The School Race Recap + Friday Favorites!

The school race is done and done.  I kind of feel like I was hit by a train ha but that’s okay because I am going to rest rest rest today.

I got to the school before the sun was up and had some amazing volunteers that met me there, and we got right to work.

I used Runner’s Corner’s blow-up for a start and finish line.  It said start on one side and finish on the other, so after they started, we had to sprint it over to get it set up at the finish line!

IMG 3176

Andrew brought the kids, and thankfully it got warmer and warmer as the sun came up.

IMG 3172

The race was 2.06 miles, and we had 450 students running.

The kids started the race with a giant loop on a big grass field, and then they went out to the roads.  We had amazing volunteers and police officers guiding them and stopping traffic with a water table one mile into the race.  We placed cones with balloons and arrows throughout the course with an awesome finishers chute of flags.  One of the high school kids in our area was the rabbit leading the pack, and he did awesome.  The entire race went incredibly smoothly, and I was still able to see our kids on the course!

IMG 3206

We made the mistake of overdressing them for the race!  It’s so hard to know whether or not to have them wear a sweatshirt.

IMG 3218

Skye insisted on joining in on the race too.

IMG 3223

After the race, we had water and otter pops for the kids, followed by an assembly.

I asked my brother-in-law to bring the BYU dunk team and Cosmo, and it was a huge highlight for the kids.  They were incredible, and I have never seen a group of kids more excited than these ones to watch their tricks and stunts.  We then did the awards for the overall winners and winners for each grade.  The kids each had a sticker on their shirt that their teacher gave them with their name and grade.  When they finished the race, we had volunteers keep them in order to place their sticker on a poster board to keep track of the order that everyone finished.  It was a very cheap and efficient way to keep track of it all.  We had $250 for the budget, and we did it all in $210:)

IMG 3234

The school sent me home with cookies, and they made for the perfect carb-loading snack for my race tomorrow!

IMG 3236

After the kids were all done with school, we jumped in the car and made our way to St. George.


Let’s move on to some favorite things!

*Two weeks ago, I blogged about an amazing pair of Madewell jeans, and in the comments, April told me that she had that pair but found an EVEN BETTER pair.  I had to see if she was correct.  And she was.  They are HERE!  These jeans are beyond comfortable and so soft.  You forget you are even wearing jeans.  They have the tiniest two rips in them and hit at the ankle.  They run a bit big, so size down!  April told me she bought a pair in one size down and two sizes down to have more of a relaxed fit pair and one that was tighter.  Andrew says they are his favorite pair of jeans I have ever owned too.  They are on sale!

I love this top with them…

IMG 2767

And this top too…

IMG 2768

*My top 10 favorites soup recipes are in this post.  I need to make some homemade chicken noodle soup on top of mashed potatoes asap.

IMG 4776 2

*Gretchen shared an AWESOME tip for anyone looking to meet friends:

Screen Shot 2021 09 28 at 9 09 17 AM

*A big unfavorite for the week.  I love to try new treats when I see them at Target, and so I grabbed these.  I had high hopes for these, but not one person in my family (or my neighbors… I made them all try them too, ha;) likes them.

IMG 2958


Who has an October birthday, anniversary, or race?  Please tell me!

What is the worst candy ever invented in your opinion?

Tell me something you are looking forward to this weekend!

Absolute favorite type of soup?

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Ah congrats to all the kids! Such a cool event for them. And cookies are perfect for carb loading, those in particular look delicious. Can’t wait to see how you crush your race this weekend! I hope it’s amazing for you!

Also I like almost all candy but the turkey dinner candy corn that Brachs made is absolutely disgusting and I actually had to throw it out. Do not approach.


Thanks Victoria! I am so excited to be back. Thank you for warning me about those… I trust your tastebuds. Happy Friday!


This weekend I am looking forward to volunteering at the London marathon. So excited to soak up the atmosphere!
I also just wanted to let you know that I was able to get that sub 2 half that I was doubting myself on. It was a very technical course (constant up and downs) with a very steep hill right at the end but there were some brilliant pacers who got me through the last mile and I finished in 1.59.27. (PB by 5 mins!!) I really focused on positive thoughts and staying in the mile and it really helped!
Good luck with the race this weekend!!


Sarah! Huge huge huge congrats on crushing your goal. YOU DID IT! That is cruel to put in a huge hill at the end. Way to stay positive and stay in the mile!
I am so excited you are going to be volunteering at the London marathon. Enjoy every second and let me know how it goes!


Sub 2 half is awesome, nice job!


What an awesome event you put on! Those kids will remember that for a long time to come. And those cookies (pause while I wipe the drool away).

My parents have their 55th anniversary tomorrow. We are not going, as we could not leave until tomorrow morning and would have to turn around and drive back that night (400 miles to end up where we started does not sound like fun) but my mom was here to visit fir a week and just left Sunday, so we feel like we have gotten part of the celebration in already!

Worst candy every is the Harry Potter surprise jelly beans (vomit, ear wax, booger).

