Bright side of plantar fasciitis + off on an adventure…

(Shorts, tank, shoes)

There is a bright side to my plantar fasciitis injury…

If you have read my blog for longer than 2 minutes, you have probably noticed I’m a creature of habit.  I’m the biggest fan of routine, and once I find something I like, I stick with it (aka running).  This injury pushed me into trying something new and without it, I’m not sure I would have jumped into the Peloton stuff like I have now.  I have found that I really love it, and Andrew does too (he is pedalingBARON if you want to be his friend).

I did not think my October would be filled with bike shoes instead of my trail shoes!

The bike is getting a lot of quality time with us.  I’m also loving the fact that I don’t have to be stressed about flying over my handlebars like I do on a mountain bike.

IMG 3845 2

Back to plantar fasciitis talk, it is doing much better.  I’ll continue to wait to run on it because my doctor told me to, but it is nice to walk around pain-free again.  The cortisone shot made the most significant difference for me, but I think the other thing helping me the most is wearing the night boot ALL night long.  I could only wear it for the first few nights for about an hour because it was hurting so bad, but I’ve worked up to wearing it all night now.

I’ve realized that I sleep better with the boot when I sleep positioned like this rather than sleeping with my body straight on my back with my toes pointed up.  PS everyone needs a weighted blanket this time of year.

IMG 3864

Amelia Boone shared that the splint is what keeps her plantar happy too.

Screenshot 2021 10 13 at 9 29 51 AM

It’s incredible how the hot tub can change her mood in half of a second.  There was ice on top of the cover, which meant we experienced chilled cheeks and warm bodies, and that feels so right.

IMG 3875

Beck just follows her around any chance that he can.

IMG 3883

And once he was down for a nap, we made these cookies together.

IMG 3889

Skye even made a tiny one for Beck and put it at his seat for him to eat when he woke up.

Screen Shot 2021 10 13 at 6 33 04 PM

We collected leaves.

IMG 3894

And loved staying home all day until it was time to pick up Brooke and Knox.

IMG 3898

WINNER dinner recipe—>  5-Ingredient Chicken Stuffed Peppers

IMG 3901

I’m off for 72 hours without any kids (my first time leaving Beck)!  Jessie invited me to go with her to NYC a few months ago and Andrew is the best for making it possible.  Jessie and I met at BYU Hawaii in 2006.  We both went to school there without any friends and met the first day.  I am so so excited.

Screen Shot 2021 10 13 at 7 04 02 PM


Has a night splint helped anyone else with any plantar/foot problems?

Any must-eats in NYC?!  We are mostly going to eat 7 meals a day so this is very important;)

-PS we were also planning on getting in a lot of running while in Central Park but instead, I’ll be walking:)

Last cookie that you had… and how was it?

Have you been sleeping well lately?

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Has Andrew tried Powerzone training? The instructors are professional cyclist!


Not yet but he told me he is going to take the test this weekend… that is so so amazing that those instructors are professional cyclist. I am just so impressed by everything about this bike. Have an awesome evening, Ashley!


Have fun in NYC!! Go to Levains for cookies, it’s the best. They have good hot chocolate too!

I haven’t tried a night splint, but I’ve used plantar socks. A little bit easier to travel with!


I will have to get their hot chocolate too, thanks for telling me. I have the sock too and brought it wahoo… have a beautiful day tomorrow!


Hey Janae! Your chicken stuffed peppers reminded me of a recipe I recently made that I want to share with you—stuffed pepper soup, and it was easy and SO GOOD!!!!

I am not a left-overs person, but I’ve packed left-overs from this 3 days in my lunch this week :)

Last cookie that I had! Well, we have a local company called Taylor Chip that makes about 10ish varieties of cookies—they’re big,fresh, and delicious—my favourite is the S’mores cookie, and it is SO SO SO good!!! My youngest daughter likes their Brookie cookie the best, which looks pretty darned good, too. I can’t seem to veer from the s’mores right now :)

I’ve been sleeping pretty well lately. Last year I STRUGGLED with sleep, and I ended up pretty much taking Zquil every night to sleep. NOT GOOD. A friend recommended some CBD/THC gummies to me, and I’ve been taking one of those every night since August, and they, for the most part, do the trick! I’m hoping or at least telling myself that it’s better than taking Zquil. I think with the pandemic/school/hybrid learning last year, it just became really really hard to “turn off” at night after being so “on” during the day.

