Simple Pleasures for Runners + Our Weekend!

(Tank ((SALE!)), best running socks ever, shoes, shorts)

I had zero excuses to skip strength training on Saturday.  The kids wanted to play with chalk outside on the driveway, and I had all of my weights just staring at me from the garage.

I didn’t want to, but I did it anyway.  <— I keep reminding myself that if I want to keep running my entire life, this has to keep happening.

But before that, I met Emilee nice and early for 12 miles.   Sixty-two miles for my week, one day on the trails, and a speed workout.

IMG 1813

Later on, we heard about a flag flying in a canyon, so we went to check it out.

IMG 1831

We had a very relaxing Sunday.

IMG 1875

IMG 1866

Not sure what I would do without Brooke on the days Andrew works ha… probably stay home;)

IMG 1869

Fatima’s pesto chicken pasta for dinner.  <— She is one of my favorite accounts to follow.

IMG 1873


As runners, there are a lot of simple pleasures that come along with the sport.  The more that we look for these simple pleasures, the more we will find, which makes being a runner even more enjoyable.

I’ll share mine, and then I would love to hear yours…

*Finding that perfect everyday route.  The perfect loop.  The perfect out and back that gets in the exact mileage you want for the day.

*The downhill after the uphill.  Your legs let loose, your breathing slows down, and a bit of your sweat dries from your face because you are basically flying:)

IMG 1826

*When you have to go somewhere after your run, and you get the best parking spot which results in less walking to enter the store… your legs are tired from all of the running:)

*Having to stop for a stoplight when you are tired and need a breather or not having to stop at a stoplight when you want to avoid stopping because the lights were timed perfectly that morning.

*Not noticing your sports bra, your gear, your shoes, your socks… nothing!  <— because it all fits and feels so well that you don’t even have to think about it.

*A song coming on which seems to have the perfect beat for your cadence.

*When your socks match the detailing on your shoes.

IMG 1874

*The courteous driver that waves and makes sure to show you that they see you as you are crossing a road.

*Crawling into bed at night…  It just feels extra good on the days you got a good run in.

*When you are running along, and you glance down at your watch and realize you are running faster and/or further than you thought you were.

*Cookies.  Really, all food because running makes me even hungrier than usual, which makes the food taste even better, which brings a lot of joy.

IMG 1839

*The drinking fountain that you come across at just the right time.

*That instant boost of energy you get when you take a gel during your long run.

*How connected I feel to the earth when I run on dirt.

*That cloud that goes in front of the sun just when you need a bit of a break from the heat.

*The routine that running brings me, I’m a big fan of routines.  It’s a constant that sticks with me through all of the life changes.

*The newest version of your favorite running shoe being even better than the one you loved before.

*The moments in nature we see on the run that make you pause and feel so lucky—> sunrise/sunset, animals, waterfalls, rivers, the ocean, beautiful architecture, kind humans, God’s creations etc.

*The opportunity each day to go for a run.  It’s simple.  It’s wonderful.  It is one of my greatest gifts.


Tell me some of the simple pleasures you experience as a runner?  What about one from your most recent run?

Where is your weekly mileage at these days?!  Higher than normal, lower than normal or just about the same?

Favorite account to get recipes?

What was the best part of your weekend?

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Agree with all your simple pleasures! The stoplights right when I needed a break helped me during my long run this weekend when I was tired haha. Finding a bench or short wall right when you need a stretch! Seeing other people out running who say hi or good job. And always knowing you’ll feel better after a run.

My favorite account for recipes is Half Baked Harvest. She provides tons of pictures for every recipe (online and in her cookbooks), and describes everything so well. Highly recommend!


Hey Mariah! Just started following her on IG so I can make the things she posts. Her pictures are unreal and are making me so so happy ha. Oh I absolutely agree with you on those simple running pleasures… those runners that say something nice are just the best. I hope your day is a beautiful one!


