Sentence Per Picture!

(long sleeve, shorts)

7 miles @ 8:42 average with one of those miles barefoot in the grass.

I saw my old coach the night before and he told me I have to go barefoot in the grass for 10 minutes a day to fix my plantar (bonus: the grass was very cold which made it so I was getting the benefits of icing my foot at the same time;).

IMG 3100

Drinking allllllll of the Liquid IV this race week (code HUNGRYRUNNERGIRL gets you 25% off and free shipping).

IMG 3123

Brooke lost another tooth!

IMG 3112

We both needed the hot tub to aid in our recovery from running.

IMG 3119

So proud of herself for completing her sports conditioning class.

IMG 3127

Skye is bringing the butterfly clips back into style:)

IMG 3132

These two went to Costco with Andrew while I did things for the school race I’m putting together.

IMG 3141

This girl has mastered the backstroke at swim!

IMG 3151


IMG 3152

The only way I survive running through the winter.

IMG 3153

Andrew made the most perfect chocolate chip cookies.

IMG 3156

And I spent way too long making sure I had everything packed for the race… 2 more days!

IMG 3155


Give me your sentence of the day!

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Finally broke out the hot chocolate today! I ran and did strength this morning, and decided it’s now cold enough out to drink that post workout :) in the 50s this morning in Maryland!

Skye makes me want to get butterfly clips for my nieces!


And your comment is inspiring me to get up and get some hot chocolate… the best. Way to get in the run and strength and I think you should definitely get the clips for your nieces. Skye is obsessed! Thanks Mariah!


Ah two more days! It was finally chilly this morning (63!) and I broke out my jacket. Felt so good! Of course by the time I get to do my workout later it will be pretty warm. :)
I’m going to read and re-read yesterdays post every day until race day. I’m starting to get nervous. It’s that feeling that you know those last miles are going to be SO painful nervous. Time to strengthen the mind!


HALLELUJAH for a chillier morning for you… you worked so hard through those hot months and I’m sure you crushed your workout in the heat today too. YES YES YES to rereading yesterday’s post. I am SO excited for you. You’ve done the work. I believe in you. Time to go be stubborn about your goals. If you need anyone to talk to about nerves/race day stuff, I AM YOUR WOMAN!


My 15 year old likes butterfly clips. She’s also emo. She likes all the music that i do. it’s so nice. we never fight about music in the car.
i have to pack for my race tonight. i’m doing a 15K on saturday. i’m very excited. it won’t be as fast as i was training for because of my pulled chest muscle but i can run. i’m just happy i can do it. at the finish line, they have pastries from the best bakery in the world. it’s worth it for that.

have a great day!


I am REALLY hoping that my kids end up liking the same music as me eventually too haha… or podcasts;). AHHHH good luck on Saturday. I hope you have the best experience and your chest muscle is kind to you! Can I come run it with you and get those pastries… you might have to send me a pic ha. Thanks Lee and I hope you are getting some awesome rest in before Saturday. Leet me know how it goes!


Love to see that snow in the mountains, looking forward to the holidays this year! Little Skye is just so cute, are her shoes on the wrong feet in her podium photo? I love it!
Excited for your race day, sending you all the good vibes!


Hahaha she refused to keep them that way so I just choose my battles;). Thank you Amanda and I hope your day is off to a great start!


2 days!! So exciting!!
Brooke looks like a teenager, and that is not ok! Skye with her butterfly clips… Yes, bring back that look ?
We are about to have a 4 day heatwave, in the 90’s, and I am so not happy about it. These last few days have actually felt like fall here. Oh well….
So brilliant that running barefoot in the grass now doubles as icing it too! Ha
I decided to sleep in this morning, my body definitely needed it! So I’m hoping to squeeze in a treadmill run later, and definitely some strength and core work.
Have a great day Janae ?


I KNOW and I was at the school yesterday and the boys were talking about her and I was like, I’M NOT READY FOR THIS!! Another heatwave?! I wish you could go back to Colorado this weekend. Good for you to sleep in, our bodies need that more than miles sometimes. Enjoy your treadmill run yesterday. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Hi Janae! We are moving (just locally) and have a lot of other life stuff to figure out which is overwhelming so my sentence is “one bite at a time”! It comes from the joke “how do you eat am elephant?”.
Running in the grass!!! It’s supposed to be really good for your form too! Good luck!!!


MOVING!!! I didn’t know this, that is so so exciting. I hope you love your new place so much and that is the best sentence… I needed that today too! Good luck, you’ve got this. Thanks Amy!


My kids have school pictures today. If you saw them you would think I didn’t remember that it was school picture day. Though I did not have the energy to fight it and in the end it’s just a picture. So they may have a bumpy ponytail and a t-shirt instead of a dress shirt but they were both very pleased with themselves when they walked out the door. Happy Kids > Mom Fail :)


Never worth the fight for that and I LOVE that you let them do that and leave feeling confident! It will be a fun memory to look back on:). Have the best day, Erika!


Sending you all the best wishes for your race! Also, SNOW!! I’m a Louisiana girl, so to me, that’s like seeing a unicorn. I can’t wait to hear about your half! Good luck!


Come visit Utah and I’ll take you skiing and for a snowy trail run:). I might have to come to Louisiana so that I can escape the snow for a bit this winter too haha. Thank you friend and have the best day!


I need to make a list of all the things that you feel help your plantar faciitis. I miss running and especcially SGM!


I am working on a post where I will list EVERYTHING!! I’ve been doing my research. I am SO sorry you are hurting and not running. Let’s get this figured out for you!!!


Best wishes for a successful race to you! SNOW, too! Being from Louisiana, I would compare witnessing that to seeing a unicorn. I’m eager to learn more about your half! Good fortune!

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