I hope you have a beautiful day and that your plantar starts behaving :) Glad you’re enjoying the Peoloton though. Oh, and I came across a good quote last night. An author that a lot of kids like, Gary Paulsen, passed away yesterday, and I saw this quote by him on Twitter—“I’m full of tough hope.” This, too, shall pass, and it sounds like you’re making the most of what you currently CAN do. It’s so much about attitude!!!!!!!


Rubirosa for pizza!!!


I love cycling on Peloton – but I REALLY love the strength training. I need someone to tell me what to do, and the instructors are so awesome. Faves are Robin and Adrian :)


Try Ben Aldlis Hit and Hills 60 min ride you won’t regret the workout.




Have a great trip! I bet that NYC is gorgeous this time of year with the leaves changing :) Can’t wait to see all the pictures!

I have been sleeping AWFUL lately! Last night I fell asleep around midnight but woke up every single hour until I finally just got out of bed around 6:30. It’s so frustrating and I’m just tired and cranky this week!


Supermoon Bakehouse in NYC is amazing! The best fun-flavored croissants and donuts. Things like s’mores croissants and passionfruit donuts. Their instagram makes me drool, and the pastries taste even better than they look.


Have a great time in New York!!! Get an everything bagel with cream cheese + salmon at ess-a-bagel :)


Go to Peter Pan Donuts in Greenpoint and get a red velvet donut! They are cash only but legendary! Also Greenpoint/Williamsburg is a great area to explore and has tons of great restaurants


I’m going to NYC tomorrow and I’m ready to EAT MY FACE OFF! Also very interesting about the night splint. I’m dealing with PF too and have a history of post tib issues…will have to talk to my PT about it!


HOW COOL WOULD IT BE TO SEE EACH OTHER HERE TOMORROW?! Have the best time and let me know if you try the splint!


Oh man I bet the boot was a lot to get used to! I know how much you love your sleep, and having to constantly wake up and shift and take the boot off when you’ve had enough–yikes.

Sleep has actually been ridiculously good for the last week or so. As in: I haven’t needed melatonin or anything to “take the edge off” and help me out. PART of that is that I have been less on edge. A week ago I was preparing a presentation for a first interview (which was THE MOST NATURAL CONVERSATION), and over the weekend I was preparing another presentation for the finalist interview for the same job (which I gave on Monday morning), and on Tuesday I got the job offer!

About a week and a half ago I was having a hard time talking, drinking water, and eating food–my throat felt tight and whenever I would try to swallow I felt this weird nauseous feeling in my esophagus. (And the week before that, I had to take OFF from lifting weights because my body felt like complete crud for many days on end) And I had the WORST brain fog. I know my body was just revolting after all of the stress and a couple of weeks in particular where my interviewing experiences were hell, but something cleared up right in time for this opportunity. Like–I was able to start swallowing and speaking and thinking clearly, and my mental zippiness was coming back as if it had never left. It’s weird how the body handles everything the mind and heart are dealing with and tries to TELL YOU in every possible way that there is danger, or that there is a great opportunity where you’d feel safe and empowered and like you can more fully be yourself.

And now it’s turning into a return to GOOD sleeping. No melatonin, nothing to assist.

Those cookies look amazing!

YAY Peloton! I may not have ridden any peloton rides, and I may not have the $$ or the spacefor a peloton with my and Tom’s current apartment, but you know how much I love spin classes. ;) And while I will always have my Les Mills formats as my first love, I do see–once I can get a spin bike with a holder for an ipad or something–the peloton app, and riding the different classes, in my future. Maybe a few years down the road, who knows, but I think that will have to become a thing. I’m curious, too, to try their barre and yoga classes!

