Proving My Sister Wrong + Tangents!

(Hat, shirt, leggings, shoes)

Andrew and I stayed up way too late watching movies but then I somehow woke up without an alarm clock early and ready to go run.

Winter is sure gorgeous here.

IMG 9354

My longest run since my half-marathon at the beginning of October… wahoo!

IMG 9371

After I got the big kids to school, I did a 20-minute total body workout on the Peloton app.

I despise mountain climbers and there were a lot of them in yesterday’s workout.  Every single muscle in my body screams to be done about three seconds into them but I’m doing them because they must be something I need!

Also, that laundry has been staring at me for a very long time…

IMG 9377

And we finally got it all put away.

Looks like we are having soup all week:)


Let’s talk about some tangents!

*Camille Herron set a new 100 mile American Track Record… I CANNOT IMAGINE running 100 miles on a track. She is incredible.

*I’m kind of obsessed with green these days (it hit strongly the other day when I painted my nails green and now I want to wear green every day)… A few people have asked for my beanie link and coat link (the color looks a bit different online than in person but it’s the same and it is beautiful) from the other day!

IMG 9159

Beck will happily wear a beanie now without tearing it off so we will survive winter!

IMG 9146

*Just happy tearing up as I write this… Skye and Brooke both have their Christmas parties at the exact same time this week.  I had signed up for both (before I knew they were at the same time) and when I told the girls, Brooke requested right away that Andrew come to her party.  I PRAYED FOR YEARS to find someone like Andrew to be her step-dad.

*I will now be basing the days I do the Peloton around the weather ha.  The two coldest days of each week = Peloton time.  My sister thought for sure once my foot wasn’t hurting that I would be back to running every day but I’m proving her wrong;). I love that thing!

My text conversation with Austin (my ultra pacer… he does 100 milers for fun;)

IMG 9031

*Christmas shopping and wrapping complete.  I am proud.  Time to just kick back and relax.

IMG 9348

*And to finish up our discussion on the Rudolph song–>  I was taught ‘You’ll go down in history, like Columbus.’  My brother-in-law just let us know that he was taught ‘like George Washington’ and I felt SHOCKED that there was a different version.  He was raised on the east coast so maybe this is a west coast, east coast thing?  I loved all of the answers from yesterday’s post… and I read them to my kids:)

*Beck is over winter already.


What is your cut off temperature for running?

-I think this year it will be anything in the single digits.

Do laundry right away or let it sit and stare at you for a while?

Have a favorite color?  Has it always been your favorite color?

Have a strength move that you absolutely despise?

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Okay so jealous that you’re done with your shopping and wrapping!! My shopping is done but I don’t wrap until I get to my parents house. It seems silly to wrap my gifts here and then drive to Chicago without them ripping or getting messed up. At least wrapping isn’t too hard.

I do laundry once a week and honestly the only reason I don’t procrastinate is I need to wash my sports bra hahah. Looking for a new one that I love since my favorite one got discontinued so I have exactly as many as I need for the week right now. It’s good and bad.

Usually I hate anything burpee related but today I had a bear row to plank row and WOW it’s so hard.


I agree that waiting to wrap is definitely the best call for you. SO happy you will get to go home to your parents’ house for the holidays. HAHAH YES… the sports bras are my motivators too. Burpees are the absolute worst too, I avoid them at all costs ha. Way to get in the strength already this morning. Enjoy your Tuesday!


Hi Janae! One day you will knit yourself your own beanie! You read it here first. Ok, so I don’t comment a lot because I don’t feel like I always have something witty enough, but here goes on the Rudolph song: “Like Napoleon!” I grew up and still live in New Jersey so I don’t know if that makes a difference. So there’s another version and I bet the comments will bring out more! Oh and the strength move. I am a pilates trainer and I admit to my class that I despise single leg bridges but I do them anyway because the unilateral training is great for your core and glutes. Have a great day!


I seriously cannot wait to make my own! YOUR COMMENTS ARE ALWAYS THE BEST. I love hearing from you. You are the first to say ‘like napoleon! I love hearing everyone’s versions. Off to get in some single leg bridges. I wish I could come to your class! Thanks Crissy, you too!


