That did not go well.

I have a new Beck Update—> ONE YEAR and end of a chapter that is kind of breaking my heart.


Story from the hike that went very wrong a few days ago.

I had the great idea to take the family on a hike to Stewart Falls without looking up the weather beforehand.  The hike is about 3 miles total out and back, it is mostly flat, and you see a gorgeous waterfall.  It’s a super popular hike in our area that the kids have done a bunch of times.

Moments after this picture is when things got rough…

IMG 4639

Another picture before things got rough…

IMG 4637

With another 1.5 miles to go, Beck started screaming, and that lasted pretty much the entire way back to the car because he was over hiking (sorry to the other hikers seeking a peaceful experience), Brooke slid on the mud and was covered in mud and her knee was bleeding, I tripped over a rock, Skye fell asleep on Andrew (sweet but also hard for him to carry her the whole way while also helping with Beck), and it started to rain pretty hard which made all of us ‘shorts wearers’ (aka everyone other than Beck) freezing.

But we survived and laughed pretty hard about it all on the drive home.  We made hot chocolate the second we walked in the door.

PS it was pretty exciting to see dirt/mud on my shoes/feet again.  It almost made me think I had just returned from a trail run.  PPS I throw my dirty running shoes in the wash when this sort of thing happens to them.

IMG 4648

Let’s chat about a few things from yesterday now…

Our day started in the best way possible.  First thing in the morning, we heard someone at the door, and it was a cookie delivery guy.  Brooke’s grandma (on her dad’s side) sent our family 12 of the prettiest cookies.  It was the best way to start the day.

IMG 4661

During Beck’s nap, Andrew joined me for a 20 minute lower body workout that left us both on the ground because our legs were so tired.

IMG 4673

Before the strength, I did a 20 minute HIIT ride on the Peloton, and I was left shocked that such a short workout could work me so hard.

She looks so nice but she is killer.  Time to clean my screen:)

IMG 4670

(Tank, shorts)

Andrew decided to get his biking in outside… and sadly I think I’m more of an indoor biker only now, I love not worrying about flying over my handlebars ha.

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Brooke is really wanting to be playing soccer more often which is kind of perfect because Andrew played in high school and has done some coaching since then.  She’ll be doing indoor season soon and I cannot wait for it to start.

They made sure to have a lot of fun while they were playing too.

IMG 4694

IMG 4682

IMG 4692

A new women’s half marathon world record—> 1:02:52!  4:47 average pace!

Screen Shot 2021 10 25 at 6 11 02 PM

Yesterday’s candy chart of information made me want to research more.  Do you agree with this chart and what your state’s favorite candy is?  They say this chart is based off of 14 years of data.

Screen Shot 2021 10 24 at 7 57 53 PM


Just one more reminder about a Beck update!


Do you ever wash your running shoes?  Do you feel like it changes them?

What is your state’s favorite candy according to the chart, and do you agree with it?

-I’m having a hard time believing tootsie pops are #1 here.  I would have thought Reese’s or Snickers for sure.

Are cookies/cookie shops a big thing in your area?  If not, what is as far as desserts go?

What is the best part of your Tuesday going to be?

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I do NOT wash my running shoes, and I need details–do you wash them cold? With anything else, or solo? Do you put them in the dryer??

Okay, I really enjoyed your hike story. :-) Glad everyone was okay, and sometimes those fun family adventures . . . they just don’t work out that day!!!

Cookie shops are not a big thing here, but I think I’m making up for it with my constant baking!


I’ve read that you should never put them in the dryer because it destroys the foam. You’re supposed to stuff them with newspaper several times to absorb the water and let them air dry.


Hey Kristin! I just wash them on normal with nothing else or with other shoes and then let them air dry. They come out sparkling clean! Lee, that is SO smart to stuff them with newspaper a bunch of times to absorb water before letting them dry. I’ll try that next. I just remind myself during stories like this that they will be a funny memory after haha. I think you might need to open your own cookie shop… they do so well here and you’ve got the baking down. Have a beautiful day!


