Silentish Saturday!

(earwarmer, jacket, leggings, gloves)

My favorite playground.

6.23 miles @ 9:45 pace

IMG 9690

Loved making the first prints in some areas.

IMG 9700

IMG 9722

A blanket for the car is necessary after a winter trail run.

IMG 9726

Love Bird for food.

IMG 9732

Had to make a stop for a present we forgot about (now we are officially done shopping).  This store is my current favorite.

IMG 9733

You know you are in a cool area when there are horse tie-down rings on the curb!

IMG 9734

Nobody enjoys Coldplay as much as Skye does.

IMG 9740

Went to go see Santa again:)

IMG 9746

All bundled up.

IMG 9742

IMG 9749

Probably the best way to end the night.

IMG 9753

PS he gets his ear tubes on MONDAY NOW!

IMG 9736

It was a great day with just the right amount of tantrums and cleaning mixed in;).


Tell me three things you are up to today?!

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Hi! What shoes are you wearing in the snow?! Love the pics! Have a good weekend!


Hey Jane! Here they are, I am loving them. Have a beautiful weekend!


I am so envious you have completed shopping! I still have several things we stew airing on I the mail, and one to pick up tomorrow. Three things today: Rain walk with our new “pup” (he’s three, but new to us), run with new pup (he’s hard to tire out), and pick up the Sunday roast at the farmer’s market.

Happy holidays to you and your entire family!!!


Tonya! Happy holidays! I hope you are able to complete your Christmas shopping ASAP and smoothly. Congratulations on your new pup! He sounds very energetic! And your dinner tomorrow sounds amazing. Have a beautiful day!


The mountains are beautiful!! Looks so cold, but so pretty!
I am so happy to hear that Beck is getting his tubes on Monday! Yay!! That is going to make a huge difference.
Today we are finishing our shopping!! Just a few things to pick up.
But first, I am going to try out a run with the Peloton app. I’ll definitely let you know how it goes.
Have a really good weekend!


Ahhh so happy about you trying out the Peloton app! Good luck finishing up your shopping! Thank you friend, I am counting down the minutes until Monday!


Best of luck with tubes! One of mine got them at nine months and they helped so much. Ear infection free for years now. I was not totally prepared for how much blood could come out of the ear in the first 24 hours so be prepared with some towels, old burp cloths, etc.


Tubes on Monday- YAY!!!!

This morning I ran 5.5 miles with friends and then went out to breakfast. We also found a super cute new bookstore!

Tonight is a holiday get together with some friends from school (now that the semester is officially over!).


Yay for ear tubes on Monday!!
Ran 6 miles this morning at a very slow recovery pace!
Still celebrating my first full marathon finish of 5:05!!! Wanted to come in under 5, but the heat and humidity of Hawaii is not something to be underestimated!
Wrapping up Christmas shopping tomorrow and trying to adjust to being back to reality again
Have an amazing weekend friend!


Those trails look amazing!
Peloton this morning, holiday baking and a manicure are on the agenda today.
Have a great weekend!


Hi Janae! I didn’t know that’s what the rings are for! That’s so cool! I agree, that’s the best feeling ever to make the first footprints in snow.
Have a great rest of your weekend!!


That jacket is so cute-is yours the same cut as the link it goes to? Curious if you find the fit true to size or runs small (like the reviews).

Today was a short trail run-return to running after a metatarsal stress fracture. A few months ago I was running 20-23miles on a Saturday and now I’m thrilled to run 30 minutes! perspective. After that, off to sports for kiddo, then finally some holiday shopping and ended the night with a coffee from the nicest people at the cafe-despite them closing within 15 minutes they were so nice and fun (we drank the coffee outside). You’d appreciate this-as we turned our mugs in they told us that the cheesecake was 1 euro a slice! YES!!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


I love running in the snow!

Did you ever get Beck tested for allergies? Or check with Dr Bennett to see what his approach would be? Hoping he gets relief soon!


WOOHOO FOR TUBES ON MONDAY!!! I will be thinking of y’all in the morning!

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