Tuesday Tangents!

I’m going to take some time off from running and focus on sleeping, yoga, and some strength training so let’s rewind and talk more about the weekend!  PS I always love to take a week or so off after a training cycle, so I’d be taking this time off regardless of my plantar.   Hopefully, I can really get it all feeling better, and I am going for some dry needling!  I need some runs through the gorgeous leaves this time of year, so I’m crossing all of my fingers and toes it all works out after my break (I almost wish this was a minor stress fracture so that I could take time off for it to heal, but I’m worried this is just going to keep coming and going for a while #dramatic).

After the race on Saturday, we were invited over to our friend’s lake house, and it was just what we all needed.

All of our kid’s played outside for hours and hours on end together.

IMG 7895

It felt like we had the entire lake to our group!

IMG 3417

Our friend is also a chef and owns a few restaurants, which means we always eat the best of the best foods when we are together.

IMG 3403

The Roll Recovery R8 is my current favorite recovery tool.  This thing digs SO deep into your muscles, there is nothing else like it.  It is also super easy to travel with, I used it after my race a ton.

IMG 3410

We all did not want our time there to end.

IMG 3400

Found these two just outside rocking on the porch, talking about all of the things.  How is my baby already in this stage of life?!

IMG 3422


Let’s get chatting about some tangents!

*The St. George Marathon had a bunch of kiddie pools filled with ice water to put your feet into… brilliant.

IMG 3343

*LOVED the posters that my kids made for the race.

IMG 3279

*I saw the elite bottles when I was with my friend dropping off hers, and people get creative with these!  Kodi taped a gel to each of her bottles which I thought was so smart.

IMG 3296

*Just in case you need a new recipe, Knox came up with a pretty great one.  A Cheez-it and sour gummy worm sandwich.

IMG 3314

*Andrew got in an awesome bike ride while we were in St. George.  Exercise and sunshine just recharge both of us.

IMG 7799

*Beck loves Facetiming with Andrew’s parents.

IMG 3426

*Let’s talk about the Hyperion Elite II’s.  Wow.  These are something else.  My plantar did not flare up because of the shoes (my right foot was in heaven the entire time… my left flared up because it just struggles these days).    I will be wearing these to race in from here on out.  I really felt like I was flying and running much faster than I usually do at my current fitness level.  I cannot believe how light (7.6oz) these shoes are, and they are made to last 200-400 miles (= you can get a lot of races in them).  They made each step/stride feel very efficient and smooth.  The carbon plate really does propel you forward (I FELT IT).   From Brooks—> “A relatively broad midsole and our unique carbon fiber propulsion plate work together to keep the runner in their preferred motion path, saving energy to help you run faster for longer.”  The sizing is unisex, so take your size and go down 1.5 sizes if you are a woman.  Usually, I am a 10, and they fit perfectly as an 8.5.

I cannot wait to try these in a marathon, and the combo of my favorite socks with these shoes = pure perfection.

IMG 3306


Please give me a tangent for the day!

Do you take typically take time off after a big race?

Last water that you visited—> ocean, lake, pool, river?  

A big debate in our family—> Goldfish crackers or cheez-its… which is better?  Feel free to respond with a better cracker if you don’t like either.


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no question- cheez its!!!!


Thank you! Gold fish crackers are only good in tomato soup haha. Have a great day, Mallory!


Tangent- woke up 40 minutes before my alarm today, ready to go for my run. Hopefully this is a good sign for my half on Saturday!

Last water I visited was the beach last month when I was visiting friends in Florida. I loved floating in the ocean, so relaxing.

Agreed with cheez-it’s, except for with tomato soup. Goldfish win out then!


Mariah! I think that is the best news for your upcoming race… your body is so well rested and eager to get racing. I am so excited for you. Andrew and I have been talking about how we need to go to Florida soon. YES… I really think that is the only way to eat goldfish crackers! Have a beautiful day!


Goldfish crackers. Ocean.

