Sentence Per Picture!

(Tank, shorts, shoes, and I had to use Andrew’s running belt because I couldn’t find my Koala Clip ((code: HRG10 gets you 10% off)) and I missed it the entire run)

Sleepy 9 miles @ 8:39 average—> I was up for a few hours the night before because I had probably the worst dream I have ever had, and I couldn’t sleep afterward.

Skye did her best to photobomb the above picture.

IMG 1944

It was picture day for Skye, and she told me that this was the facial expression she was going to make for the picture.

IMG 2016

I spent a few hours at the school getting ready for RACE DAY coming up!

IMG 2026

Paninis with cheese, spinach, tomato, and guac.

IMG 2031

Skye’s dynamic drills before…

IMG 2039

Another RACE!

IMG 2047

Grandma was there!

IMG 2049

Grandpa was there too!

IMG 2053

Andrew was able to make it in time after his shift:)

IMG 2094

It was a 2k yesterday and pretty hot, so Brooke didn’t have the race she wanted, but she kept moving forward, which is all that matters!

IMG 2073

Time for one of the last workouts before my race.

IMG 2092

Oh, and we made chocolate-covered strawberries the other day, and this picture made me happy.

IMG 1921


Give me your sentence for the day, PLEASE!

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Skye and I make the same face around chocolate covered strawberries haha.

I have a few meetings for the day and then my mom comes into town later tonight for a visit.


Seriously. We all need more chocolate covered strawberries in our lives. I hope the meetings go well and have the best time with your mom! That is so exciting:).


Rest day, and work, work, work, but I have the HOUSE TO MYSELF!!!! It’s wrong how happy I am about that, but it hasn’t happened since March 2020.


The house to yourself?! NANCY! This is so so exciting. You have arrived. Enjoy every second (working… hahah)! Zero distractions!


Aaawww…. Let Brooke know that I didn’t have the race I wanted either this past Saturday. It was hot and humid, but we got it done!! She’s awesome and strong!
Early morning solo run, first run after the race (not totally planned, life has just been busy). I’m looking forward to shaking out the legs. Then it’s off to a full day of volunteering.
So sorry to hear about your bad dream. I do not like when that happens. Especially when the dream seems so real! Hopefully you’ll get much better sleep tonight.
Have a good day Janae!


I will totally tell her what you said when I see her. Thank you for sharing that and I am so sorry it didn’t go as planned… you didn’t quit in TOUGH conditions and that is what matters. I hope your first run back was a great one and I love that you volunteer Wednesday. The world needs many many many more people like you. Have a great day, Wendy!


Good job in your race Brooke and Skye!!

I realized I only have 3.5 weeks until my race, this training period went by so fast! 2 more long runs and then a week of taper for my half.


3.5 weeks ahhhhh! I totally relate with you, this training block has gone by so so fast. Cheering for you Mariah and you are going to rock it… you’ve put in so much hard work!


Anyone who reads this and is looking for an excuse to celebrate, feel free to do so on my behalf!


HALLELUJAH! Courtney, that is so so exciting! I will eat a donut to celebrate. I bet you are feeling like a new woman. I’m hoping you get another night like this tonight!


I didn’t have time to scroll through to see if it was already said but Skye is Ramona Quimby 100%. Brooke then can be Beezus and Knox will make a fine Henry Huggins. Sorry I don’t have a designation for Beck.


This made my morning. HAHAH!!!


Oh my gosh little Brooke not having the race she wanted! That melted my heart. She’ll get it next time, it’s a struggle to run in the heat! I feel for her. :)
My daughter finally got on the school bus schedule today and tomorrow is her first day. Phew. It’s been crazy trying to drive my kids and make it to work and pick them up and then do soccer and all of the other things. I need a break!
I thought you would appreciate this: my coach has me running my last long run this weekend and he wants me to get hills. Well, there are no hills here and I refuse to do 21 miles on the treadmill so he is having me run up and over a bridge here about 25 times. :) The crazy things we do.


