Our New Tradition + Friday Favorites!

(Tank, shorts, shoes, socks)

Emilee and I were talking about this yesterday on the run…

Yes, our running goals are important, but sometimes we use running as our excuse to chat with each other and our friends for an hour or two in the mornings with zero interruptions;).

9 miles @ 8:27 average.

We started a new tradition in our family.  Each year at about this time (right between Knox’s and Brooke’s birthdays), we are throwing them a combined friend birthday party with their classes from school.  The kids were very thrilled with this plan!

So the day was filled with getting everything up and ready.

IMG 1081

We stopped for pad thai while we were out.

IMG 1071

We were very thankful to have my mom, in-laws, sister, brother-in-law, and nieces there to help.

IMG 1104

I was telling my neighbor about the party a week ago and how I was about to call and rent some jump houses, and then she said, “Oh, we have a few in storage; just take ours.”  It was so nice of them!!

IMG 1094

IMG 1097

IMG 1100

And now I need to sleep for 48 hours straight;)

IMG 1105


Just a few Friday Favorites today!

*My kids pretty much give me the mother of the year award when I have pumpkin-shaped waffles for them in the morning.  The easiest little tool to make my kids think I am cool this time of year:)

IMG 1066

*Andrew always comes home from Costco with at least one new thing for us to try out, and I loved what he got this last time.  The tiniest bit goes a long way, and it just takes pancakes/waffles/french toast to the next level!

IMG 0733

*This book is loved by our kids and me.  There are SO many flaps on each page with more and more information on our bodies.  I love that the kids will bring up different things they learn from this book throughout the day.  I just ordered the Usborne Look Inside Our World, too because we love this book so much (plus it has 2,200 5 star reviews).

IMG 0884

*JOGGER SEASON IS HERE, and these ones just happen to be my favorites.

IMG 1089

PS Liquid IV is doing a big sale until Monday, and you can save 30% on all orders with free shipping.  Pina Colada is my favorite!  Code:  HUNGRYRUNNERGIRL


What are you looking forward to this weekend?!

Favorite Thai dish?

At what age are your earliest memories?

Do you have a three-day weekend?

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Cinnabon syrup?! Okay I will need to look at my Costco for that. Sounds incredible! Also the chocolate cake looks delicious from the kids party

This weekend I’m looking forward to taking a Soul Cycle class with friends! Not something I usually do but it’ll be fun to get a good sweat then grab coffee with them after to catch up. Also I think I’m going to finally tackle the weeds in the alley behind my house because it’s not making my patio enjoyable!

Definitely excited for the 3 day weekend! Let me tell you…it is NEEDED. I’m hoping to get a hike in with my dog but I need to see if the park is flooded since Ida wrecked havoc on parts of Philly the other night


Maureen, I think you are really going to love the Cinnabon syrup. And you might need to pick up some of the cake while you are at Costco haha. I have always wanted to try Soul Cycle, have the best time with them and enjoy the coffee afterward. Oh and good luck with those weeds, wish I could come help. I really hope that park is not flooded (the one right by the church?). I hope you are able to really rest and reset this 3 day weekend! Thanks Maureen!


No luckily the church is by me and this part of the city wasn’t really affected! The hike is at this state park and I there’s a small river/creek/body of water that runs through it so I’m not sure what it’s like. Here’s goes nothing on these weeds. Hope you have a great long weekend :)


I’m currently drinking the lemon ginger liquid IV! I love that stuff, the only thing is it tastes SO strong to (does it taste strong to you?) that I only add a little at a time. But that just means I drink more water. I need to stock up! :)
We have a mini waffle smiley face maker that I found on sale at hobby lobby for like 5$ and yep, mom of the year, just because it has a smiley face lol. I need a pumpkin one!
That is SO awesome your neighbors have bounce houses! What a fun idea to combine their parties (and easier for you guys I’m sure haha).
My kids are off school today so they have a 4 day weekend. I have a 3 day. Wish me luck, working with kids home is so fun. ;)


Mollie, I wish I was your neighbor so you could send your kids over here while you work. I don’t know how you juggle it all. Good luck. I still haven’t tried the lemon ginger (maybe too much ginger in pregnancy haha) but hey, whatever it takes to drink more water ha. Oh I need the smiley face one. It saved us soooo much money to just use our neighbors ha. Thanks Mollie and enjoy your three days off!


i have that same waffle maker! Hmmm, maybe I’ll make some pumpkin waffles this weekend. I have my regular work schedule but the kids have a four day weekend because Tuesday is Rosh Hashana. Lucky kids!


DO IT! Okay, so I just read about Rosh Hashana after reading your comment and that sounds amazing. I am so happy that they will get that four-day weekend and I wish you did too! Thanks for sharing Jenny!


Ok, now I’m craving pad Thai!! I haven’t had Thai food in forever. That may need to happen today.
Oh the combined birthday party looked so fun! And so nice of your neighbor to let you borrow their bounce house.
I swear, this week Beck is looking more and more like a little boy and so not a baby!!
This weekend is going to be fun! We have a family pool party tomorrow, our son has Senior Sunrise early tomorrow morning, our older son’s 1st football game (which we’ll watch on the live stream)long run, yard work and finishing a book on Sunday, then the pool on Monday. I may even through in a little shopping too. I’ve always loved Labor Day weekend…. Last little hurray before the fall.
Have a great Friday Janae ?