Have you tried any of the Peloton coached runs yet? They are SO good. I use them both indoors and outdoors. My favorite coach is Becs Gentry (super peppy and upbeat, great music,2:32 marathoner). She is LEGIT. I was listening to a podcast with CJ Albertson after Boston where he was talking about how he did most of his training on the tread with Becs. Anyway, I’m always surprised by how I think my training is going well and then I do a Peloton coached run and I’m like ah, this is what it feels like to actually work hard again. ? (They have great chill runs too! But if I really want a good workout, I’ll stack Peloton runs rather than just doing it solo. Becs can get speeds and hill climbs out of me that I did not dream were possible!)


I haven’t yet (I have been so boring with my runs) but I will now! I have taken a few of her strength classes and I adore her! THANK YOU for the inspiration… I’m excited to try it out. You are rocking it. Thanks Rachael!


So crazy you learned a different historical person for Rudolph! Makes me think we could say anyone and use it as a history lesson for kids hahaha.

I hate burpees. And they are a core part of every cardio class! I know they are good for me, but I always groan when someone says burpees.

Aww it’s so sweet to hear how close Brooke and Andrew are! Also, Brooke is such a great big sister!! I know having Andrew go to her party will be amazing, but since that wasn’t the original plan, it’s nice that she offered to change hers so Skye’s party plans could stay the same!


LOOOVVVEEEEE Andrew’s mustard hooded coat. So cool!


I am envious that you are all done! I still need something for the other half!

Well I once ran in -35 degrees Celsius but I didn’t know it was that cold till after. I couldn’t figure out why I was so cold even with thermals and full on winter running gear. And the absence of dog walkers should have told me something lol.

If it were up to me laundry would sit forever in but it makes my partner crazy lol so he Puts the dry laundry on the bed so that I need to put it away.

Have an amazing day Janae!


Haha. I am from Colorado and always sung the Rudolph line as “like George Washington.”


I am so excited… My niece (not the one living with us) is going to let me use her Peleton app! She and her husband LOVE the bike, but they also really love the yoga instructors too. I can’t wait to try out some of the running and strength workouts.
I am a bit strange I think, because I like doing laundry. I do let rags sit and stare at me, but the other laundry gets done as soon as I start.
I have been loving a deep burgundy color lately, and grey too. I tend to wear lots of denim and black, so finding other colors is fun!
Oh I love the closeness between Andrew and Brooke! It is special and so sweet!
We are getting a ton of rain today, so after my meeting this morning, I’m heading straight to the gym for an easy run followed by strength work ?
Have a great Tuesday!


Hey Janae! I can appreciate your love for green—it’s my favorite color! I just think it’s a happy color!

Kudos to you for getting the gifts WRAPPED already! My shopping is 90% done, but I’ve wrapped nothing! I’m in school until 12/23 :0 I was just telling my husband last night that this doesn’t give me much time to get the wrapping done. ha ha I like to wait until school is OVER and I can RELAX to do it!

Strength moves I hate—BURPEES and COMMANDOS!!!!!! I will still do the commandos if they’re in my workout, but burpees never happen. Life is too short to force myself to jump rope or do burpees. ha ha ha

Have a fantastic day!!!!


Ohio in the 1980s- “Like Mickey Mouse!” and, like you, I’m shocked there are other versions. George Washington? Wow!


I’m from Ohio and have never heard “like micky mouse!” We always said “like George Washington” hahaha!


First off, are those Polly Pockets that Skye is playing with? What an assortment! I bought one for my older son to open on our recent plane ride, and he LOVED it. I may have to see if Santa has room for more in his bag ;) Although I consider myself done with shopping and wrapping, too, so maybe it’ll have to wait until our next plane ride!
I will run outside in any temperature, but stay in if it’s too windy. I despise running in wind, and cold wind is just not worth it.
I can’t stand … I think they are called “walking planks.” It’s a plank, but then you go up and down from your elbows to hands. Honestly, if a workout video has those in it, I just hold a plank. I have extremely long arms, so going from the “down” plank to the “up” one seems to take extra effort. haha
My favorite color is green :)


When I was younger and lived in Kansas the temperature cutoff for running was over 105, under 20 on the thermometer, or below 0 wind chill. Here in the Northwest now I am ok cycling/running up to the low 90’s and down to just above freezing (I can’t afford to slip and hurt anything else that I have not already injured. One only has so many limbs, lol).

