(Senita dynamic pullover and amp leggings ((discount code JANAE for 15% off)), shoes)

Nine miles @ 8:41 average yesterday and a speed workout today!

It lightly snowed for all nine miles, which felt peaceful after a restless night!

IMG 2111

Why does 5 minutes of core work feel like it is 45 minutes?  I’ve started enjoying upper and lower body strength workouts, but I’m not sure I will ever find the joy in core work.  Beck loves it when I do core work because that means he can crawl on me the entire time.

IMG 2133

When Brooke sat down in the chair to get her hair cut, the hairdresser asked her what she wanted and told her that she wanted her hair cut like mine.

Yes, it did make my decade.  Skye then told the hairdresser that she wanted her hair to look like Brooke’s, so now the three of us have similar hair.

IMG 2127 1

The first thing Skye said when she woke up was that she couldn’t wait to go to our neighbors to show off her hair to her bf (that stands for both best friend and boyfriend in Skye’s mind… she tells us all of the time she is going to marry him;).

IMG 2129

I opened the dryer and saw a pen sitting there… my heart sunk.  ALL OF MY FAVORITE CLOTHES were in this wash, and somehow the pen did not explode in the dryer (like they have way too many times… I’m terrible at checking pockets).  Lucky, lucky day.

IMG 2135

Dinner involved our favorite panini= cheese, guac, bacon, and tomatoes (usually dipped into ranch).

IMG 2150

Family favorite.

IMG 2148

I always have these in my fridge, and last night they were the best post-dinner treat.

IMG 2144

A big highlight was my mom coming over and beating us all at ping pong.  She is almost 70, and there is still no chance to beat her at ping pong.

IMG 2155

Three random things before I let you go…

*Is it normal that I was all packed and ready to go TWO weeks before Andrew and I leave on our trip?

IMG 2153

*Skye wants me to tell you that the best method for putting on a coat is to start with putting your hood on first followed by your arms…

IMG 2136

*I found this video of my brother and posted it on IG, but I need it here permanently.  This is when California Adventure first opened, and he was racing to beat the crowds for the cars ride.  You aren’t allowed to run there, but I’m not sure my sprint could even keep up with his speed walking.


Doing 5 minutes of what type of exercise feels like 45 minutes to you?

Any good luck in your life lately?

Pack early or right before?

What’s your running weather like this week?  How many layers are you needing for your runs?

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A 30 second plank feels like 5 minutes. Every time.
Rainy weather here in FL, not ideal! But I don’t mind the cooler weather it’s bringing.
I’m a day-of packer, BUT I will push all of my clothes that are going in the suitcase to the side in my closet days beforehand. That way I can see how it’ll all look while it’s hanging up. Makes it easier when I’m doing that last minute packing, too!


AMEN to those planks… it just targets every single muscle in our entire body and feels like an eternity. Yay for a bit cooler weather! Your method sounds perfect! Have the best day, Molly!


I agree, 5 minutes of core work is like 45 minutes of anything else. I had some good luck recently when my phone feel into a huge puddle (completely submerged) while I was running and was somehow magically fine. Even though I picked it up quickly, I was sure it was a goner, so I feel like I dodged a huge bullet there. This week has perfect (for me) weather (in the mid-20s-high 40s, which is HEAVEN for this Louisiana girl) and I am so excited for my run after school today. There’s still a chill in the air thanks to high humidity, but I love the cooler temps, so I don’t care. That sandwich looks amazing and thank you for reminding me to make better use of my panini press! I forget how much more satisfying warm sandwiches are for me. Happy Wednesday!


Emily, I am SO happy your phone was totally fine! That is SO lucky…. phones are so ridiculously expensive. The relief you had when you realized it was fine… the best. That does sound like great weather! Get out that panini press and enjoy (let me know if you have amazing combos for us to try). Thanks Emily, you too!


Try Rebecca Kennedy’s 10 min core from 11/18/21 at 10 am. I’ve done it four times in the last couple weeks and it is so good! It isn’t so easy that it feels pointless but it’s not so challenging that it feels like you can’t finish. I also like the pace because it’s just right for really feeling like you’re focusing in on form!


I totally will, thank you so much Rachael for the recommendation. This sounds like exactly what I need. Have a beautiful day!


Oh that is lucky! Has a diaper or pull-up ever made it into the wash at your house? It’s sadly happened to me a few times. I guess I’m a slow learner ha! I got really into peloton last winter when I had plantar fasciitis and now I’m really out of cold weather running shape and am dreading it!