I definitely take time off after a race. At the moment I don’t have a race..there are a couple I am eyeing next year so just in a bit of a maintenance phase. Getting in a longish run on the weekend

Yesterday after work I was getting ready to go for a run but wasn’t feeling it so instead I made homemade tomatoes sauce and had a glass of wine lol

Enjoy your down time and recovery. You earned it! And the views on your friends property!

Have a great day Janae!


Extra toasty cheezits are the best! I do make a combo baggie with extra toasty cheezits, pretzel goldfish, and parmesan goldfish that is a big hit.

Last water trip was kayaking on the river, we saw bald eagles and herons and had the best time! Love these kids getting so big and being able to have fun adventures.


Hey Karen! Okay, I MUST try your combo baggie… I think my kids would go crazy for your cracker trail mix:). Ummmm your kayaking trip sounds like it was amazing. Next time we are coming. Thank you and I hope your day is off to a great start!


I’ll send you my goldfish crackers;) Yay for the maintenance phase, I’m excited to enter that stage soon. You’ll have to let me know what you sign up for in 2022! Good call on your after-work plans yesterday. Listening to our bodies is always the best choice. THANKS friend and have a beautiful day!


I’m so glad you are taking time to rest. I generally take a week off after a big race, but more if I need it (which I do as I get older!) My tangent today is that I love Quaker oats Oatmeal Squares cereal. I had never had them before a month ago, and now I can’t get enough of them.
Another tangent is that I sometimes do a binge-read of your blog to catch up, and I’ve been doing that recently. I read your HRG Baby post about being conflicted about having more kids, and I want to thank you for that post. I really want a third, but my husband really doesn’t (he is way more practical than I am), and I’ve been sad about that recently, so it was nice to read some different perspectives. I remind myself that the two healthy kids I have are absolutely wonderful, but it took a lot of time and money to have them (IVF). I’m also turning 41 this year, and that plays a role, too. Thank you for weighing in on your thoughts, and allowing your readers to do the same, because it helps us all!


HEY STACEY! That is a really hard situation. I can relate a bit because the last week or two I have been feeling like I do want another and Andrew is currently done;). I do the same thing in reminding myself that I am so beyond happy with the setup we have right now and to focus on quality time and that I just need to slow down in life and soak it all up. I’m here for you if you ever need to talk. You sound like an incredible mother and I am so grateful you were able to get your two amazing kids here. Keep me updated on it all!


I totally hear you, Janae. i just got an MRI on my foot and part of me was hoping it would be something straightforward like a stress fracture (just put me in a boot and tell me I can run again in eight weeks!). Nope- plantar fasciitis. Mine has been going on a long time, but don’t worry- that won’t happen to you. PF is very treatable, and you’re doing everything right (I let mine go on way too long before getting any treatment.) But I have a new doctor and high hopes! We’ll both be running again soon.
Those pictures from the lake house are absolutely stunning. So these people have this house and are also incredible chefs? You sure lucked out in the friend department!


YES!!! Just put me in a boot, tell me when it will be healed and I’ll be as patient as I need to be… not knowing the outcome is where I lose my patience. I am SO sorry that you have been dealing with this for so long, it is SO painful. Keep me updated with everything that your doctor says and I can’t wait for our first runs back. Yep… I am pretty sure Andrew pays them to be our friends hahaha… they are the coolest.

Have a fabulous day and I’m just so happy about your new doctor!


I just wanted to second Jenny’s comment. I’m JUST on the other side (*fingers crossed*) of PF (and achilles tendonitis b/c I went nuts on the stretching, which isn’t great for your achilles). I have almost no pain and I have done zero running in a month, swimming, some strength training, lots of rolling my foot, and strengthening my calf muscles with calf raises at my PT’s direction. You CAN fully recover. I felt the same way – let this be something with a concrete timeline, the uncertainty is a mind f*ck! But I promise you that it is more certain than you think if you truly give your body the rest and recovery it needs, like you would if it were an acute injury like a fracture. Sending loads and loads of healing vibes your way Janae!