I really enjoy my strength and fitness work right now but my injured rotator cuff still does not like push ups and burpees can be a challenge.


East Coast here, and we say “George Washington.” Funny!


Hi Janae! I was wondering if you could give me some gifts ideas for my mountain biking brother. I don’t have a huge budget, but I’d like to get him something he will like and can use.


HEY ALLISON! I asked Andrew and he gave me these links… I really hope it helps:


I’ve been pretty wimpy this winter and anything under 20 degrees has me staying inside :-)

Your pile of laundry hurts my soul, lol, I stay on top of laundry!

I don’t have a Peloton machine but I’ve been using the app for a year now and I am obsessed! I love all the classes – I take the tread classes on my own treadmill and Becs Gentry is my person <3 But any workout that mentions V-ups makes me want to cry because I HATE those!!

I hope baby Beck is doing okay and will get his ear tubes soon! It will be such a relief when he gets them!!


Hi Janae!! Wow – shopping and wrapping done? Good for you!! Hey, there are 11 days left, I don’t want to rush things LOL!!!
My cut off temp for running is single digits or a wind chill that makes it feel like single digits. Even in the northeast, that still leaves a lot of days that are OK for winter runs that are outside.
Ahhhh laundry…I have been all over the place in my life with staying on top of it or letting it give me a death stare for a good long while. Strangely though, I find folding to be almost meditative at times – weird.
I usually have more than one favorite color going on at a time, but purple is always there :o)
Burpees. ’nuff said.
Have a wonderful day, Janae!!


I am thinking really hard and I don’t remember a “go down in history like ….”. I learned it just as “you will go down in history”.

Didn’t you wear some press-on nail polish at some point? I am feeling extra glamorously lazy and wanted to try some.


Me too! I don’t recall ever hearing anything after “history” either.


Chelsea, hahaha it’s so funny to hear we all learned it differently! I did try the Aspen ones and I reallllly tried to love them but I just didn’t after a while because they were pretty high maintence/ended up being more expensive than getting my nails done and I like more of a variation in colors. I do love this top coat for polish… it makes my normal nail polish look like gel nails. Hope you are having a great day!


I’ve only heard – goes down in history like Charlie Brown!


My run on Saturday was with a 19 degree wind chill. I remember thinking it actually wasn’t so bad, but then I couldn’t get warm the rest of the day! I’m sure you saw that tomorrow in Utah there is a winter storm warning so I’m wondering if I’m going to be brave enough to get out there in the morning…


oh sure, running in the snow is fun….we received a christmas treat of about a million feet here, so time to get the xc skis out….I will not do anything inside if I can help it….I’m not going to knock treadmills or Peleton, but on one of my routes I always see someone inside an apartment on a treadmill, looking outside, I wave and wonder, why?… the Lulu tougue, and I love printing out the word tougue, it confuses MSWord…..


Hi Janae! Did you get the soup from Costco or Sam’s? Thanks!


Hey!!! These two are from Costco. Hope your day is a wonderful one!


Wait ! Whoa ! That picture of Andrew and Brooke…. the strap hanging around Brooke’s neck…. is that a chapstick hanging there too? What is this incredible invention? Have you been holding out on me? I MUST know what that is? The only chapstick holders I’ve ever seen are the kind that look like a pepper spray holster.


This is so weird but – re a few posts ago, I’ve also been having a kind of wardrobe midlife crisis. Do you think it’s the realisation we maybe havent got very many years left to FLAUNT IT IF YOU’VE GOT IT? ;) lol
And i also hate mountain climbers and have been on a green binge recently. My fave colour will always be blue though!

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