My day mainly consisted of driving to the airport, being at the airport, flying to California, flying back home from California, and a long drive home because of traffic… so I’ll just share pictures with a few words of the day that turned out to be pretty perfect.

I snuck in a peloton ride before things started… 15 miles wahoo!

IMG 7446

VERY grateful to my sister and brother-in-law for having the littles until Andrew was free.

IMG 7457

They had a blast.

IMG 7476

When we thought we were cutting things close, so we had to run to the bus…

IMG 7461

IMG 7463

And then we found out that we had a big flight delay, so we ate tacos, shopped (SLC airport is impressive now), walked around, and had the best time together.

IMG 7468

IMG 7470

IMG 7465

Lots of Facetiming occurred.

IMG 7474

Very grateful for the time we had together before she left for a few days to be with her dad.

IMG 7467


What are you up to today?  Give me the details!

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Aww glad you and Brooke made the best of a long travel day!

I have the day off of work, so going out to breakfast with my dad, picking up our bibs for the Turkey trot tomorrow and preparing for thanksgiving!


Mariah, sounds like the perfect day! Have the best time with your dad and enjoy that turkey trot!


Sounds wonderful.
And cheddar jack is the best cheez it flavor :)


We can ever only find that flavor at the airport so it is a tradition that we get them there… they are truly the best! Thanks Corey, have a beautiful day!


Celebrating a birthday! 11 years ago today I went into labor a week late with her, brined the Turkey while I was in labor and hosted Thanksgiving the next day. Gotta love quick labors and Birthcenter’s that allow you to leave after 4 hours. She still hasn’t objected to having her family party on Thanksgiving every year! Her big girt is horse back riding lessons.


Oh my goodness Carrie, how in the world did you do all of that while in labor and then with a newborn. You are incredible!!! I stay in bed for about a week after a baby:). I love her gift this year (LOVE the experience gifts) and that she loves to celebrate on Thanksgiving. Enjoy all of the celebrating!


What a fun day! Some of those last minute delays in life are the best!

I am subbing for 7th grade science today;-). It has been warm enough (above 15 degrees) and no snow so the kids (rollerblade) and I walk in the evenings. We have a new path in town that goes right by the town Christmas lights. They put up the Christmas lights yesterday so it looks beautiful! We also have a tradition of watching Home Alone the night before Thanksgiving. The kids are so excited–and so am I!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! Thinking of you and Andrew since I know Brooke and Knox will be away.


It really was so meant to be:). I hope your day of subbing is a great one. Rollerblade/walks at night are the best. Yay for a new path that goes by the town Christmas lights… I am picturing the most beautiful scene! ENJOY the movie tonight and tomorrow with your family. Thank you so much, that means a lot! Hope your day is a beautiful one!


Sounds like a fun day!
We’re in Arizona for Thanksgiving. Today should be super fun! Heading out for a run, then a family hike while another group goes golfing, some shopping, then picking up my oldest at the airport! Yay!!
Already loving this family time.
Have a great day Janae ?


ARIZONA!! I didn’t know you were going there. HOW FUN! Enjoy the time together and picking up your son. Thanks Wendy, you too!


you’re such an incredible mama– it’s very inspiring. sending love.


Thank you for making me smile today:). It means a lot! Sending love to YOU and I hope the rest of your week is a fabulous one!


My first time ever having Cafe Rio was in the SL airport and I wanted to try it because of your blog. It definitely lived up to the hype!

I need to finish grocery shopping for a few things. I’m not really into Turkey so we’re going to have sous vide steaks, au gratin potatoes, pan fried green beans and cornbread. My kids requested stove top stuffing too!

One last thing – my 15 year old daughter got her drivers license today. ?


Shanna, this brings me a lot of joy to hear that you loved Cafe Rio when you were here:). I’m kind of wanting it again today ha. Your dinner tomorrow sounds perfect to me. We are having steaks tomorrow too, I cannot wait.
Congrats to your daughter and I hope you are feeling calm and peaceful about this BIG change. You’ll have to help me in a few years:). Have a beautiful day!


That is perfect- you got in a mother-daughter day before saying goodbye for the weekend!
Today is combination of Thanksgiving?Christmas prep. We’re making pies for tomorrow, and also getting our Christmas tree! We won’t decorate it till Friday, but we’ve realized we don’t like getting the tree and decorating on the same day. This way the branches have a chance to fall, and Friday will be all about decorating the tree and house! Have a great day Janae!


Thank you Jenny, it really felt like it was meant to be! Good luck with getting everything ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Can I come for some pie;). ENJOY and thank you so much!


I have the rest of the week off, so I squeezed in a short run—just two miles because I started a new job recently and had to adjust to the schedule. I’m getting my COVID booster shot this morning and I hope I feel okay the rest of the day and tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving!


Cynthia, I am so happy that you have a few days off! CONGRATS on your new job, that is so exciting. Way to get in the miles and I hope you feel 100% today and tomorrow after the COVID booster. Happy Thanksgiving to you!


This post makes me so happy! My best friend and I always get a bag of Cheez It’s when we fly.


They are just the perfect thing to have on the plane… have you tried the Cheddar Jack? If not, I need you to do that asap. Have a beautiful day and I hope you get a trip with your best friend very soon.

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