Just thought you needed to see this.

(Shoes, hat, top, shorts, socks)

Three miles @ 9:10 average with Andrew, and my foot was very happy.  The way I was breathing during the run made me feel like I had lost a lot of running fitness over the last month, but that’s okay because I love building back up again.

We had two special guests with us for our run, and Andrew pushed them the whole way.  We have a new double and single jogger now (I’ll do reviews on them if people are interested once we use them more!), so our little buddies will be with us more on runs.

IMG 5117

This means there will be many stops during some of my runs for whatever toy gets thrown out of the stroller.

IMG 5099

After our run, I did a 20 minute lower body strength workout from Peloton in the garage.  When I bent over to stretch, I saw my legs in the mirror and thought I should show them to you too:). Perfectly smooth legs are not normal, this kind of stuff on our legs is normal.

IMG 5123 1

Lots of soccer practicing happening over here.

Of course, I need to share the photos on my phone that I haven’t posted yet…

My mom and dad brought over dinner, a gift for Beck, and a cake on Sunday to celebrate Beck’s birthday a few days early.  He loved being the center of attention, and he is already working hard with his new engineering set (my dad is an engineer so this gift feels extra special).

IMG 5077

He was very unsure about the candle and kept looking at me with ‘what do I do’ eyes, but he was in heaven once he had a slice of his own.  PS I took down Halloween and put up Thanksgiving on Halloween… I couldn’t take looking at any more skulls/creepy things!

IMG 5081

He enjoyed it.

IMG 5088

I love seeing Beck join in with the other kids now and play.  Below they were playing that they were mountain lions.

IMG 5096

This moment ringing the PR Bell feels amazing.

FullSizeRender 6

My mom sent me this picture from the kid’s race.  Look at Brooke catching up to those boys in the final stretch.  She was so determined.  And maybe my plantar acted up during this portion from me attempting to record every step while major heel striking?!

IMG 5032

I loved this older man’s costume at the 5k.

FullSizeRender 14

My niece trick-or-treated with us, and it made us all extremely happy.

IMG 5047


Last time you hit a new PR (in any distance or workout!)?

What did/do your parents do for a living?

What kind of cake are you choosing for your next birthday?

Would you rather run a 5k without shoes or without a sports bra?

-When I don’t have plantar problems shoes but with my plantar problems sports bra ha.

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Good morning Janae and everyone!
It’s so funny…when your email pops up it is my 2am alert to take a break and drink some coffee…I love it! And what I wouldn’t give to be running where you are in that first photo. I closed my eyes and imagined hearing my feet crunching the leaves. so beautiful and peaceful!
Last time I hit a PR was in my Olivia Peloton workout suggested by you yesterday. I have another class scheduled with her this morning. Thanks again for the mention!
I can take or leave the cake (unless it is cheesecake) but I will gladly take all the frosting. So good! Glad Beck enjoyed his cake, what a cutie!
Ooof, if its on the beach I am going without shoes. Otherwise I will opt out of the sports bra.
I love that photo capture of Brooke chasing down the boys. I think we need a side by side of you and her running. I think I see a few similarities in the two photos shown here.


Amanda! How about we switch places for a few days and you run on our leaves and I’ll run on your beach:). I love that I get to hang out with you at 2 am:). Oh you will have to let me know what class you do this morning and if you like it. Hope you get some delicious frosting soon. I think we run a lot alike too and it makes me so happy… I cannot wait to see what she does. Hope your day is a beautiful one, Amanda!


Deal! I just did Olivia’s 30 minute classic ride, great class. You HAVE to do Bradley Rose’s 10 minute Elton John cool down ride sometime. I just discovered him and I am sure I haven’t smiled that much on the bike ever. Peloton instructors are an absolute gift!


Oh I can’t wait and I 1000000% agree with you! Way to go on your ride today!


As an engineer I love that toy set Beck got! Beck is such a vibe after his cake. If I get to pick my next birthday cake I would have a chocolate cake with whipped peanut butter frosting. Whipped frosting is better than buttercream to me personally so I prefer that style over the typical buttercream.

