ALWAYS makes me cry + family rule.

(ear warmervesttop, leggings)

We were able to come down south for a few days!  The doctor told us Beck was totally okay to travel and he has been the happiest baby since the surgery so we were able to leave and go celebrate with Andrew’s family.  We didn’t think we would go before the tubes were placed but those little things have changed everything for Beck.  I didn’t realize the stress it had been putting on us until afterward when I wasn’t feeling it anymore… the last few months have been rough!

We were able to get out for some miles together thanks to a niece.

8 miles @ 8:23 average.

IMG 9884

Andrew took the kids out swimming while Beck napped (he can’t get his ears wet for a little while) and I watched Stepmom.  This was one of my favorite movies when I was a teenager… little did I know I would be a step mom one day too!  This movie makes me cry (ehhh SOB) every single time I watch it.

And then we were off for the day…

I have a rule with our kids that if we come across a museum and have time, we go in and explore.  I always get some complaining (mostly from Andrew this time;) before but then everyone is happy afterward when they learn something new.

IMG 9902

We also made it to the park.

IMG 8856

IMG 9908

IMG 9932

IMG 9922

And she insists on wearing snow boots even though there hasn’t ever been enough snow in St. George for snow boots;)

IMG 9928

We always love to go to the Pasta Factory because Andrew worked here as a teenager.  I can never decide between their sauces so I get both.

IMG 9857

Stopping for a spontaneous game of tag is always a good choice and reminded me why I never sign up for races/runs at night;)

Brooke was running so fast she was just a blur…

IMG 9858


Have a movie that makes you cry every single time you watch it?

Do you enjoy movies or books that make you cry?  

-Andrew is always so confused that my favorite books/movies make me cry and then I watch them again.

Did you work when you were a teenager?  Where?

-I worked at Fazolis (a fast-food Italian restaurant) and then a smoothie place called Juice Press!

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love a good cry! :) emotional release is a good thing! ha

i worked at a flower shop all through high school. such a great job!

wanted you to know that i’ve used your blog to find recipes for the cookies i’ve made for the last two years’ cookie swaps i’ve partcipated in. last year was the big, fat, gooey chocolate chip recipes (it is THE best cc cookie recipe!) and this year was the almost-swig cookies. next year will be hot chocolate cookies :)

have a great day!!!


I agree, I need that emotional release sometimes! I bet you learned so many amazing things while you were working at the flower shop. I am SO happy that I’ve helped you with your cookie swaps… how about next year I come to yours too:) Thanks Courtney, you too!


I am so glad Beck is feeling better and you all too!

This may sound silly but the movie Beethoven (about the dog not the musician) always makes me cry. My Girl does too! Most of my favorite movies are comedy mysteries like Clue (with Tim Curry as the butler/Mr Body), So You Think You Married and Ax Murderer… and I never stop laughing at the same jokes!

Merry Christmas to your family ? I’m in Virginia with mine after at 12 hour drive. 15 minutes into the drive Leila said “I’m bored…” Whew. Haha. Somehow we made it with lots of car snacks and listening to podcasts. I don’t know how you do it with all the kids!


Hey Nadya! I am so so happy you were able to go to Virginia to spend the holiday with your family. Hahaha that is a long drive and I relate to Leila with road trips;) I am not a screen time person in the slightest at home but when we are doing a road trip… I pass the ipad back for movies ha… you are inspiring me to try podcasts instead this next time! Have the best time with your family! My Girl makes me sob too… and you just reminded me about Beethoven, I need to watch that! I hope your day is a beautiful one!


My son had constant ear infections when he was little-life was SO much better after tubes, that his dad and I said we would have paid cash for that surgery! I’m glad Beck is doing well too. I can’t watch Stepmom-it makes me ugly cry.


Monica, thank you so much for sharing. That is how we are feeling… we would pay anything for what this has done for Beck already! Glad I’m not the only ugly crier Stepmom watcher. Hope you are having a great morning!


Movies/Books That Make You Cry: I must love a good cry, because I do re-watch and re-read things that tear me up: The Color Purple (leaves me an ugly sobbing mess), Steel Magnolias, The Family Stone.

First Job: Age 15 at our local mall – Orange Julius (we made these drinks with fruit and cream and sugar water – so bad for you, but delish, and then we served hot dogs and nachos).


Oh my goodness I forgot all about Orange Julius, I used to love that place so so much! So fun that was your first job! I need to watch/read all of those… craving more crying ha. Hope your day is a great one, Melissa!


I worked at Baskin Robbins scooping ice cream and Coco’s as a hostess! Both dangerous work…who can resist constant ice cream or pies ;) haha.
Every once in a while I like a good cry movie but I usually don’t. The movies I’ve probably watched the most on repeat though were What Lies Beneath and The Holiday (who can resist that movie??) (and Armageddon as a kid lol). I read a great book recently called Firefly Lane (I don’t think I mentioned it here). If you haven’t read it you should!!! It made me cry. A lot. But it was really touching.


Sometimes a good cry from a book or movie is needed. Or if you’re me then it’s a song that you put on while driving that made you burst into tears lol. The Christmas Shoes by Newsong in case you’re wondering. Which is such an underrated Christmas song in my opinion!

