Silentish Saturday!

(I finally have a code for Senita… it is JANAE15 and it will get you 15% off if you are a new customer—> leggings and top are Senita, shoes, gloves, headband)

8 miles @ 8:19 average with friends.

And 15 minutes of a glute workout on the Peloton app on Brooke’s yoga mat.

IMG 1439

Can’t get enough of the blueberry muffins from this cookbook.

IMG 1446

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She definitely has a favorite type of book…

IMG 1475

Pointing at everything stage.

IMG 1470

Spending some time together before Brooke left for the weekend.

IMG 1478

A friend recommended this instant pot broccoli cheddar soup and these breadsticks and the whole family loved them.

IMG 1490

The breadsticks were so so good.

IMG 1488

My nieces and nephews all came over.

IMG 1493

It was so good to hear everyone laughing.

IMG 1492

Happy weekend running… I hope that means longer runs and longer recoveries for you:)


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Oh, my goodness – is that Curly in the last pic? She is not allowed to grow up that fast! Obviously have been reading your blog forever. Ha! Does she still have natural curls? Have a great weekend!


It sure is her… isn’t that crazy?! She does have some natural curl still and I’m sure if she cut it short it would be even curlier! I wish you could all just meet these nieces because they are the greatest. Definitely more like my best friends than nieces now:). Thank you for reading my blog over the years, that means a lot to me. Have the best weekend, Brittany!


I have never looked at Senita before… What a great little company! Thank you for the code.
Not much happening here this weekend. But since we’re all feeling normal again, I will be catching up on house stuff and getting in a couple of good longer runs. The weather is supposed to be really nice, so that’s good too!
I love seeing your nieces hang out at your house, so fun!
Enjoy your weekend Janae ?


They really have so many cute items! Of course! I am so thankful you guys are feeling well now, there is just so much going around right now. YAY for good weather and long runs, enjoy! Thanks Wendy!


Those breadsticks look so good! Definitely making those, thanks for sharing.

My plan was to wake up and run, but my weather app said it felt like 8 degrees, soooo that was a no. Instead I did some homework, now I’m going to do errands, and I’ll run this afternoon when it’s warmer out. I used to not be so flexible with my schedule, but trying to go with the flow. Doesn’t matter when the miles get done!

Have a great weekend!


Yep, you need to make the breadsticks asap! FEELS LIKE 8 DEGREES?! Yeah, I’m not interested in under 10 degrees either. Enjoy the sunshine later… your brain and body will be so grateful for it! Thanks Mariah, you too!


We made it to the weekend! Today I’m working on some interview prep for summer grad internships, hanging out with my Dad who is in town, and resting a whole bunch so my legs feel fresh for the Houston marathon tomorrow!!!!!! It’s my first marathon in 2.5 years and I am SO excited!!! Enjoy your Saturday, Janae!


GOOD LUCK TOMORROW and with the interview prep and I hope you get the exact one that you want for this summer. Cheering so loud for you. I want to do Houston someday so you will have to give me a full review. YOU ARE BACK TO MARATHONING. Thanks Maria!


Happy Weekends!


Thank you friend, you too!


I love hearing about the meals your family loves and wanted to see what cookbooks you recommended that have your family favorites in them. I have three kids with three very different pallets and struggle to find time to cook meals. I know in the past you have mentioned different cookbooks you use but I just can’t seem to remember the names of them. Thanks in advance and have a great weekend!!


Jessica, I am going to write a post about this if that is okay!?! I mostly use websites and my current favorites is:

And the two cookbooks I use the most right now are these:

I’ll write a full post on this next week! Thanks for the idea and I hope your day is a wonderful one!


I love the yoga mat! So fun to have family that lives close!

1. long run on the treadmill, done:-)
2. my parents are coming over to celebrate my daughters 8th birthday. She had her friend birthday party yesterday (5, 2nd grade girls). My husband picked a ‘convenient’ time to be out of time on a fishing trip;-)
3. try to organize something…We are going on vacation in 10 days so I have bags that are half packed. We are also in the middle of cleaning out my MIL’s house so we have bags/boxes to unpack….the whole ‘throw everything in our bedroom and shut the door’ can only work for so long!

Enjoy your Saturday Janae!


1. Teach a run clinic
2. work at our running room store for a few hours
3. get ready for a Sunday long run…


I love seeing Brooke’s book pics! And seeing that reading is a big part of her life. Makes my bookworm heart all happy and fuzzy inside. :)

And YAY for a Senita coed. I have fallen DEEP into the Senita hole in the last year, and partnered with Athleta and Lululemon, they’ve sort of become part of my “triangle of athleisure perfection” that keeps me 100% attired for ALL kinds of reasons why I need athleisure in my life. I have some specific Senita items that are sacrosanct for me for different kinds of workouts. And their priepoint is BOMB.

Love seeing your nieces laughing and hanging out at your house.

That cookbook looks great–I might have to add it to my “wish list” after my no buy month is over. Those muffins look amazing, and I like the cookbook’s title–with my office opening back up on Monday and with me having 45 minute commutes a few days a week now, I could totally use a cookbook meant for leisurely weekends and keeping me fed during busy weekdays! (But that said–I’m on a total no buy this month except for necessary things and replacing individual items that are old and broken. I have a specific financial goal I want to meet by April, and I have a different goal I’d like to meet by September. I see a few no-buy months up ahead for my future…)

Hope you have a good weekend out there! :)


Hi Janae! I’m still slowly getting back to running after I got heel bursitis so dad and I are going for a long bike ride today! I have Monday off I’m so excited!
Happy weekend!!!


Thank you for posting the broccoli soup and breadsticks–I made both for dinner tonight and everyone loved it!!

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