Tangents + What are your thoughts on this?

(Shirt, vest, gloves, leggings, shoes, earwarmer)

We have two runs to go over since the last time we talked.

Saturday:  10-minute bodyweight strength workout (all of my strength is from the Peloton app now) followed by 8 miles with friends @ 9:04 average.

I took Sunday off, and then on Monday, I had another 8 miles @ 8:22 average.  I am considering trying out some strides this week, but I’m also really nervous about any speed bringing that plantar pain back, so we shall see!  It’s always scary to switch things up when things are feeling so good.

IMG 8611

(Top, leggings, socks)

After my run yesterday, I did a 15-minute bodyweight workout, and for the planks on our elbows, the instructor said to try them with your palms up.  Somehow switching the direction of my hands made it much harder for the rest of my body to hold the plank ha.

IMG 8629

And now let’s get into a lot of tangents…

*Brooke finally found Cheddar Jack Cheez-Its.  They are by far the best flavor, and we haven’t been able to find them anywhere other than the airport.  It was a very glorious day in Brooke’s life when we found them.

IMG 8532

*We are supposed to get snow this week, and we are all crossing every finger and toe that we get it and lots of it.  We decided not to do ski passes this winter (with Andrew’s schooling and some projects we want to do), but we will get in plenty of sledding and skiing next winter.

IMG 8529

*Brooke has reached the age of doing whatever she can to avoid having to wash her hair… it’s a hard time in life to hit.

IMG 8592

*Did you see the adjustment in the qualifying times for the Olympic Marathon Trials?  I guessed it would be changed to 2:40, but 2:37 surprised me.   It will be interesting to see how many women qualify this time around.   At first, I was bummed because an OTQ has been a big goal of mine, but running hasn’t been clicking the way I expected it to (and I just can’t make it the priority right now that it used to be), so it’s time to make some new fun goals!  I feel so bad for any women who were so close to hitting this goal, but I believe that they can get that 2:37 if that is what they want!

Screen Shot 2021 12 04 at 3 10 45 PM

*TJ’s bruschetta on top of a grilled cheese sandwich… I could eat this all day long.

IMG 8597

*One of Brooke and Knox’s teachers sent this to me, which made me very happy.

Screenshot 2021 12 04 at 10 56 59 PM

*I started knitting again.  I am making a blanket, and then I want to learn how to make stuffed knit/crotchet animals.

IMG 8568

*Everyone is feeling back to normal again and just in time for Skye’s birthday week.  We tried a new pizza place, but the star of the show was this oreo shake with a piece of cheesecake on top.

IMG 8559

*We drove around to look at lights afterward.

IMG 8560

*Brooke told me that they made this pin for me.  ‘Good at naps.’  My incredible ability to sleep more than everyone I know (when kids allow me to:) is one thing that I am very proud of.

IMG 8539

*We are getting Beck tested for food allergies this week.  I can’t thank you all enough for the help on this topic.  It hasn’t been brought up with any doctors, so I appreciate people sharing their experiences to help us be proactive about figuring out what is going on with Beck!


Cheesecake… yum or not your thing?

Does anyone knit or crotchet?  What are your favorite things to make?

Thoughts on the marathon Olympic trials time changes?

Have any food allergies now or in the past?

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Cheesecake is delicious! I’m a big fan but I don’t have it a lot haha.

Like you I was very surprised by the new OTQ standards for women. I understand it was a big financial burden last year but they could’ve done it where anyone who meets the A standard doesn’t have to pay but if you get the B standard then you have to pay your travel and lodging. That way people can still work to achieve the OTQ but if they go to the trials or not is a personal decision. Granted it was a personal decision this year to go or not but as far as I know, every women that qualified went to Atlanta


That is so true… I forgot that anyone that didn’t hit the A standard had to pay themselves. Interesting! Wish I could have been in on the meeting to hear exactly why they changed it to what they did. I hope you get some cheesecake soon! Have the best day, Maureen!


I knit and crochet! Right now I am into crocheting blankets but I also like to knit scarves, shawls, and socks. I’ve also gotten the bug to knit a sweater again. I’ve only knitted a few and will wear only two. But last week I wore one of them and got lots of compliments. So that made me excited to knit one again!