MAEVE Thank you so much for sharing your story and I am SO happy that you have almost zero pain now. YOU DID IT! You were patient and did the work it takes to get there. Hahaha yep… it plays so many games with my mind. Thank you and you are my inspiration for being patient and doing the work.


Such a great review on those shoes! I am running the Chicago marathon this weekend. I took inspiration from many of your past posts and splurged a new pair of racing shoes – Hyperion Elite! I have tested them out a couple times and love them, but I am so so curious how they will feel throughout the race. Fingers crossed that they turn out to be awesome! I always tell myself I am going to take time off after a race, but after a few days I get antsy :-)


APRIL! AHHHH good luck on Sunday. I am SO incredibly excited for you. PLEASE keep me posted and let me know how the race goes. You are seriously going to fly in the Hyperion Elite, they are incredible. Just so so happy for you. Happy tapering and get all of the sleep and water. Go April GO!


I’m taking it easy for a week after my race Saturday but am eyeing up a half next month. I usually take a little time and walk instead of run and skip weights for a week.
I love cheese nips. Sadly they don’t make them anymore. At least I can’t find them where I live. Otherwise, I’ll eat extra toasty cheese it’s or gold fish mix up with pretzel and flavor blasted cheddar.
I hope your plantar clears up. Keep up with your stretches and let us know about dry needling. I’m a little curious.
Glad you had a great race and fun weekend afterward.


Oh you will have to let me know if you do the half next month! A little time off is just what our bodies need and congrats again on your awesome race this last weekend. I don’t think I have ever tried cheese nips! I’m missing out. Thank you so much… I’m so nervous about this dry needling ha. I have a feeling it is really going to hurt. Thanks friend, happy Tuesday!


Just read your race recap, you did so well! You can be proud of yourself! And that place by the lake looks wonderful. Skye looks so big already!

I never hace a ‘big’. race haha, so I never take time off ;) I’m training for a 24k trail next month (I’ve never run more than a half marathon..had never hear of a ‘mini marathon’ before I read your recap), and I hope I’ll still be able to move after that but I’ll probably take a couple of days off running after that!


THANK YOU SANNE! 24k trail next month, ahhhhh I am so excited for you and I want to come out and do it with you so badly. Our kids would all love each other. PLEASE let me know how it goes, stoked for you.


Oh man… That is a good debate. Goldfish or Cheez-its… I think Cheez-its! We always had goldfish in our house when the boys were younger, but lately I think we like Cheez-its. Better crunch. And I love Knox’s new recipe… Ha ha
The kiddie pool idea is brilliant! I hope more races jump on that idea.
I usually take some time off after a race/ training cycle. I think it’s good for our bodies to get in some good recovery.
Tangent of the day… We had the coolest rain and lightening storm last night! It was amazing and something we don’t typically have here. And, it kept raining during the night, which I love! Oh, and running the morning after a rain storm is just the best too. So fresh!
I really liked reading your review of the shoes. It is making me think of looking into carbon plated shoes, hmmm.
That lake house is absolutely wonderful and such a perfect way to spend the day after your race.
Have a great day Janae ?


Hey YOU! I am glad you are on the cheez-it side;). Right?! I was wondering why I had never seen that before at a race… such a good idea. Andrew is jealous about the lightening storm, those are his favorite to watch. I think you might need to try some of the carbon plated shoes, you would love them. Thanks Wendy and I hope your Tuesday is off to a great start!


That lake view is amazing!! Our apartment is right by the entrance to a park that has a 2 mile loop that goes around a lake, so I get to see it everyday and it always lifts my mood. I’m definitely a water person so being close to a lake (even a small one like ours) is the best! My favorite thing to do is bring a hammock, tie it up right on the water and read for a while. So peaceful!! I also try to go to a bigger lake once a week for some paddleboarding or kayaking but I think I need to go to the beach soon!

Enjoy your rest from running! Yoga will help so much. If you’re looking for recommendations I love “Yoga with Adriene” on youtube…she has lots of monthly playlists with tons of variety which always helps me decide what to do!