Simply pleasures of running is when race day gives you the perfect sunny, low humidity, cool weather.
My running mileage is lower than I’d like. I’m coming back from running after giving birth to my second 3.5 months ago and trying to figure out the balance of when to fit in a run. I’ll be going back to work Oct 4, so really trying to figure out what our routine will be then.
I’ve seen that Half Baked Harvest has already been recommended but I’m here to throw her name in the ring again. Her food is SO good! I’ve made a dozen of her recipes and they’ve all been winners! LOVE her Thai ramen!!
This weekend was hard bc we drove through the night from STL back home to Denver. The drive was uneventful and both girls slept the whole way. Our dog is huge, so once upon a time she had the whole back, then part of the back, now she’s in the front seat and I’m in the middle seat in the back. So to say that my husband (who drove the whole way) and myself were exhausted on Saturday while the girls were go go go! We survived, but it was rough…


The best recovery during a speed workout is when your recovery is about to end but it’s a red light so you’re forced to stop longer. Bonus points if it’s towards the end of the workout when you’re extra tired.

Recently I’ve been enjoy Laura in the Kitchen for recipes! That’s her Youtube and website and her IG is mrsvitale but she just shares food pics that will make you wish you had it in front of you immediately


Oh that really is the best… you get a few more minutes to just breathe and prepare for the next rep.
Just followed Laura because of you, I am so excited to try some of her recipes, they are making me drool. Have the best day, Maureen!


I agree with all your simple pleasures!
I just started following “everything_delish” and there’s an amazing looking tomato soup I want to make this week!! “Fitwafflekitchen” also shares a lot of yummy desserts

I’m not sure if it’s just me but the lululemon links keep taking me to the page that says “our site is currently under maintenance”. So I cannot see your direct link. But I don’t think is it under maintenance because if I type it into Google I can get to the Lulu page


Thank you for the recommendation! I just followed Jamie! I will have to make that soup too… let me know what you think of it. Okay, that is so so weird! Is that happening for anyone else? It isn’t on my phone or computer. I’ll look into it. Thank you so much for letting me know because I want to fix things like this:). Happy Monday, Ashley!


I tired it on my laptop as well thinking it may be my phone but it’s doing the same thing. So weird


This is so weird! Thank you for telling me, I have someone I can email!


Post-run freeze pops in the summer.
A new pair of race shoes.
Running right when snow is starting to fall so that the pavement is not at all slick but you get the magic of the snow run.


I have your candy in my purse. I’ll be going to the post office this week! How did I forget Tailwind? That is the absolute best pleasure. Okay, all of yours are just the best. Huge congrats this weekend, you are on fire.


To go along with your first simple pleasure- when you turn into a new neighborhood and realize how many new options you have for running (feels like you’re unlocking a new level of a video game)! The other day I turned into a different neighborhood that has amazing rolling hills, SIDEWALKS, and even a little trail that connects to my normal route. I was so excited since I feel like I do the same two routes every day, now I have so many more fun options!

My favorite blogs for recipes are Budget Bytes (she has the most simple but delicious recipies and always shares how much it’ll cost which helps a ton!) and Fooduzzi which is run by one of my best friends! She posts all vegan recipes and they’re all so flavorful and amazing.


Oh yessssss… I love that feeling. So glad you found that new neighborhood and I need to find one asap:) Enjoy those rolling hills and sidewalks/trail. Just started following both accounts, thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to try some new recipes from them. Have a beautiful Monday, Gretchen!


Lower than normal. Trying to put on a little muscle, so more workouts focused on that mean less miles right now.


YESSSSS… way to go. Where are you getting your strength workouts? I hope your school day is going great.


I needed this positive post after my rough 20 miler on Saturday that triggered a lot of self doubt.
Thanks for spreading the good vibes!


You got the bad 20 miler out of the way… the next will be so much better and race day will be the best. You’ve got this Molly!


Hi Janae! What a great list! I would add: running becomes part of my identity and encourages me to make healthier choices in other parts of my life. And running helps me meet my neighbors and all their pets.
Happy Monday! 62 miles way to go!!


Oh, I love that Amy! It really is so true, running helps me to take sleep, hydration, and nutrition more seriously. I love seeing neighbors out too. Thanks friend, you too.


For those of us coming in town for the St George mini marathon, can you give us some “must do/go” places. Food we have to have? Will there be any place that you will be if we wanted to meet you race day or expo? Thanks!!!


