Yep, I was wrong.

(Shorts, long-sleeve, shoes, socks)

A 30-minute hip-hop ride with Robin on the Peloton before Brooke went to school.  For the last little while, I have been sleeping in until Brooke needed to get up so it felt weird to work out first thing in the morning again.

After Brooke went to school, Andrew and I did a bodyweight workout.  During one of the moves, the instructor said to imagine our favorite drink on our backs to help us keep a flat back.  Andrew said he was picturing chocolate milk on his back and I said I had hot chocolate on mine.  We both started laughing because we realized we are basically children.

IMG 4765

My massage therapist told me to get a better tool for a deep tissue massage to use on my calf, achilles, and foot, and this thing feels amazing.  I think it might be time to run again soon?!  I am very nervous about getting back at it again.

IMG 4758

My massage therapist also told me to get fitted at the Peloton store for my bike to avoid a different injury from riding incorrectly.  Yep, my seat was not high enough at home (by kind of a lot… even though I thought I had followed the instruction video well!!).  They filled out a card for me to take home to know exactly where to set everything from here on out.  I’m very happy we drove up north to go and do this!

IMG 4777

The employee helping us had us try out the treadmill while we were there and wow, the nobs to adjust your incline and speed are just too easy to use.

IMG 4780

After I told you that I suddenly fell in love with beets, a few Utah friends recommended that I go to Blue Lemon to try the roasted beet salad.  There was one close to the Peloton store, so we went for it and you were very right, it was heavenly.  The southwestern chicken sandwich and tri-tip tacos were terrific too.  I wish we had this restaurant closer to home.

IMG 4783

Next to the above restaurant was an ice cream shop we had never tried (Handel’s), so we had to pop in, and the brownie cookie dough flavor spoke to my soul.

IMG 4784

The worker asked if he could give Beck his own small cone, and I had never seen Beck so happy in his entire life.

IMG 4822

If you have a Costco membership, I’m going to need you to grab some of these.  They are one of our favorite things there.

IMG 4769

I cannot thank you guys enough for the comments yesterday.  They got me even more excited to experiment with my training.  I loved what Kari said about it being ‘a mystery you get to solve.’  Another reason we love running—> we get to learn so much about ourselves and how our body responds and adapts!

Screen Shot 2021 10 27 at 4 15 39 PM

And to end today on a high note:  Beck figured out how to turn on the bidet… The toilet seat was down, but it still managed to get water EVERYWHERE.

He was so proud of himself.

IMG 4782


Andrew and I are looking for new bedding, and we are having a hard time finding anything we like… Recommendations for places to get bedding that is a good deal?

Have you solved any mysteries about your running/training/body recently?

Those that have been injured—>  How did you know it was time to get running again?  Were you nervous?

Chips… Delicious or not your thing?  If you love them, what is your favorite kind?

-Flavored tortilla chips are my current #1.

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I got my bedding recently from Target! I bought a duvet from their Casaluna line and then a duvet cover and pillow cases from the Nate Berkus line. I just went for white everything since my walls are grey, but they have lots of options! I looked at Crate and Barrel and West Elm too- loved their options but they were more expensive.

Good to know about making sure you are on the right setting on the bike! I’m probably sitting too low too, but I always eye ball it. Gonna have to find a tutorial to pick the right height.


Awesome, I’ll go check out Target, thank you so much and I love the Nate Berkus line. Good luck on setting your bike up right, I am excited to feel the difference. Have the best day, Mariah!


Oh, tri tip tacos, did you post anything else today? Hehehe. So, I guess the ice cream came off Beck’s face yesterday. Hope Beck got everything he wanted. Your gifts were creative! So now you have a massage gun, too. They’re everywhere, so, you’re in with the in crowd now!

My ongoing experiment is feeding my hunger right. The right way at the right time factoring in all variables. Additionally, doing it away from the home kitchen depending on the schedule. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed!! So, HEARTING Kari’s perspective above. It’s an experiment, I have more information available to me than ever before, and I have nothing to lose. My dedication to this brought me a long way. Even though I have a little more to go, I’m taking one more step today.