Hands down give me a shoeless 5k! No where in the question did it say it would be on the road so I would run it in a big park on grass


Maureen, I didn’t know you are an engineer. You are amazing! Hahah I think he was ready for a nap by the time he finished, so much sugar. Ummmm your cake choice sounds like heaven, I am in. Hahaha valid point, I didn’t say WHERE;). I hope your day is a great one!


Brooks looks so determined in her race pic, I love it!!

My dad is an engineer too! My mom is a nurse, and my siblings both went into healthcare too. So I’m a bit of a black sheep working in marketing, but I do work in a science-based field!

I could not run without a sports bra, so definitely without shoes! That’s a hard question though hahah.


Hey Mariah! I love that our dads are both engineers and that is so great that your mom is a nurse and that your siblings took that route too. I have always wondered what you did for work, I loved learning about this. Right?! Both sound painful ha. Hope your day at work is a wonderful one.


Man, I always look at those costumes during running races and think, “WOW! That is genius!”, but then I never remember them to replicate them the next year. In VA Beach, they have the Wicked 10K every year, and the costumes there are phenomenal!!!

LOVE seeing Brooke catching up to those boys! Woo hoo!!!!! She’s a natural!

Okay, what kind of birthday cake will I have next year is a loaded question for a person whose fav food is birthday cake! lol I’m pretty sure that I’ll have the same person make mine next summer who made mine in June. It was gorgeous and chocolate with cookie dough filling, and it was heaven.

Oh geez to that 5K question! ha ha That’s a good one. I guess I’d say no sports bra over no shoes, but neither sounds very fun! ha ha

And, thank you for the reminder to put my Halloween decorations away and put out my Thanksgiving decorations! You’re talking to a girl who still had some Christmas things out still in June last year. lol YIKES.


Hahaha I do the same thing, next year my goal is to have a super creative costume. Right?! She was so proud of herself for catching up to them. Cannot wait to see what she does. I hope your birthday next June is spent in Key West with ALL of the birthday cake… chocolate with cookie dough filling sounds like heaven. You are so welcome for that reminder but I think the way you do things sounds really fun too. Have a happy Tuesday, Jen!


You’re in single digits again! Go go, go go. So, I guess you’re just continuing with the things you already shared for your fasciitis.?.?

As I was scrolling along, I came to the pic with Beck stripped down in his eating chair. I said, “Yup, stripped down. All the parents are doing it these days.” Some parents do it for regular meals, too. It’s just a phase. THEN, I kept scrolling and you showed the after photo. Hehehe. Oh, man.

Yes, Brooke was digging deep at the end. Kind of a surprise for your form though!

I need more conditioning on top before I give up a sports bra! Even then … So, it’s shoes for me. Barefoot club.


Also, Brooke is a go getter! Racing and getting others to the race (so she doesn’t miss out)! All this time, we understand Brooke to be a sweetheart. Now she seems like a sweetheart with goals. Go go, go go.


Thank you Lee, I am super excited. Yes yes yes, I am still doing alllllllll of the things and it feels like I spend a good chunk of each day doing them. Hahah yes, I think I need to start stripping him down for all of his meals. Yeah, not sure what I was doing with my form, definitely need to keep my eye on that. Thank you, I will tell Brooke what you said. Have a great day!


That little set looks so cute! My husband is an engineer as well so I might have to get it for my nephew..seems like a toy he would LOVE!

In my last race I hit a PR for the 4 mile, mostly just because I haven’t run it many times. I never did a race of that distance back in Pittsburgh but it seems like a very popular distance in Raleigh- all of the races I’ve done here have been that long which is so interesting to me!


I am kind of shocked over how much Beck loves this toy… I think your nephew would love it too. That is awesome your husband is an engineer too! That 4 mile race distance is HARD… it’s basically 5k pace but for longer so that is amazing. Interesting that Raleigh loves that distance so much! I want to come do one of those with you:). Hope your day is a great one!


You definitely should do a race here! The last one I did was along the American Tobacco Trail, so it’s pretty flat and fast and easy on your legs, and you have beautiful trees surrounding you the entire time :)


Ummmm that sounds like HEAVEN!!!