You will have to show me the blankets you are making these days! A sweater?!?! YOU ARE GOALS. That is really so awesome! I hope you are having a beautiful day and wish we could all get together to knit!


Hi Janae! I loved your sister’s post yesterday. Her skills are no joke! We were expecting snow this week…and now we are not. I just wanted to chime in and say I am a knitter! My mom crochets, but I just can’t quite pick that up. I LOVE to knit hats! They knit up so quick. I love knitting in the round…that is my fave. My instagram handle is @201pilates and I post about my knitting a lot if you ever want to check it out. I post about my fave patterns, yarns, tutorial videos, etc. I can’t wait to see the FO ( that’s finished object, I had to look that up. I am so old) Have a great day!!!!


No snow here, we’ve only had a couple nights get frosty at all – and I don’t mind a bit, this is our first winter in this house and I’m scared of all the hills and curves I’ll need to drive ?

I crochet, I’ve mostly done baby blankets, but I’ve made really cute hats for my daughters recently, got to make one for my son and me as well next! I love how fast I can get them finished ?. I made some stuffies about 10 years ago but dropped it because they never turned out quite how I wanted.


Oh I hope that your winter is a chill one as you get used to the turns and hills… driving in the snow is seriously the worst. That is so great that you have made baby blankets and hats! I need to start making my kids hats, thank you for the motivation. Hahaha I have a feeling that is how the stuffies will go for me… they just look SO cute online. Have a beautiful day, Karen and I wish we could all get together to crotchet/knit!


Hey Crissy! Thank you so much, I am so amazed by her too! Oh, I hope you guys get some snow soon. We need a knitting club and to get together and do it! SO so cool! You will have to teach me how to knit hats! Okay, just went through your IG and oh my goodness, you are so incredible… we are on much different levels! I need to hire you! Hope your day is a great one too!


If you are going to get food allergies tested, you may also consider getting a celiac blood test. One of my youngest had it for a few years before getting really sick and being diagnosed. He was a lot more susceptible to ear infections and strep. He had a tonsillectomy, but the biggest difference in the ear infections came after the celiac diagnosis and stopping gluten. For him, the two were related


Thank you SO much for telling me about this. I will absolutely ask for this too. Is this by chance something your son will grow out of that or will he be celiac for life? You are amazing! Thanks for helping me and I hope your day is a beautiful one.


Unfortunately, celiac is auto-immune and is for life. There is no cure or medicine. It’s completely managed through diet which is great inside your own home/kitchen. The complicating part is the tiniest amount of gluten (crumb) causes major issues, so social eating, eating out, and traveling can be problematic. It is so worth it though seeing him start to thrive whereas he had become too tired to even climb the stairs to go to bed at night and had no stamina to even play like a normal kid.


Cheesecake, YES!! And I love making cheesecakes too. I just made a pumpkin swirl cheesecake for Thanksgiving.
Holy cow, 2:37!! That’s so fast! I’m not terribly surprised, with how strong US distance running has become, especially on the women’s side. But that seems so much faster than 2:45 (or 2:40 something).
I just read a great little quote by Amanda Brooks – It may seem like everyone is running a marathon, but that doesn’t mean you have to. That just really spoke to me this morning. I have several friends training for some marathons in February and March, and I was starting to feel the pressure of running with them. But I know it’s not the right time for me right now. Instead, I am going to focus on other goals. So here’s to setting our own paths and goals ?
Yay for everyone feeling good now! What a nice feeling.
Have a great day Janae!


A pumpkin swirl cheesecake, you are incredible! Teach me your ways! Seriously, the women’s side is SO so strong! Oh I love that quote, it really is so important to chase after the goals that are right for US. Thank you, I needed that too! Happy Tuesday to you, Wendy!


My son had a lot of ear infections and it turned out that he was allergic to our cats. So allergies really can play a role.


Oh WOW! That is so so interesting. I cannot wait to get some answers. Thanks for sharing, hope your day is a beautiful one. Thanks Allison!