Have you seen the way of putting on a coat by flipping it? We call it the preschool way (put on your coat the preschool way) and it’s awesome for 2/3 and pretty adorable.

Your girls’ haircuts are adorable!


Oh yes… both the diaper and pull-up have made it many times to my washer/dryer and it takes SO long to clean haha. Peloton and plantar just go hand in hand! SO helpful. You can do it Jenny, layer up and a few minutes into the run you will be so happy you are there. Oh yes, Brooke and Knox used to do that, I’ll have them teach Skye. Thanks for the reminder! Have a wonderful day and thank you, Jenny!


Crazy dense fog here and for some reason it has landed on the past two weekends making long runs hard to get done! This week it has just stuck around everyday so fingers crossed by Saturday I’ll be able to see farther than 10feet in front of me!

I love to pack early, but just not as early as you haha!


BOOO! That is lame and I am really hoping it clears up for this weekend’s long run. Let me know how it goes! Hahaha I am just a little excited to go;). Have a great day, Mikaela!


The video of your brother speed walking was awesome and hilarious! He was committed to getting there, hahah


Hahaha he had everyone he was passing staring at him but he doesn’t mind one bit! Hope your day is a fabulous one, Nadya!


I agree with Rachael… Rebecca Kennedy’s 10 minute core is awesome! But yes, planks always feel much longer than the time you’re actually holding them!
The girls haircuts are adorable. I love that Brooke wanted her hair to look like yours. But now she looks like a teenager!
Your mom is awesome! We all have a video of my mom zip lining across a lake when she was 80!!! Definitely a good reminder that age is just a number.
Our weather right now is pretty perfect. Drops into the upper 40’s at night, then high 60’s to mid 70’s during the day. So running feels really nice, no matter if I’m out before the sun comes up or around 8am.
I’m also heading out the door for some speed today (10×400’s). Hoping it goes ok!
Have a great day Janae ?


Pack early.
And pack even earlier in my mind.


I am the most last minute packer you will ever meet. Teach me your ways! I normally don’t even get my suitcase out until the night before or morning of, depending when the flight is.

Their hair looks so cute!! Love the cuts!


Ok, random but since you mentioned dipping your sandwich in ranch it made me feel better about dipping everything in ranch lately. I’ve been adding cholula to my ranch and it is AMAZING. You gotta try it! I’m going to the sports med dr today for my hip! Hopefully they can clear things up for me. It’s been weirdly sticking lately?


I just want to say that I laughed so hard at that video of your brother. Thank you for making my day!

Also- early packer but late unpacker :)


Try the Matty 10 minute core. 10 minutes with Matty is never enough! He goes slowly and explains everything. You will love it.


Hi Janae! Core work definitely feels like it takes forever, and so does doing a dead hang! I recently spent a few days getting a stain out of my husband’s white jeans after I washed it with a red shirt… Fun stuff!
Have a great day!


PACK EARLY!! And unpack right away as well…
Zach loves when i do planks or push ups right on top of him – he thinks it’s the funniest thing EVER – and those baby giggles are so motivating!! After not working out for a YEAR I think I got my groove back – I have been doing 30 min tabata workouts 3-4 x a week (mix of strength and cardio) as well as treadmill walks and interval runs!! You’re the first person I ever heard talk about how to get through tough things and that’s it’s okay to not always LOVE the process – I often think of you when I’m exercising!!


The video of your brother is the best!!! Thanks for sharing!! ?


You are so right – 5 minutes of Core feels like forever. But it’s also kind of amazing that just 5 minutes really makes a difference. Awww, Brooke wanting her hair like yours and Skye wanting hers like Brooke’s is a heart melter. And just one more reason that HRG Mom is the BEST!

I brought beets to work in what I thought was a sealed container and they spilled out onto my workout clothes. I caught it right away though and soaked everything and the beet juice all came out!! I considered buying a lottery ticket that day.

I’ve heard that the planning portion of a trip can significantly increase the pleasure you get out of the whole experience, so I’m all for packing early and getting yourself excited!

And I’m dying watching your brother. My dad was the same, with all of us kids running to keep up with him. Such a perfect Dad move, hah!


Several days before the trip, I’ll put all of my clothes that will be in the bag to the side of my wardrobe in preparation for the trip. That way, I’ll be able to see how everything will look when it’s all cookie clicker hung up. It makes things a lot easier when I’m doing last-minute packing.

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