I Share Random Information + What fixed my plantar!

(Jacket, long-sleeve, leggings, shoes)

Let’s chat about a few scenes from the day, and then we will get into the plantar talk!

The weather aggressively changed on me, so I guess we are doing this winter thing.

Once Brooke went to school, I headed out with Emilee for 5.11 miles of chatting.  We need our 80 miles per week thing back together so we can cover everything we need to talk about again.

IMG 6909

Superhero day was an exciting thing.

IMG 6907

That post-tumbling class endorphin rush:

IMG 6918

Brooke and Knox give the hot chocolate kisses a 10/10, and Skye gives them a 5/10.

IMG 6924

One of my favorite scenes.

IMG 6925

We are celebrating Thanksgiving today, and I am very excited about this pumpkin pie.

IMG 6944

The kid’s Christmas PJs arrived yesterday (we bought them at Little Sleepies) and we are very excited to all be together this year.

IMG 6931

Thank you thank you for your comments yesterday and the help.  They calmed my anxiety big time.  Beck is scheduled to get the procedure done in a little less than a month (unless there is a cancellation, we can get in sooner), and I cannot wait.

IMG 6905

He was acting a bit more like himself last night but still just wanting to cuddle all day.

IMG 6942


Let’s chat about plantar.  First, this is an incredibly frustrating injury.  I feel like for most of my injuries in the past, there has been one answer—> rest.  I had so many different sources telling me contradicting things for plantar, and I just had no idea what to do, so I tried absolutely everything.  I am SO glad that my podiatrist spent 54 minutes with me going through everything that was going on, and I recommend doing that first.  I have been 100% pain-free for two weeks now, so I thought I would share the things that made the most significant difference for me (even though I tried many other things too).

Reminder—> I am not an expert in the slightest, just hoping these things can help others dealing with this annoying injury.

*Deep muscle massage every single day (and sometimes multiple times a day).  Once I started being super consistent with my massage gun in my foot and calf, I noticed the most significant difference.  My massage therapist recommended this, and it helped a ton.  I love this thing.  I also use the foam roller to roll out my calves daily.

*Yogatoes GEMS when I am working at the computer. “Endurance, balance, and mobility all depend on well-functioning toes.  GEMS soothe aching feet and strengthen neglected, weak toes- fixing foot problems naturally.”  I should have started using these years ago.

*Hoka Cliftons 8… I have worn Brooks only for the last 10ish years, so this has been a strange change.  I have had so many people tell me that Hokas helped fix their plantar, and now I am one of the believers.  I think it did help, and so from here on out, I’ll probably be rotating through both Brooks, Hoka and continue to try different types of shoes over the next few years.  I get so stuck in avoiding change, but I have a blast when I am open to trying new things (like the Peloton ha).

*I wear OOFOS everywhere in my house (even in the shower).

*My podiatrist gave me Footsteps inserts!  I don’t wear them in my running shoes, but I slip them into any other shoes I am wearing!

*A cortisone shot from my podiatrist helped me relieve the pain for a few days (which was very needed mentally), but I was cautious not to do anything crazy during that time even though my foot felt so much better.

*The stretches in this video (and make sure to hold each one for two minutes).  I cannot tell you how many times I have done these stretches… but probably on average 4-5 times a day.

*I wore my plantar boot every single night.  For the first few nights of using this, I would throw it across the room a few hours in, but I wear it all night long once my foot gets used to it.

*50 ankle pumps to loosen things up before getting out of bed in the morning, along with stretching out my calf and foot by pulling my toes back towards me and using a towel to pull the ball of my foot towards me.

*Patience.  Which is the hardest thing ever for runners.  We want to get out there and run so badly, but I am glad I took about a month off from running entirely, and I’ll continue to just run every other day without any speed work for a while.

So now, what will I be doing to keep plantar away?

*Developing foot strength.  Walking in the grass barefoot is excellent for this, so is picking up a washcloth with your foot a few times and then releasing it.

*Continuing with strength training regularly… mainly to prevent injuries everywhere:)

*The stretching routine in the above video.

*Wearing my oofos, Hokas, and night boot as much as possible.

