Friday Favorites + Celebrate When You Can Celebrate

(Jacket, long-sleeve, ribbed leggings, socks, shoes, earwarmer)

I tested out running two days in a row, and it was a success!  Six miles and the fresh air was just what I needed to wake me up.

6 miles @ 8:40 average.

The majority of our day was spent cooking and celebrating Thanksgiving with the kids!

IMG 7070

We are going to miss them a lot next week but I’ve learned that it is just a day and we can celebrate it whenever we want.

IMG 7099

IMG 7101

The grand finale.

IMG 7103

And then we ‘relaxed’ and watched Home Alone.

IMG 7091

Going to miss these two:

IMG 7082

Food talk—> HERE is the recipe for the funeral potatoes (we used bread for the topping instead of cornflakes).  The rolls and two of the pies were from Kneaders.   The cranberries, turkey, pumpkin pie and stuffing from Costco, and below is the recipe for the salad.

Screen Shot 2021 11 18 at 10 27 03 AM

Here is the creamed corn recipe (it is Andrew’s absolute favorite);

20 oz frozen kernel corn

1/2 pt whipping cream

8 oz milk

1tsp salt

6 tsp sugar

pinch of pepper

2 Tbs melted butter

2 Tbs flour

Combine all ingredients except for the butter and flour.  Bring to a boil, simmer for 5 minutes and then add stir in the butter and flour and mix well:)


Some Friday Favorites are coming your way…

*Don’t forget my gift guide is here, and it includes most of my favorite things ha.

*I treated myself to a hydrofacial (I went to Spa Trouve).  This was my second one ever, and I left feeling like a new woman (I also left with deliciousness… a spa that gives you cookies after is the best kind of spa).  I may be whispering in Andrew’s ear to go the route of Dermatology Nurse Practioner so he can help my skin all of the time:)

IMG 6919

*It was 22 degrees for my run yesterday.  Usually, I would have to bring some hand warmers to go in my gloves at that temperature, but I didn’t yesterday because of these gloves.  My hands were TOASTY the entire run.  When I got home   I am very happy to have gloves that will get me through the 10-25°F mornings without hand warmers.

Having the right gear for winter running makes winter running fun.

IMG 6965

*Beck’s Friday Favorite= Fry Sauce (ketchup and mayo mixed).  He got ahold of it at lunch while we were in St. George, and I could read his mind… he wanted me to fill up his sippy cup with it.

IMG 6674

*The winter boots I will be using all winter long.  I need warm toes, and I do not settle until I find a boot that will give me that joy:).

IMG 6930

*Allison sent me this idea from mamafitlife_ and I might have to try it when I change Beck’s diaper to make things easier for me:)

IMG 6956


Do you ever celebrate holidays on a different day?

Ever had fry sauce?  Your thoughts?  Favorite thing to dip fries into?

Favorite Thanksgiving food?  Any that you must have?

Anything fun you are looking forward to this weekend?

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We make that same salad! But we add sliced red onion and mandarin oranges, and instead of swiss we use feta. The dressing is exactly the same. It’s so yummy.
We were just talking about what our favorite food of Thanksgiving was last night. For me, it’s not just a food, but the whole dinner… The clink of forks on plates, the whole family together, the laughter… For me it’s the whole thing that makes everything taste so good.
My husband is traveling this weekend for water polo, so I am looking forward to cleaning the entire house! Ha ha. It should be a quiet weekend, which will be nice.
I love that you celebrated Thanksgiving all together before Brooke and Knox leave. I bet they felt special, and loved it too.
Have a great Friday Janae ?


NO WAY! We are absolutely going to try the extras you guys use… that sounds amazing! I fully agree with what you said about the entire dinner… the noises and sights add to the taste. GOOD luck with all of the cleaning… that will feel so nice to have everything cleaned up. Thank you Wendy, you too!


Okay. I am absolutely convinced that Utah has the best cookies. I mean, I always drool over your food photos, but the cookies? They just get me every time. I need to figure out a way to move my entire family to Utah ASAP!!


We will welcome you with open arms (full of cookies)!! COME COME COME!


The Thanksgiving feast looks delicious! Stuffing is our favorite. No cabbage sprouts for us lol. Canadian Thanksgiving was in October.

Looking forward to sleeping in, running and some down time because it has been a busy week! Also, we have started decorating for Christmas so we will probably do more of that this weekend lol.

Those winter boots look super cozy! I splurged on a pair from EMU Australia..sheep lined and I keep wearing them around the house because they feel like slippers even though they are water proof winter boots!

