Friday Favorites!

(Shorts, long sleeve, shoes, bragloves for 30-50 degrees that I love)

My legs always feel fresher after a rest day, and they were ready to get out and do a little speed yesterday.

I want to test out my plantar with short intervals for another week or so before I try anything longer, and this was the perfect short interval run.  2 x 3 minutes + 3 x 1 minute.  Not sure how Robin always finds to say exactly what I need to help me push myself, but she does.  PS I am happy to report zero plantar issues with speed thus far.

IMG 1398

I finished with 9 miles total (I started above 20 minutes when I hit 4 miles).

IMG 1399

Me, Andrew, and Beck went on a lunch date for my favorite rice bowl.  Andrew had a salad and then was on the Peloton doing a challenging class 30 minutes later… I do not understand how that is possible.

IMG 1407

He is just so happy whenever Skye includes him in her playing.

IMG 1417

For dinner, I made sheet pan gnocchi (with brussels instead of asparagus).  It was so good and easy to make.

IMG 1418

Brooke made fried ice cream for dessert!

IMG 1419

Beck is so fascinated by Beretta.

IMG 1422


This week’s favorites:

*Jeans I want to live in.  I’ve decided that buying some cute pieces for spring will make spring show up soon here.  I’ll be wearing these with a t-shirt and sneakers every day in the spring.  They run big, so I went down two sizes with them!

IMG 1412

*Not the best picture of the actual toy but the best view of Skye.  This Elmo alphabet set has been the biggest thing to help my kids with their letters.  They look forward to using it together, it’s easy to take places (road trips!!), and it is simple.

IMG 1077

*Sunglasses that are very cute but also very cheap because I will lose them eventually (losing sunglasses is my specialty).  $13!

IMG 1414

*Our trail shoes arrived… I went with the Hoka Speedgoat (some friends with plantar told me that these are the only trail shoes they will wear now) and Andrew went with the Wildhorse.  I cannot wait to get these out in the dirt!

IMG 1413


Have any fun weekend plans?  

Something that you lose often?

How much time between eating and working out do you need?

If you have a pet, how are they with kids?

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Looking forward to a longer run this weekend! Since school has started back, I haven’t done much more than some quick 20-30 minute runs before or after teaching. I’m looking forward to a longer run tomorrow morning to get back in my groove. Beretta seems so chill and sweet. My husband and I don’t have kids yet, but our dog Molly is super sweet with kids of all ages. I bring her to school with me all the time (I work at a PK3-5th grade school) and she tolerates so much chaos from my students! :) Can’t wait to hear what you think of the Hoka Speedgoats, would love a review on those sometime! Happy Friday!


YAY for a longer run this weekend. Fitting in runs while teaching is SO hard, you are amazing and I always used to do the same thing–> get in the long stuff over the weekend! Let me know how it goes. Molly sounds amazing, I wish my kids could meet her! I love that you are able to bring her to school, I bet they will love her! YES, I’ll definitely write a review. Thanks Emily, happy Friday to you too!


Love all these jean recs! You have convinced me to try Madewell jeans.
Weekend plans: Running the Houston Marathon. Headed there today and hoping for a fun weekend and a great race. First in person race since March 2020.


Once I tried them, I can’t remember buying jeans anywhere else haha.
AHHHHH GOOD LUCK AVERY! I am SO incredibly happy for you. Will you please let me know how it goes? It is going to feel so good to be back racing. 26.2 wahoooo!


That dinner looks delish. Crispy gnocchi is the best kept secret.
And- I need to go running shoe shopping this weekend. I love seeing which shoes you have been trying beyond Brooks. Did they stop their ambassadorship program? I suggest to start campaigning for Hoka ambassadorship and go hang out with NAZ Elite. ha


I really think I could eat crispy gnocchi every day of my life ha. You’ll have to let me know what shoes you try! That’s kind of a big question that I could write a novel about ha! The program is very different from what it used to be and my plantar is what made me stop being able to wear Brooks right now (I hope I will be able to again someday) but it felt like the timing was right in a lot of ways to try different things! Oh that would be AMAZING to work with Hoka and meet NAZ Elite, I’m not sure what their programs are with influencers etc. I hope your day is a wonderful one, thanks Molly!


