday wear, not running as I have enough of that:)

My daughters doing online school, I am doing a workout and then I think we might go sliding!

Have an awesome day!!


Homeschooling…you are a saint and have way more patience than I do. I really hope they are back next week for your sake!

You asked me my favorite question:). These are my go to picks for everyday wear, I hope you love them too! Enjoy that discount code.


I hope your workout was amazing! Thanks Ashlea!


raspberry jelly filled or strawberry jelly filled with sugar or glaze on top, called a Bismarck in the Midwest. I will tolerate powdered sugar on top, but it’s not quite as good as granulated sugar or glaze.
I love Skye’s can’t wait approach with the yogurt. Made me laugh out loud.


I am drooling thinking about a Bismarck. That sounds so good! Haha try the yogurt approach Skye did and see if anyone notices;). Hope your morning has been great so far! Thanks Nancy!


I have way more patience in the morning. I’m so tired by 7 pm I just want to be asleep!

Tangent for the day . .. today was day 3 of my return to running! I did it, and even ran a little further today. Feeling quite proud of myself! Happy Tuesday Janae!


7 pm is just so hard to be awake and functioning and helping other people to function haha. DAY THREE. BOOM. I am so proud of you too and I love that I get to be involved with your comeback too. Thank you Sara, you too!


Mother patience: Maybe neither;) I think my most patient parent hours are 7am-7pm, leaving the wake ups and wind downs as wonderful personal mental practice. Getting easier with age. (meant easier with age of child , but probably myself too.)


Very valid point… I have ‘morning patience’ after 7 am (and a good workout) too but before that it is a different story. Haha easier with age (for everyone involved) is happening for me too….

Hope your day is a beautiful one, Erica!


Love the video of Jeffrey and now I want to watch Dirty Dancing lol


Same! I love his recreation of that scene haha


RIGHT?! He was right on! I think his video has like 3M views, too good!


Our boys are so similar!!!!! Same teeth coming in and the crawling vs. walking is on point! I swear he doesn’t want to walk because he knows he can crawl anywhere so much faster! And those frozen mac ‘n’ cheeses from TJs are my husband’s favorite and he is definitely and mac connoisseur. Have a fantastic day!


I wish we could get our boys together! It really is so true, they can just get where they want to go by crawling so much faster. Oh that is so good to hear that it is your husband’s favorite too… I can’t get enough. Thank you friend, you too!


Waaaaay more patience in the morning! Unless it’s a weekend. I start getting stressed if they won’t settle down and get in bed by bedtime. It’s like when you can’t sleep and start thinking, “ok if I fall asleep now, I’ll get this much sleep.” But instead it’s like, “ok, if they get to sleep now, they are only slightly likely to be grumpy maniacs when it’s time to get up.”

It may not have been original, but I think it was Robin who once said on a ride, “you’ve survived 100% of your worst days.” It really struck a chord with me and your comment made me think of that :)

My daughter was a little like Beck! She did some walking, then took a few weeks off crawling and doing this funny frog jump! I love love LOVE that age.

Last thing- I’m not a motor moron or anything, but I saw your IG post of a video Andrew was taking of you running on a trail from his bike, and he panned over to look over the edge and it was almost too much bc I was sure he was about tumble. My HR would be through the roof on a bike on a trail that close to the edge. I’m uncomfortable now thinking of it hahaha!

Have a great day :)


Hahaha I had a few people tell me the same thing with that video… it made them feel a lot of stress but when we were out there it didn’t feel dangerous at all! You aren’t alone. Oh I love that quote from Robin! That is so so true. I relate with your thoughts at night with the kids SO much. I shook my head yes as I read it. Ummm I need to see the frog jump! Thanks friend, you too!


patience? after a run or a workout, yes, before….not a chance……


Hahaha valid point… I am patient after my run/workout to get the kids up and going for school:). Have a great day, Warren!


haha, love how Skye only eats the powdered sugar!

We had a 2 hour late start for school because of the cold weather. My husband and I leave for Maui tomorrow!!!

I am a morning person but I think I am more patient in the evenings. Mornings are super busy and I like to follow a schedule (wake-up early, run/workout, shower, wake the kids up, breakfast, bus, school). I hate to be late and the kids seem to want to take their sweet time/can’t find a mitten/boot, etc. In the evenings, we don’t have such a set schedule so I have a little more patience and I figure we will get everything done. Plus, now that the kids are older, I can go to bed before them and trust they will shower and put themselves to bed, haha.

For some reason, I am stuck on scones. I don’t like donuts or most pastries, but somehow I love a dry scone;-).

Happy Tuesday Janae!


MAUI! Becky, I hope you guys have the best time and what a great time to escape the cold! Teach me how to have patience in the evening, please. I am excited for that stage of the kids putting themselves to bed ha. NOW I NEED A SCONE! Thanks Becky, you too!


Tuesday tangent = I rode my bike outside today. It was 40 degrees and that feels perfect running, but so cold on the bike. But the sun came out and there was no wind so it ended up being a perfect ride.

I am 100% a morning person. Please don’t ask me to do anything at night!

When I first saw “cronut” my brain read “coconut”! ha! If I walk into a pastry shop in Hawaii I’m going for a malasada or coco puff. In California I’m going for a good old chocolate frosted donut or maple if I’m feeling adventurous.


Sounds like a beautiful ride but I totally know what you mean, what might feel good on the run feels freezing on the bike! Hahaha a coconut cronut would be yummy:). Now I need to make it to both your hawaii and california pastry shops:)


Beck looks just like your nephews in that picture! Also can we have more info on the laser hair removal!?


I feel you on the morning/evening thing! I am also at my best in the mornings, by evening I get grouchy and lose my patience with the kids. I hate it because I feel like I do great at being a mom all day, and then something happens at night and I lose my cool and the kids start crying and I feel like I messed my whole day up lol.

I have had laser removal! I had something else done a year ago and it came with a free laser hair removal session. They said I would need probably 2 more but I never went back. It definitely worked for a few months, but then it started growing back again, so I should have kept up with it because it was wonderful not having to shave for those few months haha!

The white air forces is totally what my house looks like when my daughters friends are over. i don’t know how they know whos shoes are whos!


Omg how do you get your kids to sleep past 7am! What time do they go to sleep at night?

Jealous mom who has to ride her peloton at 530 am to get it in before kids wake up :)


I really like Matt Wilpers! I’ve done a couple of his outdoor runs and they are always so fun! And holy cow Andrew!!!
I think I shared with you a while ago (probably when you were contemplating laser hair removal) that I had it done years ago, and I am so happy I did!!! I’m just now getting to the point where I should go back in, but it’s been over 10 years!!
Tangents… Early morning run finishing as the sun came up (LOVE that) good morning meeting with the school district and all the PTA presidents, Costco, the grocery store, now sitting down to read ?
Looks like you had a good day! Hope your evening is good as well!


Laser hair removal is the BEST THING EVER!!!


I’ve been a long time reader (you help this novice runner find motivation often ?), but today I can’t tell you how much you sharing that sometimes you “hide in the bedroom while your husband does bedtime” resonated with with the mama in me. I may or may not be hiding in the primary bathroom as I type ??? anyways, thanks for being real!


In Nashville there’s a bakery called 5 daughters and they specialize in cronuts. I’m drooling already!


Right now it looks like Expression Engine is the preferred blogging platform out there right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?

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