I love the look on Beck’s face!! How fun to start celebrating his birthday.
Love the picture of Brooke finishing her race too! And oh my goodness, the leaves you and Andrew ran through… So pretty!!
I put away all the Halloween and got out the Thanksgiving stuff yesterday too. And I have a feeling that I will be super ready to put Christmas up after Thanksgiving this year. Love this time of year.
I haven’t PR’d in anything in so long! My next race is in February… Maybe I should see what I can do for that. It would be really fun to get a new half marathon PR!
Have a great day Janae ?


HEY WENDY! I just cannot believe he will be one! Yay for Thanksgiving decorations, it feels so fresh! Which race is it in February?! I am so excited for you and I want to come do it with you. I have a feeling that half marathon PR is yours coming up really soon:). Thanks Wendy, you too!


This weekend I ran a half marathon, and for the first time ever I broke 2 hours!!! I can now proudly say that I am a 1:58 half marathoner! That has been my goal for YEARS and it was amazing. I have no idea how it happened either, everything just seemed to click. I did try some new mental tricks from Ashley Paulson on iFit, so maybe that was the trick. She has such a great attitude! Coming off of a disappointing Chicago marathon, this was exactly what I needed :-)


AHHHHH APRIL! This made my day. You are absolutely incredible. YOU DID IT. Isn’t it amazing how much even more a goal feels when you accomplish it after years of going for it?! Oh you will have to share those mental tricks with me. I am so happy for you. Soak in those sub 2 endorphins for a very long time.


Hi Janae! My dad is an engineer too! A double stroller.. that looks so fun but also quite a good workout! Enjoy training with the whole family!


Oh I love that! So awesome and yes, Andrew was definitely tired by the end from pushing! Have a beautiful day, Amy!


I had a huge PR on Saturday. I ran my favorite 10 mile loop on Oahu and PRd a 4.4 mile climb that has 1,353’ of climbing with an average grade of 5.7%. I’m so happy to be running injury free!

My dad was a truck driver and my mom was a pre-school teacher. Les has an engineering degree, so does his brother, and their dad taught engineering!

I always choose chocolate!

Would you rather run a 5k without shoes or without a sports bra – no, just no to either option!!!


Haha, that’s the hardest choice. As someone who has lots of plantar problems too I guess I would wear shoes and hold on to my chest the whole way ;). And Beck is definitely looking grown up lately, it’s so fun seeing the little ones keep up with the big kids. My parents were a dentist and dental hygienist and I was recently having flashbacks to giving out toothbrushes and dental floss at Halloween. That might have had something to do with our house getting TP’d every year.


We have these silicone straps for toys and they are so nice!! I’ve put them on the stroller and car seat handle with her little toys and even when she’s sitting on my lap I use them so the toys done fall to the ground, and she can chew on the silicone too!! They may work for some toys for your kiddos too!! :)



Janae! Thank you for always keeping it real. I appreciate it SO MUCH! Sometimes I bend my arm and go WHOA! When did my skin get so wrinkly? But it’s SKIN! It’s supposed to wrinkle. I’m human. I’ve lived for 35 years. This is normal.

One of the million reasons I adore you. xo


I’m late to this one but WOW beck looks like your sisters little guys in the pic of him with cake face!!


I’m a day late here but I just wanted to thank you for posting the leg picture. I promise you, you are helping a lot of people by doing that. The first time I saw my legs looking lumpy in a photo I thought “But Janae has that and she runs really fast!” It made me feel like it’s totally normal.
Isn’t it funny how nothing keeps you in running shape, other than running? One time I was off of running (for some injury or other) but doing killer spin classes the whole time. And I still felt like I was having a heart attack when I started running again!
Halloween is down here as well and Thanksgiving is up!


Also stopped by to thank you for the “real” leg photo. Social media and Photoshop wreak such havoc on us! It is good to see that a body as healthy and beautiful as yours – in the real world, we look like that! Helps the rest of us not judge ourselves or try to hold ourselves up to unrealistic Photoshops.

Sending love and thank you as always.

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