Silentish Saturday!

(Shorts, tank, long-sleeve)

45-minute ride + 15-minute upper body = I was very tired by the end.

HIGHLIGHT OF MY MONTH= The school Halloween parade.

IMG 8256

IMG 8251

IMG 4923

IMG 4946

IMG 4929

The kids had a race expo to attend!

IMG 4930

We are doing a 5k together!

IMG 4932

Dinner at home with my in-laws!  Chili in a pumpkin (from Great Harvest).

IMG 4948

We are all very excited for this morning.

IMG 4950

I love that you get a pair of gloves with this race!

IMG 4952


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Oh my- is that Brooke dressed as a witch? She looks incredible!


Yes, isn’t it fun?! I had a hard time recognizing her at the parade ha. I hope your day is a beautiful one!


A long run of some sort after the fog lifts, bathroom cleaning (done while waiting for the fog to lift), and switching out warm weather clothes for cool weather clothes (which I’m supposed to be doing while waiting for the fog to lift but I’m reading this because I don’t want to do my chores).
A Halloween 5k sounds fun! Will you all be dressed up?
Have a great weekend!


WAY TO GO ON THE LONG RUN! Uggg I need to clean our bathrooms too. I am glad I could help you procrastinate haha. Yes, I was a Tiger this morning! Thanks Lee, you too!


Love the kids costumes! That race will be so fun. Where are Brookes booties from? My daughter would love those. Have a great day. Happy Halloween


Aren’t they the cutest? I hope your daughter gets some too!

Thanks Ashlea, you too!


Love their costumes! Have so much fun at the 5k!

Today is my day to be productive with chores and homework (started a new class this past week!). I also slept in this morning since my long run is tomorrow instead. I’m shocked how late I slept, this may be a first hahah.


I hope you have been able to get all of the things done that you needed. Good luck on your new class. Good for you to sleep in, just what your body needed. We all need to do that more often. Thanks Mariah and have a great long run tomorrow!


Hi Janae! Have fun at the 5k that sounds awesome! Today my family is going to the beach! But I gotta go so my long run first.
Have a great weekend!


Oh Amy, I bet you guys are having the absolute best time at the beach, keep enjoying this time with your parents. Thanks friend, you too!


The kids costumes are fantastic!
Running a 5K would be so fun today. I need to look into doing that next year. I have never done a Halloween race, and I love to dress up, so I need to do one!
Carving pumpkins today, then some house cleaning and helping my niece finish her costume ( she’s a waitress at a Mexican restaurant and she’s dressing as a margarita for her shift tonight… Cute), then my hubby and I are going to a party. A fun couple of days!
Enjoy the 5K and have a really fun Halloween weekend!


Come do the Halloween race next year, it was so much fun. Oh I love that you are helping your niece, best aunt ever. Have the best time with your husband tonight. Thanks Wendy!

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