Sentence Per Picture!

5 rainy miles @ 8:48 average.

(leggings, longsleeve, hat that is perfect for running in cold rain or snow because it covers your ears too)

Morning faces.

IMG 0850

He has started throwing some dramatic fits these days but luckily they are very short-lived.

IMG 0854

It makes me so happy to see her back to doing her favorite things again (I was really nervous about her last week).

IMG 0861

Ten days apart!

IMG 0873

My aunt gave us this tub of legos and it has provided thousands of hours of entertainment for these kids.

IMG 0876

Because I normally just post the smiling selfies of us together… this look happens more often;)

IMG 0870

Shalane’s Hearty Minestrone Soup with Spicy Sausage and Beans from Run Fast, Eat Slow.

IMG 0877

Add parmesan, penne and garlic bread.

IMG 0878

My friend Whitney sent cookies and that HoneyBun one on the left wins IMO.

IMG 0839

Now Andrew is reading this, we highly recommend it!

IMG 0881

Every night I turn my heating pad on and cover it with my blankets 5 minutes before I get into bed… it is the best treat to crawl into a warm bed.

IMG 0846


Give me your sentence of the day!

What is something small that you do for yourself each day that feels like a treat?

Who has a January anniversary, birthday or race?

Do you prefer a classic chocolate chip cookie or do you enjoy trying different/new flavors of cookies?

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That peanut butter chocolate one was the best!!


That one is unreal good!!! Hope your day is a great one, Jenn and that you get another soon!


Hi Janae! End of Jan is when I got my ACL reconstruction surgery! I celebrate it every year now because when I hurt my knee I was so desperate for it to get better faster that I made changes to my life to prioritize my health more. So it’s a reminder to me that anything really can be a blessing in disguise.
That soup looks great! And the heating pad trick is genius.
Have a great day!


Oh Amy, I am SO thankful that your knee is so much better and what a beautiful thing to celebrate. Anything really can be a blessing in disguise… AMEN! I hope you get some delicious soup soon. Thanks friend, you too!


Yesterday I discovered the internet game Wordle and wow it’s hard! Highly recommend since it makes you think. Technically that was two sentences for the day but the first is the main one ha

This may sound silly but one thing I do every day that feels like a treat is drink a protein shake. Which I know may sound odd but I get a chocolate flavor and mix with milk so I basically start every day with chocolate milk, who wouldn’t want that?! Bonus that it helps me get extra protein in since some days I struggle!


I will have to check out that game! Thanks for sharing! I think that is a fabulous way to start your day and an awesome way to treat yourself each day. Hope your day is a great one, thanks Maureen!


Coffee! But I have been trying to take 15 min out of each day for me just to reset. One of my favorite things is to journal so I make time to write

New flavors of cookies for sure.!

Have a great day Janae!


I love your 15 minutes a day to reset idea. I’m going to try that! Thank you friend, you too!


Janae! You need a heated mattress pad. I love mine. My husband is a hot sleeper so he doesn’t want an extra blanket on top. The mattress pad has dual controls so he doesn’t ever have to use his. I don’t even plug it in. But my side I can turn on and get toasty warm! It’s amazing!


I realllllly do need a heated mattress pad, everyone I know that has one loves it. And I love that you get to control each side. I mean, it is almost my bday so I might just have to put this on my list;). Thanks Sara and happy Thursday!


Yay for Knox being home!
I love a good chocolate chip cookie, but it’s fun to try different ones, especially from Crumbl.
Sentence for my day yesterday… Driving all over southern California! We had a Covid exposure, so I was trying to find testing locations or at home testing kits (sold out almost everywhere). All the testing locations require appointments and none of them had availability until next week. But, my MIL found at home tests at her little local pharmacy (an hour away), so I drove out there to get them. We all tested negative, yay! Such a relief and peace of mind knowing we’re ok.
Taking a half hour or sometimes longer, to read always makes me happy. Just that little quiet time to myself feels so nice.
Have a good day Janae ?


Oh Wendy, I am SO so sorry about that stressful day! I am so glad you were able to finally test and get negatives! I love that treat for yourself… it is one of my favorites too. Thanks Wendy!


Yes, January 31st is my BD!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH DONNA! I hope you get in plenty of celebrating this month:).


Those cookies look AMAZING, but I would choose one of the chocolate ones for myself. Yum!!

My sentence of the day is that I CRUSHED my tempo workout today even though my body was frozen the entire time haha! We had the most amazing sunrise this morning and I just knew that meant my workout would be great and it was. I’m so excited :) and thank you for your sweet message yesterday and being happy for me training again- you are the nicest and that meant a lot to me!!


Gretchen, I am so so so thrilled about how your tempo workout went today… and you did it while freezing. Those sunrises make getting up and working hard so worth it. I am so happy you are training again after a lot of hard stuff! Thanks for being my friend, I always appreciate your messages!


Hi Janae! If you want to take your bed warmth to the next level, did you know you could get a heated mattress pad? My mother in law had one and would turn it on a half hour before she got into bed. The greatest invention ever!!! Also, because my father in law didn’t like to be hot, she got a twin size one and just put it on her side of the bed. She was a genius. Have a great day.


I think one of those really would take my happiness to the next level!!!! Thanks Gina and she really is a genius. Enjoy your Thursday!


Hi Janae!! Must be great to have everyone under one roof again :o)
Sentence of the day – I found a new kettlebell gym and start next week!!!
I do the exact same thing with my heating pad! I can’t leave it on too long over I overheat, but it is soooo nice when I first get into bed!
I am all about trying new cookies :o)
Have an awesome rest of the day, Janae :o)


It really feels so good to be all together again! Oh I am SO excited about your new kettlebell gym, that is awesome! You’ll have to let me know what you think about it. Isn’t it just the best to get into a warm bed?! Hope you get some new cookies soon. Thanks Janine, you too!


Sentence of the day: Snow day = no school!!!

I have a race on Saturday! It’s an 8 miler which is a new racing distance for me. We’ll see how it goes!

You can’t go wrong with a chocolate chip cookie :) However I do love making (and eating) Funfetti cookies as well.


AHHHH GOOD LUCK ON SATURDAY! Tell me how it goes afterward, you’ve got this. I think you need to celebrate with funfetti cookies after:). Enjoy the snow day!


I do the same with a heating pad before bed and lately when I come into my bedroom my little dog is curled up on the spot where the heat is. He knows what’s up ;) So glad Skye is feeling better and you have your whole crew back!


Okay, that is adorable picturing your little pup curled up over the heat:). Dogs are so smart. Thanks Michelle and I hope your day is a great one!


Sentence of the day: Both kiddos are home for a covid exposure- aaagh!
Daily treat – warm beverages are my treat in the wintertime…tea, cocoa, coffee, etc. I suppose maybe slippers too? My slipper socks keep me cozy & help my socks last longer.
January is when we do our family vacation to rent a ski villa up north! We are so excited!
Classic chocolate chip with a twist – I always use my grandma’s oatmeal chocolate chip recipe.

Happy Thursday!


Beck looks so much happier since he got his tubes. I cannot imagine how much better he feels every day.


I am the exact opposite of you! I love climbing into a cool bed.

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