Who Was I? + Monday Matters.

(Top, shorts, shoes)


7 miles!  I’m running paces slower than my easy runs used to be and feeling like I’m tempoing at those paces… but it’s all part of the comeback, and I’m okay with that.

I finished up with 20 minutes of strength for runners with Becs Gentry on the Peloton App.  I think I’m going to be doing more of the strength training workouts on the Peloton app for runners now because of the focus they put on single-leg strength/unilateral exercises.  Excited for the punch this type of training will bring to my stride!

IMG 7194

I am in full Christmas mode now because I keep forgetting Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet.  We celebrated last week, and I feel like everyone else did too;)

IMG 7207

We even went to go pick out our tree.

IMG 7228

IMG 7221

Sunday was the ultimate in laziness.

IMG 7353

We did decorate the tree.

IMG 7355

And I ate pie right out of the tin with some soda on the couch.

Screen Shot 2021 11 21 at 3 29 57 PM


Let’s go over some Monday Matters!

*It is currently Madewell’s 30% off sale, and Jane asked me to share my current favorite things that I own and LOVE, so I thought I would share them here too.

IMG 7199

The long-sleeve in the above and below picture, jeans below (I always go a size or two below my normal size for their jeans), jeans above, this shirt, this cardigan, this corduroy dressblazer below, this quilted sweatshirt, and this coat.   THIRTY PERCENT OFF!!!

Screen Shot 2021 11 20 at 1 22 51 PM

*A very random thing to share.  I went back on my Facebook timeline to find something and found this message from my roommate at the time.  I don’t know who the past me was… I would much rather wake up at 4 than even attempt going to bed past midnight;). Times have changed ha.

Screen Shot 2021 11 20 at 1 33 53 PM

*The way he looks at Brooke.

IMG 7204

*Just some important info about Skye… she refuses to eat a regular PB & J sandwich.  She requires only jam on the bread with a spoon full of PB on the side to dip each bite into.

IMG 6975

*This cannot be true.

Screen Shot 2021 11 20 at 1 47 28 PM


Tell me a big way that you have changed in the last 10-15 years?

-My sleep habits.  I do everything in my power to sleep as much as possible each night now!

Turn the shower water on before you get in or while you are in the shower?

Real or fake tree?  All matching ornaments or random ones thrown in there too?

Are you big on Black Friday shopping or not your thing?

-If it is online, yes…. but I’m too lazy to get out to the stores.

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We celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend so I also keep thinking that Thanksgiving is over and we are a lot closer to Christmas.

When we moved into this house we became something I swore I’d never be – a multi-tree family. Our main tree is real with ornaments we’ve collected over the year. I have a silver tree that holds just red, white and silver ornaments. And just last year I got a second real tree that just has white lights. We won’t get the real trees until a week after Thanksgiving though.

Enjoy the sleep while you can! As the kids get older it is harder to get to sleep early. While I also have a husband who doesn’t require much sleep, even when I go to sleep early, I still hear them all stomping around. But I then do get up early and enjoy the quiet while they all sleep :)


Jesseybell! I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking Thanksgiving has come and gone this year:) Your comment made me so happy because Andrew wants to be a multi-tree family and he was just telling me this yesterday. I love it… I bet your house is gorgeous all decorated! I am very nervous about the teen years up ahead, how will I survive staying up later with them every night?! Hope your Monday is a great one!


I used the Peleton app to train for my first marathon and did the strength for runners twice a week. I stayed injury free the whole cycle and felt so strong. I love how the moves are tailored for runners’ unique needs.


Kristin, this is so so good to hear. Not a lot of people train for their first marathon so smart (definitely not me). Excited to join you in consistent strength for runners while I train. I did another one today and was pretty shocked that I’ve been running for SO long without ever doing these types of moves in strength training. Hope your Monday is a great one.


I love that you are all in full-on Christmas mode!!!
I have a VERY important announcement for you: this morning at the grocery store (I always go to the store super early on my way home from the gym–MUCH quicker in and out, it’s just me and the people stocking the shelves), I had my first time HAAGEN DAZS PEPPERMINT BARK ICE CREAM sighting. You turned me on to that a year or two ago. I bought two. And I will buy more and more until the holidays are done so I am stocked with that for year-round.