I just want to say that watching you set big running goals for yourself has inspired me so much the past couple of years. I definitely understand the disappointment one can feel when running just isn’t clicking the way one wants it to, but it will always be there for us when we want it to be. Maybe it’s time to challenge yourself with new and different goals, but don’t let the change in the qualifying times and plantar fasciitis get you down… “Keep your eyes on your dreams, however distant and far away.” — Elder Holland


THANK YOU for your comment… it means the world to me! And just the quote I needed. You are the best, thank you Clare. I hope your day is a fabulous one!


I’m glad you found a way to enjoy strength training. I use youtube and sort of developed a “fan” type situation with a couple youtube people (NourishMoveLove specifically). Makes it so easy and simple to do it at home. I just have some heavier dumbbells’ that I think I have made a big difference in my running. I wish I could nap but I really struggle with it. I do better just sleeping in if I need more sleep but again- kids.


Those kids just keep us from sleeping:). Seriously, that is the key… finding the right source/place/way to strength train makes it so much more enjoyable. I will have to try NourishMoveLove, thank you so much for sharing and I love hearing that it is helping your running… I’m excited for it to help mine! Have a great day!


I hope you figure out what is going on with Beck and he feels better soon!!

Ah I haven’t run a marathon distance in years! I have run longer and shorter than a marathon. I don’t have a burning desire at the moment lol but we will see! OTQ are getting so fast! ..

The crackers look soo good!

Happy Monday!


Thank you Kristine, I really hope we do soon too! Keep doing exactly what brings you joy with your running. I LOVE following your adventures. I hope you get some good crackers soon. Thanks friend, you too!


Oh Cheez-Its!!! My daughter had terrible allergies as a child. Her symptoms were more crying/behavior and redness/hives/breakouts/breathing. We couldn’t have her tested until 1 year old and just when I was pulling my hair out thinking I was failing at this mothering thing, a friend suggested an allergist check her out. We were stunned. She was allergic to dairy (true allergy, not intolerance), tomato products, apple/pear puree based products, nuts and a few others. The best route for her personally was immunotherapy treatments, 3 times a day for 5 years and lots of blood draws BUT… today at age 13 she is 98% allergy free because of those treatments. I sure hope you find some answers for little Beck, whatever the answers are, so he can be on his way to better days again soon. It’s so hard to see our babies not feeling well. Praying for answers for him.


Oh WOW. That must have been incredibly frustrating and so so sad. She was allergic to so many things! I am so glad that immunotherapy was able to help her and that she is doing SO well now. Thank you for the help and encouragement, it means the world to me. Happy Tuesday, Michele!


Love to crochet! I was just thinking about it on my run because at work we have to do an introduction and include a fun fact people may not know. That is mine. My Oma taught me when I was 14. A blanket I made win grand champion at the state fair….I still have it too! Now I do it to stay awake while watching tv/movies. Excited to see your creations!!!


Your blanket WON at the state fair, that is too cool! Hahaha that is what Andrew said, maybe I’ll stay awake for a movie now because I am knitting. Wish we could get together and do it. I hope your day is a beautiful one!


Good morning Janae! Happy to hear everyone is feeling better – and just in time for birthday week – WAHOO!!
I am a big fan of cheesecake and am on a mission to find/make a good vegan version. We’ll see how it goes…some things are worth altering your eating choices on a temporary basis though LOL!
So cool that you knit! I have been giving serious consideration to learning to crochet (the miles long chains I crocheted as a kid don’t really count). I need a hobby that can be calming :o)
Your food allergy question reminded me that my brother who had all kinds of ENT issues, including tubes, when was very young did have food allergies. On a related note, I am in no way an expert, but wanted to share that there is some interesting research about the effectiveness of pediatric chiropractic care on many things including chronic ear, sinus, and throat infections in kids. Apparently, spinal subluxation is pretty common in the birth process and can impact many aspects of health. The chiropractor I have used does a lot with pediatric care. That may not resonate with you at all – just throwing it out there as you work to find some answers and relief for the little guy. Have an awesome day today, Janae!


HEY JANINE! Thank you so much, hoping we stay healthy through the holidays too! You will have to keep me updated with your quest for the best vegan version of cheesecake! I appreciate you sharing about your brother and we are calling around to different pediatric chiropractors too. That is so so true, so much can happen during that birth process. THANK YOU for the help and it absolutely does resonate with me (my chiropractor has helped me so much). Happy Tuesday to you, friend.