With this particular injury, biking did not hurt my foot at all.  I have biking shoes, and I’m not sure if that makes a difference, but I was thrilled to have something I could do while I wasn’t running.  I also did a lot of strength training.  I found that walking too much would aggravate my foot, and I paid very close attention to what caused pain and what didn’t.  If the pain came, I would stop!


Anything to add for people looking for solutions from plantar! 

What area on your body gets most tight/sore from running/working out? 

Best pie on the planet, and what are your thoughts on pumpkin pie?

Traveling for Thanksgiving or staying close to home?

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Good morning Janae!
I am so thrilled to see you are loving your Hoka experience! Cool story for you-I worked for the store that launched Hoka in the US many years ago. I was walking around a trade show in Austin, Texas with one of our store owners and ran into Nico Mermaud, one of the founders of Hoka. We immediately stopped him so Johnny (store owner) could ask him all about what in the world he was wearing. Nico was wearing the Mafate in a wild neon color and it was so different from what we were seeing in the marketplace at the time (this was at the height of the minimalist movement). He and his business partner developed it to be able to withstand the pounding they were enduring running down the steep mountains in France. Another partner in our business was a physical therapist and he was a firm opponent of the barefoot shoes, as he treated so many athletes in our hometown of Boulder that were injured severely from it. We tried the shoes (I even have a photo of me with one of the first pairs testing them on a run up Koko Head out here in HI on a vacation before I lived here!). We believed in them so much and took to building the brand in full stride. The rest is history and the technology simply speaks for itself. It has healed so many with plantar and recovering from surgeries…it is well loved by people who are on their feet for hours a day as well. Anyway, I know how loyal you are to Brooks, who is also a brand I admire and worked with for many years but I am glad you are adding this tool to your box!
Goodness, I feel tightness in my hips from cycling and running and my shoulders take a beating from surfing…I’m a mess, lol!
I know I am not the normal but I am not a pie fan with the exception of the crust. My mom used to take the leftover scraps from the crust she would make and bake the strips to crunchy pieces lightly sprinkled with sugar. So good!
How exciting you have everyone home for the holiday, so happy for you all!


I am so glad you really took the time to heal and figure out how to strengthen your feet and avoid (hopefully) planter issues. Such great tips!
My “weak” spot are my hips. They get really tight and sort of achey when I’m running a lot. Stretching, and doing it consistently, is a huge help. I also find that little issues start to pop up when my shoes are done and need to be replaced. I think it’s time now for new shoes… Yippee!
I’m not a huge pie person, but I do really like pumpkin pie. I also like a good dutch apple.
We’re traveling to Arizona this year, with the whole family! My husband found an VRBO house, near his cousins who are hosting, for us, his parents, and his sister and her family. It’s going to be so fun! And then we’ll be home through New Years, which I love.
I’m glad Beck is feeling a little better, and that you have an appointment for him to get ear tubes. That will be a big help!
I randomly thought yesterday, isn’t Skye’s birthday in just a week or so?
Have a great day Janae ?


Yay for your foot being better! I have a few questions…
1. Which attachments do you use with the massage gun? I’ve been using the ball on both foot and calf but not sure that’s the best one for the foot.
2. Was there a specific reason you picked the yogatoes gems? They look a bit big for me (as I wear a size 5).
3. Do you wear the Hokas for running or just walking?

I like the Strassburg sock. Just wish they made it in a smaller version. Short people problems lol

My favorite pie is lemon meringue and I do not like pumpkin pie. Not traveling for Thanksgiving.


Karen! I use the ball attachment and it has worked great! I lower the intensity for the foot/achilles vs the calf! My friend Mollie told me about the yogatoes helping her plantar so that is why I got them! They definitely stretch my toes out but I love that about them:). I’ve been using Hokas for everything now… including running. I love them so much!


I wasn’t finished oops… Have you tried the boot? I love that more than the sock! I hope you get some lemon meringue pie asap!