Hope you all have a great day out there!

PS: I love Sky’s “somewhere over the rainbow” sweatshirt!!


I used a night splint when I had my heel stress fracture because I thought it was plantar.. Just an FYI that really doesn’t help when you have a fracture and it really didn’t help because my achilles was inflamed from toe walking (I couldn’t put pressure on my heel). Sigh. The podiatrist really questioned me with, well didn’t it really hurt? The answer is yes, but everyone kept telling me it would. Podiatrist did tell me the key difference between the two injuries is that with Plantar, your foot hurts worse in the morning then at night and with a fracture it is the opposite.
Sleep? So my oldest is 14 and battling her to at least be in her room when I want to go to bed is hard. She tends to pop back out because she forgets things and needs to go to the bathroom, etc. It’s the other stage of parenting in which you don’t get to sleep. Although my husband goes to bed every night at 8:30!!


Oh my goodness… NYC!!! It should be beautiful right now, especially Central Park. Get a good bagel while you’re there. It’s such a magical city ?
That boot absolutely saved my husband a couple of times. Glad it’s working for you. And I am so glad the Peleton is so fun for you too. I hear so many great things about the bike, and especially the instructors. And now maybe I will go follow Andrew. Ha, I bet his follow/friends list jumps up this week.
I haven’t made cookies in so long! You inspired me to do that now. Thanks!
We are loving our hot tub right now too. We don’t have ice or frost on the cover, bit it is chilly now at night, and that is so fun sitting in the hot tub with a chill on your face.
Oh, Beck’s smile!! ?
Have a great day Janae!


Hi Janae! Hope you have the best time in NYC!!!! Can’t wait to hear about it.


OMG!! I missed yesterday’s post about the new Peloton bike and had to go back and read it!!! Just followed you (I’m RunTrinaRun) because I’m obsessed with my Peloton. My husband surprised me with the tread in February of this year after I had been using the app on our regular NordicTrak for a year. I LOVEEEEEE not having to think about what music I’m going to listen to… I just figure out what instructor I want to work out to or what kinda program I want to do for the day and GO.

So we finally bit the bullet last weekend and ordered the bike, as well! I’ve never been to a spin class before in my life – but I do bike a lot (usually to work – 15 km each way) and had been wanting something to do over the winter. I’m in love with the new Peloton bike. Like you mentioned, I cannot believe how smooth and quiet it is. It’s a thing of beauty.

Although… make sure Andrew knows how to unclip before he gets in for his first ride. Last night I was on a zoom meeting when I heard my husband yelling frantically for me from the basement. I turned of my sound and video and ran downstairs only to find him half in /half out of the clips and STUCK. It’s really funny to think of now. :D

Have a great day!


I’m sure someone else has told you this already but you have to try out the Strength for Runners classes. I feel like you’ll love Becs Gentry!


I didn’t know about these classes… taking ASAP! Thanks so much, I cannot wait!


We just got back from NYC yesterday- such vacation depression today! Haha. A place we had not previously tried, but is mentioned EVERYWHERE is Sarabeth’s across from Central Park. We got the crab and guacamole appetizer and it sounds weird, but changed my LIFE. It was the best thing I’ve ever eaten. Go there.


Long time reader of your blog, first time commenting. Welcome to Peloton! I just followed you and Andrew (I’m #FindYourStrong). Check out the “Strength for Runners” classes, and you definitely need try out the Peloton running content (great with any brand treadmill, download the app to a phone or tablet, or stream from a laptop).

Becs Gentry is my favorite Tread instructor. This is a cool mini documentary about her competing in Team Great Britain Olympic trials:

When you are running again, I recommend these 2 Becs running classes:
– 60 min Endurance Run, from 4/24/21 (she talks about the Olympic trials)
– 60 min NYC Marathon Simulation Run, from 11/1/20 (she talks about the NYC marathon, which she finished in 2:37:01 as the first non-elite female)

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