I was surprised by the OTQ time. In one sense I’m a little sad because I think the 2020 time inspired so many women to chase big dreams because it was somewhat attainable. But I think after the initial shock, people will adjust their goals and many will surprise themselves!

You inspired me to get the Peloton app to do the strength classes. Just a week in it’s amazing the difference I can feel in my body when I’m running or cycling. I’m excited to see where this goes!

We have snow coming too. It’s been so weird to go this late into December without it. But I was happy to get to spend time on the trails this late into the year. The trails in the Caldor Fire area opened just before Thanksgiving, and it’s been nice to get out to our regular spots and neighborhood trails. It’s a little weird to see how much the landscape has changed, but I think it helps to process the whole event.


I totally agree, it really was so fun watching so many women work so hard towards the OTQ goal. I think it really pushed a lot of women further than they thought they could go. YES, let’s see that happen again to women with the new standard.
Okay, you made my day telling me about what the Peloton app strength is doing for you. KEEP ME UPDATED and which instructors/classes are your favorite. It has been nice to get some more time on the dirt this year than normal. Enjoy the snow on its way. Happy Tuesday, Michelle!


Cheesecake is one of only a handful of foods that I absolutely cannot stand. Others on the list are peaches, and mint + chocolate combo. Gross!
My mom has tried to teach me to knit, but I don’t have the patience. I can’t sit still for more than ten minutes, and do not find it relaxing at all. haha. I totally admire folks who do knit and crochet, though!
I have never been anywhere near an OTQ, but lowering the time by 8 minutes in one year does seem a little harsh. I wonder what the data behind selecting that number was?
Have a great day, Janae and family!


STACEY. How in the world can you not like peaches along with the mint/chocolate combo. I am so sorry for you;). Hahah I’m sure I have foods that I don’t like that you would question my sanity! That’s what I was thinking about… what is the data behind the change in time? It will be interesting to see how many women are able to qualify this time around. Thanks Stacey, you too!


Hi Janae! At the park a few weeks ago I saw a woman knitting with thr coolest loom. If you go on Etsy and search for a Mexican knitting loom it will come up. You pretty much loop everything on pins in a row and it goes sooo quickly! And it looks fun too so I thought I would mention it.
I’m interested to know about the food allergies. I haven’t heard of that in correlation to ear infections. I hope your baby feels much better soon.


I’ve been crocheting since my grandma taught me as a little girl. I just barely started learning to knit this year, and am loving it. For both, I like sticking to smaller projects (hats, scarves, wash cloths, etc)–I want to know I can finish the project up and not have it hanging over my head! :D


Yes I too was surprised about the new trails qualifications

Glad your kiddos are feeling better.

I used to quilt before I started my own business…maybe I’ll try it again ?


Cheesecake-not a fan but then had cheesecake in Germany and now I love it. I think it’s more mild and not as rich. It’s popular here and right now you can get Spekulatius cheesecake which is cheesecake with bits of gingersnaps in it and on top. I’ve convinced myself that a piece of cheesecake (shared) is really good mid long ride fuel. Haha.

I am curious about the new OQT as well-it feels arbitrary. I know the last trials was $$$ due to covering costs but they could easily have an A and B qualifying. I saw a change coming due to the large field (yay!!!) though.

Food allergies. Oof. I have a histamine intolerance that stems back to childhood but I swear, after having kids then during 40 (and now 50) really put me in a whole new category of allergies and intolerances! It’s so annoying. My only serious allergy is to walnuts. I’m sensitive to things but have also built back some tolerances thanks to a very savvy and smart dietician. (being honest, I had a very long lasting ED into adulthood with a relapse and very much messed up my hormones and GI so note to everyone……get treatment sooner than later!)

Sending continued healing vibes to all!!! AND SNOW!!!!


My sister had ear infections ALL THE TIME as a kiddo. They were going to do tubes but tried taking her off of milk products before going that route. They decreased incredibly and she did not have to do tubes :)


Hi Janae! Check out Ravelry.com. It’s a great resource and community for knitters and crocheters.

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