As for your questions: Tom, somehow, is totally fine turning the water on as he gets into the shower. I don’t get it. I need the shower already on and the water SO SCALDING HOT before I even dare step in. ALSO, I will not go in the stores for Black Friday. I’m cool with online–I never really cared much for in-store shopping with the holiday rush (I am allergic to big crowds of people all taking up every bit of air to breathe…always have been, it ignites my anxiety), and then I had that time working retail. And it made my aversion to in-person black Friday shopping even worse. Totally not for me.

How have I changed in the last 10=ish years? I think I have become a better listener. I think I have grown more to lead with compassion, openness, and understanding than confidence (which I never really, truly, deeply felt until about 10-11 years ago tbh). I think I have become a better champion of people as they are and with what lights them up instead of imposing my own standards and ideas on the world around me–ie helping people live life as they see it instead of as I see it. Also–and this is really big for me–while I am still very deeply an “all in” person in my commitments, I have become less and less of an “all or nothing” person in my experiences. I’m so stinking grateful for what I do have, for what I get to do, and for finding ways to still figure out how to enjoy even SOME of what I love when things seem tough. The last few years especially, with my big career changes, have taught me that kind of gratitude and celebration that I think I totally missed before.

And it’s making me a much better person.

Oh–I have a pair of black skinny jeans, but I like the wash on those blakc Madewell jeans you’re wearing in your picture, and I could use a straight leg pair that’s just really good. And the rise on them is a good length for very short and short-waisted me. If Madewell has them in curvy fit, I might have to give them a shot! I’m trying to be a bit intentional with my purchases–I’m reaching near some wardrobe creep that I really don’t want to completely fall into–but this might be a valuable thing for me to add in.

I hope you all have a great day out there! You know, over the weekend I *did* go to Crumbl and get my cookies from last week’s specials! My favorite was the carrot cake one. The special flavors for this week look really good, so on Wednesday I might have to head over there after I go to the gym and make sure I have some tasty treats for the holiday weekend!


STOP IT!!! I literally went to the store this morning and searched for it… nothing. Please enjoy some today for me until I can get my hands on some!How does Tom do that?! There is zero chance I will ever try such a thing ha. SCALDING is necessary. I hope you get a quiet and calm Friday this week:). I’ll avoid the crowds with you! What you have learned over the last 10-15ish years… amazing. So many things I hope to better in myself too.
I think Andrew would appreciate me being a bit more intentional with my clothing purchases ha;) Let me know if you try them! The carrot cake one is AMAZING. I am so glad you went over to Crumbl. Keep me updated on any that you try. Happy Monday, Stephanie!


We had our wedding at our local Christmas tree farm so it’s hard to think about getting an artificial tree.
I should have thought that through during wedding planning. But it ends up being fun to see our wedding space and pet all the farm golden retrievers.


YOU DID?! I bet that was stunning! I just have the most gorgeous scene in my head right now of what it all looked like! I hope you are having a beautiful day.


Hi Janae! I love that you have your tree up already! We’ll probably get ours next weekend.
In the past 15 years, I am much less self-conscious of the way I look, act, etc. I’m in my 40s now and simply do not care what other people think of me, and it’s amazing. I mean, I take care of myself and want people to think I’m a nice person, but if I want to wear sweatpants and a 30 year old hoodie to the grocery store, I don’t sweat it.
The shower must be scalding before I set foot in it :)
We have always had a real tree, with a mismatch of ornaments, dating all the way back to when I was a little girl.
I do black friday, but only online.
Have a great day!


Stacey! Enjoy getting your tree up next weekend. So awesome that you have ornaments from when you were little! Isn’t it just the best to care less and less about others’ opinions? I love aging for this reason! Those hoodies are the best kind of hoodies. HAHAHA SCALDING is the correct answer… Andrew is always shocked over how hot my showers are. Thanks friend, you too! Hope your boys are doing awesome!


My patience has increased so much over the past 10-15 years, and that is mainly due to my kids. Kids teach you patience like nobody’s business lol. Also, like the previous commenter said, I am also over 40 and it’s wonderful to not have all those self-conscious feelings. I feel like I’m getting better with age, and I’m trying to give my girls a glimpse of things to come for them so that they (hopefully) don’t waste too much time stressing over how they look, or about their “imperfections.” Although as life goes on it’s becoming more apparent to me that I think that knowledge only comes with age – you can’t teach it! I also have more empathy for people struggling with depression/anxiety. I went through my own awful time about 11 years ago, and when I was in the midst of it I remember thinking that when I came out on the other side that I would never listen to someone who is depressed and think “buck up, dust yourself off, and get over it” ever again. Not that I was quite that calloused towards their feelings, but I have a much better understanding now of what it feels like to be struggling.
Water on before the shower – always. Fake tree with lots (probably too many) of ornaments – both antique and new mixed in. No Black Friday shopping for me – maybe something online if there’s specific item, but that’s it. That Friday is for decorating the entire day and then ordering a pizza and admiring it all that night. :)


