Silentish Saturday!

(tank, shorts, shoes)

30-minute 90s hip hop ride with Robin + 20-minute upper body… along with an attempt for a self-timer photo.

He actually enjoys getting his hair cut.

IMG 7132

IMG 7135

Got to go out with Whitney, Megan and Mav.

IMG 2580

Went to Jolly’s Pharmacy in SLC to buy all of the candy and look at Christmas decorations.

IMG 7148

Lunch at The Dodo after… Whitney and I shared a few different things.

IMG 7155

These two joined Andrew at Costco.

IMG 7153


IMG 7157

Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches are the best.

IMG 7160

Went to a holiday lighting!

IMG 7169

He loved the fireworks.

IMG 7174

Very ready for this holiday season.

IMG 7177


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Today I’m working, seeing friends, AND THEN MY SON COMES HOME FROM COLLEGE TONIGHT!!! I haven’t seen him since August and I absolutely can’t wait.
When I saw you put up your Christmas lights my first thought was, “Christmas lights don’t go up till after Thanksgiving”- then I remembered you had your Thanksgiving yesterday! Put up all the lights!!! How exciting.


Bahaha Jenny, I keep forgetting that Thanksgiving isn’t actually over. In my brain it is done and done;). I am SO happy that your son comes home tonight. I hope he is with you all week. You guys are going to have the best time ever. So happy for you and enjoy that first hug:).


Good Saturday morning, Janae!! You always have such great photos in your posts, but Beck’s little mohawk and his face while watching fireworks are just TOO cute!!! Love all of the holiday lights and decorations happening there :0) So nice you got out with girlfriends – they are so important in our lives.
Today’s three things: yoga, housecleaning, and hopefully starting to make my Christmas cards (wish me luck on that one). Oh – speaking of housecleaning…I picked up the e-cloths for glass and for stainless. Life changing (or at least cleaning changing!!). I ended up getting 4 of the general purpose ones. Thanks for the brilliant recommendation!!! Happy Weekend!!


Hahaha isn’t he funny?! Thank you, it really is so so important to get out with our girlfriends when we can. Good luck with all three things and I AM SO HAPPY that you love the e-cloths. One of those things we wonder how we ever lived without them. Happy Saturday, Janine!


Doing my first ever 22 mile run! Honolulu marathon in 21 days eek!! Then peanut butter M&Ms and a trip to the hot tub. Have an amazing weekend!!


OH MY GOODNESS! 22 miles! I am thrilled for you! And I want to do the Honolulu marathon someday.. you will have to give me all of the details. I love the way you are recovering and I fully approve. GO GO GO!


Several weeks (months?) ago you mentioned some cash cards you use for the kids for allowances and stuff that you can load only a couple dollars at a time and it’s linked to any bank account. Do you mind re-sharing the info, and if you still recommend them? Thanks! Happy Saturday!!


I can honestly say we love it even more than we did back then! We love it, it is so convenient and so good for our kids to help them learn and understand money. It is called Greenlight and if you use this link we both get 30$. If you do get it, let me know what you think!

I talk more about it in this post too:


Beck’s “oooooo” face is awesome!
I’m heading out for a 3 mile run, then some strength, and then watching the live stream of my son’s first NCAA championship football game (division 3). So excited!
Have a great weekend with your family before the 2 big ones head off to their other families. ❤️


He was just in awe over what he was seeing. I hope your run was great along with the strength and CHEERING for your son. That is incredible… wow. Thank you friend, you are just the greatest. Happy Saturday!


I slept in today (got my COVID booster yesterday and was exhausted after). Now I’m doing homework and cleaning my apartment. My dad flies in tomorrow for Thanksgiving! Very excited! Have a great weekend!


I am so so happy you were able to sleep in. Good luck with your homework…and your dad comes tomorrow! BEST NEWS. Thanks Mariah, you too!


Just finished my workout (65 Peloton and 45 min strength), hoping to get in a hike with kids today, and prepping our house for Thanksgiving guests!!


Can you PLEASE tell me how you last 65 minutes on the Peloton… the most I have done is 45 and I was dead at the end. I’m guessing it just means I need to be patient and continue to build up but I am seriously so impressed by you. Have a great hike and good luck getting everything ready. Have a happy day, Rachael!


PowerZone training!!! Seriously makes such a huge difference. I alternate running and cycling days so I do a 60+ minute Peloton ride every couple days and throw a 90-min ride in every few weeks. But yeah, PZ training is where you are going to see those big gains in endurance.


You are inspiring me… thank you for sharing! I need this!


I see Madewell has 30% off right now for Black Friday. What’s size do you wear in the quilted hoodie you got from there recently? Any other favourites?
Thanks :)


JANE! YAY for 30% off at Madewell right now! I wear a small in the hoodie, it is amazing. You will love it.

Here are a few of my other favorites right now that I’ve purchased:

Let me know what you end up getting… SO many amazing things right now. Have a great day, Jane!


Fun fact: my MIL is a florist at Jolley’s. Their candy is so so good!

Today we went to church, then we’ll go on a walk and Skype with grandparents later.

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