Happy early Thanksgiving Janae! And happy Friday !


Thank you Kristine! I am so happy that you get a relaxing weekend after such a busy week. Enjoy the decorating! I will have to find your boots, they sound amazing. You too!


Stop with the pies!! I have to stop reading your blog in the mornings because now I want pie all day!!! ;-)
I love that you celebrate whenever you can celebrate! You get an extended holiday season and so much joy. <3
I feel like my favorite Thanksgiving food changes but sweet potato casserole with marshmallows is always in the top 3. And good rolls! I'm not sure what we're going to do this year because my husband will be gone and I don't have any family here. So just the kids and I. Maybe I'll see if I can take them to an amusement park or something for half the day, somewhere that would normally be busy but will still be open haha. :)
I hope you have a great weekend!!


Hahaha nooooo don’t stop reading my blog in the morning. I LOVE hearing from you! I just think you need to get some pie in asap. HOW did we not have sweet potato casserole?! I love that stuff. I was really hoping he would be home for Thanksgiving. I LOVE the plan of going to an amusement park. GREAT PLAN! Thanks friend, you too!


Oh my goodness such cute boots! I love your style, practically every time you post a link to your clothes, I am SO tempted to buy it! Today’s blog is making me so excited for Thanksgiving. We almost always do Thanksgiving on the actual day, but this year we are celebrating Christmas early. My in-laws don’t like traveling on Christmas so they are coming the first weekend of December, which also happens to include my husband’s birthday, so it will be quite the party weekend!
Thanks for the Beck updates! My little boy is about 6 months behind Beck, so it is fun to get a little look ahead of things to come; the fry sauce pic is adorable! I hope you are well, and I’ll be praying for Beck and your family as you wait on his ear procedure.


Hahaha I am so so sorry for tempting you! You guys are going to have an amazing December of celebrating so much. Oh I wish we could get together with our boys. Thank you so much, that means a lot. Keep me updated with your little man’s updates. Have the best weekend!


Hi Janae! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Everything looks great, and this the season for Home Alone!
Congrats on 2 days pain free running, and fingers crossed for more to come!
I’m celebrating Thanksgiving with my parents early this weekend too!


Thank you so much! Just the best time to be watching Home Alone:) Thank you! I’m not missing that heal pain at all. Oh enjoy every second of celebrating with your parents. THE BEST!


Hi Janae!! Thrilled I have been able to read and comment three times this week! So happy you were able to have 2 days of pain free running – your patience paid off! Super cute boots, but I think the kids’ holiday headbands may be even cuter ;o).
For years my family has usually celebrated holidays on different days. It’s generally the result of us all being scattered across the country + wacky work schedule in the healthcare and ski industries (those don’t get holidays!). Love that you had your special Thanksgiving when Brooke and Knox could be there :o)
I don’t care for mayo or ketchup, so pretty sure fry sauce wouldn’t make the cut for me. Barbecue sauce on the other hand…my absolute favorite for fries!!
I’m all about the stuffing, mashed potatoes (why do they taste better on Thanksgiving?!), and pies for Thanksgiving!
Looking forward to an actual day off this weekend (teaching the other day). My boyfriend is working, so hoping to start battling the drywall dust that is EVERYWHERE from some repair work we had to have done (hoping they finish today). So weird to get excited about the prospect of cleaning Hahaha!
Have a fantastic weekend, Janae!!


Janine, I have loved being able to hear from you this week. Thank you so much and I agree, the kid’s headbands win. You get it… you can really celebrate whenever! BBQ sauce is THE BEST. Now you are making me crave some. I hope you enjoy every second of Thursday and I’ve had projects like that where I was strangely so excited ha. I relate to you. Thanks Janine, you too!


Wait a minute–those cookies look like they are from CRUMBL. There are a few way out in the ‘burbs, and a few weeks ago a CRUMBL location opened closer to me. I have been drooling over this week’s special flavors, and I recognize some of them in that box. Getting some of those cookies has actually been one of my “things to look forward to” for Saturday–first barre class, then a pedicure, then a couple errands near the crumbl location that just opened, and then a box of those cookies to be treats for the next week or so. I’m obsessed. I hope you enjoyed them!!!

Similar but not at all, there is a mail order cookie company you NEED to know about: fat & weird cookies. Their flavors are INSANE, and there is a good combination of rotating flavors with tried-and-true staples. You need to order some–they will reach you individually packaged, and you can just store them in the freezer and then bake one up for literally 6=7 minutes in your oven and you will have amazing cookies that are–well–fat and weird. And entirely awesome.