Have any fun weekend plans? We are supposed to get 10 – 12 inches of snow so some shoveling is in my future. And hopefully some sledding on Sunday.
Something that you lose often? I really don’t lose things. Not sure why. I grew up wearing glasses so I am hyper-vigilant about keeping track of them.
How much time between eating and working out do you need? Depends what I am doing. If I am biking or lifting, I don’t need much time. And here is Iowa, it is a state past time to drink beer and ride bicycles so… I used to need a few hours between eating and running but now I am OK with about 90 minutes.
If you have a pet, how are they with kids? We have two dogs and they are great. When my kids were little, we had two beagles and we had terrorized them so that they would be fine. Pulled their ears, draped on top of them, stole their toys. Made the adjustment to those little hands a lot easier.


10-12 inches of SNOW! Wow, drink lots of hot chocolate all weekend and have fun sledding. Teach me how to avoid losing everything I own;). I could definitely eat right before lifting too! Hahah wouldn’t that be a little dangerous (I know nothing about drinking!). Your dogs sound amazing and so patient! Have a beautiful day, Jackie!


I’m like Andrew. Pretty much zero time and it does not matter what I ate either.
Happy Friday.


TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!! Happy Friday to you Erica, enjoy your long weekend with Chris and Hope!


I always lose or ruin sunglasses too! The most expensive sunglasses I have are Goodrs because I can’t justify spending more on something I can’t take care of haha.

This weekend it is supposed to snow, so I’ll be staying cozy at home and doing lots of homework. But I also bought a new puzzle for a fun winter indoors activity, so excited to start that! Have a good weekend :)


You aren’t alone with that. Seriously, Goodrs are the best running sunglasses ever! Enjoy staying in this weekend and drink plenty of hot chocolate with your puzzle!


Hi Janae! I’m looking at the Hotty Hot Lululemon shorts online, but am unsure of the sizing as I know they run very small. Would you recommend sizing up or are they pretty true to size? I do not like super tight running shorts. Thank you!


Hey Gisele! I would definitely go up in size! Most of mine are size 6 which feels great but then I have a few in size 4 too for days I want a more fitted short if that makes sense. So I would go up if I were you if you don’t like tight running shorts. I hope this makes sense, let me know what you think of them! Have a great day!


Do the Speedgoats still have the sharp leather edge on the tongue or have they switched back to padded? Let us know how you like them.


Hi Janae! I can easy run about twenty minutes after eating a banana. I can workout right away after other meals but not run!
I have Monday off! My dad just got a cool new job so we will celebrate that!
Happy Friday!


CONGRATS to your dad! Enjoy celebrating together!


I just looked and yep, the tongue does seem a bit uncomfortable looking, padded would feel so much better. I’ll have to wear tall socks! I totally will, thanks John and have a great day!


I am always looking for a comfy cute pair of jeans!! I’m going to try these out…you said 2 sizes down, did you get a 24 or 25?
Ps: also wanted to ask you how the Clifton 8’s run for size. I am a size 7 and in the ghosts I size up half a size to 7.5, I read reviews and most say the Cliftons run big. Did you go true to size or size down in them?


I went with a 25! Normally I just go down one at madewell and get the 26 but this time needed two sizes down! I can definitely see why the reviews said that but I stuck with my normal 10s (what I wear in brooks and asics now) and love that they are a bit roomier in the toe box! I’m sure the 9.5 would work great too but just not as much room in the toe box! Good luck and let me know how it all goes. Happy weekend Ashley!


The gloves you mentioned in this post, when do you wear them? I remember you loving some other Lululemon mittens that are thicker. Different temps?


Yes! I use these thinner ones for 30-50 degrees and the thicker ones for anything under 30! Have a great day, Mary!

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