I Went Running + Friday favorites

(shorts, tank, long-sleeve)

DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?  Emilee and I on a run!  I sent her a text in the morning as she was heading out for a run and decided to join her.

She is coming back from her IT band injury and so we are going to be able to do this comeback thing together.

It felt so good to be out together in the fresh air and talking about all of the things again.

IMG 4865

Haven’t done a watch picture in quite some time.  I was tempted to go longer but I will be smart!

IMG 4866

After my RUN, Andrew and I did a lower body strength Peloton class and then a 5-minute core class… Beck loved making the core class even harder for me.

Screen Shot 2021 10 28 at 6 04 30 PM

A big day in Skye’s life= She got to wear her costume to school.

IMG 4897

(My shirt)

We went out on a walk and Andrew had a cool trick he wanted to share with you.

IMG 4901

We’ve been busy doing all of the Halloween traditions.

IMG 8199

IMG 4860

IMG 4905


Let’s get chatting about some Friday Favorites:

*I’ve told you about these before but I just have to again because I still use them every single day.  These window cleaning cloths and this stainless steel cleaning cloth.  ALL you need is a little water + these cloths and they will make your windows and stainless steel appliances gorgeous.  When people told me about them I was very skeptical and now I will ONLY use them.

IMG 8441 jpegIMG 9081

IMG 5002

*I have tried all of the self-tanners in the land and this one has to be my favorite.  It takes two seconds to spray on and it doesn’t leave any streaks.  The color shows up instantly and it’s currently on sale too.

IMG 3571

*This episode of Shalane Flanagan with C Tolle Run.  SO fun to listen to her experience so far with Project Eclipse!

*I’ve been wearing this top a lot because I love the color and it is also ridiculously soft.  Looks great tucked in or not!

IMG 4447

*When you have beautiful Ghost and Cascadias staring at you… excited to get these on!

IMG 4700


Who was the last person you ran with if you enjoy running with people?

Dressing up this year?  Doing a Halloween race/run?

Do you get trick-or-treaters in your area?

Any Halloween traditions that you do?

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they closed schools here today because we’re supposed to get a ton of rain so the kids are carving pumpkins. The elementary school was supposed to wear their costumes today but that is cancelled. At least they reschedule trunk or treat for sunday so they can still do that.
I wave at several people once i run the 2.5 miles up to main street and I talk to the dogs that live along my route. there are even two pigs!
If you don’t mind, I need to vent. My half on 11/13 was just cancelled. I’m so mad. I’ve been training really hard. I don’t know if there are any other races. They want to reschedule for March 2022 which is out of the question because it’s tax season. I need to see if I can get a hold of them and get a refund. I was really looking forward to it. It’s in Annapolis, MD. I haven’t been there since I was a kid and it would have been nice to see the city while running through it. thanks for letting me vent.
have a great weekend!
PS -I love Knox’s pumpkin!


Oh wow! That must be a lot of rain to have schools closing. I bet your kids are happy to be inside and cozy while they carve pumpkins. So happy that the trunk or treat was rescheduled for Sunday!
I’m here for the venting… Lee, that is so incredibly frustrating. I would be SO bugged. Yeah, the March date does not work in the slightest. They have to refund you for this. I am seriously so bummed about this, you have worked so hard. PLEASE let me know if they refund you and tell me what areas you are looking into and I’ll search for some fun races (or come run the Snow Canyon half in two weekends in St. George… I’ll be there to cheer you in!!!)


Hope you and Emily had fun running and recover from your injuries soon!

I love running with people! So much more motivating and it’s a great time to catch up. Ran with my dad and sister last weekend, running with friends this weekend!


Thank you Mariah! It was so fun to be feeling good again and out with my running partner again. I LOVE that you get to run with your dad (and your sis of course too:). That is so special. ENJOY your runs with friends this weekend.


Yay for the run with Emilee!!
Thursdays are my early morning runs with my friend Christy, and we love those mornings! We only have a limited time, but we talk about so much! It really has become a favorite weekly thing.
Halloween is a big deal in our neighborhood! Tons of kids out trick-or-treating. I always host a pre-trick-or-treat chili dinner for neighbors, then homemade donuts after. None of that happened last year, so I am super excited for this year. Plus, we are going to the big neighborhood adults only costume party on Saturday night. That didn’t happen last year either, so it will be a fun weekend!
Glad you were able to run a little, and I hope your foot continues to feel good so that you can run more.
Have a great Friday!


Thank you so much Wendy! Wish Emilee and I could join you and Christy. Love that you two get together every Thursday, I bet you both look forward to it all week. CHILI DINNER AND HOMEMADE DONUTS for your neighbors… you are the best of the best. You are going to have the best time at that party too. I am excited for your weekend. Thank you, I was so happy when I woke up this morning and it still felt good wahoo. Have the best day!


Hi Janae! Congrats on that first run back! I wonder if that e cloth will work for my car windshield.. I always forget to clean that until it’s too late!
Have a great Friday!


THANK YOU! Oh that is a great idea… I’m going to try mine on my car windshield. Thanks for that. YOU TOO!


How was your run – no pain?


Hey Mary! It felt awesome! A little pressure in my heal on the downhill but I’m thrilled with how it went and can’t wait for another one tomorrow. Have a beautiful day!


Happy back to running day! Nice job starting slow! I am finally ready to get back to running next week. I’m starting with mostly strength (a Beachbody program) + 2ish days a week of running, with the goal being lots of FUN base-building workouts all winter long while I decide what running goal to conquer next… a faster 50k or marathon as the next “big” goal. I am excited to get back to my little hole-in-the-basement “gym”!
Cascadias are on my next-shoe-to-try list! I have a few road-only shoes, and a few trail-to-road type shoes on there.
Halloween costumes are so fun – we have a pink ghostie and a spiderman here. Our pumpkin cutout cookies are taking three days, but we are getting them done (Day 1: mix, Day 2: bake, Day 3: decorate). Pumpkin carving tomorrow..


Hey Katie! Thank you so much and I am excited for you to get back to running next week. It feels so good to get out there again. Your plan for your workouts looks perfect to me. My sister uses and loves the Beachbody strength program too. You have to keep me updated with what is up next for you, I’m so excited! I’ve loved my previous Cascadias and I’m sure you will too. Cute costumes and I think I need one of those cookies. ENJOY!


I was skeptical of the E-Cloth but love it now, too! The window towels and that floor mop thing are the bomb!! It makes me actually want to clean :) Haha


I added the self tanner to my cart! I have been searching for a good self tanner for ever…I always have issues with them, so giving this a shot :)

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