Those booties look SO COZY.

And speaking of shoes–the athletic apparel company OUTDOOR VOICES apparently is launching their black friday sale today. And it’s a big discount. And they have special collab colors and patterns of some of the Hoka styles, including the Cliftons that I know you’ve been wearing a lot lately!

I love that idea of using barbells for Beck when you change him!

I hope KNox and Brooke have a really great holiday week with their other parents, and I *love* that your mindset of celebrating holidays isn’t restricted to THE DAY. It’s part of a season. And it extends the spirit of celebration. And I think it’s TOTALLY AMAZING!

Tonight Tom and I have a date night at a restaurant I have been wanting to go to for a while–it’s nicer, but it’s not “fancy.” MOST “nicer” places in Atlanta you can go to wearing a good pair of jeans, a cute top, and not-sneakers and you’ll totally be OK. I kind of like places that are nice, with good kitchens, a well-curarted menu that has a few really good and flavorful entrees, and just a really cozy atmosphere in the dining room. I’ll take all the intimate vibes any and every day above and beyond all else!!!

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!! :)


Hey Stephanie! You are right… CRUMBL! Your Saturday sounds perfect, enjoy every second. Off to google those cookies, I have never heard about. That sounds amazing. What a great idea. Ummmm I need to check out the Hoka deals! Enjoy that weekend date, that sounds like perfection! Thank you Stephanie, you too!


I am jealous of that meal and especially the pie. Can’t wait till Thursday. I have yet to find some gloves that keep my fingers warm. I usually use hand warmers. Wondering if I should try these gloves. Curious about what brand those ribbed leggings are in the boot picture. I like the idea of a ribbed legging.


HEY KATIE! I hope your meal on Thursday is perfect and you get as much pie as you want. I am seriously shocked over how warm these gloves are. Here are the ribbed leggings… i wear them for running and real life:

Have the best weekend!


Love the headbands the kids are wearing :)
I want to hoover all of that stuffing, LOL!
The dumbbells are a genius idea!
You are a superhero for running in weather that chilly and deserve ALL of the cozies.
My college freshman daughter comes home tomorrow morning!!!!! Can’t wait to have her here for hugs and baking and talking about all of the things :)
Hugs as you manage the blended family holiday dance!


I hope you get so much stuffing this next week! Hope you have the absolute best time with your daughter. This made me smile so big. She is so lucky to have you! Thank you friend, you are so supportive and it means the world to me.


I remember checking out that jacket before (guessing from one of your posts) and thinking it looked great but I tend to run warm and didn’t think I’d use it as much as a warm vest. And then I too had a 22 degree run earlier this week and I thought – this is exactly the weather you need that jacket for! Might need to put that on my Christmas list ;)

My husband loves ketchup and mayo on his fries but I’ve never thought to combine them, must try that and now I’m craving hot salty fries! We make roasted potatoes on the regular and I love dipping them in blue cheese dressing.

Favorite thanksgiving food is probably stuffing because a) carbs and b) because you don’t really have it any other time of year.

love that you all got to celebrate together!


Ohhhhhhhh those 22 degree mornings make us really realize we need good gear! I hope you get it for Christmas… it’s an awesome one. PLEASE let me know what he thinks when you mix the two. I will have to try your roasted veggies + blue cheese dressing, that sounds amazing. The stuffing is the best. Thanks Michelle, have a great day!


Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t feel complete for me without stuffing, mashing potatoes and corn. Last year I had a vegan Thanksgiving dinner and had none of those things. I live in California but am originally from Oklahoma and this year I am going back to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving. I am so looking forward to having all the unhealthy things.


Hi Janae! Huge fan, I’v been reading your blog FOR YEARS. We will be celebrating on Friday this year because that’s when all my step-siblings can attend :) I absolutely love making the mashed potatoes like other readers.

While you’re here… would you consider doing a Friday’s Favorites or highlighting a ‘gift that gives’ from the nonprofit I work for? We are partnering with APOTHEKE and selling charcoal items that fund a charcoal efficient stove for women in east Africa. Thank you for considering, Janae :)


Oooh, I may have to buy those gloves! They look perfect! This reminds me, I feel like you recommended a coat a long time ago (like last year??) that you loved…. Not for running, just for going places in winter. If you remember what that might be and I’m not just crazy / making things up, would you mind sharing again?

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