AMEN to the patience… although, somedays I do still feel like I am a 15 year old with my patience level so I’m a work in progress ha. I have loved caring less and less about what others think too. Your girls are so lucky to have you and the lessons you are teaching them… but you are right, some of these things really just come with age! Your compassion for others… I love that so much. It takes going through some things to be able to truly know how to help others through their pain.
I love your tradition of ordering pizza and decorating. That sounds perfect. Happy Monday, Amanda.


I’m so glad you had a pain free 7 miles. Yay!
My husband sometimes gets into the shower before turning it on, so weird! I’m usually getting into the shower after my run and workout, so I need the nice warm water on.
Skye’s PB&J technique, hilarious. But it probably gives her the perfect bread/jelly/peanut butter ratio. At least for her. Ha ha
I think the biggest way I have changed in the last 10-15 years, is to let things go. I can’t control what other people think or do, so I have learned to let that go. I think I’ve also become even more patient and compassionate. Of course I have moments when I “loose it” but for the most part, I am very much at peace. Another thing that’s changed, since we’re getting close to not having kids in the house, is our relationship/marriage. We’ve had to learn how to communicate again. It’s interesting, fun, sometimes hard, but good too. That’s a great question!
Have a good Monday and start to the week. ?


Thank you Wendy, it just feels so so good to be running for over an hour pain-free again ahhh. How does your husband do it?! I’m with you… the water must be warm! Valid point about Skye, maybe I will have to try her method. I love what you have learned over the last 10-15 years… best lessons for ALL of us. I am really working on letting things go better (Andrew is the champ of this). That is definitely a transition for you two and you guys are a great example to me. Thanks friend, you too!


Janae!! I just caught up on like 3 weeks worth of your posts LOL… I got married on 11/6 so it has been SUPER hectic for me, but it was nice to read all of your posts and catch up on what is happening! Super glad you are running without issues again! I am not sure if it’s the colder weather or what, but I am not finding much joy lately in just going for runs… so I’ve renewed my iFit subscription on my treadmill and have been doing a bunch of different workouts on there. A lot of running intervals, cross-training, incline training, etc. It’s crazy how much I enjoy that when it’s really a lot harder than just getting outside and running!
I 100% relate to your sleep changes – we stayed out until almost midnight on Saturday and I slept until 8:30 yesterday and went to bed at 9pm and am still tired today… I don’t know how I stayed up like I did in college and my early 20s!
Who on earth turns on the shower while they are in it… do they want to get blasted with cold water?! That’s horrible to even imagine!
I haven’t gone Black Friday shopping in probably 4-5 years and I prefer it. I definitely take advantage of online deals, but no way am I going out amongst all the craziness. Nope!


Rhiannon. CONGRATULATIONS! Oh my goodness I am so so happy for you. I would loooooooove to see a wedding picture (on IG or email or anything:). I am just so happy for you and your husband. It is definitely the weather… I know so many people relate with you and I am too some mornings! So excited that you renewed your iFit subscription… those workouts are killer! Seriously, how did our bodies handle it?? It takes me days to catch up after staying up to midnight too. I think it is a lie, nobody could actually do that. Online deals are the way to go! Have a happy day!


What kind of crazy person turns the water on when they get in? It’s got to be the perfect temperature.

I have always been a real tree type of person and then I married my husband and he is very much an artificial type guy. Pick your battles I guess. We like to pick one ornament every year to describe the year so we have a big variety of ornaments. My Mom used to do this so I have quite a few from my childhood thrown in.

I’ve done Black Friday, but it is way too crazy. I also learned that going about two weeks later actually has much better deals so I’ve been going a little later now. Of course, now a days, if it’s online then it’s much easier. Shopping is not my favorite thing to do.


Right? That is why I am having a hard time believing that anyway does it any other way than waiting for the perfect temp. Pick your battles… hahah I get it! Before Andrew I had a fake tree I loved and then we got married and he insists on real so here we are:). Really I am happy either way though:). I LOVE that you guys choose an ornament to describe the year. What a great idea, I’m going to start doing that with my kids… thanks for the idea. Thank you for the tip of going two weeks later, I didn’t know that. Hope your Monday is off to a great start!