I hope you have some pad Thai asap… it really hit the spot. Ahhhhh Andrew was saying the same thing about Beck. He’s a little boy now. You guys are going to have the best 3 day weekend, I want to join you for pool time! Have the best time and good luck to your son at his 1st football game of the season. Thanks Wendy, you too!


We do indeed have a 3 day long weekend! I took yesterday off last minute because the weather was supposed to be glorious and Jason and I took River hiking on some of our favorite trails. She pulled us uphill she was so excited. I also ended up running in the morning so my legs are a little tired but more adventure awaits this long weekend.

Looking forward to getting through today and a weekend of adventures and relaxing lol.

The joint birthday party is such a great idea! I hope you get lots of sleep this weekend!

I love pad Thai!

Have a wonderful weekend Janae!


KRISTINE! ENJOY your 3 day weekend, I bet you will have some amazing adventures this weekend. I am so glad that you, Jason and River were able to go hiking yesterday, I bet the views were stunning. River lives an amazing life with you guys and way to get out for a run today. I hope you get some pad Thai soon and thanks Kristine.


What size did you order in joggers? You look great in them! Thankyou!


Would love to know too and is your top you are wearing with them also Lulu?


Hey Jane!! I normally wear a 4 in the joggers/leggings (and 6 in their shorts) but they only had a size 2 in the store and I tried them on and loved them. So they are a bit tighter but I actually like that fit with these now! Yes, the shirt is too… I have a problem ha! Here is the link for the top (the back is longer than the front which I adore).

Happy weekend!


Hey Cathy. Normally I wear a 4 in the bottoms for leggings/joggers (and a 6 for their shorts) but they only had a 2 in the store and I bought those and they fit great! Let me know if you get them and what you think, they feel like heaven! Happy weekend!


Hi Janae! Those joggers look great!! And the combined birthday party is gonna lead to some great childhood memories. I think my favorite Thai dish is pad see ew.
Happy Friday and get some rest!!


I agree, it was so fun to see all of their friends interacting. Thank you Amy, I hope you have the best weekend with your husband:)


Oh my those syrups look amazing. I will have to check my Costco but we often don’t get the same stuff here in Canada. I love those joggers, the colour is so nice, especially for fall. They were on my wish list now I want them even more!!!

Definitely looking into those books for my girl :)

Not a long weekend for me, I am working all weekend but Monday is a holiday and then kids start school on Tuesday! Sad summers coming to an end but looking forward to getting back into a routine.


Ashlea, I just might have to send you this syrup if you don’t have it at your Costco! And let me know if you get the joggers… I want to live in them! I hope you guys are able to really soak in this weekend all together. Happy first day of school for the kids on Tuesday and the routine is nice. Thanks Ashlea!


We are driving to St. Louis from Denver tonight to introduce our 3 month old daughter to the rest of the family. Besides our parents no one else in the family has met her yet. We haven’t made a trip back to STL since Christmas! The longest we have been away in my 10 yrs of moving away! It’ll just be for a week so between visiting both sides and some friends it’ll be a busy trip! We are planning on driving through the night with our 3 yr old and 3 month old so hopefully it goes well!!
I love green curry with extra vegetables!! It’s been so long since we’ve had Thai!
I think 4? I have memories from preschool not sure if I have any earlier ones.
I’m currently on mat leave until the end of this month! So I haven’t had to worry about work for a while… not quite ready to go back and being on a schedule.


The best part of the weekend, I have to say, was today: it’s my and Tom’s 4th wedding anniversary! We just came home from a nice date night out (we go to literally the same restaurant every single year. In the middle of the day, I had a really great pedicure (it had been almost 2 months and my feet were so sad), but this morning, at the gym for my strength workout, I hit a new PR for deadlifts. It’s nowhere near the heaviest I have ever lifted (that happened when I went to a crossfit gym when I lived in Savannah), but it was about 15 lbs heavier than the first heavy deadlift goal I set for myself–so I am ridiculously proud of myself!

Tomorrow morning I get to go to my weekly barre class, Sunday morning I teach one of my spin classes, and Monday morning I am going to yoga and then having lunch with a friend. And in the middle of it all–hugging my husband big and tight because I love the guy more and more every single day. :)

I love joggers. I need to try the cropped align joggers from lulu because they’re 23″ and that will work well for me as full-length joggers–they’re on my list. In the meantime, though, I have two pairs of Athleta’s Salutation joggers in petite lengths (which are a great length for me!!!) and a pair of the ‘skin’ fabric joggers from Senita in the short length (with another pair in the mail to me!). And I am obsessed with all of this.

Knox’s and Brooke’s birthday party looked like fun. I would have been that annoying kid asking for my piece of the cake to be with one of the balloons, OR a corner piece–I am allllllllll about that frosting!!! I would hate the sugar rush headache after the fact, but in the moment I would be like a pig rolling around a mud puddle.

I hope you get PLENTY of sleep to recover! :)

And I hope your weekend is wonderful!

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