Tuesday Tangents!

I have a new Beck Update HERE! <— I need your help in the comments of this post!


Ten miles @ 8:17 pace with the latest episode of the Bad Broadcast podcast about bad breakups (some of the stories were too crazy)!

IMG 0764

(Tank, shorts ((navy 8”)), shoes)

After Brooke went to school, Beck needed to go on a walk (it always heals any grumpiness for all of us).  

Skye wanted to get in some running while we were out.

IMG 0771

We took a break in the grass and waited for my sister to meet us to continue walking.

IMG 0775

This was a highlight from the day—>  Skye told me all sorts of stories, and we just sat on the swing for an hour.

IMG 0849

And then my evening was spent in the mountains working with Chirp on a project!

IMG 0852


Let’s discuss some tangents!

*And so it begins….

IMG 0835

*It was my parents’ 50th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY this last weekend.  I love this picture of them so much.

IMG 0667

*I will never understand how Skye can just eat the frosting and leave the rest of the goodness!

IMG 0648

*I just need them to stay little for a lot longer than they do.

IMG 0652

*My friend’s nails… I need these! 

IMG 0657

*His second mother;)

IMG 0658

*I came across a very old blog post and could remember every detail of that run.  The light always comes…

IMG 0653

*I saw two people parachuting down above my house, and I have to ask… is this something you would ever want to do?

IMG 0746


Just another reminder about Beck’s 10-month update!


Share some tangents with me!

Do you seek out adrenaline activities?  What is the scariest thing you would pay to do?

Baked goods—> give you all of the frosting or don’t bother putting it on?

Do you see sunrises or sunsets more often?

-Sunrises… pretty rare for me to see a sunset these days ha.

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Your friend’s nails are so cute! Did she paint them herself?

Tangent- I am going back to school in-person tonight! I am so excited, I’ve missed in person classes during the pandemic. And going out to dinner with a friend from class before!

I see sunrises more often.


She went and had them dipped and then the used gel for the top layers… so pretty! Oh Mariah, it has been SO long since you were back in person for school, I am thrilled for you… ENJOY!


Your friends nails are so cute! The colors she picked work so well together.

For baked goods I’m in between. I like frosting but I don’t want to be drowning in it either. The right ratio is important.


Right?! I love them! I hope you have a baked good with the perfect ratio of frosting asap. Have a great day, Maureen!


Your mom looks so beautiful and her wedding dress is incredible. 50 years is such a big deal and they should be so proud of themselves for making it through all the ups and downs. A couple of weeks ago I sat next to a man who was celebrating his 30th wedding anniversary. I asked him what his favorite part of it all was. You know what he told me? All the lows. He said that it was the best feeling in the world to look at his wife after walking through another valley together and know that they had made it.

I guess it’s true that without all the lows, we would never know how sweet those highs are. <3


I agree… 50 years is such an incredible milestone. Reading what that man said gave me the goosebumps, that is really incredible. I’m grateful for those too because like you said, they make the highs so sweet!


Skye knows what’s up, the frosting is the best part.


But to leave any sugar behind on the plate… I just do not understand;). Hope your day is a great one, Victoria!


I love anything high-adrenaline! Last year my husband and I had a trip planned to Switzerland and were going to go sky diving. I can’t wait to go one day :) Probably the most intense thing I’ve done so far was the Sky Walk at the CN Tower in Toronto..you get attached to the top platform of the tower and walk around it, dangle over the city, and a bunch of other stuff. It was so fun.

I’m the opposite of you and have not seen a sunrise since I was at the beach in June, but see the sunset every day. Since I don’t have kids and work from home I can’t seem to find the motivation to wake up early! Maybe once the mornings cool down I will, but they’re SO humid and I’d rather just wait to wake up and run.


SKY WALK… my stomach started turning just reading about it! I hope you guys are able to sky dive soon and get that trip to Switzerland. That is probably the best place to go and do it:). Keep doing that and enjoying those sunsets! I would do the exact same thing:). Happy Tuesday, Gretchen!