Lookin forward to a lazy Saturday and a long run Sunday (12) before my sons two afternoon soccer games (if they don’t get rained out).

Favorite soup is vegetable!!!!!!


Tonya! Wish I could send you some of these cookies. 55th anniversary, that is amazing! I am so glad you got a week with your mom❤️ Very very true about those jelly beans. They are the worst. Enjoy the relaxation and then go rock your 12 miles!


Can you please post another link to the jeans? The one linked says it is unsafe?! Thank you and have the Best race tomorrow!!


Oh no! I am so so sorry Amy! Does this one work?

Thank you so much friend!


Good luck tomorrow!!! You are going to kill it. Enjoy your first race back!

PS– I need insider tips from your brother-in-law on football. I picked the losing team AGAIN last week and told Jim that my days of playing “pick the winning sports team or pay for dinner” game are over hahaha. :)


Thank you Clare! Hahaha I’ll ask him! You have to beat Jim… he needs to pay for dinner next time (I love that you guys do that). Have a beautiful day!


It all came together for the kids school race. (I can’t remember the details, like the length of the race and pretty much everything else.) It seems like the kids raced a lot in September, were they all school races? I really like the big picture stuff, and recalling how it all fits together. Obviously this one stood out for you and your team, hopefully it did for them, too. Soooo COOL Cosmo and the dunk team made it!!!!! They are so talented, and bring joy to all the spectators.

Also you look more grown in your pic under the start/ finish blow up. Looking good! I hope it all FELT great, too!


Hey Lee! This one was the only one through the school. Such a fun month in our community for the kids to race❤️ Thank you and have the best weekend!


Congratulations to Brooke, Knox, and Skye on an awesome race!
Congratulations to you for putting on such a big and fun event for all the kid! They are very lucky to have a school that puts on such events and for you because you put in all of the work.
I found nerds candy corn at target and it was pretty good. I had the Trolli candy corn last year and didn’t like it.
My race is tomorrow. I’m so excited. It’s the first one since the pandemic and all of my knee problems. I’m so happy I can run.
Enjoy your rest day! Good luck tomorrow!!!!! You’re going to speed through it. I can’t wait to read about it.

Have a great weekend!


Thank you so much Lee! I move their school for always wanting to put together fun events. I must find that nerds candy corn. That sounds amazing! Soak up every second at your race. You are back!! It’s going to be so fun to be surrounded by runners and in the race atmosphere. Let me know how it goes and have a great night of sleep tonight!


Our anniversary is this month on the 6th- 23 years. It’s also my Mom’s birthday on the 4th and my son’s on the 19.

Our oldest daughter is moving into her first real apartment this weekend. So bittersweet when the littles grow up. <3

I love so many soups! I think my favorite is baked potato or chili. The above mentioned daughter had a soup night every Sunday last winter/spring at her last semester of college with her friends. <3

Good luck at your race tomorrow!


23 years! Happy anniversary and congrats! Happy bday to your mom and son too. You guys have a busy month. I hope the move goes well… a mix of smiles and tears I am sure! Sunday soup night, that is a brilliant idea. Have a beautiful day, Amy!


Good luck for your race this weekend!

I think you’ll appreciate this: this weekend I’m combining running a marathon (the virtual London Marathon, so the route will be near my home) with a party to celebrate my 40th birthday – as in, I’ve asked friend to come and meet me at the end and then we’ll party after. Or… I’ll sit on the sofa and hopefully people will bring me snacks.


Helen! Happy birthday and I LOVE how you are celebrating. Best way to do it! Good luck and enjoy the partying after (either way you need really good snacks)!


Such a cool event you put together!
I am 9 months pregnant with our first baby so we WILL have a birthday to celebrate in October!!!

Good luck in your race tomorrow!!


October baby!!!! Oh this makes me so happy. I remember that feeling so well.. it’s the best knowing you are in the month you will meet them. Keep me updated and I hope you are feeling well. Thanks Kendra!


I have both of those Madewell jeans!! I am OBSESSED with the ones with the rips – and yes they run huge, the size I had to get them in is comical compared to what I normally wear :)

I have an October birthday – the 23rd! I can’t believe it’s already October. I have barely thought about my birthday because I’m focused on my bachelorette party that’s next weekend! And my wedding dress just came in so I get to try it on this weekend – that’s what I’m looking forward to!!! First time in all my 31 -almost 32 – years that my birthday has been on the back burner haha

Good luck this weekend!


Hahaha it’s so funny that madewell does that! Almost every review says they run big… they have to see that?!? You have the most exciting month up ahead. I am thrilled for you and you might have to send me a picture of your dress. Enjoy every second, Anna!


Congratulations on a successful race at the school! And awesome job Brooke and Knox (and Skye too)!! Such a fun event for sure! I used to be in charge of the jog-a-thon at our elementary school, and it was honestly the best day of the year for me! Exhausting, yes! Lots of work, yes! But the kids loved it!! Sometimes I really miss those days.
And Crumbl Cookies for you!! Wahoo! The perfect thank you ?
Race day tomorrow!!! So glad you got down to St. George safely. You are going to do amazing!! I’ll be cheering for you!
Ok, those jeans are super cute. And on sale…. I may need to order a pair.
Have a great rest day today, and I can’t wait to hear all about your race! Remember to enjoy everything about being out there… The race environment, the course, the whole experience!


