(Shirt, shorts, shoes)

Another day, another run and this one was with the Going West podcast (true crime).

I ran a lot on the grass while I was out because it felt so good on my foot.

IMG 2586

My running friend is also dealing with plantar, and she sent me this…. It turns out I’m the poster child for this problem;)

IMG 2584

When all of the kids were at school, we went out on a date (with our third wheel) for some burgers and then went on a hike.

IMG 2706

We thought that Beck would only last 15 minutes in the pack (he wants to be crawling EVERYWHERE right now), but he loved it.  It was his first time in the hiking carrier, and we went for 1.5 hours, and he was happy the entire time.

IMG 2634

He also slept for a chunk of the time too:)

IMG 2644

I love it here.

IMG 2638

Another highlight from the day was spending some time with just Brooke.  We go from candle to candle, smelling each one at Bath and Body Works, and it is my favorite.

IMG 2721


Friday favorites time…

*You know I have a deep love for my fanny pack but I have seen a bunch of people in my area wearing these small bags and I wanted to try it out too.  I rarely have the desire to carry a big purse and so this little bag holds the essentials while leaving my hands free to carry kids.  Simplicity always wins for me.

IMG 2228

*THIS PICTURE OF LUCY CHARLES!  It gave me chills when I saw it.

IMG 2416

*The thumb sleeve trick for cold weather running.  This way you can keep your wrist warm while also seeing your watch throughout the run.  This is also one of my favorite workout tops from Amazon ($28 and it washes so well… I’ve had it for two years and the fit is amazing).

IMG 2425

*If you need a pumpkin recipe, please make these pumpkin bars.  I cannot stress the importance of having these in your life strongly enough.

IMG 2482

*Megan told me about these fabric resistance bands and holy cow, they are amazing.  I do a lot of band work now and I had a band snap on me a few weeks ago and that was not fun.   These ones are cheap ($17) and SO soft and comfortable.  I cannot recommend these enough.  Game changer for your home workout equipment.

IMG 2559


Have any fun weekend plans?

Piece of exercise equipment that you use the most?

During the day are you standing a lot, sitting a lot or a combo of both?

Tell me your favorite pumpkin recipe!

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The Lululemon bag is so cute that I went browsing…and decided to pick out the modular phone crossbody bag :)

So I was wondering: could you share a link to some of the band workouts that you do? I actually have the exact same set as you but hardly use them. I took a fall on Sunday (while just walking around- not doing anything daring or exciting or even playing a sport) and it really threw my whole body off (like my whole right side tensed up to brace myself and now I am feeling better with rest) but I am thinking some resistance training/strength training with bands would be good to add to my routine. U’d love your recommendations!


Hey Nadya! Oh I want that bag so so bad too. I am so so sorry about your fall. That sounds so painful and I am grateful you are doing a bit better with rest. YAY to wanting to use the bands more now… I love the first few ones in this article: https://www.runnersworld.com/training/a24843120/resistance-band-exercises/. and a lot of the workouts I do are from Andrea and she includes them: https://www.instagram.com/deliciouslyfitnhealthy/?hl=en
Did your bands come with a paper with exercises? Mine did and I can email you the picture of them if you can’t find yours. Have the best day and keep feeling better and better.


Oh no! That plantar fasciitis poster isn’t being very encouraging to you!

Tonight I am doing my long run after work (wish me luck!). Tomorrow I have an event for school, getting to meet a bunch of new students. And Sunday morning I’m going to volunteer orientation at a local animal shelter! Very excited to walk the dogs and play with them.


Hahaha I agree! Luckily I woke up today and everything felt almost normal?! Trying not to get my hopes up too high! GOOD LUCK getting in your long run after work today, you are going to rock it and it will be so nice to get it done before a busy weekend. That is so great you are going to meet a bunch of the new students and then volunteer at the animal shelter, you are amazing.


Okay fine… I will make those pumpkin bars since you’re going to make me. Can’t believe I’ll have to eat something so delicious looking ;)

I think the exercise equipment I use the most might be my yoga mat! Not because I do yoga but because it’s so versatile for workouts since I can use it for everything to get a better grip on the floor planks and push ups but also a softer service for glute bridges and moves like that.

My favorite pumpkin recipe used to be pumpkin bread (such a classic!) but you shared the pumpkin cinnamon chip cookies a few years ago and now I make them every year. So good!


Hello, I’m a physical therapist who runs and has also dealt with plantar fasciitis before. Have you tried dry needling? It really helped me one time when I had a particularly bad flare up. Usually, a PT will just dry needle the calves, but I was also needled right in the heel (NOT fun) and it helped SO much. Might be worth a try?


JESSICA! Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me. How awesome that you are a PT! Okay, question… I have worn OOFOS religiously the last 1.5 days (my feet haven’t even touched the floor once without shoes or my oofos) and they are feeling almost normal now?! Thoughts on that??

I’ve heard about dry needling and everyone loves it! I MUST do that. Hope you have the best weekend!


Oh wow, that’s great your foot is feeling better. I’ve seen with my patients that footwear can make a HUGE difference (I’m often recommending Brooks of course).
If your foot continues to keep feeling better, just keep doing what you’re doing. I also recommend that my patients wear a supportive sandal (not flip flops!) if they don’t want to wear tennis shoes all day, which I get.
If you have a flare up in the future, I’d consider dry needling. I should mention, however, not to do it close to a race because you’ll likely be pretty sore for a day or two following the needling.
Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions!


