Silentish Saturday + WINNERS!

(Tank, shorts, socks, shoes)

30-minute ride + 20-minute strength… Squats and lunges are feeling a lot easier than they used to!

Said our goodbyes to Knox for 5 days.

IMG 4539

Went out for a walk.

IMG 4570

IMG 4550

IMG 4580

Skye brought this ad over to me and told me she wants one so she can Peloton with me.

IMG 4584


IMG 4590

Hooked on Boxcar Children.

IMG 4586

These two.

IMG 4588

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup kind of a night.

IMG 4591

Hit the spot in every way.

IMG 4594

WINNERS FROM MY GIVEAWAY!!  (If you won I sent an email to you)!

Screen Shot 2021 10 22 at 6 34 05 PM

Screen Shot 2021 10 22 at 6 35 28 PM


Tell me three things you have going on today!!

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A group run, followed by pancakes, puttering around the house, and finally getting to try the new Indian restaurant. All to celebrate my birthday!! ?


Happy happy happy happy birthday! Valerie, that sounds like the perfect day! Enjoy every single second!


The Boxcar Children books were some of my favorites as a little girl. I have such sweet memories of my amazing great aunt reading them to my sister and I. Thank you for the reminder!


Oh that memory makes me happy. They were some of my favorite books as a child too. Happy weekend!


Wifi ^5!

Been wanting to share this with you for all the progress your making and sharing with us, especially strength. Good on you!


Thanks Lee! Have a great weekend!


Picking up my packet for my second half marathon in two weeks! I PRd last week so we’ll see how this one feels. Then off to the hot tub to do some relaxing. Have an amazing weekend friend!!


You are amazing… 2nd half in 2 weeks! Congrats on your pr and let me know how tomorrow goes. Enjoy the relaxing today. Thanks DawnMarie!


Long run, farmers market, and taking my 17 year old to get her learner’s permit. It’s a pretty big day today!
Have a great weekend!


Oh I bet you are both so so excited about this! Tell her congrats for me and enjoy the farmers market!


Hi Janae! Dad and I are going biking today and then we want to go pick some persimmons!
Have a great weekend!


I bet that bike ride with your day was the absolute best. Keep enjoying and thank you Amy!


I saw that Little Tikes Pelican on Amazon!

3 things = strength training and yoga (a rare rainy day here!)
Enjoying a rainy day
Packing for Hawaii – we got back tomorrow for 2 weeks and I can’t wait to run some of my favorite routes again!


BACK TO HAWAII! Oh that makes me so so happy! I hope your rainy day is a good one!


1. Long run
2. Mental health meeting
3. Sons birthday party

I love that you’re enjoying the peloton and strength training. I have two overuse injuries in the last years (thankfully never a stress fracture) but I’ve learned I cannot run 6 days a week and my body needs strength training especially one legged movements. It was a hard transition and had to show up to some fear of weight gain or getting bigger legs but now that I’m seeing the benefits and also working on affirming what my body does rather than what it looks like life and running is better.


Hey LIza! Way to go on your long run and I hope the meeting and bday party go perfectly (happy bday to your son). Thank you so much for sharing your story and I feel like I am now realizing it’s time to back down from 6 days a week too (once I am running again). I’ll get in some one legged movements (even if they scare me ha) because you inspire me. YES YES YES–> what are body DOES is everything. I haven’t done a 60 minute ride yet but I’m going to because of you! Thanks and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Also, please please please try one of Ben Aldis 60 minute rides.


Random question but if you were to go out and buy a Garmin running watch today, would you still get the Garmin Fenix 6 or is there now a better one out you would get? I still have the Forerunner 235 but it has been showing me lately its days are numbered lol so I’m ready to upgrade!! Thanks!


Hey April!!! I would 100% get the Garmin Fenix 6…. so I actually just got a new one last month because I cracked the screen on my old one and I wanted a different color (I got the sand one this time:) and I still got a Garmin Fenix 6 even though I could choose whichever one I wanted. I just loved it that much that I got the same thing. Make sure to get Saphire (I didn’t the first time) to make sure it doesn’t crack/break. Let me know what you get!!!


Awesome – and great to hear. Very helpful! I’m sure I’ll be going with that one too then! Thanks for the tip on the saphire. :-)

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