Thank you so so much Wendy! It was quite a day❤️ I love that you did the jog-a-thin. Your boys loved that so much I bet. I hope you love the jeans and thank you for that reminder, just what I needed. Happy Friday!


I’m running the OKC marathon with my brother on Sunday. Excited and nervous about doing a new race, but I think it’ll be fun!


Cynthia! Good luck on Sunday! I am cheering for you. Please let me know how it goes (and I would love to hear details about that marathon). Soooo awesome you are doing it with your brother. I hope you enjoy the new race so so much!


What an awesome race you put on! The kids will always remember it!!
Thanks for sharing those jeans. I have yet to find a comfy pair of jeans. I will definitely be ordering these. I think I am the same size as you and where I am in Canada we don’t have a Madewell store here so I can try them on. Would you share what size you got and did you get regular or tall length?
Thanks so much and hope you can get some rest today:)


Hey Ashlea! I wish you guys had a madewell! These jeans are so comfortable, you will love them. I have them in size 25 regular. Thank you so much and I hope you have the best day!


Hi Janae! That race looks awesome, you did a fantastic job and those kids will remember it forever!
You were in my dream! I left a comment but somehow mangled spelling my own name and somehow you still realized it was me ;)
Good luck at St. George!!!! Cheering for you!


Thank you so much Amy! Hahaha I laughed about your dream… I feel like your name would be very hard to misspell! I feel like we are real life friends so I think I would know it was you still. Have the best weekend!


The race looked amazing!! Great job!! I can’t believe you did all of that for $210!

Good luck in your race tomorrow!! My half is next weekend.


Thank you so much Mariah! Hahaha I don’t know how it all came together for so cheap, I didn’t think it was possible when they told me my budget. Hope you have a beautiful day!


What a great event that you put on for the kids! They are all so lucky to have you!
Good luck on your half marathon tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear all about it!
We are leaving for Milwaukee tomorrow for the marathon. Lakefront Marathon is a smaller version of Grandmas Marathon. Just no trolls lining the streets-iykyk.


Thank you Molly! I am SO excited for your marathon. Cheering you on! You have worked so hard. I want to hear all about it. You can do hard things!


Beautiful pics and great way to keep kids active!


Great job putting that race together!

I want to wish good luck to everybody racing this weekend and month. Just remember the motto ” I get to run today” and try to smile at how much it hurts “so good”!

I have a 5K October 30th. There is no stress for my runs anymore since I can’t race – it will be fun to just participate and hobble through!

Tell Andrew I am going to the Mariners-Angels game Saturday night. If the M’s can win tonight they will still be in the wild card race so it might be a pretty exciting game!


Your outfits with the jeans are adorable. You look so good! Congratulations on the kids race and good luck this weekend!


Good luck on your race! The kids race looked so fun :) I’m glad you love the jeans, they really are the best. Now you can see why I bought two pairs (you can’t have too much of a good thing ;))


Congrats on organizing the race!!

My husband’s birthday is this month & we have Halloween so I am pumped. This year has been too crazy, with my dad passing away in May and my father in law passing two weeks ago (4 months to the day after mine did). And now people are moving out of town and selling the house……. I am just ready for things to calm down. October has me hopeful with a birthday and Halloween.

I have 3 races in November (a 5k and half marathon one weekend, then another half the next weekend), so I am on the fence about the October one, although it sounds fun…it’s a 5 miler that is on the mountain and you predict your time then you can’t wear a watch but whoever gets the closest to their predicted time wins! Also, it’s the pie run……….everyone that enters gets a free pumpkin pie! ok, after typing it I may do it……..I like pie!

Worst candy=anything too chewy……I have had too many teeth issues. Candy corn however is delicious!

Tonight we have a free bluegrass festival we are going to, and I can’t wait! And next week my running group turns 2! we started with 5 people and now have at least 15-20 every week! Makes me happy to see all the friendships formed from these folks getting together to run!

Have a great week!


Hi! My birthday is today! I celebrated by running 5.5 miles. ? I recently started running and wanted to let you know how much you inspire me. When I start getting tired, I think of you and your blog and it motivates me to keep going. We can do hard things!
Good luck with the race!! ?


Happiest happiest happiest birthday Charlotte! I hope your day has been perfect and you keep celebrating all weekend. Please keep in touch and way to go on 5.5 miles today!


That sounds like a fun race. Do you think you’ll do it again?
We have 2 October birthdays. Mine next week, and then my son’s 2 weeks after mine. I’m looking forward to ice cream cake :)


My daughter turns 3 in three days! We also just brought home a second daughter on 9/13, I was wondering if you could post some of your favorite nursing tops?? I’m struggling big time to find cute stuff to wear! Thank you!


Great job putting on the race! My bday is the 7th. Turning 32…. feeling OLD LOL

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