Janae! Oh no about the hike!!!! Some days “those days” sure do happen!!!! It’s easy to get into the “Why me?! Can ANYTHING ELSE GO WRONG?!” mindset (I tend to go to this first, lol), but you guys def had the right attitude by laughing it off and having hot chocolate!!!!

I want someone to send me cookies! ha ha Color me jealous!!!!!

The best part of my Tuesday. Hmmmmm. Hopefully just having a good day at school and seeing some light bulbs go off in my students’ heads today :) Otherwise, I’m running what I call “LUXURIANT PACE” after school—recovery pace, and I have come to LOVE these runs where in the past, a long time ago, they were torture.

That map says Hershey’s Mini Bars for my state is #1. Yuck. Boring. ha ha That is one of my youngest daughter’s fav candy bars though. I guess it makes sense because we only live about 30 minutes from Hershey, PA :) I’ve been into Kit Kats this year for something chocolate :)


Hahaha sadly I was definitely in that mindset during the hike but changed the second the heater kicked in;). I’ll send you cookies! Do you guys have a CRUMBL? Okay, when you talked about the ‘light bulb’ moments with your students, that brought back all of the memories for me. That really is such a special part about teaching. Your students are so lucky to have you. Enjoy your LUXURIANT PACE (<--love that) today after school and I wish I could join you. I hope you get plenty of Kit Kats this year. I hope you have a beautiful day, Jen!


My state’s favorite is Hershey Kisses, with Reese’s as a second. Those both make sense to me since we are only 1.5 hours from Hershey!

Cookie shops aren’t as big in Maryland yet, we have Insomnia and a few small local places. But DC has Levain so not far!


That definitely makes sense about your state’s favorites. I am so jealous that you have Levain not too far away! I have a friend opening some CRUMBL cookies out east soon… maybe in your area, wouldn’t that be fun? Hope your day is a beautiful one, thanks Mariah!


Such a great hiking story. And one I think a lot of us can relate too. Glad you were all able to laugh about it.
I think those favorite by state maps are funny. Peanut butter cups for California, sure I agree. But Hersey kisses in Colorado? That doesn’t sound right to me. Ha ha
I’m actually looking forward to my big district meeting this morning, and then squeezing in a workout at the gym later.
Have a good day Janae ?


RIGHT? I don’t think those are anyone’s favorite… they are fine when you have nothing else but I wouldn’t choose those at the store (unless they are a fun new flavor that I need to try ha). You’ll have to ask around next time you are in Colorado;) Have a great time at the meeting and I hope your gym workout goes well (still on a running break?)! Thanks Wendy, you too!


Those cookies look SO GOOD. I’ve never heard of Crumbl before moving to NC and now I feel like I see them everywhere…and luckily we have one just 10 minutes away. It gets dangerous sometimes because their flavors are always so tempting! Just looked and they have a pumpkin roll cookie this week…YUM.

I’m sorry to hear about your hike but hopefully someday this will be one of those funny moments you can all laugh about together! We’ve all had those series of unfortunate events-type days where everything goes wrong!!


I am so happy you have a Crumbl near you now! They are popping up all over the US now. We had that cookie too and it is AMAZING. You need to try it. Yes yes yes… just one of those days where everything goes wrong ha. Hope your afternoon is a great one. Thanks, Gretchen!


Your hiking story is sooooo relatable! Glad you all got warmed up quickly after that extra challenging adventure.
I rarely wash my running shoes because I don’t have patience/time to wait for them to dry – but I was told that lack of washing my shoes was why the mesh part on mine sometimes crack… so I have started to wash them sometimes.
That is shocking that tootsie pops are so popular in multiple states – I like them, but not as a favorite. I think cookie stores are just coming to MN.. or if I am wrong and they are not, I may have to start one because cookies are the best. Speaking of cookies, your ginormous pumpkin whoopie pies from yesterday looked fantastic!
Still no post 50k plans for me, but I added some strength back this week (2nd week post-race)!