Oh, congratulations to your parents!! They look beautiful in that picture, and you and your sister look a lot like your mom!
No thank you on the parachuting. I am not the type of person to willingly jump out of a plane. It’s cool to watch though.
Oh boy… Beck is in that super fun/busy/ “what’s he doing now” stage. I felt like I needed 2 extra sets of eyes and hands when the boys were that age.
I definitely see more sunsets. It is a great way to start the day, because you’re right… The lightness always comes.
Have a good day Janae ?


HEY YOU! Oh that makes me so happy to hear that about my sis and I looking like our mom:). I really do need those extra sets of eyes and hands right about now..
Thanks Wendy, you too and enjoy that next sunrise!


I can see how your parents would easily be celebrating their 50th, since they were apparently 13 years old when they got married. JUST KIDDING, but they look so young!!! How old were they? Congratulations to them… 50 years is an amazing accomplishment.


HAHAH RIGHT?!?! They were SO young. They met in high school and got married at 19. Thanks Jenny, I hope you are having a beautiful day!


That picture of Skye sitting on the grass with that small flower in her hands: 1. when did she become a teenager?!?!? and 2. that looks like the album cover for her first indie folk-pop album, if I am really honest here!

Light always comes after dark. I teared up a bit while seeing that just now. <3

I hope your day out in Utah is wonderful! :)


That’s how I felt as I was sitting there chatting with her! Just so mature! Thank you Stephanie and I hope your day is a beautiful one too, I’m sure thankful for your friendship!


The light always comes. (Goosebumps, watery eyes, all the feels)
Have a great day friend.
Postpartum Ride, one that needs a safety belt for sure!!!! You are doing amazing even when it feels otherwise.


Right… it just gives us so much hope! WHERE IS MY SAFETY BELT?! Thank you Erica, that means a lot. I hope your Tuesday is off to a great start!


Hi Janae! Congratulations to your parents, what an awesome achievement! I am so excited to be a grandma myself someday.
No to the frosting and no to the adrenaline! My husband is the opposite, he definitely wants all of the adrenaline.
Have a great day!


Thank you so much! I totally look forward to being a grandma someday too! Hahah your husband and Andrew are very alike… alllll of the adrenaline. Thanks friend, you too!


Hey! I’m like Skye–I rather eat the frosting and not the cake…go figure!

I had the Paragard copper IUD after having my son for 10 years then got another one put in…I finally took it about maybe about 5 years ago. Didn’t have a bad experience at all and loved it–the only drawback is that my period lasted 2 days longer. Other than that, no other side effects.
My friend had the Mirena IUD for 5 years and had no menstrual cycle during that time, which she loved.

Hope this helps!



That looks like paragliding! I’ve done it but with a , it’s so fun and I would definitely do it again! I love adrenaline activities! I’ve been skydiving, paragliding, bungee jumping, and scuba diving down to 150’ and cage shark diving with great whites! Although I think downhill mountain biking is way scarier! Scariest thing I’ve probably done was snowboarding down Corbet’s Couloir at Jackson Hole. Not sure I could do it again.
Give me all the frosting!! Sometimes I would take vanilla wafers and just dip them in frosting!
I love both but now I probably see more sunsets. Having a 3 month old makes it really hard to get out of bed early! I usually end up falling back asleep after nursing until my 3 yr old wakes me up at 6:15.


Hey! Like Skye, I would much rather eat the frosting than the cake. strange, huh?

After having my kid for ten years, I had another Paragard copper IUD implanted.

It was ultimately something I did maybe five years ago. Had a great experience and enjoyed it; the only negative was that my period lingered for two more days. There are no other adverse effects besides that.
During the five years that my acquaintance used the Mirena IUD, she experienced no menstruation, which she adored.

Hoping this is useful!

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