ABSOLUTELY!! Expect a post about this in the next week! I’m working on one right now:). Also, let’s absolutely meet at the expo! Let me talk to Andrew about timing and then I’ll post it, does that work? Hope your day is a beautiful one! Can’t wait to meet you!


Since I’m not a recipe person, the primary sites/ sources driving our food choices at and from home are D’Adamo Eat Right for Your Type, Sims ROAR, and Vitti FLO and her other book. I think there are apps, too. They have pics on their IGs, and then cooking/ prep is intuitive for the followers/ viewers. See how we FEEL post-meal. All said, I enjoy looking at other sites/ sources for plating ideas. The visual experience counts, it’s just not our driver day-to-day! Laura Vitale/ Mrs. Vitale is one of them.

Good week, AND you got the strength training! You got me, I almost thought I was going to have to get mad because you gave in on Sat., but I don’t have to express anger here. I like it. I heart it.

A flag in a canyon …. So, IMO it would be interesting to see who you met there. Because it could mean they also traveled there just for the flag. You could have some serious values in common!


Thank you so much for sharing Lee! I think I need you to come over and cook for us, you know so much about food and what our body’s need. Haha thank you for not expressing anger here! Yes, there were a lot of people there to see the flag. It was absolutely beautiful waving so high above us all. I hope your Monday is a great one:)


My mileage is going to be SUPER low this week. I did a 25K trail race on Sat and trashed my legs but I had a great time. It was an almost completely technical race, climbing, creek running, steep inclines and declines filled with rocks. I felt amazing but it was so tiring. It is so funny, I would go up and think I can’t make it anymore and then after a few seconds of being on flat path I would feel better. Of course a few minutes later there would be another boulder to climb or straight up incline to navigate. I plan to do it next year but will 100% spend a lot of time on hills and doing squats. My quads hurt so much. Its so har to prepare for something like it. But I felt like a kid again!! And let me say that all ideas of pace went out the window.


CARRIE, congrats on your 25k trail race. Your race sounds so hard.. you are amazing. Can I come join next year? That type of race was your playground, I love it! Definitely a survival type race ha… pace goals are out the door!


I live for the simple pleasures of running! I love seeing gardens up close that I would miss if I was driving by, I love it when my runs take me by cows and horses…it makes me so happy! I love taking a cold shower when my face still feels so hot. And is there anything better than how a post-run snack hits?!

The best part of my weekend was a trip to the beach with the fam! It was warm and breezy and they stopped charging admission last weekend!

Hope you’re having a great day!


I love all of those simple pleasures, thank you so much for sharing Meghan! I haven’t tried the cold shower one yet but you have inspired me:). I am so glad you were able to go to the beach… and that it was free. I bet you felt recharged after that. Thanks Meghan, you too!


My favorite simple running pleasures: 1) that morning when you get the first hint of cool weather every fall; to me, it’s almost as good as Christmas morning because it’s the promise of crisp air and lower humidity, 2) early morning runs when the roads are quiet and you feel like the only person on earth, there is something so magical about that feeling, 3) focusing on the rhythm of my breathing while running and then the gratitude that comes when I remind myself what a gift it is to take fresh air into my lungs, 4) the sweaty, sore feeling that comes with finishing a run where I pushed myself.

Hope y’all have a great week!


OH EMILY, I completely agree. It felt like Christmas morning this morning because of that cool air that hit my face as I went out the front door. AMEN to all of the things you listed, they all just made me love running even more. I hope your day is a beautiful one.


Hey, nice week of heavy miles. Do you ever do deload week’s or significantly less miles to rest your body? I struggle with us. I just got a run and Coach cell I think it will force me to do this but I’m sure mentally it’s going to be hard. I can teeter into over exercising not listening to my body


Love this! Question about logistically running / breastfeeding… how do you make it work! I want to run in the mornings before my 3 month baby wakes up but he isn’t consistently waking up at the same time! Do you wait until baby wakes up to feed and then go on run? Can’t figure it out!


Chip has the BEST cookies! We have them in Boise when we visit our daughter! YUM!

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