YES… next time for sure. The heat just sucks it out of us. I am so so happy that your daughter will be able to take the bus now. I really do not know how you juggle everything so well. You inspire me. OH I LOVE your long-run plan. That bridge is going to be so awesome for your training. Is this peak week for Boston? Cheering for you!


Congratulations to the girls on their races! And great job to Brooke for getting it done- that happens to all of us! The really hard races make the amazing ones even more exciting when they happen.
I’m going to Trader Joes today for all the pumpkin items (your post gave me FOMO!)
Have a great day!


Thank you so much Jenny! That is so so true… it makes the good ones so much sweeter. Have the best time at TJs and let me know what you get so I can copy anything I missed.


Hi Janae! I love all the running pictures of your family, definitely want that for my future! I’m impressed you got the sleepy miles in, nightmares are the worst! Hope you have better dreams tonight!!


Thank you so much and you totally will have that too! It is so fun to have your crew to do it with:). Thank you friend, I hope you have the best day!


Skye’s picture face made me LOL!! ? If she does that, that will make for a lot of laughs forever!


I will make sure to post them when we get them back… I have a feeling she really did haha. Have the best day, Ashley!


I think that Skye and Brooke need matching RUNNER GIRL tank tops. I bet you can find something like that on Etsy, and I bet you can find matching exercise bottoms in their sizes on the Senita Athletics website (they have some youth sized items!!!).

When Brooke has another race that she doesn’t love, she needs to learn one important rhyming sentence: RUN DONE. And then give it a little smile, flip her ponytail. But you’re totally raising her with the right attitude–she moved the body forward and now it’s time to move the mind forward. Onwards.

As far as my sentence of the day.

Yesterday: I am overwhelmed, restless, and STILL submitting job applications (moving MY mind forward). (Also: I am so loved and so supported.)
Today: I got my workout in (with heavy-for-me hip thrusts ::insert strong arm emoji::) and now it’s time to give my mind a break from job applications so the burnout and overwhelmed feeling doesn’t become toxic, negative self-talk and self-sabotage.

Hope your day today–in ALL of its glorious movement and sentences–is wonderful! <3


Stephanie, that is a BRILLIANT idea. It’s going to happen:) Oh my goodness, I love that so much. I am going to tell her this right when she gets home. You are doing an amazing job moving your mind forward. You inspire me in so many ways. I can’t wait to see what is up ahead for you. Way to get in your workout and keep that mind positive. You’ve got this!


Thanks <3

I think Brooke will love that little rhyme. It's so easy! The other thing that I did all the time when a run did NOT go well was this: when I noticed that my time/pace/cadence/breath control/WHATEVER was not what I wanted, I would point a finger ot the sky, smile, and say "PLOT TWIST! I ran anyway!!!"

And how cute would matching running gear be as a "you did it!" treat once Skye and Brooke are done with their races? Seriously–look on the Senita website. Under the 'Senita Moms' tab, look under "Mommy and Me."

And I meant to write this earlier. I love seeing pictures of your parents with the kids and celebrating the things they do. I hope they are doing well–and I hope your dad has been having a lot of good days lately!


Also good is chocolate covered marshmallows – just sayin’.


And now we must do that today… with some caramel too?! Have a beautiful day, Erika!


Skye is a doll. I completely forgot it was Felicity’s school picture on Monday. Didn’t remember until Tuesday ?? I guess her picture will be an accurate description of our life right now ??

What race do you have coming up?


Aw, sweet Brooke, I can tell she is tenacious! You are so right in that moving forward is the ultimate goal, and I am proud of Brooke for “staying in the struggle” (that’s what I call it when I spotlight my students for doing hard things and not giving up). Can’t wait to hear more about the race you are planning- is it the same race you mentioned during your episode of Ali on the Run? I’d love to hear about what all goes into planning and organizing a kid-focused race- I hope to one day do something like that at the school where I work. Happy Hump Day!

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