Thanks! :)
I tried a splint and that was worthless lol it did not fit. I am not convinced I can wear a boot to sleep in. But I’ll try yogatoes.
Actually, most of last week I had no pain. Then the day I headed back home, my foot hurt! Now, it’s mostly tight calf when I wake up. I think I’m going to try running again this evening.
Have a great rest of the week Janae! :)


Good morning, Janae!!
Thanks so much for the extensive post on what worked for your experience with PF. I have a very minor case that flares on my right foot occasionally, but I can usually resolve it with lots of stretching, rolling my foot on a tennis ball, and wearing shoes in the house (hardwood and tile floors do not show any love to PF!).
My lower back, hips, and hamstrings get the most tight from running. However, a few good sessions of Yoga with Adriene are the best for those areas!! Just love her <3
I am all about strawberry rhubarb pie!!! It has been a favorite since I was a kid. I'm ok with pumpkin as long as it has lots of spices in it and no whipped cream on top. Hope you enjoy your pumpkin pie very much :o)
We are traveling about 3 hours to enjoy Thanksgiving with my dad and some of my boyfriend's family. I'm looking forward to it. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving (just a tiny bit early)!!!


1. I need that pie Now.
2. I am so glad you love yogatoes!!!!!!!!
Love your jacket and Beck is going to feel so much better with his tubes!


THANK YOU so much for telling me about them, I am obsessed with them! I can’t wait for those tubes. I hope you have the best day and that you get some pie soon!


I had a heel stress fracture. My podiatrist said that due to the injury runners often have weakness and are at high risk for PFS. He did give me strength exercises but recommended Hokas primarily due to heel sensitivity. I still know when it’s gonna rain but freak out that I have another fracture!! I learned sadly that I could no longer run only in Brooks. So I rotate between Hoka Mach 4 ( honestly love them over Cliftons) and Brooks Ghosts, plus my trail shoes.

I am in early intervention and you might find Beck has a language explosion after the ear tubes. Kids with fluid in their ears or frequent infections can not hear well all the time. It can really affect speech development.


Hi Janae! I’m so happy your plantar is better! The part your said about patience is so important.. I had tendonitis in my knee which finally went away but I jumped into training too fast and now have heel bursitis. It’s so incredibly frustrating to not be able to run but I hope I learn my lesson this time.
Happy Thursday!


Hey Amy! Oh thank you for sharing about your tendonitis. It is SO hard to be patient, I have done something similar a million times. Hoping for no more injuries for either of us ever again. Thanks friend, you too!


I love Hokas, but they do not love me! I was wearing them running about a year ago and had a horrible fall. I finally figured out that the wider sole is a hazard for me – I was severely pigeon toed as a baby/toddler (I was in casts and braces) and my feet still turn partly in. I basically tripped over my own feet, went flying, and body slammed into the sidewalk. I still wear them for walks, but definitely can’t wear them running.

I like pumpkin pie, but prefer cherry or berry. Les loves pumpkin!

We are leaving tomorrow for a road trip! First stop is a wedding in San Jose tomorrow night. Saturday we will drive to Yosemite to spend four days. On Wednesday we’ll drive to Fresno to spend Thanksgiving with my family. Back home next Friday. Super excited about all these events and seeing so many people!


I bought the same print from Little Sleepies for my daughter. She loves their pajamas. I have dealt with plantar in the past but usually my hips give me the most problems. They get tight which then start affecting my IT band. Lots of stretching happening over here.

I love a good pecan pie or coconut cream. I do not like the spices used in pumpkin pie. We will be visiting my husband’s parents this year for Thanksgiving for the first time in a few years.


So glad your foot is doing better! I would love to know if you have any podiatrist recommendations for the Utah/SL County area. Thanks!


I loved this one:

David H. Jaramillo DPM 801-377-5649
He spent so long with me helping me!!! He is in Provo if that works!


One of the Beachbody trainers really focuses on mobility in his latest program. His best saying was big toes need love too. So right! I never realized how tight my feet and calves were.


Hi Janae!

Thank you so much for sharing all this knowledge in here. I started feeling some discomfort in my heel yesterday and immediately remembered you had spoken about healing plantar fasciitis in here. Started the strech routine on youtube today and already feels better! Hopefully by reacting right away it wil not worsen :)

Your blog has given me so much joy over the last years and now that I have my own daughter even more!

Thank you from Switzerland!

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