Ha yes we did wipe his face yesterday;). That is an amazing experiment… keep enjoying and good luck with that last step today!


I just bought bedding at Wayfair. I think it’s a pretty good deal/ good selection.
I am perpetually trying to figure out the balance between running & strength training. I don’t really like to ST. I think it’s boring and I do it solo. But I typically get to run with people so I always opt for it .
Who doesn’t like chips ?! :) I like Cool Ranch Doritos or salt & vinegar potato chips.


Hey Hilary! I will check out Wayfair today, thank you so much. I totally understand your situation… that is how I normally am! I LOVE the peloton app for strength training and they do a free 30-day trial if you want to try it. They make it so much more fun. Salt and vienegar are pure heaven. Have a beautiful day!


Those chips are so good!! I made myself take a break from buying them since I was flying through bags and I live alone so it was slightly concerning how fast I ate them lol.

I actually got my bedding at Costco and love it. The duvet insert is Hotel Collection and the sheets brand is Pur I want to say? I don’t remember exactly. Then my duvet cover is from Target. If you buy one of them, the duvet insert is amazing. I actually have one for my guest room too since it’s so good.


Hey Maureen! Yep, our bag is almost gone and Andrew just bought them haha. COSTCO…. of course we have to look there, I didn’t know they had duvets. Thanks for sharing those finds, I check both places. Have a great day, Maureen!


Good morning Janae!

Oh my, I’ll definitely be scoping out the comments regarding the bedding question. It seems like Brooklinen is popular on IG but I tend to be skeptical when I see everyone and their dog promoting a brand. I also feel like bedding needs to be touched first .
Mysteries regarding my training and body…I seriously understand estimate the power of stretching. And how productive deep massages can be.
Chips are my FAVORITE. I would give up all candy if I had to make a choice between salty or sweet. My favorite are Siete chips with their Cashew Queso…oh my it’s the best!
I wish we had a Peloton store here on Oahu; I need to put that on my list when I am in a city that has a store to check my seating. Interested to hear how it feels for you with the changes they suggested!
have a great day!


Hey Amanda! I have been seeing brooklinen on social a lot lately too… I wonder if they have a good exchange policy if it doesn’t feel great? I love that you are figuring out the need for stretching, I need to get better at that. I need to take your chip tastes seriously and try out those chips with the dip. Thank you for sharing! Yes, next time you are near a Peloton store, check it out. PS can I come visit you on the beach, that sounds really good right about now!


I get almost all our bedding from Target!


Perfect! I’ll go today, thanks for sharing Carrie! Have a beautiful day!


So glad to hear that you may be getting back to running soon. I agree, the experimental part of training for your body is so fun, and I love how it evolves over time! Yes 100% to being a chip lover; I’ve got a major salt-tooth and spicy chips are my favorite. We love a local brand here called Zapp’s and my favorite flavor is their Spicy Cajun Crawtators! I could eat a whole bag in one sitting. And now I’m hungry! ;)


Haha I shouldn’t laugh but picturing Beck figuring out how to turn on the bidet is so funny lol.

Re running and injuries I was once off for a few months and I worked with my PT to design a run walk program. I think I was not only itching to run again but I was able to run pain free. I did a lot of yoga and strength in my off time lol

Those chips look good! Happy Thursday and I am glad you got fitted for your bike properly!


I love the concept of balancing workouts being an experiment! The Peloton changed my approach a bit to this, too – I enjoy the cycle and strength classes so much that I dropped a running day or two so I could incorporate them. Not sure what is best for running PRs, but just focusing on what I enjoy for now. I also think taking a good amount of time to strength and cross-train is important after having babies, especially as the number you have increases! I think you mentioned Beck might be your last, so it’s nice to be able to take your time a bit figuring out what works. I know back when I planned to have more (I am 100000% done now!), I would feel a little pressure to get in a good marathon cycle or set a PR before getting pregnant again. Now I’d rather take some extra time and get all those imbalances and weaknesses created by multiple pregnancies straightened out first.

