5 Words Per Picture!

Ten miles for the day.

(Shoes ((this print is my favorite)), shorts, tank, headphones)

One of the miles together.

IMG 0864

Yes, yes she sure does.

IMG 0950

Skye—> preschool for a bit.

IMG 0956

We went walking with Megan.

IMG 0963

They will be best friends.

IMG 0960 1

After school reading couch party.

IMG 0973

Chile Lime Sweet Potato Bowl.

IMG 0976

The highlight of Andrew’s day.

IMG 0980

Needed a fresh peach shake.

IMG 0967

Bath for me (too lazytotakekidstoysout).

IMG 0986

I crave rolling out now.

IMG 0990


Who has a September birthday, anniversary or race?!

Have a favorite bath bomb?

The best type of shake in the world?

Which meal of the day is usually the biggest for you?

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I love bath bombs from Lush, but they can be expensive. Dr Teals has great aromatherapy bath stuff too!

Cookies and cream shakes are the best!


I love the Lush ones too! I’ll have to try Dr Teals next, thanks Mariah. Hope you get a cookies and cream shake ASAP! Have a great day❤️


Supper is usually my biggest meal. Or dinner, whichever you prefer to call it. haha I don’t have a favorite shake but my favorite blizzard is the Turtle Pecan Blizzard. Oh so so so good. Any time spent in the bath alone is treasured time. Hope you enjoyed.


I will have to go to DQ soon to try that one, sounds delicious! It really was so relaxing, even with their toys haha! I hope you have a really good dinner tonight and I love the word supper too (it sounds so homey)! Have a great day, Michele.


Hey Janae!
Guess what–my school is dismissing at 11:00 due to flash flood warnings today! It’s definitely shaping up to be an interesting year already. ha ha

Bath bombs! These are amazing, and they have a SURPRISE inside of them!!!!! Dancing Queen has been my favorite :)


Have a fabulous day! I’m leaving here and heading to Javateas, my fav cafe, for a little bit :)


Flash flood warnings?!? Stay safe, Jen. Ordering those bath bombs, thank you! Enjoy the cafe!!


Half marathon on Sept 11!! I tweaked my back on Sunday, so I’m hoping that all works itself out soon. This will be my first race since Feb 2020!!
Love Skye’s shirt ?. And love seeing you out with Megan… So fun.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.


Ten days ahhhhh! I’m hoping your back decides to let you race! It’s been so long, you’ve worked so hard and I really want you to be there. Keep me updated and thanks so much Wendy!


September Birthday in the house (where is the raising the roof emoji?)….it is officially my birthday month and I am in the last 4 weeks of half Ironman training….soooo close to race day!!
Shoe question – I am needing to get a new pair and currently/always run in Brooks Launch, but am thinking of going with the Ghost for my HIM because of the extra cushion….thoughts?


That emoji needs to be made. Happiest birthday month, Katrina! You better let me know how your half Ironman goes, I can’t even imagine. You are amazing! I would absolutely recommend trying the GHOST. It offers the perfect amount of cushion/support with all of the training you are doing. It doesn’t feel heavy either so it won’t feel too much different than the launch while getting more support! Let me know what you think. Happy Wednesday!


It’s my 26th wedding anniversary today! Our twins turn 18 on the 30th. Time has gone so fast! I don’t have the patience to take baths. My race got cancelled, but it doesn’t really matter because I have a knee that’s troubling me. I have to do exercises and it will be okay, but I’m glad I don’t have to decide to race or not. Have a great Wednesday!


26th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! Congratulations Evalaoh! I hope you two have some fun plans to celebrate. And twins that are just about to turn 18, wow! So many milestones right now. I hope your knee starts feeling 100% again, please keep me updated. Bummer about the race being canceled but you are right, at least you don’t have to decide now. Thank you friend and I hope you and your husband have the best day!


Hi Janae! I got 5 words too: Brooke has amazing running form!
Have a wonderful day!


I totally agree… it’s so fun to watch her. Love that you used five words. Have the best day, Amy!


Who has the best peach shake locally? Since the sodalicious peppermint cookie recommendation, I trust you with these important things!


You are about to have your life changed ?! Marley’s are my favorite but they don’t have theirs quite yet so until then Taco Amigo has really good ones too! I think I heard someone say that they love Chick-fil-A peach shakes too! Let me know what you think and I’m so excited for those cookies to be back! Have a great day, Cori!


I LOVE and am OBSESSED with bath bombs from Old Whaling Co. I found them when we visited Charleston a couple of years ago. Highly recommend! If you check them out, you get a discount if you buy in quantities of 4 ;)


Sorry for that first reply ha, that was from Beck ha. I will have to get those ones right away. THANK YOU and those discounts ALWAYS get me to order more… those marketers understand my brain so well. Have the best day, LC!


I have a 50K at the end of September, in Oregon!!!!!!! I am currently having a problem with shoes and I haven’t had that before. I am going to try the Salomon ultra glide and hope that it is the shoe. I have a pair of Salomons from a previous trail marathon that I liked and they will work in a pinch but I wanted something a bit different and can’t seem to find THE shoe for this race. I have less than a month to go. I am excited!


Megan. A 50K AHHHH! That is so so exciting. Will you please let me know how it goes, I am cheering so loud for you. I reallly hope the Salomon ultra glide makes your feet so happy. Have you tried any of Brooks trail shoes?!? Hope you are having the best day and I bet this race is going to be insanely gorgeous!


I don’t have a good bath bomb–just an epsom salts blend, called ‘sore muscle soak’ from a brand called Soothing Touch (here is an amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Soothing-Touch-Muscle-Salts-Peppermint/dp/B01N0B5T4V/ref=sr_1_2_0o_wf?dchild=1&keywords=soothing+touch+bath+salts&qid=1630516249&sr=8-2) that I love more than I can put into words. I need to re-stock, because I used the last of my stash the other night.

As for anniversaries: my and Tom’s wedding anniversary is on Friday!!! We have a tradition (ha–only 4 years into marriage and some things are already TRADITIONS…) of going to the SAME restaurant each year for our anniversary, and this year is no different!

That shake looks good. My favorite shakes are pretty simple–give me a vanilla milkshake or a cookies & cream milkshake and we are totally good!!!!! I’m always open to ALLLLL the flavors that have really good ice cream in them, but if I am trying a new place for the first time, or if I know I want a shake and can’t figure out a flavor that I am craving, that’s where I default.

Oh!!!!! On Tuesday, at 11:30 AM Atlanta time, I have a third interview for a job that came out of left field and that MIGHT be a pretty dang amazing fit for me. I have a feeling deep in my gut instincts that this could be the kind of fit where the organization’s values and my own values align well and like I could have a super open and honest rapport with the hiring manager. It’s a bit of a funny situation (contract to hire, and it’s west coast hours), but to me those little quirks are small things to grapple with for a job that would work REALLY WELL for me and in an organization that is stable, solid, focused on the community (it’s one of the largest nonprofit healthcare providers in the country!), and a supervisor who entirely understands my background and seems to get the value I would bring to her team and my potential to learn and grow within the position even as I use the skills and strengths I already have! So: ::insert crossed fingers emoji:: <3 Praying and hoping for this one!!


My mom has a birthday this month and then she’s at retirement age! A sitter-on-demand for me :) HaHa!

It’s been years and years since I’ve had one but the mint shamrock shake and eggnog shakes at McDonalds were so good.

I seem to feel best with a larger breakfast – the saying breakfast for a king, dinner for a prince, and supper for a pauper (or something like that) fits me.


Birthday on the 27th, 10th marathon on the 19th and the peach shake looks amazing!

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