Your apartment set-up sounds PERFECT! Oh I bet that is the best thing to look out and see and the perfect place to run. Can I join you for the hammock day too?! I love how active you guys are. Oh I love her so so much and I just did one from her this morning. Thanks Gretchen and have a great Tuesday!


Mi hammock es su hammock :) Come to NC anytime!!


I struggle with terrible Plantars after each one of my kids. I found wearing Dansko clogs day and night were the only shoes to get rid of it. The way the foot sits in the shoe takes the pressure off the muscles and helps them heal.


Off to go get a pair now… I’ve never heard of these! THANK YOU for sharing and I feel like my plantar is doing the same with each kid I have. I hope you have the best Tuesday, Dayna!


I’ve had a pair of Hyperion Elite 2 in my closet since I was 6 months pregnant and have been dying to try them out! But I didn’t want to waste any miles on them while I was pregnant, so I finally broke them out for a workout last week at 7 months postpartum, and OMGSH… incredible!! I ran a 5k tempo, the same pace I had raced a 5k the week prior. Those things feel like you have springs on your feet and are so comfortable!!! I did my first ever marathon in the original hyperions, so I cannot wait to race in these things! I have my first half postpartum next month!


Oh Sarah, I am SO glad you are loving them. They are something else and I also understand not wanting to waste one step in them haha. Way to go on your 5k tempo… you are on fire. Yep, total spring board feeling. I loved hearing your ran your first marathon in the original hyperions, I really miss those too. GOOD LUCK NEXT MONTH and I better get to hear all about it. Thanks Sarah and have a great day!


Ugh don’t tell me how amazing the Hyperion’s are…I want to try them!!! It’s not too late before boston right?? lol. :)
Great race despite the plantar. I know exactly how you feel on that one trying to run fast. That was my whole hs running career. It’s awful. I hope you get relief…and SERIOUSLY, YOGATOES. BUY THEM!
I really still try to limit dairy (it’s hard) because of my skin issues but man, I can put away a whole box of cheez its. It’s bad. They are a thousand times better than goldfish. ;) Now I want some haha.
Last water was the chesapeake bay right by us. Someday you need to come to virginia beach and visit, your kids would LOVE the bay. No waves, but beaches just like the ocean! :)


Hahah I don’t think it is too late! I am seriously so excited for you. You do not need the shoes to get your sub 3… your training is there and you should be so confident. Wait, I need a little more info on the yogatoes, I’ve never seen those! Whenever you get a second, let me know and I am SO sorry that you struggled with plantar for so long. LOVE to hear you are a cheezits fan too. I WOULD LOVE to come visit and our kids would love each other. Sounds like the best bay. Have a fabulous day!


Cheez-Its are ABSOLUTELY the best, and if you want to take it to the Nth level, find yourself bags of the Cheez-It Snap’d snacks. Any of the flavors is good, but my favorites are ranch and double cheddar. Tom had gotten a few bags on a whim about 2 or 3 months ago, and we have sort of been OBSESSED ever since. If there is a bag in the house, IT DOES NOT LAST.

The Hyperion Elites sound like exactly your dream racing shoe. YAY for FEELING fast and helping the mental game and the physical game egg each other on!!! And SMART idea for the St. George Marathon crew to have those kiddie pool ice baths! So clever.

That cinnamon roll looks unreal. YUM.

Skye’s getting BIG. She looks like a total adult in that porch chair talking about ALL THE THINGS.

My Tuesday tangents:
–I now have a 1st interview (thankfully over the phone) with a recruiter at 2 PM my time for a really great job that has the potential for great pay and doing a lot of interesting work…that is just a pretty annoying drive away from our apartment. BUT, this recruiter sounds over-the-moon excited about me so far, and entering a great environment where my ideas can be aligned with my future colleagues’ ideas and where my approaches to my profession would be well-received (regardless of whether or not they’d be challenged) is more meaningful than a drive. Just gotta get my oil changed really regularly. ;)
–Went to yoga this morning and tried class with a brand new teacher to my studio. I am SO excited–her coaching throughout class was great!
–Tom’s birthday is next week. Every year we get each other gag gifts along with our real gifts. This year’s gag gift is a random thing I found on amazon when searching for something else: a battery-operated yodelling pickle. When I saw it, I burst out laughing at the hilarity of the idea, so I knew that it had to be his gag gift this year. As for ‘real’ gifts: a brumate cooler cup for his beverages, tickets to see Avett Brothers on Halloween, and the big tadition–an airbnb weekend getaway, which is also Halloween weekend. We’re going on a mountain weekend up in the Smokies, and I am so excited!!!


