Silentish Saturday!

(shorts, long-sleeve, socks)

30-minute hip-hop ride with Robin.

And then my sister asked to go on a birthday run and there is zero chance I was going to say no to that.  4.33 miles @ 9:15 average.

IMG 1098

Love the slide that runs from the top to the bottom of my sister’s stairs.

IMG 1096

Not sure who loves coloring more out of the two of us.

IMG 1108

We went to Classic Skating.

IMG 1120

He was mad he was in the stroller and not on the scooter.

IMG 1125

IMG 1131

Took this girl out on her birthday eve (while my sister set up her surprise bday party)!

IMG 1143

We shopped.

IMG 1146

We ate.

IMG 1145

We ate some more.

IMG 1148

And I can never eat without spilling all over myself.

IMG 1149

Finished off with my niece’s party… she was surprised.

IMG 1156

Happy weekend running!


Tell me three things that you are doing today!

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That dessert looks insane…what is that?! A donut? I want it! Happy birthday to your sister and niece!!
No running for me this weekend, at least today. I’m so bummed…two weeks ago I had the best workout of my life and now I’m on day 4 not running and waiting on a C test. :( I’m supposed to run Houston half next weekend too and I have no idea how that’s going to happen. Ughhh. Typical right??
I hope you have a good weekend!!


Thank you friend and I am SO so so so sorry. This is heartbreaking. Do you feel super terrible? Maybe this will give you the best taper for an amazing race next weekend. I am truly so sorry… please keep me updated!
PS It was a cronut (mix of croissant and donut, it was so yummy… I need to send you one). Thinking about you.


How fun, skating! And I love that the kids can use scooters.
Also how fun that your sister and niece’s birthdays are a day apart!
Well, we got through a Covid scare this week, with my husband and younger son just having colds… And I woke up in the middle of the night feeling awful!! So I will be staying in bed today and probably having another test. Thankfully I have good stuff to read and watch.
Have a good Saturday and restful Sunday!


Yes, my sister was so great to spend basically every minute of her birthday prepping for the party. Wendy, I am SO so so so so so sorry. PLEASE keep me updated. I hope you are feeling like yourself again very soon. Thinking about you.


Happy Birthday to your niece!! Today I am flying back to Maryland after spending 3 weeks in Arizona with my family. ( so I don’t really have 3 things haha, unless flight #1, layover, and flight #2 count??) have a good weekend!


I hope the flights goes really well and that does count as three things haha… traveling days are exhausting for me! Have a safe trip and enjoy that facial tomorrow!


Hi! Today I did my first ride on the Peleton! So much fun. Have a great day!


This makes me so happy! Let’s be friends on there. You’ll have to let me know what classes you love! Have a great weekend, Charlotte!


Hi Janae! I came home to my parent’s house! Time to enjoy some sunshine and home cooked food.
Enjoy all the fun family celebration!!


Hi & Happy Saturday!! I am so glad everyone is finally feeling better in your house! Thank goodness!! I signed up for Seven Sisters Trail race today and am excited & a bit scared to be honest! Big goals should be a little scary though right?!?! I have to carry water and want a hydration vest to wear. Which one would you recommend?

Enjoy your Sunday! ?

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