Returning to running after a tissue/tendon injury is definitely nerve wracking. I’ve had tendonitis issues in my foot multiple times. What helped me during the comeback is doing a 10 minute ice bath for my foot immediately after running, even if it felt okay during the run. I found it helped keep the inflammation from flaring back up. Good luck!


Hi Janae! I agree it’s so scary to return to run after an injury. I feel like it takes more than one run (maybe a week) to know if return to run was the right choice. How do you like the strength classes on Peloton compared to traditional strength training?
Have a great day!


A bike set up to what will work for your anatomy is THE BEST. Seriously. YAY for going to the Peloton store. If Tom and I ever get a peloton (unlikely, because I don’t think I could easily access my Les Mills spin formats…what’s more likely is a Schwinn IC4 with an iPad holder so I can still do the Peloton workouts but then open up my Les Mills stuff for the rides that I teach…), I will have to remember that tip–go to the store and have htem give you the optimal settings.
And beets. YUM YUM YUM.
Beck is a kid after my own heart with his ice cream joy. I think if my family could participate in two Olympic sports, they would be Olympic reading and Olympic ice cream eating. ;) It’s just our favorite!

You asked about bedding. If you are talking about sheets and pillows, I have a tip for you! There is an independent brand that I have come to love–Peach Skin Sheets ( I think). They’re local to me in the Atlanta metro area (they’re in a suburb, actually…a couple of miles from my gym…). Their fabric feels really deluxe, but 1) the pricepoint is good (with different colors on sale each month AND with big holiday-time sales…), 2) if you follow the wash/dry instructions the sheets hsould be wrinkle-free, 3) the sheets have a good cooling feature that will help you not get super crazy stuffy-hot when using them, and 4) when ordering from their website, you can rack up rewards points and get good coupons. Tom and I have a couple of sets of sheets from them and we LOVE them. We had tried a few others from amazon and from Target (we have *good* sheets from our wedding registry, but we don’t want to use/wash/use/wash/rinse-wash-repeat and wear them down SO QUICKLY, since we know that buying super high threadcount sheets made with I don’t know hand-spun Turkish cotton woven together by the magical fingertips of elves is just not realistic), and this brand is really the best we have found. Definitely look them up! Added bonus: they have duvets and I think they have a whole pets line. Just for the fun of it. ;)

But this brand is the real deal. And it’s a solid independent business that seems to be doing the right thing out in this world.

Your Costco chips are similar to our costco chips. We get the same brand, but we like the multigrain & chia Late July tortilla chips. Because they’re nice and thick, they are THE BEST for nachos–they hold all the toppings without getting super soggy or breaking! I will look for your jalapeno ones next time…I bet Tom would especially love them!

I hope you all have a great day out there!!! It’s chilly in Atlanta (finally feels like fall), and it’s just a grey and rainy day. I started the new job this week, and yesterday I got my first project assignments–so today is a lot of research, planning, and development of what my output could look like. This is exciting to me!!! :)


Stephanie – I checked out the Peach Skin Sheets website and read the reviews – wow – they sound so amazing! I ordered a set – excited to try them, as my husband gets so hot when he’s sleeping. I’m glad I read these comments – thanks for the recommendation!!


I agree, the food at Blue Lemon is really good! I haven’t been there for a while, but last I knew there was one up in Highland. I’m not sure if that’s closer to you, but thought I’d let you know in case.
Have a great day!


If you are apprehensive about your return to running just start out ridiculously slowly like I did after both my hamstring injuries. Assuming you can walk with no pain – start out with 3-4 miles walking 9 minutes and running one minute. (Just set your Garmin to use the run/walk 9-1) Then either each week or each run, add a minute, i.e. 8 minute walk, 2 minute run, etc.. until you can run the 3-4 miles pain free. Once you can run pain free then start adding mileage back.

Lol, yes, as you well know. I solved my running mystery but it was too late. Certainly a fun journey though! I am actually running (or maybe run-walking) a 5K this Sunday.

Great idea to get the bike fit!