Off to go find that bag, the ranch and double cheddar both need to be in my life. Oh Stephanie, I am hoping and praying that this interview goes amazingly today. Please let me know and of course, she sounds excited about you, you are just the best. YOU’VE GOT THIS! I’ll be thinking about you at 12 my time:). Way to go to yoga this morning and she sounds awesome. Happy birthday week to Tom! I love that you do gag gifts, what a fun idea. He is going to laugh so hard, I might have to copy your tradition. Have the best day and good luck!


I do take some time off, but I have gotten better at listening to myself as to my return. Sometimes that is 3 days and sometimes it is 3 weeks.
I am such a rule follower that I follow all of my self imposed rules. Ha. So there were times I was taking X amount of time off after a race and it did not need to be that, or maybe it needed to be longer. Age has made me more self wise. I guess the way it should be.
Happy Day to you!


I love that about aging too, it’s so much easier to listen to our bodies now. I love it. Thank you Erica, you too. Have a beautiful day at school!


Hi again! I commented about the dry needling in a previous post. I hope you find it helpful! Remember it’s not a magic cure however, and I think your plan to rest some is a good idea. If you’re seeing a PT for the needling, they should also give you some good intrinsic foot muscle and calf strengthening exercises as well to help in the long run.
Good luck!


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I went today and I definitely feel a difference already and will be going on Thursday too. Yes to the calf strengthening exercises too. I can’t thank you enough for the help!


Hi Janae! Tangent for the day – 56 more work days until winter/holiday break (I work at a college)!!!!
Good call taking some time off after your race. Awesome job with that too!! If I race a half or longer, I’ll take a week off and it is always welcome :o)
Last water was a lake where I kayaked last week – the weather was cool and damp, but it was still great!
Goldfish for the win!! I used to buy those big, gallon size containers of them, but learned they really can’t be in the house. That’s an easier choice now (sort of!) since shifting to a vegan eating plan. Now, my boyfriend will take cheez-its every time LOL.
Have a wonderful day, Janae!!


Those kiddie pools for your feet are BRILLIANT. I’m pretty jealous of the post-race experience at St. George…might have to consider it in the coming years ;)

Also Cheez-Its > Goldfish, in my professional opinion.



Cheeze it’s no question!

Try this – trust me you’ll love it- tuna salad sandwich…add cheeze it’s! Right between tuna layer and top bread slice. Also great on chicken salad…but especially delicious on tuna. Report back to me…but I know you’ll love it!

So odd…but my plantar acted up like RIGHT when yours did…and I’ve never had any issue. It SUCKS. I’m literally doing ALL OF THE THINGS… Stretches, rolling, ice, Hoka shoes now, offos flip flops when not in my hoka…seeing a chiropractor who specializes in this he’s “scrapping/taping/ultrasounding my bad heel (right for me). He’s also fitting me for custom orthotics at my apt tomorrow. My insurance covers them with a $15 copay…sooo happily surprised on that.

I will tell you some ppl can run while battling plantar…. but your runs are too long and too many.nunyil it’s healed.. you need every other day absolutely no run…and run days way less than what you’re accustomed to. That’s how to heal. For me I’m also sad for those guidelines…but I’d rather be able to run 2-4 than zero….for weeks (or months!!!). Short term grievances will provide you more longer term happiness!!!


awesome,,nice and simple,your blog is the simpliest and meaningful for me,,it gives me a lot i want to know,,thank you so much

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