Oh that is so interesting about the mesh cracking… I have had that happen to different pairs in the past. Thanks for sharing! I think you should start a cookie store first in your area, ours are always crazy busy. I think you need to make those whoopie pies, you will love them. YAY for getting in some strength and you are being so smart with your recovery. PS do you want to do another 50k in the future or one and done?


Hi Janae! Love the hiking story! And that’s so sweet of Brooke’s grandma.
I think the best part of my day will be taking my parents dog out tonight. She’s getting better from arthritis and it’s rewarding to see her walk farther every day. Happy Tuesday!


TOOTSIE POPS? Who even eats those anymore? I disagree!! I think I saw somewhere that the past few years for Utah have been Reese’s, and honestly, how is any state anything but Reese’s? Nothing compares. Also, Brooke legit looks 17 in that pic of her with Andrew. How is she so tall?!


Hey, I’m glad you put up something for the top candies. Also, while they are gathering 14 years of data what is the population/ sample size? There is so much to consider as we read/ take in information. Discernment! It can be a chore, for sure.

I read the Beck 1 year update. In some ways, he looks like your sister’s 4th/ 2nd to youngest. It seems like they might have a lot of common energy. It was fun to get more of the BTS with Beck.

Wow! Brooke’s paternal grandmother sent over cookies!?! High praise. Good on you and her!


NY is the Sour Patch Kid — yes, please!! I ate so many SPKs when I was pregnant, I’m surprised I didn’t give birth to one instead of a human baby ;)
I always wash my sneakers in the washing machine. I made the mistake of drying my beloved Brooks Pureflow’s in the dryer once, though — don’t make that mistake! They shrunk!
The family all went to my in-laws in NC last week, and my boys rode on an airplane for the first time. I was expecting a disastrous trip, but it was actually pretty smooth. My 18 mo had a HUGE meltdown on the last leg back home, but it was like 3 hours past his bedtime. No one complained. If you are going to be in public, whether on an airplane or hiking, you have to be prepared for an angry kid every now and then.
Have a great day, Janae!


I love robin too! So when you can run again and need to use the treadmill, (you’ll just have to use the peleton app on a tablet), you have to take becs!! There is a class of hers I’ve taken twice where she spends 60 minutes discussing her NYC marathon experience (she finished first non elite female!) it’s just so good. You’ll love her and she’s deceptively hard bc she’s in insane shape.


Oh gosh that photo of Brooke and Andrew playing soccer makes Brooke look so old! Like a teenager! How has time gone so fast? We have certainly had hiking disasters with our kids too. Always a good story after but soul destroying in the moment and I question all my life’s choices!


Crumbl Cookies are the most popular cookies in my area, too! (I may or may not have Crumbl bucks stored up!)


Sour Patch kids, hot tamales (who is eating these?), and candy corn 3? Absolutely not. I like sour candy but I LOVE chocolate, especially dark.

Cookie places are a thing and I am here for it.


– I wash my running shoes occasionally. As long as I air dry them (no dryer!) I don’t think it changes them (other than eliminating dirt and stink).
– Cookie specific shops are just starting to catch on here. We have Crumbl (in a few spots) and a few other small business/bakery options (which are better than Crumble IMO).
– The best part of my Tuesday was run intervals with friends (broken ankle rehab so slow, short, just a couple intervals and lots of longer, walking intervals). Or maybe the orthopedist telling me I’m not crazy, the inside of my ankle *is* weird shaped now (probably an additional hairline fracture) but it’s healed and the care protocols for the rest of the ankle (outside fracture, lots of messed up ligaments) fixed it, too, so no worries, just be patient for the rest of the healing to happen (9 weeks going towards 12-13 now…ugh).

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