Here is a similar return to running program to what I used:

Phase III: Walk/Jog Progression
You may begin this program on level ground if: 1. Successful completion of Phase I and II. 2. You have no pain with normal daily activities. Walk Jog Repetitions Total time
Stage I 5 minutes 1 minute 5 times 30 minutes
Stage II 4 minutes 2 minutes 5 times 30 minutes
Stage III 3 minutes 3 minutes 5 times 30 minutes
Stage IV 2 minutes 4 minutes 5 times 30 minutes
Stage V Jog every other day with a goal of reaching 30 consecutive minutes, begin with 5
minutes of walking, gradually increasing the pace. End with 5 minutes of
walking, gradually decreasing the pace to a comfortable walk.


Oh my gosh, I’ve actually been to Handel’s on vacation! I think I googled “Best ice cream Utah” and it came up. I got banana cream pie or something similar, and wow, so good.

I think mixing up training can be SO good. I noticed that when I was ellipticalling a lot, my running was getting way better. I can’t remember why I was running less then, but it really amazed me how much I was able to improve! I think our bodies love mixing things up sometimes. And I’ve really learned through a lot of injury and illness that running will ALWAYS be there when my body is ready, no matter how long it takes.


Handel’s is the absolute best!! You have to try Graham Central Station next time!!


So glad you got the beet salad at Blue Lemon! I have had years of trying to figure out my running. I always do too much, even though I think I’m taking it slow. I finally started a run/walk program a couple of months ago and (knock on wood) it’s WORKING. I used to be really into strength training (and I do think its fun), but if I’m being honest, my heart really just wants all the running and nothing else (seems to be a common theme among runners, no?). So I make myself do it a couple of times a week.


After you get your bedding – let me k ow! I want new nice sheets but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on sheets!


Hi Janae!! Beck’s face with that ice cream cone is PURE happiness!! Glad you were able to get your Peloton seat adjusted too.
I have good luck with Target for bedding, including organic cotton sheets if those are your thing. I don’t think you were talking about mattresses, but if you’re ever in the market, I highly recommend Nectar. It’s one of those mattress-in-a-box things, but we have had ours for 4 years and it’s fantastic.
I feel like running/training/my body is a perpetual mystery – LOL!! Especially the case as I get older. I find it’s always a little nerve wracking to return after injury. I generally follow medical advice and trust my body to let me know when it’s ready (I get a little itchy to get back to things) and how far I can push things. So far, it has worked out well. You’re being very smart with your PF and are under great sounding care, so I suspect you will have a very successful return :o)
CHIPS!!!! Salt & vinegar – I will eat them until my mouth hurts!! I also love lime flavored tortilla chips. Looking forward to trying those Late July ones with a little extra kick!
Have a fantastic rest of the week, Janae!!


Love reading EVERY DAY!!! Weird question but what are you wearinon your lips in the picture with the chi bag??? Looks great!!!


HEY Emily! Thank you so much. It is my favorite–>. Victoria Secret Lip Gloss Punch flavor. I hope you are having a great night!


We just got some new bedding: sheets from Sam’s Club, and a comforter / sham set from Kohls. Both are great quality!


Clearly I am catching up today. lol.
Ross and I need new bedding too. So please be out Guinea pig and then tell us what we should buy.
I love those chips so so much. There are so good on OBB instant pot chicken enchilada soup (bonus that it is SO easy). They are also super yummy dipped in Trader Joe’s queso cheese dip. You’ll thank me later.


Boll & Branch sheets during black Friday sale – you won’t be disappointed! We purchased the duvet cover as well and have their towels too. Pricey, but oh so luxurious!


I got my comforter at Target (Casaluna brand) and I’m super happy with it.

There is a Blue Lemon in the Highland/Alpine area by where I live, I think that’s closer to you! Next time you go you have to try the Pear Gorgonzola salad and the sweet potato fries. My favorite!

My favorite flavor at Handels is Graham Central Station which I’ve heard is similar to a flavor from the BYU creamery.


How much was the fitting at the Peloton store? I think my seat is in the right place, but who really knows? ;) #san_rides_in_ca

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