Hi Janae! I used to go Black Friday shopping when I was in school! Now not so much anymore, we usually hit the trails and it’s nice and empty.
Christmas tree with random ornaments! I still have to turn my old medals into ornaments.
Congrats on the pain free run!


I’ll be doing the same thing this Black Friday… the trails. I am so so excited! I LOVE the idea of using old medals and turning them into ornaments. AHHH best idea. Have a beautiful day, Amy. Thanks!


Ha, I wasn’t going to post… but YES, I don’t turn the shower on until I get in! And even weirder, when I lather up with shampoo and soap I turn the water off and then back on when I need it again. I guess it makes sense to me because I don’t see the sense of all that water going down the drain uselessly. Oh well….

Can you do me a favor? I would love to know where you and your readers go (besides here) for their daily dose of good news and positivity? Other blogs, web pages, etc..? I stopped watching the news months ago and only scan headlines now to keep up. But even doing that is tough.

We used to get real trees until we found out our youngest son has some sort of allergic reaction to them. So, just fake trees since then.

Yes to Black Friday- but just online. Need to pick up some more cycling gear. Tell Andrew I just added a 2021 Giant Fathom 1 to my bike collection.


John. I am shocked!! Hahah I guess there are different ways to shower;). Thanks for sharing and for not wasting water, that is awesome. I’m on the same page as you, I quit the news a while ago because it just made me so anxious and it stopped me from seeing ALL of the good and amazing people all around me. My favorite source is: https://www.instagram.com/goodnews_movement/
And I’m going to ask in the comments tomorrow other sources! Great idea, thanks.
Ahhhhhh I totally will… he is going to be so excited for you! He just got a Santa Cruz and each ride feels like a dream he says:). He is really hoping Beck will be into mountain biking with him:). If you ever come to Utah, you better go with him!

Have a great day!


I’m not lying, I discovered strength for runners on peloton this past week and planned to alert you of this on your blog this morning, ha!! I’ve done 5 or 6 classes now and love them! They are a perfect transition for me from PT back to running!


Oh this just makes me so so happy. They are the best, I just did another today and couldn’t believe how perfect it was for runners. SO excited for you on your way back to running. Keep me updated with it all. Have a beautiful day!


– I used to be super precise how I folded clothes/paired socks/etc. 25 yrs and 3 boys later…nope, not a think anymore.
– I turn on the water when I’m in the shower. But I stand in the back until it’s warm.
– Fake tree because I’m allergic to real ones. Ornaments are pretty random.
– I think the only time I’ve ever been in a store on Black Friday is one year when I had to pick up a prescription for Mom. I check online if we need stuff but otherwise, no big deal.


Three boys will definitely change you;). I love it. That is brave of you… I would be nervous that the cold water would somehow still hit me;). I think that is the best way to handle Black Friday. I’m planning on avoiding any and all crowds ha. Hope your Monday is off to a great start!


Shower on before and it must run for a bit to warm up to the perfect temperature! No exceptions!

I use to have matching ornaments until my kids started making some at school and church and then we started letting them pick out a new one each year so all my matching ornaments stay in the attic and we have all the kids’ on display. I love it though and reminds me of the tree we had growing up. Oh, and they are on a real tree.

I’ve been Black Friday shopping once and that was enough for me. Maybe later in the day once the crowds have died down but I don’t want to be in the thick of it. This year we are having family pictures taken that day and I have yet to figure out what we are all going to wear.


I turn the shower on while I’m in it. I point the shower head away from me until the water warms up.
I used to get real trees until one year I woke up the morning after putting the tree in the stand to let thaw and open up, to mouse poop on the tree skirt! I freaked out and put mouse traps all over the house, convinced I’d brought a mouse into the house in the tree. Never caught a mouse, so must have just been from a mouse in the wild. So fake tree now with assorted ornaments that I’ve collected since I was young, lots of them!


I wasn’t introduced to weight lifting until I met my now husband back in college which was 12 years ago, but it was 11 years ago I started weight lifting. Having never been athletic growing up besides 1 year on the swim team, this was a big change for me and I can’t imagine not working out. The beginning of COVID was rough with no gym for so long. I made due at home but love the gym environment.

I definitely turn on the shower before getting in because I like the water nice and hot.

We get a real Christmas tree. I was so sad when my parents changed to a fake Christmas tree years ago. I love the smell of a real one. Since getting a house 3 years ago, my husband and I go to a Christmas tree farm and cut one down ourselves. Love this new tradition.

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