Thank you so much for your help. It means a lot and I will definitely be reaching out again… if that’s okay! Have the best weekend!


Oh those Utah mountains! Looks like such a great hike for all 3 of you.
There are so many pumpkin recipes that I love this time of year… One of our absolute favorites are pumpkin snicker doodles! They are so good and super easy. I found the recipe on Pinterest a couple of years ago, and it’s definitely a standard now.
We’re heading to Colorado today!! I’ll get to see my mom and sisters, who we haven’t seen in person since before the pandemic!! I’m so excited! It will be a short, quick trip, but that’s ok.
Have a great Friday Janae ?


I have those same bands! I have had a couple plasticy ones break on me and that was the end of that. I don’t trust anything that can snap.

I was going to make pumpkin chocolate chip bread today, but now I’m wondering if those bars might be the winner instead.

I don’t work today and it’s absolutely perfect fall day in Iowa. For sure a run and a football game tonight at my school.

Happy Friday!


That picture of Beck in the carrier is SO precious! He’s such a cutie. And the one from Ironman is intense..hearing from my friends about how horrible the conditions were makes me respect them even more for finishing it.

This weekend I’m going to a minor league baseball game in Durham! We’ve been wanting to go all summer and its the final weekend so we’re finally making it. Excited it’ll be a firework night as well! Plus the weather looks great so I’m looking forward to some trail runs and bike rides. Best time of year :)

Have a great weekend!


My heart is swelling looking at Beck in that hiking carrier. Chris and I did some spic hikes with Hope in that thing. She loved it.
I need to make those pumpkin bars this weekend!


What a fun date! I’ve been trying to do more outdoorsy/active stuff with my husband for dates, and also when I meet up with friends. So much better than just sitting at a table for hours! I just bought myself a set of fabric bands a few weeks ago and love them; way better than the snappy bands I used to use. Bands are my go to workout equipment for sure because they are so versatile. Thanks for the recommendation about the long sleeve shirt from Amazon; I need a couple of long sleeve performance tees and so far, your recommendations have been spot on every time. Have a great weekend!


You’ll have to let me know what you think about the top! Seriously, how did we go without fabric bands for so so long. Keep enjoying all of the outdoors activities, it’s the best. Thank you friend, you too!


That hiking trail looks so amazing!? Which one is it? Thanks so much!!


HEY KRISTIN! It was Battle Creek Falls trail in Pleasant Grove. It is one of our favorites. Happy weekend!


That thumb sleeve trick is ingenious! And I have so many favorite pumpkin recipes. Probably my favorite is a flourless pumpkin pancake. (My go-to recipe is this one: https://www.kimscravings.com/flourless-pumpkin-pancakes/).

Thanks for sharing!


Sarah, thanks for sharing and linking!

Did you see this pumpkin creamer? https://www.kimscravings.com/dairy-free-pumpkin-spice-creamer/ Plus, at the end of this post she has links to some other pumpkin items.


I didn’t see that, but it looks scrumptious!


You know, I have a similar pack of fabric resistance bands and I am OBSESSED with them (also super inexpensive, also from Amazon…same colors, but mine came in a pack of 3 and were just a few dollars left…). I keep them in my gym bag along with my thinner (snappable) rubber bands and my resistance band with handles on it. I love them and used them in my workout this morning.

OK those pumpkin bars. I do need them. I am saving that recipe and i will make it when it’s definitely time to make a treat for something more significant than–well–a treat meal (because all of those leftovers from one portion–I’d have no chance…lol…).

ALSO, I just bought those korean cinnamon pancakes from Trader Joe’s that you posted about. They MIGHT be part of my weekend treat meal experience. :) Maybe with some vanilla ice cream…we will see.

So your little crossbody lulu bag: I know that bag! I am so in love with my lulu fanny pack/belt bag that I tried to convince one of my best friends to also get it. She was intrigued, but then she saw that same cross-body little bag and got that instead. I might need to get it, too, because–well–you’re never too old to ‘match’ with your best friends?!?!?

I hope you have a GREAT rest of your day. I have a job interview (#2 for one of the companies I interviewed for early in the week, and I really am excited about this opportunity!!!) in an hour and a half, and this weekend I also have a barre class, I teach my weekend spin class, I have a strength workout to crush, and I have a book to crack open. :) I am excited about every single part of it!!!


The pumpkin bar recipe is my favorite!!!


Oh, hearting the gluten free pumpkin pancakes Sarah linked today!

Another beautiful place in nature! So glad Beck enjoyed it, makes sense since he calms down in the outdoors. Also, hoping the pack helps Andrews shoulders/ posture! Looks like a good tool for it.


Also, do you ever make a fajita/ burrito filling type recipe in a pot? I do with ground beef (yes, they’re not fajita strips), onions and peppers. AND this year I added a can of PUMPKIN to the pot. We heart it. Pumpkin, savory style.


The surface of that trail is so interesting! What is it made of (the basket weave part)

Pumpkin muffins/bread/pancakes/bars…..all delicious to me! I don’t like pumpkin spice drinks but in carb form? YES! I did make pumpkin soup tonight for dinner-it’s just so good!

I have a foot issue too so am thinking taking some days off. It’s frustrating because I had such a lovely summer of running but am pretty sure the multiple 50-60mile weeks has caught up with me. I will go back to the 3 weeks *on* with 1 week recovery-that seems to be a nice routine.

Have a fantastic weekend to you and your family!


Happy your feet felt good. Maybe you are the poster child for PF, but you are not middle-aged, not even close.

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