Okay totally going to steal that family rule for whenever I have kiddos! Love that idea


Stepmom ALWAYS makes me cry! I love that movie though. Remember the ’90s movie, A Little Princess? I SOB at the end of that movie every time, without fail. Kristen Hannah books always get me, especially The Nightingale…oof. Highly recommend.

I worked at Coldstone Creamery when I was teenager! Part of the reason I can’t ever go back to that place…just the thought of all the “Birthday Cake Remix” I ate makes me a little queasy, LOL!


Hi Janae! I feel like when I’m in the right mood pretty much anything can make me cry…
Have fun in St. George! We are going cross country skiing in Sundance today!


i was lucky enough as a teenager to be able to be a guitar instructor during the school year, and gave me my summers off.
and movies that actually get to me, that’s a huge list…this time of year it’s Serendipity with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale, just watched Mixtape which did the trick (it’s was on Netflix)……but I can be so random too, I cried at the end of the first Spiderman movie…..


Awww I’m so happy to hear how well Beck is doing!!

My very first job was a paper route when I was in elementary school. Then throughout high school and college I worked at Hallmark. Never had to work in food service, I imagine that’s hard!

I met a running group for a track workout this morning at 6 am, it was so much fun! Workout was 12×400, but you could relay that with a partner so I did with my dad.


I’m so glad Beck is feeling better! I can’t watch The Little Mermaid without crying :) I watched it as a little kid, and thought that Ariel would never see her dad again, which was the saddest thing in the world to me. I haven’t watched it much as an adult, but each time I do, that feeling comes back to me. I did watch Stepmom while giftwrapping last week, and 100% cried at the end, too.
I had so many jobs as a teen, but my favorite was working as a waitress at the Outback Steakhouse. I made good money, and had so much fun with the other servers. It didn’t even feel like a job to me!
Have a very Merry Christmas, Janae and family <3


It’s so great to hear Beck is doing well. I’m sure it’s such a relief to see him happy and healthy again. I had tubes in my ears and my Mom said it made all the difference.

I cry when I watch The Fox and The Hound…every single time. I think a good cry is good for the soul.

I worked at Dairy Queen when I was in high school. My husband laughs whenever we go somewhere that has the self serve ice cream. I still make the classic curl at the top.

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Your blog is fun and very inspiring and I look forward to reading everyday.


Steel Magnolias and Return to Me ALWAYS make me cry! I haven’t watched Stepmom since I have been a mom because I don’t think I can possibly handle it!!!!

I ADORE the picture of Skye looking at Andrew!


Hi Janae! So happy that Beck is feeling better and better! That is such a great family rule you have for visiting museums – I’m going to borrow that one even though it’s just us two “adults” :o)
I just watched Stepmom on Netflix (available through December 31) the other night. I hadn’t seen it in a long time and yes indeed…cried just like every other time I have watched it! Sooooo many movies and books make me cry – happy tears, sad tears, or to steal a line from Dolly Parton’s character in Steel Magnolias, “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” Like you, I will watch them on repeat despite the waterworks :o)
Love that picture of Brooke running in front of the tree of lights!!
Have the best Wednesday in St. George, Janae!!


SAME for Stepmom! That is one of only two movies that has made me cry (the other is Marley & Me in case you were interested). The scene at the restaurant when she’s talking about picturing her daughter’s wedding day without her and the scene when she gives her son the magician cape for Christmas get me every. single. time.

I worked as a server in my late teens/early 20s and it taught me so many life skills. I have four kids five and under, and I always say that taking care of them reminds me of being in the weeds as a server on a busy night. You’re constantly running around, triaging requests (demands), keeping track of who needs what, anticipating what needs to be done next, and trying to keep everyone happy (or at least not melting down)!


Hi Janae! ‘StepMom’ is perfect for a good cry. ‘A Walk to Remember’ (IMHO, the only movie I’ve found -so far- that is better than the book) turns me into a sobbing mess every.single.time. But then so does ‘Titanic’, ‘Pearl Harbor’, and ‘The Color Purple’. Do you have any songs that make your cry? Tim McGraw- ‘Don’t Take the Girl’ and ‘If You’re Reading This’, Lee Brice ‘I Drive Your Truck’… so many. Powerful music and/or vocals make me cry too. I’m such a crier, lol.
As a teen, I worked in food service, retail, and the staple: babysitting! I hope you have so much fun in St. George!


I loved Fazoli’s! I was a lifeguard/swim coach at one of the country clubs near where I lived. The summer before I left for college I worked at Bed, Bath and Beyond.


I don’t usually comment but I had to tell you a funny story about Stepmom. My mom took myself, my best friend & brother to see it when it came out. She thought it was a comedy based on the previews. None of us were expecting what it was actually about. We all sat in the theater & sobbed for most of the movie & my brother kept begging my mom not to die. I do love the movie though & the good cry you get.


Ha! SO many movies still make me cry. Some make me cry just thinking about certain scenes: Iron Giant, officer and a gentleman, steel magnolias, joy luck club…I cry reading books too. It kinda makes for embarrassing inflight situations. ?? happy new year!

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